Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3375, Help Me Dress


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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“Charm Technique?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow, thinking about it as one of the possibilities. Only a powerful Charm Technique could explain the current situation, and his feelings for Li Shi Qing; otherwise, why would he be swayed over a woman he had only just met by chance and who clearly had sinister intentions towards him?


Li Shi Qing just giggled and said nothing.


Yang Kai fiercely glared at her, as if he wanted to eat her alive, the murderous intent emanating from him reaching an almost tangible level. Anyone facing this kind of situation would fall into a panic, but Li Shi Qing seemed to not know any fear. Even when Yang Kai had her by the neck and had pinned her against the tree, she just kept smiling. Only the slight grimace on her face showed that she even felt any pain.


“I’ll ask one last time, what did you do to me?” Yang Kai questioned in a bone-chilling voice.


As if she sensed his impatience, Li Shi Qing hesitated for a moment before finally giving a blunt answer, “Heart Seal!”


“Heart Seal? What’s that?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


“A link that binds our hearts together. We are inseparable from now on!” Li Shi Qing smiled winningly.


Yang Kai’s frown grew tighter, “You mean to say, after you cast that… Heart Seal Secret Technique on me, I will see you as precious?”


“Can’t you feel it yourself?” Li Shi Qing mischievously looked at him before continuing, “Moreover, this feeling is mutual. What you are feeling, I am as well.”


Yang Kai stood gawking. What kind of nonsense Secret Technique was this? It actually brings two people, who had just met by chance, together, making both of them suffer. If it was just unidirectional, it would still have some uses, but it now seemed Li Shi Qing was also affected by this Secret Technique. It was no wonder her gaze seemed a little off when she was staring at him just now. So it was because of this reason.


“Are you happy?” Li Shi Qing suddenly asked.


Yang Kai, maintaining a straight face, rebuffed, “Do you think I look even a little bit happy?”


“The corners of your lips are raised though.” Li Shi Qing stared at him, blinking her big pretty eyes.


“Nonsense!” Yang Kai immediately denied.


Li Shi Qing asked, sighing, “Can you not be so rough? If you’re too rough, it’ll be very difficult for me to endure.”


“Who do you think you’re flirting with?” Yang Kai glared at her. When she had just awakened, Yang Kai thought that she was cold and aloof, but after having come in close contact with her, he realized that he was blind. There wasn’t a sliver of coldness or arrogance in this crazy woman.


Even now, Li Shi Qing was just pitifully staring at him, her eyes filled with resentment.


Yang Kai, holding her neck, struggled hard a few times, but in the end, he couldn’t overcome the strange sense of affection in his heart. He hated himself for being unable to do anything in this situation. He clearly wanted to kill her to prevent any future troubles, but he just couldn’t do it. In the end, he let go of her and stated, “Put on your clothes, then we’ll talk.” 


Her being naked wasn’t helping his situation, as even if he didn’t intentionally look at her, her sexy, bare-naked figure continued to affect his mind.


Li Shi Qing touched her neck and coughed a few times before taking her clothes from her Space Ring and pushing them toward Yang Kai.


“What?” Yang Kai impatiently asked.


“Help me dress!” Li Shi Qing smilingly looked at him.


“Scram!” Yang Kai snorted, blowing his top once more. [She is actually asking me to help her dress? Dream on!]


“Are you going to help me or not?” Li Shi Qing stubbornly looked at him.


Yang Kai rebuffed, “And what if I don’t help you?”


Li Shi Qing seriously gazed at him for a while before suddenly throwing her clothes on the ground, turning around, and flying back.


Yang Kai stood dumbstruck on his spot. After a long time, he finally reacted. His figure moved as Space Principles fluctuated around him. After a few teleportations, Yang Kai stood blocking Li Shi Qing’s path and asked, grinding his teeth, “What are you doing?”


“Going back of course. Everyone must be worried about me,” Li Shi Qing replied as if it was a matter of course.


