Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3373, Where is Li Shi Qing?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Shi Qing thanks Senior Brother for his help. How may I address Senior Brother?” The woman opposite him suddenly spoke. Her voice was as clear as the splashing sounds of a mountain spring, extremely pleasant to the ear.


“Yang Kai.”


“So it is Senior Brother Yang,” Li Shi Qing nodded and expressed her gratitude again before getting up and looking around. “Where are we?”


Lan Xun explained to her as Li Shi Qing gently nodded in response. 


Yang Kai frowned, staring at her side profile. He had a faint feeling that something wasn’t right here, but he couldn’t tell what. He carefully went through every single detail of what just happened, but it all seemed quite normal. She had shown no signs of using a Beguiling Technique, so Yang Kai figured he had just been caught up in her innate charm.


Yang Kai slowly shook his head and didn’t give it any more thought. He clapped his hand and stated, attracting everyone’s attention, “It’s not safe to stay here. It’s better to leave as soon as possible.”


He was lured here by someone. Furthermore, before he came in, a Pseudo-Great Emperor or Great Emperor had also broken into this place. Also, this damned place was still giving Yang Kai inexplicable palpitations so of course he wanted to leave as soon as possible. Now that the missing Great Emperors’ children and Disciples had been found, all that was left was to find the exit of this Sealed World and escape.


Lan Xun agreed with a nod, “Senior Brother Yang is right, but we don’t know anything about this place, so we will leave it to Senior Brother to lead us.”


Yang Kai stated, bitterly smiling, “I am just about as clueless as you are, so let’s just proceed with caution. It would be best if we could find the Elders of Star Soul Palace and then work together with them. Perhaps they have even found something already.”


Naturally, no one had any objections. After reaching an agreement, Yang Kai decided on a direction and led the way ahead.


In this team of six, apart from Yang Kai, who had little known origins, the remaining five had monstrous backgrounds. Such a luxurious lineup was a once in a lifetime kind of event; after all, these people usually lived in different territories of the Star Boundary so if it weren’t for some hidden mastermind kidnapping them, it would be all but impossible for them to gather together.


Although everyone had noble origins, they were quite easy to get along with, except for Yao Lin, who was too arrogant and domineering. Whether it was Lan Xun or Lin Yun’er, they never bullied others or abused their status, and it went without saying that Gao Zhan had done nothing of that sort. Although he was blind, he had a very gentle and mild temperament. As for Li Shi Qing, she seemed to have a somewhat aloof personality, but it wasn’t like she was deliberately looking down on others. The moment she opened her eyes, she addressed Yang Kai as Senior Brother, so it was clear she did not judge others by their origins.


Unfortunately, this Sealed World seemed quite vast, and much of the scenery was grey and monotonous. Even after travelling for an entire day and night, their team of six didn’t encounter any other living creatures. What they saw was the same dull scenery so they couldn’t help but be suspicious about whether they were actually flying around in circles.


But Yang Kai found no signs of an Illusion Array, which only puzzled him further.


“Uncle Yang, Yun’er is hungry,” Lin Yun’er suddenly cried out. When Yang Kai woke her up, the first thing she thought of was food, and at this moment, her stomach was already grumbling audibly.


Yang Kai was quite curious about just what Secret Art Iron Blood Great Emperor had imparted to her that even when she reached the Emperor Realm, she still needed to eat to satiate herself. Under normal circumstances, an Emperor Realm Master would never need to eat as he or she could simply survive by absorbing World Energy.


But Lin Yun’er was obviously not like this. Although the little girl had astonishing strength, her hunger was equally impressive and at this moment, her eyes looked a little sluggish and droopy.


Yang Kai, after thinking for a while, consented, “Then we can take this opportunity to rest while you fix yourself something to eat.”


Just after waking up, everyone started following Yang Kai, and they all seemed a little worn down, so it was the perfect time to take a breather.


Landing, all of them immediately started adjusting their breathing, all except for Lin Yun’er that is as she right away took out a big black pot, set up a small stove on the ground, poured some clean water into it, and then threw some strange Monster Beast meat into it before covering it with a lid and lighting a fire.


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he had seen the fearsome might of this ordinary-looking black pot with his own eyes. It was an Ancient Exotic Emperor Artifact gifted by Iron Blood Great Emperor to Lin Yun’er called Unlimited Return, and its might was unfathomable.


However, in Lin Yun’er’s hands, it almost exclusively became used to cook meat. If Iron Blood Great Emperor came to know about this, who knows how he would feel?


