Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3380, Why Me?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Yu Ru Meng’s Heart Seal Secret Technique was undoubtedly very powerful. People who weren’t subjected to this Secret Technique, could never know the helplessness of being swayed by the emotions it induced.


At that moment, the person Yang Kai felt he had struck wasn’t the stranger Yu Ru Meng, but Su Yan or Xia Ning Chang!


Barely holding himself back from checking on her, Yang Kai turned around and continued. His Divine Sense surged and Space Principles fluctuated as he probed the situation inside the funnel.


Right then, rustling sounds came from behind. Yang Kai didn’t need to look to know that Yu Ru Meng had stood back up. Although his attack was fierce, it wasn’t really meant to kill her, just injure her enough so that she couldn’t interfere with him.


“I just… don’t want to see you hurt!” Yu Ru Meng’s weak voice rang in his ears.


Before Yang Kai could realize what she meant, his expression suddenly changed. His eyes widened as he stared at the funnel while hurriedly withdrawing his Divine Sense.


But he was still a little bit late. The Divine Sense he had spread was severed at that moment and a painful grunt escaped his lips as his face suddenly turned pale.


Damage to the Divine Sense could be considered an extremely serious injury as it was a direct wound to one’s Soul. Without peerless elixirs, it would take an incredibly long time to recover naturally from such an injury, if it ever recovered at all.


However, Yang Kai had the Soul Warming Lotus; as such, he didn’t need to worry about this. Under the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus, this kind of injury would soon be healed.


What horrified him was that someone was guarding the funnel, and it was an existence vastly superior to him. It was that person who noticed Yang Kai’s Divine Sense and cut it off.


Not only that, a wisp of murderous intent even followed back along his retreating Divine Sense.


How could Yang Kai still dare to stay there? His figure promptly retreated, grabbing the nearby Yu Ru Meng by her waist. The next moment, Space Principles surged around the duo before they disappeared into thin air.


Only now did he finally understand what Yu Ru Meng meant.


Obviously, she had known that things would turn out like this beforehand.


Yang Kai retreated all the way out of the Demon Qi field and to the place where everyone from Star Soul Palace was waiting.


He looked down and saw that Yu Ru Meng’s face was completely pale and her veil was dyed red. Although her life wasn’t in danger, she looked quite dispirited. Who knows whether it was due to her injuries from Yang Kai’s palm, or the heartbreak she was feeling from being attacked by him in the first place, but the chances of it being the latter were higher. At this moment, her head happened to be lifelessly tilted to one side like a wooden puppet.


Yang Kai’s lips moved up and down a little, trying to say something; however, he couldn’t say anything in the end. Helpless, he took out a few pills and handed it to her, “Take them.”


Yu Ru Meng remained indifferent as if she hadn’t heard him.


Yang Kai could only tear off her veil, squeeze her cheeks, and stuffed the pills into her mouth.


“Pei!” Yu Ru Meng turned her head and spat out the pills.


Yang Kai’s brow twitched before he bitterly stated, “If you don’t want to eat them, then forget it!”


“Heh!” Yu Ru Meng took a sidelong glance at him before a strange smile appeared on her lips. Then, she glanced to the other side.


As the duo hurriedly arrived before Xue Zheng Mao and the others, everyone went to greet them and asked about the situation.


Yang Kai handed Yu Ru Meng to Lan Xun to take care of her before he replied, shaking his head, “Someone is guarding the channel. Furthermore… it seems to be Night Shadow Great Emperor!” 


He had noticed Night Shadow Great Emperor’s aura just now.


“What!?” Xue Zheng Mao and the others’ eyes widened in shock.


After a moment of silence, Xiao Yu Yang wondered aloud, “Is Night Shadow Great Emperor colluding with the Demon Realm?”


“I don’t know about that,” Yang Kai spread his hands.


“It’s possible,” A pondering look appeared on Xue Zheng Mao’s face.


