Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3376, It has Started


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“You really don’t want to go with me? I can be with you forever. We will be inseparable.” Li Shi Qing sincerely looked at him.


Yang Kai impatient stated, “I hate people playing dumb with me. First tell me who you are, where you want to take me, and what you want to do when we get there?”


Li Shi Qing pondered for a moment before replying, “It’s not convenient to answer all your questions for the time being. I can only tell you that something big will happen in the near future, and you, being proficient in the Dao of Space, will play a huge role in it; otherwise, do you think I would come here in person? As for who I am… you will know in the future. My identity will definitely not bring shame to you.”


Yang Kai rebuffed, “Saying this is equivalent to saying nothing.” He rolled his eyes at her and continued, “Let’s take a rest. We will return to the others in a bit.”


Saying so, he sat down on the spot and ignored her.


With the damned Heart Seal Secret Technique planted on him, Yang Kai didn’t need to be on guard against Li Shi Qing doing something to him. He had seen and touched her entire body already, so if she was really scheming against him, it would have been revealed long ago. As such, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about anything before her.


Seeing him sit down, Li Shi Qing suddenly came over and asked, “What’s wrong? Do you want to probe my identity through my Secret Technique?”


[She’s too sharp!] Yang Kai’s brow twitched. [Whoever said that those who have big breasts aren’t smart couldn’t be more mistaken…]


He was really attempting what she had said. He couldn’t get anything directly from Li Shi Qing, but everything that had happened today must have left some clues, and the best place to start was the so-called Heart Seal Secret Technique.


Yang Kai had clearly felt that something was imprinted into his Knowledge Sea before, but he couldn’t find it now.


By the looks of it, this extra thing should be the Heart Seal. As long as he could find the source of this Secret Technique and carefully study it, he might be able to uncover some clues.


Opening his eyes, he turned and asked flatly, “Are you going to stop me?”


Li Shi Qing covered her mouth and giggled, “Why would I try to stop you? If you want to check it, go right ahead, but I should remind you that this technique is indiscernible. Even if you spend your entire life on it, you won’t be able to resolve it. Not to mention you, a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, even if a Great Emperor tried, he won’t be able to do anything.”


Yang Kai rebuffed, pursing his lips, “Braggart!”


Regardless of who Li Shi Qing was or where she came from, her cultivation was the same as his; both of them were Second-Order Emperors, but she actually dared to boast so shamelessly. Yang Kai really wanted to make her eat her own words.


Li Shi Qing continued, smiling, “Best of luck then. Big Sister will wait for you.”


Yang Kai snorted, “Thanks.”


Li Shi Qing didn’t say another word and Yang Kai too closed his eyes and focused. The next moment, his Soul Avatar appeared in his Knowledge Sea, carefully looking around.


After the time it took for an incense to burn, Yang Kai gloomily opened his eyes.


Li Shi Qing immediately asked, “Well?”


Yang Kai glared at her, “Enjoy yourself for now. I’m currently pressed for time, so I can’t take a more careful look. I will definitely succeed in the end.”


“Then I’ll be waiting for the good news,” Li Shi Qing smiled before continuing, “Where are we going now?”


Yang Kai really wanted to say ‘you go your way while I go mine’, but he wasn’t able to do so. Just as these words reached the tip of his tongue, he couldn’t bear to speak them. All he could do was unhappily speak the truth, “We’re returning to the others.” 


He then suddenly warned her, “If you dare to attack them, I will never forgive you.”


Li Shi Qing tittered, “Rest assured, I’ve already achieved the purpose of my trip. I just need to stay by your side from now on.”


Yang Kai asked, frowning, “You aren’t returning to Myriad Flower Valley?”


Li Shi Qing stated, smiling, “I’m not Li Shi Qing, why would I return to Myriad Flower Valley?”


“Then how are you going to explain yourself to Flower Shadow Great Emperor? If she pursues this matter, your identity will definitely be exposed.”


Li Shi Qing looked at him, blinking her eyes, “Are you worried about me?”


“Stop flattering yourself, I’m worried that I will be implicated by you. In any case, even if Flower Shadow Great Emperor doesn’t ask after we leave this place, I will tell her myself.”


Li Shi Qing neither said no, nor did she say yes, “If that makes you happy, you can do it.” Her tone and postures said that she was sure Yang Kai would definitely not expose her. This made Yang Kai grind his teeth in anger as he gloomily asked, “Fine, you have to at least tell me what your real name is!”


Li Shi Qing was silent for a while before a brilliant smile appeared on her lips, “Ru Meng, Yu Ru Meng!”


Yang Kai lightly nodded in acknowledgement before going silent, taking the lead on the way back.


Naturally, Yu Ru Meng kept up with him, but after flying just a few kilometres, they suddenly heard a deafening explosion echo across the sky like thunder, shaking the entire world.


The next moment, an overbearing pressure descended from above. Yang Kai’s expression momentarily changed as he immediately stopped and looked up at the grey sky with a look of uncertainty looming over his face.


The thunderous explosion wasn’t real thunder of course, but the sound of someone fighting. What left Yang Kai terrified was that the cultivation of whoever was fighting had reached the Great Emperor level. Just the fallout from this clash had sent his blood and Qi into turmoil, forcing him to circulate his Emperor Qi to stabilize his body and mind.


