Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3378, Perish Together


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yu Ru Meng was obviously infuriated. She had never heard anyone swear at her so viciously. Not to mention the fact that it was Yang Kai who swore at her. She stated, grinding her white teeth, “I’ll fight you!”


Yang Kai kept sneering, “Bring it on.”


He didn’t believe that Yu Ru Meng would really dare to attack him in front of everyone. If she did it, her identity would definitely be exposed right away. As long as she was still harbouring some schemes, she would definitely not waste her hard work.


He really believed that…


But contrary to his expectation, as soon as he spoke, Yu Ru Meng looked at him with a mocking gaze and the next moment, Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea fell into a turmoil as a head-splitting headache shook his mind and Soul, one that caused him to involuntarily groan as his figure stumbled.


Not only Yang Kai, but the same was also true for Yu Ru Meng as well. It was obvious that when Yang Kai suffered these pains, she too suffered. Her jade-like skin turned a little white as fine beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.


Had they been in any other situation, this kind of sudden change in their condition would not have gone unnoticed by everyone, but right now, everyone was going all out to stabilize the space around them and prevent this small section of the world from being affected by the shockwaves of the Great Emperors’ battle, so who had any time to care about the mood of others?


As such, the sudden change in both of their conditions remained unknown and invisible to everyone.


“What did you do?” Yang Kai was greatly shocked. He didn’t even notice Yu Ru Meng attacking him, but he felt as if his head was about to explode.


“We’ll both perish together!” Yu Ru Meng replied, gritting her teeth, her voice cracking here and there; obviously, she was enduring great pains.


“Are you crazy!?” Yang Kai’s face changed. [Can’t she see that it’s not the time to play such a joke. She really is crazy!]


“Who asked to curse me!?” Yu Ru Meng stubbornly glared at Yang Kai as her forehead dripped with perspiration.


“Since I swore at you, you can just curse back at me!” Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Why go so far as to wound each other?”


“I want an apology!”


“Fuck your apology!”


“You’re still swearing at me?!” Who knows if Yu Ru Meng was hurt or angry, but her entire body shook violently. Finally, Lan Xun seemed to have noticed the strangeness here and asked with concern, “Senior Sister Li, are you okay?”


Yu Ru Meng shook her head, speaking not another word.


Yang Kai timely sent a voice transmission, “If you have anything to say, we can deal with it later. Don’t make trouble now!”


Yu Ru Meng coldly stated, “No one has ever sworn at me like that, no one can swear at me like that! Unless you apologize, we’ll both die right here and now!”


Yang Kai was speechless as his facial muscles twitched for a while, but in this situation he had no choice but to comfort her, “Alright, alright, it was my mistake. I will never swear at you.” [A great man knows when to yield and when to not. What does an apology count for?]


“You said so.”


“Right, I said it, you heard it right.”


Yu Ru Meng finally stopped whatever it was she was doing, falling silent for a moment before asking with concern, “Are you hurt?”


“You don’t say!” Yang Kai wasn’t angry per se, but felt that this woman changed her mind as quickly as flipping a page.


“I’m just a bit short-tempered…. Don’t irritate me like this next time.” Perhaps because of the change in her mood, Yu Ru Meng felt a little guilty about what she had just done so her tone became extremely soft, enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.


Yang Kai rolled his eyes at her and asked, “That was also the power of the Heart Seal, right?”


Yu Ru Meng didn’t answer.


Yang Kai still wanted to ask a few more questions, but it was already too late now. While the two were bickering with each other, the world around them had finally collapsed. The earth and space had fragmented into pieces, and then gradually drifted away and disappeared into the depths of the Void under the influence of some unknown force.


It was the first time everyone had seen such a peculiar scene and it gave them all goosebumps.


“It’s over!” Xue Zheng Mao heaved a long sigh. As an Elder of Star Soul Palace and a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, he wasn’t afraid of dying, but Lan Xun was still here. He was okay if he died, but Lan Xun perishing here as well was unacceptable to him.


Apart from Lan Xun, there were other descendants and Disciples of four Great Emperors present.


Everyone’s face was covered in gloom.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, was quite safe and sound. Despite saying that the situation was very dangerous before, if things really reached a critical point, he could just take everyone into the Sealed World Bead and then try to find a way to escape from the Void by himself. As long as he remained safe, everyone else would be safe too.


Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai was completely confident that he could safely escape from the Void Crack, but there were currently three Great Emperors fighting here, plus an entire Sealed World had just collapsed, so this was an unfamiliar situation even for him and he didn’t dare to give out careless guarantees. He was only going to make a move when the situation reached the point where there was no other choice.


Endless shattering sounds rang out as the speed of the world’s collapse increased. Pieces of land drifted away, slowly disappearing into the Void.


In just an hour, everyone was completely surrounded by chaotic nothingness. Where they stood seemed to be the only safe place, and it was only barely maintained with the combined support of everyone present; however, this piece of land was only a hundred meters or so in diameter, giving everyone the feeling of being stranded on an island drifting through the Void Crack. There was no light and they couldn’t see or control where they were going, like they were lost and helpless, abandoned by the world itself.