Yang Kai stared his eyes out at her, looking at her from top to bottom, “Are you going to return like this?”


Li Shi Qing replied with a smile, “En, why?”


“Have you gone insane?” Yang Kai simply didn’t know what to say to her. Although most of their group were women, and the only other male was blind, if she really returned naked, it would be a great scandal! Also, even if Gao Zhan was blind, his cultivation had reached the Emperor Realm, so with his Divine Sense, he could ‘see’ just fine. Thinking of this, Yang Kai felt his heart tighten.


“Then help me dress!” Li Shi Qing smugly looked at him.


Yang Kai’s expression at this moment was beyond just ugly. Clenching and unclenching his fists, veins pulsed on his forehead for a time before he roared, “You’re crazy!”


Despite saying so, he stepped forward, grabbed Li Shi Qing’s jade white hand, and dragged her back to the lake.


Li Shi Qing allowed herself to be led around by him, her face filled with happiness, accompanied by a victorious smile.


After returning to the lake, Yang Kai picked up the clothes she had thrown on the ground before, fiddled with them for a while, and finally figured out how they were worn. When had he ever helped a woman put on her clothes? He had always been only responsible for taking them off.


While dressing her, his hands inevitably brushed her body here and there, making it difficult for him to restrain the throbbing in his heart. The entire incident was quite exhausting, but Li Shi Qing still shamelessly stated, “If you want to touch, feel free to touch. I don’t mind.”


Yang Kai’s psychological line of defence instantly collapsed. Since he was already neck-deep, it wouldn’t hurt to plunge right in. No longer having any scruples, his hands began wandering about freely, causing Li Shi Qing a mixture of pain and pleasure as he wantonly groped her, causing her cheeks to flush bright pink.


After some tossing and turning, Yang Kai finally got the clothes onto Li Shi Qing, a far more exhausting task than he had imagined it would be. He then looked at her with a squinted gaze and seriously questioned, “How did Flower Shadow Great Emperor take a Disciple like you? Isn’t she afraid of having her reputation ruined?”


Li Shi Qing smiled before beckoning Yang Kai with her fingers.


“What now?” Yang Kai warily looked at her.


“Come here.”


“Tell me what you are going to do first,” Yang Kai remained unmoving.


Li Shi Qing stomped her foot before walking over to him on her own. She then leaned forward and pressed her cherry red lips on his. Yang Kai stood in place like a wooden chicken, and when their lips finally separated, he coldly asked, “What’s the meaning of this?”


Li Shi Qing smiled, “It doesn’t have any meaning. I just wanted to kiss you.”


Yang Kai’s flashed an icy smile, “Do you think everything will be okay if you act all cute and innocent? I want to see how you will explain yourself to Flower Shadow Great Emperor after returning.”


Li Shi Qing replied, “You don’t have to worry about that.”


Yang Kai asked, curious, “Are you not afraid of disappointing your Master?”


Li Shi Qing smiled at him, “Are you trying to probe me? In fact, if you want to know anything, you can just ask me straight away. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”


[Only ghosts would believe you!] Yang Kai had a lot of questions on his mind, such as why she planted the Heart Seal Secret Technique on him, bringing misery to both of them.


But he knew that even if he asked, he wouldn’t get a straight answer from Li Shi Qing.


He still hadn’t figured out why Li Shi Qing and the other children and Disciples of the Great Emperors had been kidnapped in the first place, and now such a thing had also happened. 


In short, Yang Kai was having a major headache.


Li Shi Qing took out a veil and put it on as she stated, “Actually, I made this trip especially for you.”


“Just for me?” Yang Kai frowned, “How did you determine that I would come?”


Li Shi Qing took a deep breath as her voluptuous bosom rose and fell before explaining, “This is an independent Sealed World, if one wants to open the entrance, they need to be proficient in the Dao of Space. In the entire Star Boundary, there are only two people who fit this criteria, you and Li Wu Yi. Li Wu Yi lives in the Eastern Territory; furthermore, since Lan Xun was involved, Star Soul Palace would definitely seek you out, and just as expected, they really went to you.”