[Great Emperors are actually fighting here!? A fight isn’t a solo event; in other words, there are two Great Emperors fighting in this strange Sealed World. Which two? Is the one who broke into this world when I opened the entrance also involved?]


“It’s started!” Yang Kai suddenly heard Yu Ru Meng’s soft whisper beside him.


Yang Kai turned to look at her, but all he saw was her solemnly looking up at the sky. A faint excitement and anticipation could also be found in her beautiful eyes.


Yang Kai was slightly startled at the sight of her because he found that Yu Ru Meng hadn’t used her Emperor Qi to defend herself at all. This caused Yang Kai to suspect his own eyes a little. Both of them were Second-Order Emperors, so why could Yu Ru Meng remain safe and sound, not deterred by the resulting shockwaves of the battle?


Yang Kai didn’t believe there was anyone in this world superior to him in the Second-Order Emperor Realm. If he went all out, using all his strength and means, he could even fight against a Pseudo-Great Emperor; however, Yu Ru Meng’s performance was actually better than his at this moment, so he was surprised.


Hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “What has started?”


Yu Ru Meng shook her head and didn’t give an answer.


Another deafening clap rang out as a dark crack suddenly appeared in the sky. It was like the gaping maw of an invisible beast that was about to swallow the world whole. 


Space had started to become more turbulent as minute cracks splintered here and there, momentarily appearing and then disappearing.


The Sealed World couldn’t withstand the battle between the two Great Emperors! Such phenomena had appeared in such a short time, and if it continued, this Sealed World would undoubtedly shatter.


At this point, Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, “Hurry!”


While shouting, he shot off with great speed. Yu Ru Meng took another glance at the sky before following Yang Kai.


After a while, several figures appeared before them. When they met each other, Yang Kai discovered that they were none other than Lan Xun, Lin Yun’er, and the others; all four, no more, no less.


“Senior Sister, nothing happened to her, right?” Lan Xun, looking at Yu Ru Meng, who was following Yang Kai, asked.


“She’s fine,” Yang Kai shook his head. He didn’t explain what Yu Ru Meng did or why she disappeared under everyone’s nose. In a manner of speaking, he too was a little confused about this but still, there were other priorities right now. “It’s not suitable to stay here for too long. Please, closely follow me, we will leave here the moment I find an exit.”


Lan Xun and the others solemnly nodded. At this moment, no one was blind to the dangers of their current situation. When gods and immortals fought, it was mortals that suffered. If they didn’t want to be dragged into this calamity, they had to quickly leave this place.


But where the exit was, or whether this Sealed World even had an exit, no one knew. All Yang Kai could do was lead everyone to speed forward, searching and secretly praying.


“Eh…” While flying, Lin Yun’er suddenly cried in surprise, “It’s Master’s aura.”


Yang Kai looked along with her gaze and asked, pointing at the sky, “Senior Iron Blood is over there?”


Lin Yun’er affirmed with a nod, “En, that’s Master’s aura, no doubt.”


She was the only Disciple of Iron Blood Great Emperor, and after having spent so many years with him, Lin Yun’er wouldn’t mistake her own Master’s aura.


“So Senior Iron Blood is here.” Gao Zhan suddenly stated, “No wonder the battle is so fierce.”


Lan Xun asked, “But who is fighting Senior Iron Blood?”


Everyone shook their heads upon hearing this. Although they could tell that it must be another Great Emperor, no one knew who it was.


At this moment, the grey world suddenly became dark, as if all light had been snuffed out, making the entire world as black as the moonless and starless night. Even if everyone was an Emperor Realm Master, no one could see anything. Not only were their lines of sight blocked, but even when they spread their Divine Senses, it was as if they had entered a dark space where they could no longer perceive anything.


“Night Shadow Great Emperor!” Lan Xun cried out in shock.


Such an obvious sign made her immediately conclude the identity of the other Great Emperor locked in battle with Iron Blood Great Emperor. Only one Great Emperor had such a mystical technique, and that was the master of darkness, Night Shadow Great Emperor. Such a phenomenon couldn’t be any more obvious.


“Is it really him?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow. On the way here, Xiao Yu Yang said that they suspected that Night Shadow Great Emperor might have something to do with Lan Xun’s disappearance, but that was just a speculation; nothing more, nothing less. By the looks of it now though, this speculation might just be true.


Gao Zhang was puzzled, “How very strange… Why is Senior Iron Blood fighting with Senior Night Shadow?”


With their sight gone blind and Divine Sense’s perception gone hazy, everyone could only halt their steps and stand on the spot.


Yang Kai solemnly explained, “Star Soul Palace suspected that Shadow Killer Palace had something to do with your kidnappings. If that’s true, the two Seniors fighting isn’t strange either.”


[But it’s tough for a winner to emerge in a fight between two Great Emperors, not that we can really tell what is going on right now.] Yang Kai was secretly growing anxious. [In our current situation, we can neither advance, nor retreat, we can only hold our ground. However, if the battle between Great Emperors causes this world to shatter, I’m afraid things will not end well for anyone. Everyone will be swallowed into the Void Crack, no exception.]


While he was thinking, a bright light suddenly flashed across the sky, dispelling the darkness obscuring the light.


Everyone looked up and suddenly saw a full moon hanging in the sky, emitting a brilliant yet soft light.


“Father!?” Lan Xun tenderly cried in surprise.




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