Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3385, Two Worlds’ Passage


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How could Yang Kai not understand the Demon Race? In the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld, he had personally participated in the Great War of Two Races, experiencing years of brutal combat. It could be said that in the entire Star Boundary, no one knew more about the disposition and the characteristics of the Demon Race than him.


The Sects such as Star Soul Palace may have some records about the Demon Race, but how could records compare to personal experience?


“I know a thing or two,” Yang Kai indifferently responded.


Yu Ru Meng’s eyes flickered with a strange look, but she didn’t ask any more questions.


“Let’s go back!” Since a Demon King had appeared, the Demon Race army would not be far behind, so he had to inform Li Wu Yi about this news as quickly as possible. This matter was related to the survival of the entire Star Boundary and now far beyond the scope a single person could handle.


Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng soon returned to everyone’s side. Li Wu Yi was already there as well and lightly nodded to Yang Kai after seeing him.


Yang Kai immediately reported, “I ran into a Demon King!”


“A Demon King?” Li Wu Yi was greatly shocked after hearing this while Xue Zheng Mao and the others suddenly turned pale as well.


Lan Xun furrowed her brow as she commented, “I have read some ancient records about the Demon Race in the palace’s archives. A Demon King from the Demon Realm is said to be comparable to an Emperor on our side.”


Yang Kai confirmed it with a nod, “Good, the Demon King I encountered had strength equivalent to a Third-Order Emperor, and he belonged to the Stone Demon Clan so his defence was extremely strong. Although I wanted to kill him, I didn’t succeed and he managed to escape.”


Li Wu Yi solemnly wondered aloud, “First, countless Black Demons poured out, and now, even a Demon King has appeared. Is it possible that the passage between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary had really been opened?”


Yang Kai replied, “There is no doubt about this anymore. The Demon King himself said that the Demon Race army will soon march on the Star Boundary. If the passage wasn’t opened, he wouldn’t have spoken with such strong confidence. In any case, it’s just as Brother Gao had foretold before…” He turned to look at Gao Zhang, “A catastrophe is about to begin.”


Li Wu Yi stated in a serious tone, “If that’s the case, then the situation has evolved beyond our ability to control. We need to quickly notify the entire Star Boundary, mobilize cultivators from the other three territories, and prepare to face off against the Demon Race.”


“I agree. A war between two races is no small matter and concerns the entire Star Boundary. No one can avoid responsibility here.”


Xue Zheng Mao added, “But the Great Emperors have yet to return, and we also have no idea what’s going on in the depths of the passage. What if they manage to destroy the corridor between the two worlds…”


Yang Kai replied, “Of course that would be the best possible outcome, but we haven’t heard anything from them after so many days, so we can only begin planning for the worst.”


Xue Zheng Mao gently nodded. He too felt that what he said was unreasonable.


“It shouldn’t be too late…” Before Li Wu Yi could finish speaking, he suddenly felt something as he focused his attention on the centre of the Demon Land.


The next moment, a few extremely terrifying auras suddenly appeared in the boundless darkness, shooting straight toward everyone.


In the blink of an eye, three auras had already arrived before everyone. Everyone only saw a blinding flash of light before they saw three figures hovering before them.


Li Wu Yi and the others’ faces lit up with joy as they all cupped their fists and saluted, “Seniors.”


The three, who had appeared, were none other than three Great Emperors, Serene Soul, Iron Blood, and Martial Beast! Everyone was pleasantly surprised as just now, they felt as if they were facing a storm without anyone to support them. Now, however, three Great Emperors had appeared before them.


But Bright Moon Great Emperor was nowhere to be seen. Lan Xun swept a glance at the three before she immediately turned pale.


Yang Kai also had a sombre expression on his face because the state of the three Great Emperors wasn’t that great. Demon Qi was lingering all around them and had obviously invaded their bodies. Furthermore, by the looks of it, the three seemed to have already experienced a great battle as their auras were a little unstable.


But for Masters like them, a bit of Demon Qi was nothing to worry about. They only needed to meditate for a while to expel it.