Yang Kai frowned after hearing this and suspiciously asked, “Don’t tell me Flower Shadow Great Emperor is behind all of this? Were Lan Xun, Yao Lin, and the others kidnapped on the behest of Flowed Shadow Great Emperor.”


Li Shi Qing smiled, “Of course not. This matter has nothing to do with her.”


“It has nothing to do with ‘her’?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


“En, it has nothing to do with her.” Li Shi Qing shook her head, giving her affirmation.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, shivered as he stated, “You aren’t Li Shi Qing. Who are you?”


Much to Yang Kai’s surprise, she addressed Flower Shadow Great Emperor as ‘her’. Yang Kai didn’t sense any respect in Li Shi Qing’s voice. If this Li Shi Qing was really Li Shi Qing, then as Flower Shadow Great Emperor’s Disciple, how could she act like this. She should have had the utmost respect towards her Honoured Master.


Coupled with the Heart Seal, Yang Kai was almost certain that the Li Shi Qing before him was fake! After all, as far as he knew, Myriad Flower Valley didn’t possess such a Charm Technique.


Li Shi Qing was momentarily taken aback before smiling, “Where did I slip up?” Since she knew that Yang Kai wanted to make her talk, she shouldn’t have consciously revealed anything, but she hadn’t expected to expose herself unintentionally.


“You really aren’t Li Shi Qing!” A chill ran down Yang Kai’s spine as he felt that things were rapidly getting more and more complicated.


“Where is the real Li Shi Qing? What did you do to her?”


Li Shi Qing objected, looking at Yang Kai with a frown, “Am I not enough? Why do you care about some other woman?”


“Don’t mess with me. Answer the question, what did you do to her?” Along the way here, he had been informed that Flower Shadow Great Emperor’s Disciple, Li Shi Qing, had gone missing, and now that there was a fake in front of him, the question became, where is the real Li Shi Qing?


‘Li Shi Qing’ helplessly sighed before replying, “She’s fine, she’s just been taken to a certain place, that’s all.”




Li Shi Qing smilingly looked at him, “To the place where I want to take you. If you agree to come with me, I’ll tell you.”


“Good, I agree,” Yang Kai readily said.


Li Shi Qing tittered lightly, “I’m not a three-year-old child that can be tricked so easily.”


Yang Kai suddenly stepped forward, pulled her into his arms and affectionately stared into her eyes, “Whether it’s because of that Secret Technique or not, my feelings for you at this moment make me want to forever be with you. Anywhere you go, I will naturally go with you.”


These words seemed to have caused a great impact on Li Shi Qing, making her grow limp and snuggle into Yang Kai’s chest. A happy and sweet smile bloomed on her face as she softly whispered, “I believe you are sincere, but it’s true that you have other intentions as well. I won’t tell you unless you come with me.”


Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately threw her away like he was abandoning a pair of worn-out shoes.




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  1. “Am I not enough? Why do you care about some other woman?”

    Listen here little missy, considering you have a slight chance you will still be his 𝘴𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘩 at best.

  2. So she is a succubus who is trapping Yang Kai for some purpose. He will need his most strongest wife Su Yan to get rid of her. Or have little Liu Yan burn her as she did to Yang Xiao .

      1. I believe Su Yan has the strongest mental character and personality. This new woman may be as strong as Yang Kai but in real life physical strength is not the best value of a woman. I know because my wife is mentally stronger than me yet I am physically stronger.

  3. If the charm prevents him from acting against her he should throw her into the sealed world bead, use the world principles to seal her cultivation, and ask the embodiment to get the information from her for him.

  4. Yang kai’s souldnis beyond a third order emperor. Has a supreme sould treasure and has the golden dragon source. He had no chance at all to block this technique?

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