Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3381, Are you Angry?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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After a cup of tea worth of time, Li Wu Yi returned.


Naturally, Serene Soul Great Emperor returned with him.


This was the first time Yang Kai had seen Serene Soul Great Emperor in person. At first glance, one might think of him as an ordinary old man, but when one tried to observe him with their Divine Sense, they would not be able to sense the slightest aura or presence, as if he didn’t even exist.


Each of the ten Great Emperors had their own unique abilities and specialities. For example, Mo Huang was proficient in Beast Taming, while Serene Soul Great Emperor was the most proficient person regarding the Soul in the Star Boundary.


Of course, Tian Yan also existed in this world, but after he had moulded his physical body, while he retained his Soul foundation, his physique was that of a mere mortal that had never cultivated before. As such, Tian Yan had to re-cultivate from the beginning, a process that would take who knows how long. 


It was precisely because Serene Soul Great Emperor was proficient in Soul cultivation that Bustling World Great Emperor came to him the very moment he came out of the Shattered Star Sea. He wanted Serene Soul Great Emperor to help him solve the problem of Wu Kuang Soul sharing his body. Unfortunately, Serene Soul Great Emperor was unable to do anything about their odd condition.


Yang Kai remembered Mo Huang mentioning that Serene Soul Great Emperor’s real name was Yao Jun, though he of course didn’t dare address him by name.


As soon as the two met, Yao Jun asked Yang Kai, “Little brat, is everything you said really true?” Apparently, he had heard about the Western Territory’s situation from Li Wu Yi before coming here, so he too understood the gravity of the situation and had a serious look hanging on his face.


“Senior, this Junior investigated the situation personally and can attest that every word he has spoken is true,” Yang Kai replied in a deep voice.


Yao Jun lightly nodded before raising his eyes and looking up at Mo Huang.


Mo Huang added, “We can’t delay. Let’s set off right away. This King wants to see what the hell Night Shadow is up to.”


Yang Kai immediately pushed his Space Principles, warping space around them before connecting with the Space Beacon he had handed to Lin Yun’er before. Ripples spread and the group of four disappeared from the spot.


“Greetings, Seniors!” The Star Soul Palace members were overjoyed after seeing Yang Kai bring two Great Emperors back so quickly and hurriedly bowed and greeted in unison. Their taught nerves finally relaxed somewhat.


Before, they were simply at their wits ends, but now that two Great Emperors had arrived to support them, their backs straightened all of a sudden.


Mo Huang and Yao Jun gently nodded before turning their gazes and frowning slightly. They realized that the things were far worse than what Yang Kai had described; the area shrouded in the Demon Qi had doubled in size compared to what he told them already.


It was precisely because the Demon Qi was spreading so fast that everyone had continued to back away, failing to remain close to observe the changing situation.


When Yao Lin saw her father show up, she broke into a rain of tears as she threw herself into his arms, complaining as if she wanted to vent all the fright and grievances she had suffered.


Yao Jun repeatedly comforted her, making it quite apparent that he also spoiled his daughter greatly.


“Seniors, the centre of the Demon Qi is where the sand funnel that this Junior mentioned previously is located. There is a Void Corridor there and the Demon Qi is erupting out from it. If the corridor is destroyed, I believe we will be able to contain the immediate crisis,” Yang Kai reported, pointing ahead.


“That funnel was connected to an independent Small World before, yet you managed to escape from it?” Mo Huang asked.


“Yes,” Yang Kai replied with a nod.


Mo Huang, after getting a clear picture of everything, sunk into silence for a while before proposing, looking at Yao Jun, “Shall we go investigate?”


Yao Jun nodded before speaking to Yao Lin, “Obediently wait here, Uncle Mo and your Father have some business to attend to.”


“I don’t want that.” Yao Lin objected, “Father, I want to go back to the Eastern Territory. I want to return to Serene Soul Palace. Quickly take me back. I will never run away alone again, I promise!” In the past, she ran off quite frequently, and every time, Yao Jun would lecture her when she returned, but she never changed. She would always run off again whenever she found an opportunity, but after suffering so much this time, all she finally wanted was to return to the family as she decided that she would never leave Serene Soul Palace ever again. The outside world was simply too dangerous!