What shocked Yang Kai was that he found traces of dried blood around the corner of Martial Beast Great Emperor’s mouth; obviously, he had been injured.


Yang Kai was greatly shaken up by this. Mo Huang was a Great Emperor, so who could possibly injure him? The only ones who could wound a Great Emperor were other Great Emperors, or those on par with Great Emperors. Could it be the work of Night Shadow Great Emperor? But that didn’t make sense. Night Shadow Great Emperor was just one person while counting Bright Moon Great Emperor, there were a total of four on their side. In a four vs one, how would it be possible for these three to end up like this?


After the three showed up, they didn’t say much. Iron Blood just glanced at Lin Yun’er and stated in a heavy voice, gently nodding at her, “Let’s leave this place first.”


Having said so, his Emperor Qi surged as he wrapped everyone in it before flying towards the distance.


After a cup of tea worth of time, their team landed ten thousand kilometres away on a tall slope filled with broken rocks. This place provided a wide field of vision and an unobstructed view of the surroundings.


Everyone was eagerly looking at the three, wondering what happened to them, but none dared to ask.


As if he had noticed Lan Xun’s inquiring gaze though, Iron Blood turned to her before a look of guilt flashed across his face. He pondered for a long time before finally speaking, “You father remained behind in order to cover our retreat from the Demon Realm.”


Lan Xun’s tender figure shook and she nearly collapsed. Fortunately, Lin Yun’er was standing beside her and managed to catch her before she fell.


A look of disbelief immediately appeared on Yang Kai’s face. Although Iron Blood spoke briefly, it revealed two important pieces of news.


The passage between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm had really been opened!


And the four Great Emperors had actually gone to the Demon Realm. Perhaps, the four had a great fight with the Masters of the Demon Realm on the other side of the passage which had delayed them for so many days. Moreover, Mo Huang had also suffered some injuries. No wonder the three were showing signs of being invaded by the Demon Qi. Naturally, the Demon Qi couldn’t break through their defences, but if a Demon Saint had attacked them, even a Great Emperor couldn’t simply brush them off.


Serene Soul assured, “Don’t worry, your father is also a Great Emperor. He might have remained there, but there is no need to worry about his life. However, it will be difficult for him to return. We will also think of a way to rescue him. For now, stay calm and focus on the task at hand.”


Lan Xun tightly bit her lip and she didn’t utter a single word. She just gently nodded. Bright Moon Great Emperor had chosen to remain in the Demon Realm to cover their retreat, so naturally, she was worried and anxious about his life. Even though she knew that Serene Soul was trying to comfort and encourage her, it was difficult for her to adjust so quickly.


Li Wu Yi then asked, looking at Mo Huang, “Sir, has the passage between the two worlds really been opened?”


Mo Huang heavily nodded his confirmation, “We misjudged everything. The Demon Realm has been preparing for this for ages while we were completely oblivious. I’m afraid that things aren’t looking good for the Star Boundary this time.”


“What about Night Shadow Great Emperor?” Li Wu Yi asked again.


Mo Huang slowly shook his head. Obviously, he didn’t want to talk about this; after all, as a Great Emperor, Night Shadow’s deeds had made it difficult for him to lift his head. Li Wu Yi couldn’t ask any more questions after seeing him like this, but it was now an undeniable truth that Night Shadow Great Emperor was in collusion with the Demon Realm. If this was not the case, this series of events would not have happened in the Western Territory.


At this moment, the Star Boundary could be said to be plagued by internal troubles and external aggression. 


Iron Blood quickly declared, “The Demon Realm army is prepared for battle and sharpening their blades as we speak. The Star Boundary needs to organize its forces as soon as possible if we want to have some chance to stop them; otherwise, the Western Territory will soon fall.”


Yang Kai’s expression turned solemn as he reported, “Senior, you are probably unaware, but the Western Territory might have already fallen.”


Iron Blood looked at him, furrowing his brow, “What did you say?”


