Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3379, One Palm


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The boundless Demon Qi gushed out from the sand funnel and madly spread into the surroundings. In the blink of an eye, Demon Qi had flooded a radius of a dozen kilometres. Moreover, it was still spreading in every direction at a rapid pace.


A few years back, a Demon Catastrophe had struck the Southern Territory, and now, after a few years, Demon Qi had emerged in the Western Territory. This caused those present to begin to wonder about a great many things.


Yang Kai even suspected that a new Demon Realm invasion was about to begin.


In the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld, he had personally fought against a Demon Realm invasion, and although what he experienced was just a dream, according to Xiao Tiea, everything in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld was based on real history. In other words, a great battle between Humans and Demons had really occurred in ancient times.


Of course, Yang Kai didn’t exist in those ancient times, he was just participating in an elaborate simulation of that great battle as a man from the future.


In that war, the Demon Race was defeated, but they weren’t eradicated. After recuperating for tens or thousands of years, was the Demon Race planning to make a comeback? Would the Demon Race launch a new invasion from the Western Territory?


If that was really the case, then the last Demon Catastrophe in the Southern Territory suddenly made much more sense. The Demon Catastrophe was just the preliminary preparations made by the Demon Race to invade this world. If their plan had succeeded, then an untold number of Demons and Demonified Humans would have been lurking in every corner of the major Sects of the entire Southern Territory. With the Western Territory’s invasion, and the countless Demons in the Southern Territory, attacks from inside and outside could be launched to swiftly conquer the two territories. With such a firm foothold, launching a crusade against the rest of the Star Boundary would be a far simpler task.


Yang Kai shuddered at the thought of it.


At that moment, Yang Kai turned and looked at Yu Ru Meng, his gaze as sharp as a falcon’s, trying to see into the depths of her heart.


[Obviously, Yu Ru Meng had anticipated all of this; otherwise, she would have at least shown some surprise.]


[So who is she? What role does she play in this drama?]


[She also said that I, who is proficient in the Dao of Space, will play a huge role in the future…]


Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to understand something. 


“Why is there so much Demon Qi gushing out?” Xue Zheng Mao had a look of incredulity, gazing at the scene a hundred or so kilometres away as he pulled nervously at his beard, “It’s a great disaster, it’s a great disaster!”


The Southern Territory had suffered heavy losses in the last Demon Catastrophe. Even a top Sect like Orthodoxy Temple was completely destroyed. Now, the situation in the Western Territory was much more severe than even that. How could the situation be any worse?


Gao Zhan’s crow mouth had unfortunately spoken the truth again. Furthermore, the speed with which calamity came had caught everyone off guard.


“Where are the Seniors?” Someone asked.


No one could give an answer. The three Great Emperors had fought inside the Sealed World, shattering it before disappearing. Who knows if they fell into the endless Void Crack or some other far flung place.


Lan Xun and Lin Yun’er looked worried. Although Bright Moon Great Emperor and Iron Blood Great Emperor’s cultivation had reached the highest realms possible, if they really fell into the Void Crack, becoming lost forever was not impossible.


“What are the top Sects of the Western Territory?” Yang Kai turned his head and asked.


Xue Zheng Mao pondered for a moment before replying, “There are three, Pointed Star Sect, Hundred Barbarian Mountain, and the Wind and Cloud Pavilion.”


Of course, Wind and Cloud Pavilion couldn’t be relied upon as last time he was in the Western Territory, Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er had paid them a visit and initiated a great fight, killing almost all of their top Masters. Presumably, they still hadn’t recovered from their losses.


“Why do you ask?” Xue Zheng Mao looked at him curiously.


Yang Kai replied, “We need to notify the major Sects of the Western Territory about this matter as soon as possible, so that they could send their respective Masters over and work with us to contain the current situation. Otherwise, if the Demon Qi is allowed to spread, perhaps the entire Western Territory would plunge into misery and suffering.” He paused for a moment and then continued, “This might not just be related to the Western Territory. If the Western Territory is corrupted by Demon Qi, then the entire Star Boundary will suffer. We need to mobilize the Masters from the other three territories too. I can arrange a large-scale Space Array to bring in reinforcements from the other three territories, but we should rally the local forces as well.”


Xue Zheng Mao’s eyes lit up after hearing this and agreed, “You’re quite right.” 


He had been a bit dazed after seeing such a large eruption of Demon Qi, but now, he regained clarity after hearing Yang Kai’s suggestion. He immediately arranged several Emperor Realm Masters of Star Soul Palace to set out for the top Sects of the Western Territory to notify them of this situation.


Moments later, several silhouettes immediately left as swiftly as the wind.


While they were talking, the endless Demon Qi had already spread another dozen kilometres outwards; furthermore, its pace of expansion hadn’t slowed down at all.


Yang Kai’s face had an extremely solemn look as pondered for a long time before saying, “I’ll go over and see if it’s possible to destroy the channel. If I’m right, a giant Void Corridor has been opened and might be connected to… the Demon Realm!”


“Demon Realm!” Xue Zheng Mao and the others’ faces immediately turned pale. Obviously, they knew what kind of place the Demon Realm was. Although they hadn’t experienced the ancient war between Humans and Demons, Star Soul Palace was also a hegemon Sect with an extremely long history, so it had a wide collection of ancient records in its archives.