“Don’t make trouble. Father has business to attend to now.” Yao Jun adopted a stern face.


Yao Lin persisted, however, raising quite the fuss, that is until Yao Jun suddenly pointed at Yang Kai and stated, “If you don’t obey, I will leave you in his care!”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but roll his eyes internally. Why did he have to get involved in this father-daughter spat? Nonetheless, he cooperatively grinned at Yao Lin.


Yao Lin immediately turned pale and she hurriedly waved her hands and stated, “Don’t, Lin’er will obediently listen to you! Father, swiftly go and quickly return!”


Yao Jun nodded before exchanging a glance with Mo Huang. The next moment, the two shot into the air and charged straight towards the boundless Demon Qi, disappearing shortly after.


Although the Demon Qi was corrosive and virulent, it could still be blocked for a time if a cultivator used their Qi to defend themselves, and for Great Emperors, they could outright ignore the effects of the Demon Qi.


With the two making a move, the others didn’t need to do anything more. They just needed to calmly wait.


Yang Kai looked left and right before slowly making his way to Yu Ru Meng. She had been healing all the while with Lan Xun taking care of her; however, Yang Kai’s palm had left her with no small injury and even now, her face was still pale and the red stain on her veil was extremely blaring.


“Is she alright?” Yang Kai asked.


Lan Xun slowly shook her head, “It’s not too serious. She will recover in a few days. Was Senior Sister Li injured by Night Shadow Great Emperor?”


Yu Ru Meng left with Yang Kai, and when they returned, she was like this. Furthermore, when Yang Kai returned, he brought news that Night Shadow Great Emperor was guarding the Void Corridor, so it was only natural for Lan Xun to make such a guess.


Yang Kai was embarrassed after hearing this and didn’t know how to explain himself, so he could only give a vague answer. He couldn’t say that he was the one who injured Yu Ru Meng as it would be impossible for him to justify himself here.


Fortunately, Lan Xun didn’t ask much.


“Junior Sister must also be tired. Take a break and leave her to me.” Yang Kai looked at Lan Xun with concern. Perhaps because of Bright Moon Great Emperor’s unknown status, Lan Xun was a little spaced out at the moment. Coupled with the whole ordeal she had been through recently, she indeed looked somewhat exhausted.


Lan Xun agreed after hearing this, nodding, “Then I shall trouble you Senior Brother Yang.” After speaking, she walked to one side and sat down cross-legged to meditate.


Yang Kai looked around and found that everyone was either adjusting their breathing, or paying attention to the spreading Demon Qi, so he stealthily sent a Divine Sense transmission to Yu Ru Meng, asking, “How are you feeling?”


Yu Ru Meng opened her eyes, looked at him briefly, before closing them back again, saying nothing.


“Ahem…” Yang Kai looked embarrassed, his tone becoming incomparably gentle, “Are you angry?”


It was an obvious thing. Yu Ru Meng must be angry. If Yang Kai was in her place, he would be angry as well. Only, he had no choice at that time. His priority was to destroy the Void Corridor as soon as possible, and at the critical moment, Yu Ru Meng had used her Heart Seal Secret Technique to interfere with him. In a moment of anger, he had no choice but to resort to forceful means.


“You should have made yourself clear to me.” Yang Kai scratched his cheeks, “If you had just explained in advance, I wouldn’t have done that.”


“If you are angry, you can hit me back once, no, you can smack me ten times. Don’t be angry, it would be bad if others notice something.”


“By the way, how are you going to explain yourself to Flower Shadow Great Emperor? Li Shi Qing is Flower Shadow Great Emperor’s Disciple. It’s impossible for her to not ask about her Disciple. She is a Great Emperor, and Li Shi Qing’s Master. You may be able to deceive others, but how will you fool her? What will you do when your identity is revealed?”


