Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3384, Demon King Appears


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The Demon Realm had a hundred clans, and these clans were also divided into many levels.


The Burst Demons were undoubtedly the lowest of the low. Even their intelligence was low. As such, they were often vassals of the other Demon Clans; however, it was precisely because of their low intelligence that they could be so fearless and unafraid of death as they regarded their self-destruction as their mission.


Even though Yang Kai was swinging the Myriads Sword, cutting countless Burst Demons down like he was cutting vegetables, he still couldn’t make them hesitate or falter even a little bit. They continued to emerge from the center of the Demon Land, charging forward and exploding as they reached the edge, without so much as taking a glance at Yang Kai.


This situation was similarly faced by everyone else.


All those present were Emperor Realm Masters, except for Yao Lin, so dealing with these Burst Demons was literally as easy as waving their hands. Just a random move could reap lives like wheat.


1,000, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000…


Yang Kai had no idea how many Burst Demons he had killed as he had already rushed deep into the Demon Land, making a beeline towards the centre. Everywhere he passed by, the ground was littered with the bits and pieces of the Black Burst Demons, but what flowed out from their corpses wasn’t fresh blood, but pitch-black dirty water which seeped into the ground and corrupted it further.


The gap between cultivation quickly manifested. Although the First-Order Emperor Realm Masters could kill these Black Demons as swiftly as the Second-Order Emperor Realm Masters, it was more taxing for them to move about in the Demon Land for an extended period of time as they had to always guard themselves against invasion by Demon Qi.


Two hours after the battle began, the First-Order Emperors all basically withdrew.


After half a day passed, the Second-Order Emperors also retreated.


Another half a day later, the Third-Order Emperors were forced to draw back.


At this point, only Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi were left wreaking havoc in the Demon Land. It wasn’t surprising for Li Wu Yi to persist for so long as he was a Pseudo-Great Emperor; someone just below the Great Emperors, but the fact that Yang Kai persisted as well amazed everyone.


They didn’t know that Yang Kai was basically unafraid of being contaminated by Demon Qi so he didn’t even bother mounting a defence against it, greatly conserving his energy.


Yu Ru Meng closely followed Yang Kai the whole time, sticking so close she was all but holding onto him; however, the entire time she followed him, she took no action and didn’t kill a single Black Demon. On the other hand, Yang Kai said a few words to her that clearly incensed her and nearly caused her to attack him with her sword.


The Black Demons seemed to be inexhaustible, but after a full day and night, Yang Kai suddenly stopped swinging his sword.


He looked around as his vicinity was filled with nothing but mutilated corpses. The air was filled with a horrible smell and aura as the entire world seemed to have gone completely quiet at this moment.


Without the continuous explosions and the rumbles of the stampede, the quietness left everyone a little uncomfortable.


After the self-destruction of the Black Demons finally stopped, it could also be said that there were no Black Demons anymore.


But Yang Kai’s expression only turned more solemn as he tightly gripped the Myriads Sword and stared towards the centre of the Demon Land.


*Ta ta ta…*


Strange sounds echoed from ahead, like the sound of horseshoes. This sound wasn’t hurried, rather slow actually, but there were also the grating sounds of something sharp rubbing across the sand accompanying it.


“Be careful,” Yu Ru Meng suddenly warned.


Yang Kai didn’t speak a word as he prepared himself; he could feel a powerful aura slowly approaching him.


A short time later, two points of red light appeared in his sight. The next moment, a humongous figure came into his view. The figure was blurry still, but clearly at least ten meters tall, and the red glare from its eyes gave off a cruel aura.


Only when the opposite figure got close enough did Yang Kai get a clear picture of the approaching enemy. It was a tall, muscular man with a naked upper body that seemed bronze in colour. This man was riding a fearsome-looking Monster Beast that was exuding a thick Demon Qi. Its entire body was covered in sharp spines and at first glance, looked similar to a horse, but whether it was its appearance or aura, it was clearly a fearsome Demon Beast.


And the tall and stalwart figure riding the Demon Beast was emanating a fearsome pressure that belonged to a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master.


“Demon King!” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


Since countless Burst Demons had appeared before, it meant that the channel between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm had been fully opened, and now, a Demon King had appeared, one on par with a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. The situation was deteriorating quickly.


The presence of a Demon King meant that more Demon Kings would soon appear. Even Demon Saint Masters may appear soon! Those were existences on par with the Great Emperors.


The Demon King held a demon artifact halberd and was dragging it diagonally on the ground, which was the source of the harsh grating noise.


The Demon King continued to approach slowly before suddenly stopping just ten metres away from Yang Kai. The Demon Beast under it let out a snort as the light in its eyes became crueller and crueller.


As their gazes met, Yang Kai’s face turned serious. The Demon King, on the other hand, pursed his lips into a smile and raised his weapon as he broke into laughter, pointing at Yang Kai and shouting, “Haha, a Human!” It appeared as if he had discovered something new and strange. The Demon King seized up Yang Kai with interest.


Yang Kai, coldly glaring at him, asked, “What’s your name?”


“This King is Meng Si. Trivial ant, why are you still not kneeling after seeing this King!?”


Just as he said this, Yu Ru Meng, who had been standing by Yang Kai’s side, suddenly had a cold gleam flash across her eyes as she glared at Meng Si.