“Hm?” Yang Kai suddenly furrowed his brow, focusing his gaze in a certain direction.


“What’s wrong?” Xiao Yu Yang, who was standing next to him, immediately asked.


Yang Kai didn’t answer as he quietly scanned that region. After a while though, his spirits lifted and he declared, “There is an exit over there.”


Everyone was overjoyed after hearing this while Lei Hong asked in a cracking voice, “Is it the same entrance that we entered in the Star Boundary?”


Yang Kai replied, nodding, “It’s quite possible!”


“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go take a look,” Lie Hong impatiently shouted.


Yang Kai slightly nodded in affirmation. Just as he was about to fly out though, his figure froze again before he carefully scanned the surroundings. In the next instant, his expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Damn it, run!”


Saying so, he pushed his Space Principles without reserve or explanation, wrapped everyone in them, and led them away as fast as he could.


Everyone was confused; but seeing Yang Kai’s solemn expression, they knew that something had gone wrong. Only Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Dao of Space, had any authority to speak in this damned place. He must have noticed something for him to make this kind of sudden decision.


Travelling in the Void was extremely dangerous, and without Yang Kai’s support, it would be impossible for these twenty or so to stick together. As soon as they tried to move about on their own, they would be scattered and lost.


Everyone also wanted to know what Yang Kai had noticed for him to look so panicked, but obviously now wasn’t the right time to ask.


However, their confusion didn’t last for long as an unusual commotion suddenly came from behind.


Deafening rumbles rang out through the Void, as if a stampede of something was tumbling over.


In the midst of their escape, Xue Zheng Mao and the other top Masters glanced back, but they couldn’t see anything at all. They also spread their Divine Senses but they couldn’t extend them too far as the Void suppressed their perception and senses greatly.


After about an incense stick worth of time, a bright light suddenly appeared before everyone. All of them couldn’t help but feel like a window had opened in a dark room after seeing this light. 


Even if Yang Kai didn’t give an explanation, all of them knew that the source of the light was the exit. Everyone was elated. As the popular adage goes, one who survives a great disaster is destined for good fortune after. In this case, everyone had gained a precious experience after escaping from the clutches of death.


The team swiftly sped along with Yang Kai at the lead, reaching the source of the light a moment later and charging straight into it.


Everything went white before their eyes, but in the next moment, they regained their vision and found themselves standing in a world of blowing yellow sand.


“We’re back!” Xue Zheng Mao was elated.


Furthermore, they were back to the place where they had first entered. Obviously, this was the very same desert as there was still an enormous funnel below their feet. Much to everyone’s surprise, they actually found their way out after the world had collapsed.


“We need to leave here, quickly!” Yang Kai, however, didn’t stop for even a moment and quickly shouted.


Seeing him acting as if he was avoiding some great disaster, everyone didn’t have time to appreciate surviving their recent ordeal. Suppressing whatever doubt in their hearts they had, they all followed after him quickly.


After flying for a hundred kilometres, Yang Kai finally stopped and looked back with an incomparably dignified look on his face.


“Yang Kai, what did you notice?” Xiao Yu Yang walked up to him and asked, looking along his gaze.


Yang Kai shook head, replying, “I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not…”


“A catastrophe is about to begin!” Gao Zhan flatly said. At this moment, his eyes were open and his white pupils were glimmering with a strange light as he stared towards the funnel in the distance.


Yang Kai looked over at him and felt the impulse to rip out his tongue.


[He is completely useless when we need him, and opens his crow’s mouth when we don’t want him to. Furthermore, the ill omens he spouts all come true. Before he told me to be careful, I really fell for Yu Ru Meng’s plot.]


[Now he is talking about the start of a catastrophe…]


[He definitely doesn’t have any friends!] Yang Kai concluded in his heart.


Suddenly, a deafening explosion sounded as dust flew up into the air. The next moment, a pitch-black aura gushed out of the funnel, rushing straight to the sky before rapidly spreading into the surroundings. Everywhere that pitch-black aura passed, the world began to change, as if all light and colour had been drained from it.


“That’s…” Xue Zheng Mao and everyone’s eyes bulged out, staring at the scene in a daze, a chill rushing up their spine.


“Ha…” Yang Kai heaved a sigh. He had been praying that his guess was wrong, but contrary to his wishes, it turned out to be true. The question now though was, what exactly was going on?


“Demon Qi!” Xiao Yu Yang cried out in alarm. Even from a distance of a hundred kilometres, he could detect the malevolent will contained in the erupting black Qi. He was also there during the outbreak of the demon tribulation in the Southern Territory’s Orthodoxy Temple a few years back, so he was naturally no stranger to Demon Qi.


It was just that the Demon Qi back in Orthodoxy Temple was nothing compared to the Demon Qi they were seeing now. Whether it was quantity or quality, the two were on completely different levels.


[How could Demon Qi erupt from the sand funnel? Furthermore, it continues as if the funnel is connected to an infinite reservoir of Demon Qi.]




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