But having said that, the food cooked in Unlimited Return was almost divine in taste as Yang Kai could personally attest. Anyone who ate it would keep licking their fingers until they were completely clean. Not only was the meat delicious, but it also retained all the essence and energy of what had been cooked.


Not long after, a delicious smell started spreading into the surroundings, causing everyone who was meditating and adjusting their breaths to sniff with their noses and open their eyes.


Lin Yun’er didn’t look sluggish anymore and instead was staring at the black pot with bright eyes, continuously smacking her lips.


Yang Kai couldn’t bear the sight of it and warned her, “Yun’er, you’re drooling.”


Lin Yun’er took a breath with a slurping sound then apologetically smiled at Yang Kai; however, very soon, she said with great pride, “I’m making enough for everyone! It’s almost done now, just wait a bit.”


Lan Xun couldn’t help but smile wryly, “You’re the only one who seems to be impatient!”


Yao Lin pouted as she muttered, “I don’t want to eat such strange things.” Even so, her eyes couldn’t help but be involuntarily glued to the black pot. Although she was Serene Soul Great Emperor’s precious daughter, loved and adored by millions of people, never before had she smelled such a delicious smell.


This interruption had turned the tense atmosphere a little relaxed.


A short time later, sizzling sounds rang out from the pot as Lin Yun’er exclaimed, “En, it’s done. We can start now!”


While speaking, she opened the lid to reveal a pot of amber-coloured broth. Lin Yun’er reached out and plucked a Monster Beast’s thigh from the pot and offered it to Yang Kai, “Uncle Yang, this is for you.”


Yang Kai took it with a smile, “Then I won’t be polite.”


Having tasted it last time, he knew that the things cooked in Unlimited Return could not only satiate one’s appetite, but also provide a rich amount of energy and essence. Long-term consumption of such food would definitely be beneficial to one’s cultivation. Lin Yun’er’s strength had likely progressed so rapidly because she had eaten a lot of these dishes.


And in her Space Ring, there must be many corpses of some Monster Beasts in reserve. For instance, the one she cooked just now was at least a Ninth-Order Monster Beast.


Lin Yun’er divided the meat, giving a piece to everyone. Lan Xun, holding a large chunk of meat on a bone, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She had not eaten things like this in many years, but Lin Yun’er was so enthusiastic that she simply couldn’t refuse, and looking at the look of relish on Yang Kai’s face, she couldn’t help but take a small nibble. One nibble, however, was enough for her eyes to flash brilliantly. She felt that the meat in her hands was more delicious than any miracle elixir or meal she had ever tasted before in her life.


Caught in a dilemma, Lan Xun did her best to maintain her noble image while eating as quickly as possible.


Yao Lin on the other hand had already completely forgotten what she had just said and at this moment was eating like a starved ghost, cleaning her bones while licking her fingers. Gao Zhan didn’t say a word, but he ate no less than the others. At this moment, all thoughts of mystical foresight were set aside as he focused on moving his hands as swiftly and deftly as possible.


Lin Yun’er, with meat still in her mouth, incoherently said, “There is still the soup. Master said that the soup is actually the best part.”


While eating, Yang Kai suddenly frowned and asked, “Where is Li Shi Qing?”


Everyone paused together and looked up at each other. Suddenly, they realized a problem; there were only five of them instead of the original six and they had no idea when Li Shi Qing had disappeared.


Although everyone’s attention had been captured by Lin Yun’er’s cooking, almost everyone here was Emperor Realm Master, so even if they didn’t deliberately keep their eyes on Li Shi Qing, they should not have failed to notice when she had disappeared.


But only when Yang Kai reminded everyone did they finally realize this problem. It was like Li Shi Qing had evaporated into thin air.


For a moment, everyone felt a chill!


Lin Yun’er swallowed the meat in her mouth before speaking, “She was here just now, but I didn’t see her when I was dividing the meat.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow and looked at the others, “No one noticed anything?”


He also knew that he probably wouldn’t gain anything by asking as among everyone present here, his cultivation was the highest. If even he failed to notice when she disappeared, it was simply impossible for others to have sensed anything.


Lan Xun solemnly shook her head, suddenly losing her appetite.


Yao Lin nervously voiced her speculation, “Did she get caught again?” Recalling the scene when she was captured, she couldn’t help but shiver as she leaned against Lan Xun, looking for a sense of security.


“Who could snatch her away without any noise from right under our noses?” Yang Kai shook his head. Even a Great Emperor wouldn’t be capable of something like this.


