Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3372, Be Careful


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“But if Yun’er sees him next time, I’ll have to thank him.” Lin Yun’er cutely smiled.


“Why would you thank him?” Yang Kai did his best to keep a straight face. No matter who kidnapped her, obviously, he wanted to do something bad to her, so why would she feel grateful to him?


Lin Yun’er replied like it was a matter of course, “If he hadn’t kidnapped me, Yun’er would not have the chance to meet Uncle Yang again so soon! Of course, I will have to thank him well for that.”


Yang Kai was rendered speechless and bitterly smiled in resignation, “Do as you please.”


“Uncle Yang, you were also caught by him?” Lin Yun’er asked again.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I came to find you.” While speaking, he pointed his finger on Lan Xun’s forehead and did the same as before.


Meanwhile, Lin Yun’er kept chattering non-stop, “Uncle Yang, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go with you to the Northern Territory last time, it was Master who took me back. He destroyed the array you worked so hard to arrange as well. Are you angry?”


[As I expected, it was Iron Blood Great Emperor’s doing!] Yang Kai had long guessed it, but now, after Lin Yun’er’s confirmation, he knew that his guess was right, Iron Blood Great Emperor really was the one to destroy his Space Array.


Of course, Yang Kai just shook his head as he replied, “It’s fine, your Master did it for your sake.”


Lin Yun’er immediately smiled, “Next time, when we see Master, I will ask him to apologize to you.”


Yang Kai broke out into cold sweat and shook his head, “No need, no need!” He solemnly exhorted, “It’s okay to say such things when it’s just us, but you absolutely cannot speak so inappropriately before your Master.” 


If she really asked her Master to apologize to him, wouldn’t Iron Blood Great Emperor start skinning him alive?


“En!” Lin Yun’er obediently nodded.


Soon after, Lan Xun also woke up, but she wasn’t as careless as Lin Yun’er. The moment she opened her eyes, she pushed her Emperor Qi to shield herself as she leapt back, vigilantly staring at Yang Kai.


After assessing her situation though, she tilted her head in surprise and asked, “Senior Brother Yang?”


“Junior Sister Lan.” Yang Kai smiled.


Lan Xun rubbed her forehead before she embarrassingly smiled, dispelling all her hostility, “I’m sorry.”


“No harm,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. Her reaction was quite normal, it was Lin Yun’er who was the strange one.


“Where are we?” Lan Xun looked around and asked in confusion.


Yang Kai replied, “A Sealed World of some kind. All I know other than that is I entered from a desert in the Western Territory. You recover first while I will wake the others.”


Lan Xun glanced over at the other three, who were still asleep, and lightly nodded. She then walked back and sat down cross-legged, calmly waiting. She had many questions, but she knew that now wasn’t the right time.


The third one Yang Kai awakened was Yao Lin. She had the lowest cultivation, so Yang Kai handled her more delicately, but what rendered Yang Kai speechless was that the moment she woke up, she started screaming in fear, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me! My father is Serene Soul Great Emperor, he can pay you anything you want, just don’t kill me!”


Yang Kai fiercely glared at her and snapped, “Does it look like I’m going to kill you?”


Yao Lin finally stopped flailing about, opened her eyes, and took a good look at Yang Kai’s face. She soon came to her senses and shouted, pointing at him, “It’s you!”


Yang Kai asked, snorting, “What’s wrong, can it not be me?”


“You didn’t rescue me when you saw me in danger! When I return, I will definitely tell my father and ask him to heavily punish you!” Yao Lin glared at Yang Kai, grinding her teeth. Obviously, she still remembered the scene when she was captured.


Yang Kai coldly glared at her, “Are you sure you want to do that?”


Yao Lin’s lips parted. She obviously wanted to say something, but when she saw Yang Kai’s glare, she couldn’t help but shudder. She swallowed back the words that were on the tip of her tongue before murmuring, “Why are you being so fierce? My father is Serene Soul Great Emperor.”


Yang Kai pointed at Lan Xun, “Guess who her father is!”


How could Yao Lin not recognize Lan Xun? After all, these five had met each other once or twice before and were all familiar with one another. Her identity of being a Great Emperor’s daughter might deter others, but it was meaningless before those present here.


Yao Lin immediately shrunk her neck and became extremely timid. She finally remembered that the guy before her tried to kill her once before. She almost died at his hand, so she couldn’t help but be struck with panic.


“Alright, Senior Brother Yang, Sister Yao Lin is just a little ignorant of the ways of the world. Don’t be too angry at her.” Lan Xun mediated.


Yang Kai snorted, “I think she’s just too spoiled.” After meeting Yao Lin’s mother, how could he not understand how she came to be so arrogant and condescending; after all, like mother like daughter.


Yao Lin didn’t speak anymore and just cowered beside Lan Xun. Yang Kai completely ignored her and walked straight to the only other man and once again used his Dragon Roar Secret Technique.


After a while, the man moved. Obviously, he had woken up, but what surprised Yang Kai was that he kept his eyes closed.


Even though his eyes remained shut, Yang Kai could feel that he was being examined by the opposite party. This made Yang Kai a little uncomfortable. [What arrogance! So what if you are a Great Emperor’s Disciple? Father here just saved your life! Can’t you at least open your eyes to see your saviour?]


“What’s your good name?” The opposite part suddenly spoke, his voice extremely gentle and pleasing to the ear.


Yang Kai replied in neither a cold nor in a warm manner, “Yang Kai!”


A look of surprise immediately appeared on the man’s face as he declared, “So it is Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai was surprised now and asked, “You know me?”