Yang Kai kept talking on and on for a while, but Yu Ru Meng didn’t have any intention of paying attention to him, remaining completely silent.


Yang Kai also became a little angry as he had been talking to himself like a crazy person for some time now, but at the end of the day, he was in the wrong here, so he had no choice but to gnash his teeth and choke down his anger before unhappily speaking, “Then take care of your injuries. Call me if you need something.”


After saying so, he started walking away.


“Come back here!” Yu Ru Meng’s voice suddenly rang in his ear.


Yang Kai stopped and asked, “Weren’t you ignoring me? What do you want me to do by calling me back?”


“I called you so you should just come!” Yu Ru Meng ground her teeth.


Yang Kai sternly stated, “What do you want me to do, tell me first.”


“Are you coming back or not?”


Yang Kai was now quite incensed. [It was you who ignored me, and now you are telling me to come back, what do you want, you crazy woman? Why is this girl acting like a child throwing a tantrum?] He really hadn’t met a woman with this kind of personality before. It was a bit new to him and he found it a little hard to bear.


“Whether you love me, are angry with me, or ignore me, it’s your business. After this is over, you and I will go our separate ways. We will have nothing to do with each other and will never meet again for the rest of our lives,” Yang Kai steeled his heart and said what he had wanted to say. He immediately felt good, as if he had expelled some foul air from his chest.


Yu Ru Meng immediately blew her top as she trembled all over in anger, “You actually said that to me, you smelly heartless man!”


Yang Kai sneered and stated, “You’re right, I’m just a smelly man. You and I met by chance, but it’s you who forced us to be together using some strange Secret Technique, but no matter what method you use, you can’t force others to like one another! You don’t understand me at all, this is my true character, if you can’t stand it, remove your Secret Technique and be done with it!”


“In your dreams,” Yu Ru Meng sneered.


“Do as you wish. After this is over, we will go our separate ways anyway!”


“Good. I will tell them all that I am a fake Li Shi Qing and the real Li Shi Qing was killed by me long ago! Let’s see what happens then!”


The corner of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he stiffly replied, “That’s your business, what does that have to do with me?”


The moment he said this, Yu Ru Meng didn’t say anything anymore.


Yang Kai furtively looked back and saw her quietly staring at him with a mournful and heartbroken look on her face.


Seeing this, he sneered in his head. [Do you think I would turn soft-hearted after seeing such an expression? Taking advantage of this opportunity, I will make a clean break with you…]


Though he was thinking such things, his body involuntarily retreated a few steps and stood beside Yu Ru Meng as he looked up at the sky, rubbing his chin.


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “Sit by my side.”


“Enough! Don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch!” Yang Kai rolled his eyes at her.


“Sit down.”


Yang Kai signalled her towards the front with his eyes, “It wouldn’t be good for others to see such a scene.”


Yu Ru Meng snorted disdainfully but didn’t insist.




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  1. This is getting unbearable. She came out of nowhere just to constantly bitch about everything, threatens his life and plays with his feelings, and he feels the need to apoogize for being rude once? Come on now…

  2. While I’m reading this I can’t help but think “just throw her in a corner of the sealed world bead” that way she’s safe so it shouldn’t go against her technique, and she will be less dangerous to you.

    While you could’t get information from her that way it’s the best thing he could do, especially when you consider that thus far she hasn’t given him any information that is particularly useful and as a bonus seeing as there is a world barrier in-between you, she shouldn’t be able to harm you from inside.
    Well the main point is whenever she acts a certain way (e.g. controlling or any behaviour that gives a ‘shes up to something’ feeling) in my mind I can’t help but think “he should throw her into the SWB”

  3. My guess at this point is either she’s the Flower Shadow GE herself, or most likely a Demon Saint cus she looks quite unperturbed by the demon qi. And although GEs are immune to Demon Qi, I don’t think as a leader of the people she’d be this disinterested. Either that or she’s really eccentric.. which she quite clearly is.

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