Gao Zhan didn’t say a word as he suddenly took out three turtle shells with a flip of his hand, one big and two small. The big one was the size of an adult’s palm, while the smaller ones were the size of an infant’s fist; however, each tortoiseshell exuded an extremely ancient and desolate aura. Obviously, these items had an extremely long history.


He stretched his hand out and formed a seal and in the next moment, he threw the three turtle shells forward.


When the turtle shells fell on the ground, he touched the patterns on the three shells and closed his eyes, pondering for a while. Then, he stretched his hand out and spoke, pointing in a direction, “Senior Sister Li is in that direction.”


[Can this kind of thing also be predicted?] Yang Kai was equal parts stunned and satisfied.


Although Li Shi Qing and Yang Kai weren’t acquaintances, since they had met, he had to rescue her; furthermore, he could not understand how Li Shi Qing disappeared into thin air all of a sudden. This kind of mystery needed a swift resolution, so he was eager to find her.


“I’ll go there and take a look, wait for me here,” Yang Kai said, standing up.


Lan Xun suggested, “Let’s go together.”


Yang Kai refused, shaking his head, “We don’t know what happened, but if something goes wrong, I have a way to deal with it if I go alone. If we go together and it’s a trap, things will only be more difficult.”


Hearing what he said, Lan Xun lightly nodded in agreement. Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so unless someone was capable of sealing off space around him, it was all but impossible to keep him from escaping.




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  1. YK isn’t used to the space beacons yet. One of the first things he should’ve done was make one for all the emperor realm masters entering the sealed world. He could’ve thought of this and done it on the half a year long trip to get there :/

    Ah well, I like that YK isn’t very smart anymore

    1. Nope, You’re wrong. He can’t do that, there is a world barrier between the mysterious sealed world and the star boundary. These things can’t pass through it.

      For example he had to set the space array Outside of the Dragon Island cz it is also inside a small sealed world of some sort.

      1. Cant pass through it, sure. But beacons within the same sealed world should be connected to each other allowing them to group up if they separated.
        But then it’d make plot progression very difficult if YK just started doing that

  2. i just want to say to translators to kindly add more daily chapters..
    MP Novel is way behind than in manhua right now.. Who will read here if they are ahead in drawing? Just saying..

    1. 1. The manhua is always a lower quality than the LN regardless of the series. Martial Peak is no exception.

      2. It wasn’t long ago that we only got thirteen chapters per week. Silavin asked the community if we wanted
      more chapters per week at risk of lessened quality, and we said no. We value DDL’s time and effort more than
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      3. If you really want to read ahead, then google “Martial Peak MTL” and pick whichever site you like. The novel’s
      complete and you can read it all for free.

    2. Well, since my previous comment seems to have been filtered to the void: I’m pretty sure most people here don’t
      care about the manhua. No manhua, regardless of the series, is going to be as good as (let alone better than) the
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    3. My attempts at commenting keep getting eaten, but you’re in the minority on this one. There’s no reason to
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      reading ahead, MTL sites are a dime a dozen.

    4. You can appeal to them to do so but you can tell them to. Those of us who like quality over quantity will still read here. I’d been reading a pretty good type of machine translation, like pretty good. But I still came back to read this one cos it’s just lovely. (mostly because reading the machine translation means that’s I’ll have to practice self control to stop reading, when there are almost 3k chapters to read. But this slow release helps me do just that)

  3. It doesn’t matter as they are all in the same sealed world. What blocks space travel is the World Barrier between Star Boundary and the sealed world so space beacons should work regarding teleportation inside the Sealed World. As such, space beacons would’ve allowed them to group up as soon as they entered the sealed world (or if they weren’t separated from the start they could have split up from the start without worrying about the difficulties of meeting back up). Furthermore, if he had given Space Beacon the each of the five GE disciples, they could have met back up easily Incase they involuntarily split up or had to.
    But once again, the author shows us his lack of mental sanity as he isn’t able to write a meaningful story anymore where in the end his MC is both supposedly the strongest in existence yet is a dumb fuck. (dude literally never come close to death anymore because of plot armor, and no sense of drama neither as anyone close to the MC also has plot armor, while characters who die have no character development)

  4. “Whether it was Lan Xun or Lin Yun’er, they never bullied others or abused their status”

    Lin Yun’er doesn’t bully others, she just kills whoever looks wrong at her and then she also kills all their family, destroys their sect and punches into grounded meat everybody who stands in her way. Such outgoing personality, what a pleasant gal.

    1. What SWB? Kai forgets he has it in instances like this. I probably would have put all 5 into the bead without waking them, found exit, then woke them up after I rescued. But the story wouldn’t have been as good then…. and my cultivation would probably be less then emp… since I still have a brain.

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