Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3383, Black Demons


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Finally, Yang Kai could clearly see the man’s face. His face was yellowish and emaciated, as if he was diseased, but it was indeed true that he was in the Second-Order Emperor Realm; however, that billowing Demon Qi surging from him was a proof in itself of his alien identity.


Demon Spirit!


After being locked by Yang Kai’s Space Principles, the man actually didn’t panic at all, he just coldly glared at Yang Kai before a look of determination flashed across his eyes as he shouted in a grim voice, “The Demon Race shall never die!”


As soon as he said this, Yang Kai knew what was about to happen and promptly raised his hand to grab at the man, trying to completely seal his strength, but he was still a step too late. Sounds of something shattering resonated from the man and the next moment, his vitality quickly started dissipating.


Yang Kai stood rooted on the spot as the corner of his eyes twitched a little.


Li Wu Yi walked over and asked, looking at Yang Kai and then at the man, “Did he kill himself?”


Yang Kai replied in a heavy voice, “He severed his heart vein!”


Li Wu Yi was shocked, “So decisive!”


As the popular adage goes, it’s better to live than to die, so neither Yang Kai nor Li Wu Yi had expected the man to commit suicide right after he was captured. Obviously, he didn’t want to fall into the enemy’s hands to avoid giving up any information. Nevertheless, this man was a Second-Order Emperor, not just some cat or dog off the street.


It was the first time Li Wu Yi had faced something like this, but it wasn’t the first time for Yang Kai.


When he had chased Lei Gu all the way to the Southern Swamp, then led him back to the encirclement of Fan Wu and the other Divine Venerables, Lei Gu had also spoken similar words before he self-destructed.


The Demon Race shall never die!


[What a familiar scene!] Yang Kai finally saw the ferocity of the Demon Race in person. Each and every one of them didn’t care for their own life and was willing to sacrifice themselves as if they weren’t about to die but were instead performing some glorious deed.


Since the man was dead, they couldn’t ask anything for obvious reasons, so the two returned with the corpse and threw it to the ground. Protector Chu looked at this man and muttered, “I remember this man. He is an Elder of Pointed Star Sect. He was part of the group that attacked me, who would have thought that he would have chased me all the way here.”


Xiao Yu Yang looked into the distance and stated with a profound meaning, “I’m afraid he isn’t the only one who has chased after you.”


Although they couldn’t sense anyone’s aura, since a Pointed Star Sect Elder was here, other members of Pointed Star Sect may be hiding nearby. Even the Demons of other Sects of the Western Territory would soon come due after being alerted to the situation here.


Although the Western Territory was desolate, their Martial Dao was in no way weak. The Emperor Realm Masters were roughly of the same quantity and quality as the other three territories, so if the entire Western Territory had already silently fallen to the enemy, the situation would truly be dire.


This was tantamount to being an enemy of all the Masters of the Western Territory! Even if someone like Li Wu Yi was here overseeing things, he didn’t add much sense of security; after all, since they had a Pseudo-Great Emperor, Li Wu Yi, on their side, who could guarantee that the other side didn’t have one either? Not to mention, the ones who had kidnapped Yao Lin, Lin Yun’er, and the others before were all Pseudo-Great Emperors as well, and they hadn’t made an appearance till now.


All everyone could do at the moment was pray that the Great Emperors could return from the Void Corridor as soon as possible, so that everyone could have someone to rely upon.


While everyone was on alert, Yang Kai suddenly gasped in surprise as he focused his gaze on a location shrouded in Demon Qi.


“Did you sense it too?” Li Wu Yi asked as he stared in the same direction.


Yang Kai replied, furrowing his brow, “Since Senior has also sensed it, I am confident I am not mistaken.”


Li Wu Yi confirmed it with a nod, “The rate of Demon Qi dissemination is slowing down.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “In that case, the Demon Qi emerging from the tunnel isn’t endless.” If that was the case, the situation wasn’t as critical as they originally believed. Yang Kai had been worried sick about whether the entire Western Territory would be completely covered in the Demon Qi; after all, if that happened, then the Western Territory was as good as finished, but judging by the current situation, it would be difficult for the Demon Qi to cover the entire Western Territory. Although a hundred thousand kilometre circle was already blanketed in Demon Qi, compared to the entire Western Territory, it was a drop in the ocean.


Xiao Yu Yang, Xue Zhang Mao, and the others had discovered this development as well and had looks of joy on their faces. After waiting for many days, a piece of good news that couldn’t be counted as good news had finally appeared.


The situation really was just as everyone had observed, the rate of Demon Qi propagation had indeed slowed down, and this was getting more and more obvious with time. After three more days, the Demon Qi finally stopped expanding at the two-hundred-thousand-kilometre mark.


At that moment though, some unusual movements could be faintly heard coming from the Demon land.


Everyone suddenly turned serious as they listened closely.


After a while, Xue Zheng Mao frowned and voiced his thought, “Why does it feel that someone is approaching from that side?”


Li Wu Yi added with a solemn expression, “It’s not a feeling, but someone is really approaching, and a lot of them at that!”