“Why do you say so?” Yang Kai curiously looked at him.


Xue Zheng Mao hesitated for a moment before voicing out his speculations, “Yang Kai, do you remember that entire series of events that took place in Orthodoxy Temple a few years back?”


“Naturally.” This matter was related to the current situation as both of them were related to the Demon Race. Only, what did it have to do with Night Shadow Great Emperor?


“At that time, when the Demon Catastrophe struck, someone led you out of Orthodoxy Temple and then waited for an opportunity to assassinate you, yes? At that time, that attacker didn’t leave any signs when he attacked and you almost lost your life, correct?”


“That’s right,” Yang Kai nodded. He had told many people about this afterwards, trying to determine just who had attacked him, but no one could give him a definite answer. Yang Kai would shudder whenever he recalled that incident. The attacker had silently attacked him from the cover of darkness, and if it weren’t for his intrepid physique, he might have really died. But the attacker immediately fled after he failed to take Yang Kai’s life with his first strike, making it impossible for Yang Kai to identify his assailant.


Yang Kai’s hair stood on end as he asked, “He was from Shadow Killer Palace?”


Xue Zheng Mao stated with a nod, “If that person really attacked like you said, then only Shadow Killer Palace could have trained them. Only, it was just speculation on our side; after all, it was related to a Great Emperor so we couldn’t rashly jump to conclusions. But now, by the looks of it, Night Shadow Great Emperor and Shadow Killer Palace have really colluded with the Demon Realm.”


The Demon Catastrophe of the Southern Territory had the shadow of Shadow Killer Palace shrouding it, and in the Western Territory, Night Shadow Great Emperor had personally taken action to support the Demon Realm. These two points were enough to conclude many things.


“But… why me?” Yang Kai was puzzled about why he was especially lured out to be assassinated.


Xue Zheng Mao speculated, “If the Demon Realm really wants to invade the Star Boundary, then there will be a huge war in the near future. At that time, you, who are proficient in the Dao of Space and can arrange Cross-Territory Space Arrays, will have a huge role to play. Eliminating you makes strategic sense.”


[Great role…]


[That sounds familiar!]


Yang Kai thoughtfully looked at Yu Ru Meng, who was sitting cross-legged not too far away.


“For example, right now, you can arrange a Space Array to bring Masters from the other three territories here rapidly.”


Yang Kai nodded as all his doubts were suddenly cleared.


Xue Zheng Mao heaved a sigh before continuing, “Of course, these are just speculations. None of us knows the truth of this matter.”


Yang Kai nodded and put these concerns aside before stating, “We can’t delay things. We will talk after I have passed the news and gathered everyone here.”


Since the Void Corridor was guarded by Night Shadow Great Emperor, it was no longer a problem that Yang Kai could solve alone. Bright Moon Great Emperor and Iron Blood Great Emperor were also missing at this moment, so if he wanted to suppress Night Shadow Great Emperor, then he would have to ask another Great Emperor to take action.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had exchanged Space Beacons with Li Wu Yi, so he could immediately seek reinforcements from Spirit Beast Island; otherwise, he would really be unable to do anything in short order.


Yang Kai didn’t need to arrange a Space Array as there was already one in the deserted oasis just three days away from here; what’s more, he personally had other methods of cross-territory movements.


After spending a little time, he crafted a Space Beacon to look like a bracelet before calling Lin Yun’er over. He then handed the beacon to her and exhorted her in a heavy voice, “Wear this thing on your wrist and never put it into your Space Ring.”


“En,” Lin Yun’er nodded before putting on the bracelet.


Yang Kai then shot a quick glance at the nearby recuperating Yu Ru Meng before pushing his Space Principles and triggering Li Wu Yi’s Space Beacon.


When the ripples disappeared, Yang Kai also vanished from everyone’s sight.


After a cup of tea worth of time, Yang Kai met Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang, under the guidance of Li Wu Yi on Spirit Beast Island.