The man smiled, “I have heard so much about you, and finally met you today, a pleasure, a pleasure.”


Yang Kai indifferently responded, “I’m flattered.”


The man seemed to have felt his indifference and pondered for a while before finally understanding the reason. He then smiled temperately and explained, “Brother Yang, forgive me, this one is not deliberately trying to be offensive, it is just inconvenient to show my eyes because of my natural disability.”


Saying so, he suddenly opened his eyes, and when Yang Kai saw them, he was momentarily shocked. Because this man was actually blind. His eyes were pure white, with no pupils at all. A normal person who saw this man’s true appearance for the first time would probably be frightened, or at least taken aback, so Yang Kai immediately realized why he kept them closed.


Feeling a bit embarrassed, Yang Kai scratched his cheek as he apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” 


Originally, Yang Kai thought that the man was putting on airs when he kept his eyes closed. He hadn’t thought that it was just because of a disability.


This man had reached the Emperor Realm, but even if his Honoured Master was a Great Emperor, he was still unable to restore his sight. It was evident that he was born this way, so no matter how much effort he put in, it would be all but impossible to grant him sight.


“May I ask for your honoured name?” Yang Kai asked.


“Gao Zhan!”


The nearby Lan Xun explained, giggling, “Senior Brother Gao is the only Disciple of Senior Heaven’s Revelations. Rumour has it that he has received Sir’s Eight True Scriptures.”


Yang Kai was shocked, “Brother Gao is impressive.”


Among the ten Great Emperors, Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor might not be the strongest, but he was by far the most knowledgeable. Rumour had it that Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor could spy on the secrets of the Heavens, peering into the past and the future with his Divine Foresight Ability.


Gao Zhan was the only Disciple of Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor, so obviously he was exceptionally talented and suitable to carry Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor’s mantle. Lan Xun’s comment about Gao Zhan receiving the Great Emperor’s Eight True Scriptures wasn’t just idle praise, but heartfelt admiration.


Gao Zhan humbly smiled, “Junior Sister is overpraising me. My paltry skills cannot compare to Honoured Master’s. This Gao Zhan fears he will never reach such a height in this life.” 


Suddenly, he turned to Yang Kai and stared hard at him with his white eyes, “Brother Yang, do be careful.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow, “Be careful of what?”


Gao Zhan’s mouth was already shut though as he closed his eyes and quietly sat on his spot, as if he had fallen asleep again.


Yang Kai looked confused and turned to Lan Xun, but unfortunately, she just moved her lips a few times, indicating that she was equally perplexed. As far as she knew, Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor was also like this. He would say something inexplicable from time to time, which could only be fully verified and understood afterwards.


Several Great Emperors had been warned by Heavens Revelations Great Emperor in their youth about impending catastrophes, which helped them survive till this day.


Gao Zhan was Heavens Revelations Great Emperor’s Disciple, so since he suddenly warned Yang Kai, it undoubtedly meant that he would encounter some danger in the near future. After thinking about it, Lan Xun simply told Yang Kai about her worries. 


On the other hand, Yang Kai just pursed his lips into a smile and replied, “What will come will come.”


After all, it was just a warning with no additional details, so all Yang Kai could do was continue forward. Constantly worrying about some disaster would only hinder him, so he decided to just take things as they came.


After this brief but confusing incident, Yang Kai looked over at the last female and asked, “This should be Senior Flower Shadow’s Disciple, right?”


Lan Xun was surprised, “How did Senior Brother Yang know? Have you met Senior Sister Li before?”


Yang Kai explained, shaking his head, “I have never met her before, but I received some information on the way here. I know that all of you had gone missing together, and now that your count matches the number, it’s not hard to guess who the last one is.”


“So that’s how it is.” Lan Xun nodded before she suddenly smiled mischievously, “Senior Sister Li is extremely pretty. Brother Yang, do you want to see her true face? Senior Brother Yang can take advantage of the fact that Senior Sister Li is asleep right now to see her unveiled beauty. If you miss out on this chance, you might never get another in the future!”


Yang Kai broke into laughter, “Junior Sister Lan is also a great beauty. Do you have to resort to these wily tricks if you want to see it?”


Lan Xun pursed her lips and stated, “Senior Brother Yang, don’t say that. Although Xun’er has confidence in her looks, Senior Sister Li is still prettier.”


Hearing what she said, Yang Kai’s interest was a little piqued. Lan Xun could already be considered a country destroying beauty, but she freely admitted that this Senior Sister Li was actually prettier than her. It was difficult for Yang Kai to not be curious.


But curiosity was just curiosity. He wouldn’t really lift someone’s veil just to peek at her true face. If he really did that, he would be no better than a pervert.


Besides, people were watching right now.


Wryly shaking his head, Yang Kai stretched his finger forward.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense and Emperor Qi surged as a solemn look appeared on his face.


After a short while, the woman’s figure trembled ever so slightly. Her long eyelashes fluttered a few times before a pair of beautiful eyes suddenly opened.


When their eyes met, Yang Kai suddenly had a very strange feeling; he felt that her bright star-like eyes seemed to be the only thing present in the world, drawing his very soul into them, making him feel that it would all be worth it even if he died for her right here and now.


A sense of crisis immediately gripped Yang Kai’s heart when he realized just what he was thinking, but in the next instant, as the opposite party’s eyes regained their normal state, the invisible force or attraction that was drawing his mind in suddenly disappeared, allowing him to extricate himself from that peculiar state. Just as he was relaxing though, he was hit with an odd sense of loss, as if he had just missed something important.




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