The others only thought that the situation here was somewhat similar to the Southern Territory’s Demon Catastrophe, an eruption of sealed Ancient Demon Qi, but after hearing Yang Kai’s speculation, they realized the problem here may be far graver.


If a Void Corridor at the base of the funnel was really connected to the Demon Realm, then the situation had far exceeded their worst imagination.


“Demon Qi is insidious and corrosive. How will you maintain your sanity after rushing into it?” Xiao Yu Yang looked worried. Yang Kai’s proposal was indeed the best course of action. If the funnel was really connected to the Demon Realm, the quickest solution would be to collapse the channel.


But the channel itself was located at the epicenter of the Demon Qi eruption. If Yang Kai really entered such a place, becoming corrupted and losing his sanity would be almost instantaneous.


But before anyone could react, Yang Kai’s figure had already moved as he disappeared from the spot.


Moments later, Yang Kai charged into the area covered in Demon Qi, but of course, it had no effect on him at all.


After all, he currently had a 300-metre-tall half-Dragon body which possessed strong resistance to almost all negative effects and energies, not to mention the mass of pure Ancient Demon Qi sealed in his own dantian. Although Yang Kai did not enjoy traversing such an environment, he wasn’t affected by it either.


Yang Kai checked his bearing before flying towards the funnel.


But just as he flew a short distance, he suddenly looked back and shouted, “Who’s there?”


Sounds of clothes flapping were coming from behind, so obviously someone was rushing over.


A fragrant breeze blew across his face the next instant as a slim and slender figure appeared in Yang Kai’s sight. It was none other than Yu Ru Meng, who was smilingly looking at him. She stopped just a forearm’s length away from him, nearly pushing her towering peaks up against his chest.


“Why are you here?” Yang Kai frowned, “Leave, quickly.”


Yu Ru Meng sweetly smiled, “Didn’t I say that from now on, I would always be with you?”


Yang Kai angrily rebuked, “There is a huge difference between then and now. Can’t you see where we are? Can you really remain safe… eh? How are you still safe here?” Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly bulged in disbelief.


[The reason why I’m not affected by the Demon Qi is naturally because of my strong physique and the Demon Qi sealed in my dantian, but why isn’t Yu Ru Meng affected at all?] Yang Kai didn’t notice her using any sort of technique to resist the Demon Qi corrosion, but she could still walk around in the boundless Demon Qi like she was taking a stroll around her backyard with just her Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation.


Yu Ru Meng’s brows curved as a smile bloomed on her face, “How can a trivial little bit of Demon Qi do anything to me? I have my own cards up my sleeve. You don’t need to worry about me.”


“Only ghosts would worry about you!” Yang Kai half-shouted, half-spat out those words in her face. He then pondered for a moment before continuing, “You can follow me, just don’t disturb me.”


It wasn’t the right time to fight with her. Yang Kai just wanted to check whether he could destroy the Void Corridor at the funnel or not.


Yu Ru Meng kept nodding, “I won’t disturb you.”


Yang Kai suspiciously stared at her for a moment before continuing on.


A short time later, the duo arrived at the funnel, but when he looked down at it, Yang Kai realized it had really become a Void Corridor, and Demon Qi was continuously gushing out of it.


Yang Kai suddenly felt confused.


Originally, the funnel was the entrance to a Sealed World, but he hadn’t noticed the existence of any Demon Qi in that Sealed World. Not to mention, that world had already collapsed, so where was the Demon Qi coming from?


[Could it be that that Sealed World was located between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary? And after that world collapsed, the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary were connected!?]


Thinking of this, Yang Kai’s countenance changed. [If that’s the case, then Iron Blood Great Emperor and Bright Moon Great Emperor have committed a grave mistake!]


Yang Kai stretched out his hand towards the Void Corridor and began mobilizing his Divine Sense and Space Principles madly, a solemn look hanging on his face.


Suddenly, a piercing pain originated from his Knowledge Sea, making him feel like his head was about to explode, preventing him from continuing. 


Yang Kai immediately turned his head and shouted, “What are you doing?”


Yu Ru Meng, who was standing next to him, trembling all over, apparently enduring great pain, stuttered a reply, “N-N-Nothing!”


“Do you really think that I won’t kill you!?” Yang Kai ferociously glared at her like a crazed beast.


Yu Ru Meng didn’t speak as she looked at him with a smile.


“I give you three breaths to stop, otherwise you will be responsible for what happens next!” Yang Kai stared straight at her, his gaze as cold as ice, like he was really prepared to kill her.


Yu Ru Meng, however, just slowly shook her head with a mournful look on her face.


After the three breaths had passed, a look of determination flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he shouted, “You court death!”


Saying so, he raised his arm and pushed out a palm at her.


A majestic Dragon Pressure spread into the surroundings as his hand seemed to transform into a Dragon Clan as it ruthlessly struck Yu Ru Meng’s chest.


The sounds of bone-cracking rang loud and clear. Yu Ru Meng’s face turned pale as she spurted a mouthful of blood, dying the veil on her face red. At the same time, her figure flew out like a paper kite with a broken string.


The pain in Yang Kai’s mind disappeared right away, but in its place his heart felt like it had been fiercely gripped by an invisible hand. It was so painful that he could barely breathe…




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