Mo Huang asked with a weird look hanging on his face, “Kid, why are you here again?”


[It has only been a few years yet this smelly brat is back on Spirit Beast Island!] Mo Huang was really worried now, wondering how long he could keep his darling daughter from falling into this vile beast’s wicked claws?


“Sir, there is bad news,” Li Wu Yi reported with a serious look on his face.


“What’s the matter?” Mo Huang furrowed his brow. The last time Li Wu Yi spoke such words to him was when Yao Lin was kidnapped, and by the looks of it, this time something far more serious had happened.


Li Wu Yi looked at Yang Kai, motioning him to answer.


Yang Kai didn’t waste any time and briefly summarized what happened.


Mo Huang was shocked and asked in a heavy voice, “Night Shadow Great Emperor has colluded with the Demon Realm?”


Yang Kai explained, “It’s just a guess at this moment, and I can’t prove it, but this Junior is certain that a Great Emperor is guarding that Void Corridor, and their aura resembles that of Night Shadow Great Emperor. Senior Bright Moon and Senior Iron Blood are missing at this point and Demon Qi continues to pour into the Western Territory. After much deliberation, this Junior could only think of coming here and asking Senior to step forward. The situation is urgent and any delay could lead to disaster. I ask Senior to quickly set out as soon as possible. If we are too slow, I’m afraid the Western Territory’s situation will deteriorate beyond control.”


Mo Huang stood up and stated, “If things are as you say they are, it really isn’t just a matter for the Western Territory. Naturally, this King can’t stand idly by.” After pondering for a moment, he turned to Li Wu Yi and ordered, “Go to Serene Soul Palace and bring Serene Soul over. His daughter is over there, so he can’t stay out of this matter. He will definitely come.”


“Yes!” Li Wu Yi immediately left after receiving the order.


Serene Soul Palace naturally had a Space Beacon refined by Li Wu Yi, so using it, he could travel to and from Spirit Beast Island and Serene Soul Palace in an instant. Presumably, it would not take Li Wu Yi long to return with Serene Soul Great Emperor.


This was a pleasant surprise for Yang Kai as he had come to Spirit Beast Island only to invite Mo Huang to take action, never having expected Serene Soul Great Emperor would also be joining them.


The urgency to mobilize others had decreased greatly now, as two Great Emperors would be taking action, and if they couldn’t solve this problem, bringing in others would be useless anyway.


While waiting, Mo Huang asked about the Western Territory’s situation in detail. Yang Kai naturally answered whatever he could without concealing the slightest detail.


After their conversation finished, a solemn look appeared on Mo Huang’s face as he pondered, “It seems that the Demon Realm really intends to invade the Star Boundary, but why did Night Shadow collude with them? What benefits can the Demon Realm give him?”


Yang Kai asked, looking at him, “Senior has no guess either?”


Mo Huang shook his head, “Among us ten, Night Shadow is the most mysterious, never contacting the others much. I have only met him a handful of times and exchanged no more than ten words with him. As for his temperament, this King has no idea either, so this King can’t speculate.”


Yang Kai asked with a weird look on his face, “Rumour has it that even the Seniors don’t even know whether Night Shadow Great Emperor is male or female. I wonder if that is true or false?”


Mo Huang broke out into laughter as he waved his hand, “Of course Night Shadow is a man. How can there be such a ridiculous rumour in this world?” 


Saying so, he kept laughing, but suddenly, a frown appeared on his face, “Damn, you might actually be right. This King has never seen his true face after all…”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded after hearing this. [The rumours are really true!]


[Mo Huang and the others really don’t know if Night Shadow Great Emperor is a man or a woman! But no matter what his… her… their gender is, Night Shadow is still a Great Emperor who stands at the pinnacle of this world. Just as Mo Huang said, what could Demon Realm possibly offer him to actually get him to collude with them?]




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