Meng Si frowned as he thoughtfully gauged Yu Ru Meng. A doubtful look flashed across his face as he pondered for a while before shrugging, “Forget it, this King was just kidding.”


Yang Kai indifferently retorted, “Your joke isn’t funny.”


Meng Si pursed his lips into a smile as he continued, “Little brat, judging by the look of you, your strength should be pretty good and you shouldn’t have a low status in the Human Race. This King is in a good mood today, so he will let you go for the time being. Go back and inform those in charge of your Human Race that they should quickly come to me and bow their heads, otherwise, my Demon Realm’s army will surely trample this world flat. By then, it would be too late to regret!”


“I can do as you ask,” Yang Kai nodded, “But you’ll have to defeat me first!”


Meng Si slightly leaned forward, giving a feeling of oppression, before asking with a strange look on his face, “Are you challenging this King?”


“You’re just overestimating yourself!” Yang Kai grinned before suddenly swinging his sword.


Meng Si was a little startled as he hadn’t expected for Yang Kai to actually have the guts to make a move on him; after all, according to his perception, Yang Kai’s cultivation was weaker than his. Was the Human Race really so fearless?


Before he could have another thought though, he suddenly felt the space around him tighten as an invisible force locked him in place. A pitch-black crescent-shaped attack was already shooting towards him by the time he came to his senses.


Meng Si’s face immediately changed. He thought that Yang Kai was being stubborn and unyielding, but the moment Yang Kai made his move, he realized that this Human was quite strong. The crescent-shaped attack was literally tearing Space, and if he was caught off guard and allowed that attack to land, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it.


With no time to break the strange imprisonment he felt, Meng Si let out a furious cry as he thrust his halberd ahead.


The next moment, a pitch-black ball of light suddenly appeared on the tip of the halberd, welcoming the Moon Blade.


With a deafening bang, the Moon Blade dispersed while Meng Si was also shaken and the Demon Beast underneath him groaned as it retreated a few steps back.


Taking advantage of his enemy’s momentary lapse in concentration, Yang Kai raised the sword to attack again, his Emperor Qi surging as he swung for the neck.


Meng Si’s pupils shrank as a look of amazement appeared on his face. He felt that Yang Kai was being overconfident when he attacked first, but now he realized he had simply been underestimating his foe.


The strange space imprisonment hindered Meng Si from making an effective dodge, so all he could do was let out a wild cry as his bronze-coloured skin glowed with a metallic hue.




Sparks flew everywhere as Yang Kai’s sword struck Meng Si’s neck, but the result wasn’t what he had hoped for. Meng Si’s neck was comparable to the hardest artifact at the moment, so his sword only left a palm length scar.


“Stone Demon!” Yang Kai raised his brow as he finally recognized which clan Meng Si belonged to.


[No wonder his defence is so strong, he’s from the Stone Demon Clan.]


After this attack, Meng Si obviously wouldn’t sit still and swept out his halberd.


But Yang Kai suddenly disappeared from where he was.


Meng Si’s attack might have failed to meet its target, but taking advantage of this opportunity, he broke free from the space imprisonment and opened some distance. Shaking his head, he declared, “You’re pretty good!”


“You aren’t bad yourself!” Yang Kai maintained a cold look on his face, his murderous intent rising by the moment. A Demon King was comparable to a Third-Order Emperor Realm, so Meng Si was surely a rare existence in the Demon Realm. If Yang Kai could kill him here, it would be a little helpful to the future situation.


If he hadn’t encountered such an enemy, Yang Kai wouldn’t have cared, but since they had met, how could he retreat so easily?


While speaking, Yang Kai was already secretly communicating with the Sealed World Bead and preparing to bring out his Embodiment at the critical moment. Fighting Meng Si in a two vs one, giving him a pleasant surprise, and beheading him at the fastest speed, was the best plan for now.


Meng Si just chuckled as he replied, “Little brat, quickly go back and inform your leaders. You can’t kill me!”


“We’ll see about that,” Yang Kai deviously smiled before he suddenly put away the Myriads Sword and quickly formed a set of seals with his hands.


Meng Si frowned deeply as he instinctively felt that Yang Kai’s next move would be extraordinary. He naturally didn’t want to entangle with this strange Human anymore as he just came here to pass on a message, nothing more. He had no need to fight a Human Master to death so he simply snorted and declared, “This King will remember you. I hope we meet again.”


Just as he was finished, a whirlpool suddenly appeared under Meng Si and in the blink of an eye, he vanished into the ground, Demon Beast and all, and Yang Kai could perceive that he was fleeing at an incredible speed.


“Sand Demon!” Yang Kai frowned.


Obviously, only Sand Demons could achieve such an effect. The Sand Demon must have been secretly lurking nearby the whole time. Since he couldn’t keep Meng Si here, all Yang Kai could do was bitterly dispel the energy he had gathered as he stared into the depths of the Demon Land with a worried look on his face.


“Do you know the Demon Race well?” Yu Ru Meng suddenly asked.


When Yang Kai talked about the Burst Demons before, Yu Ru Meng found it a little strange, but now, after seeing Yang Kai recognize Stone Demons and Sand Demons with just one glance, Yu Ru Meng found it even stranger.


If he wasn’t extremely familiar with the Demon Race, it should have been impossible for him to do this.




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