Hearing this, everyone turned vigilant. At that same time, they were a little curious. They didn’t know what it was that could freely roam in this kind of horrendous environment.


Rumbling sounds rang out, like billowing claps of thunder or the sound of countless beasts stampeding.


After waiting for some time, everyone saw short figures suddenly emerge from the Demon Qi one after another. Each creature was about a meter tall at most and their entire figure was round, like big watermelons rolling on the ground.


These strange creatures were obviously a kind of species, but each of them was ugly to a fault. The reason their bodies were round was because each of them had a fat belly and their bare skin was pitch black, like a rolling mass of evil flesh and blood.


“What are those?” Lan Xun’s pretty eyes widened as she stared at this strange group of creatures in amazement. It was the first time she had seen such a scene. She found these creatures very ugly but also somewhat fascinating, especially when their comical figures had reached such a massive number.


“Demon Race!” Yang Kai’s pupils shrank.


The sight of round and short figures desperately charging forward awakened some unpleasant memories in Yang Kai.


However, the Demons that appeared in his memories were either red or green, not black like the ones before him.


But whether they were green or red, all Demons with such figures belonged to a subsect of Demons known as Burst Demons in the Demon Realm, because their mode of attack was the self-destruction of their bodies. These Demons had weak cultivations, but when they exploded, they could produce unimaginable destruction. The Red Demon exploded with fiery might, while Green Demons exploded to release highly toxic poison. Even the other members of the Demon Race were unwilling to be affected by Green Demon Poison.


The Red Demons and Green Demons could all explode, so what about the Black Demons who appeared similar to them?


There was no reason to think about it though as Yang Kai could easily guess how they attacked.


“Are these creatures part of the Demon Race too?” Xiao Yu Yang had a weird look on his face. If the Demon Race was full of such strange but awkward creatures, he believed that he alone could wipe out the entire Demon Realm.


Yang Kai explained in a heavy voice, “The Demon Realm has a hundred clans, each one with their own Innate Divine Ability. These should be a kind of Burst Demons, and their natural talent is… exploding!”


“You mean they self-destruct?” Xue Zheng Mao furrowed his brow.


No one else noticed, but Yu Ru Meng glanced at Yang Kai in amazement the moment he spoke, but she quickly withdrew her gaze and sat down quietly on her spot, focusing on healing her injuries.


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Elder Xue, don’t underestimate these Burst Demons. Since they could appear here, it means that the Demon Realm is really connected with the Star Boundary now. The sand funnel was just an entrance that now serves as the opening of a channel between the two worlds. These Demons are just a vanguard. If the channel isn’t destroyed, more Demons will invade the Star Boundary in the future.”


Xue Zheng Mao turned serious, “In that case, we can only pray that the Seniors can succeed and safely withdraw.”


While he was speaking, rumbling sounds suddenly rang out from up ahead. The rumbles were deafening and seemed to be without end.


As everyone looked upon it, they found that it was just as Yang Kai had said.


These round Black Demons really started exploding one after another, but the might of their explosions weren’t that great. Rather, a large amount of Demon Qi spread out whenever one of them blew up, their dying bodies painting the earth around them pitch-black, deteriorating the already recently stabilized situation.


Li Wu Yi’s face turned solemn as he voiced his thoughts, “Is the Demon Realm really trying to use this method to swallow the entire Star Boundary?” The place where the Black Demons had exploded had become part of the Demon Land. If the Demon Realm had enough Black Demons, then they wouldn’t even need to send any Masters, all they needed to do was keep sending Black Demons.


In any case, this kind of clan in the Demon Race had an extremely low status in the Demon Realm. No one cared about their life or death and they themselves existed only for their one final explosion.


But this was obviously impossible. No matter how many Black Demons there were, their explosion couldn’t cover the entire Star Boundary. Yang Kai secretly guessed that the Demon Realm was simply trying to expand their foothold in the Star Boundary from which they would slowly swallow the rest up using other means.


The explosions rang out to no end, making it impossible to count just how many Black Demons had sacrificed themselves. When everyone looked around, all they saw was endless Black Demons continuing to pour over one after another, constantly using their self-destruction to expand the scope of the Demon land to the surroundings.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and slowly stated, “Everyone, although it should not have much effect, I believe we should eliminate those we can. We might not be able to stop them, but we can slow them down.”


Everyone nodded their agreement.


Yang Kai added, “Everyone, guard yourselves carefully. Don’t get contaminated by the Demon Qi. If you feel that something isn’t right, retreat as soon as possible.”


Having said this, Yang Kai charged out first.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai was already standing at the border of the Demon land, whereupon he grasped in the air and summoned his Myriads Sword. The next moment, his Emperor Qi surged as he slashed out.


An enormous sword wave cut into the herd of Black Demons, silently felling hundreds of them. However, these Black Demons simply exploded with a deafening bang even after their death, releasing more and more Demon Qi. It was just as Yang Kai had said, even if they culled these Black Demons, it wouldn’t have much effect, because killing them would not prevent the spreading of Demon Qi. At most, it would slow down the expansion of the Demon land.


But at this moment, Yang Kai had no choice but to do this.




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    It was said that green demon poison was weak against demons. But strong against other races before.

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