Yang Kai heaved a sigh before he briefly recounted everything that had happened before and then finally concluded, “Every member of Pointed Star Sect had been demonized, and the Emperor Realm Masters Star Soul Palace sent out to contact the other great forces in the Western Territory have all stopped responding. All signs point to the fact that the entire Western Territory has already become the Demons’ backyard. Only, we have been in the dark all the while.”


Iron Blood’s expression turned a shade gloomier as he muttered “The situation is already so bad.”


Mo Huang commented, “Since Night Shadow is colluding with the Demons, it’s not surprising for the entire Western Territory to be like this. But it’s impossible for everyone in the Western Territory to have become a Demon, and if the Demon Race wants to swallow our Star Boundary, their priority should be to expand this Demon Land behind us. We need to focus our attention here for now and do our best to constrain their movements.”


Iron Blood and Serene Soul lightly nodded their agreement.


Mo Huang continued, “It’s not too late, we need to start moving too. I will stay here and watch over the situation for the time being to prevent it from deteriorating further.”


Serene Soul nodded, “Then I will return to the Eastern Territory and gather the Eastern Territory’s Masters.” He looked at Xue Zheng Mao and suggested, “Bright Moon might not be here, but the Southern Territory still reveres Star Soul Palace as its leader. You all should also return to the Southern Territory and begin making preparations.”


“Yes!” Xue Zheng Mao solemnly nodded.


Iron Blood stated, “Then I will go and meet the other old fogies, none of them will be able to stay out of this matter.”


The old fogies he mentioned were naturally the other Great Emperors.


Mo Huang then turned to look at Yang Kai before he looked at Li Wu Yi and said, “We will be relying on you two this time. I’m afraid you will be quite busy over the next few days. If you have private affairs to deal with, settle them now so they don’t interfere in what you need to do.”


Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi glanced at each other before cupping their fists and nodded, “Yes!”


Naturally, mastery of the Dao of Space would be indispensable in rapidly gathering the Masters of the three territories, especially the Space Arrays arranged by Yang Kai which were tantamount to strategic weapons of war.


After the discussion was over, Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi immediately got to work. The two teamed up to arrange an enormous Space Array nearby before each of them refined several Space Spirit Beads and distributed them to everyone to wear so that it would be convenient for them to move around.


After half a day, the Space Array had taken shape and everyone began moving separately as they had discussed. Li Wu Yi took Serene Soul Great Emperor back to the Easter Territory, the members of Star Soul Palace returned to the Southern Territory, and Yang Kai planned to return to the Northern Territory. This way, the three territories could quickly start mobilizing.


To Yang Kai’s surprise, Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen and Lin Yun’er actually joined him.


It wasn’t unreasonable for Lin Yun’er to follow Yang Kai as she wanted to meet her old friends of the Star Field from the start, but she couldn’t get her wish last time. This time, since the opportunity had presented itself before her, she naturally didn’t want to miss it.


But the fact that Iron Blood Great Emperor wanted to follow him left Yang Kai in confusion.


[Weren’t you going to look for the other Great Emperors? Why come to the Northern Territory? Is it possible that he is worried about Lin Yun’er? But this is really not the time to be doting on your Disciple.]


Naturally, Yu Ru Meng insisted on following him as well, so Yang Kai could only give in to her. She was obviously impersonating someone, yet she was being so reckless, not even blinking when she stood before three Great Emperors. But what Yang Kai found strange was that Mo Huang and the others didn’t notice anything wrong with Yu Ru Meng either and acted as if she was really Li Shi Qing!




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  1. Is the last/tenth Great Emperor in Northern territory!? Is that why Iron Blood heading there.!?

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  2. How could Yang Kai not understand the Demon Race? In the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld, he had personally participated in the Great War of Two Races, experiencing years of brutal combat. It could be said that in the entire Star Boundary, no one knew more about the disposition and the characteristics of the Demon Race than him.

    People in high heaven palace should be constantly going into the illusion realm. Allot of people should have had amazing experiences. And at least a few should also have gone to places with demons. Why do we never hear about it? Perfect way to make an anti demon army

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