Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3386, This King Once Had a Good Friend


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Yang Kai felt that he had really underestimated the tricks Yu Ru Meng had up her sleeve.


Yang Kai led the three onto the Space Array, and with a flash of blinding light, all of them vanished. By the time they regained their vision, they had appeared in the Northern Territory’s High Heaven Palace.


When the disciples guarding the Space Array saw this, they immediately stepped forward and respectfully bowed. Yang Kai waved his hand to stop them though before he turned to Zhan Wu Hen and introduced, “Senior, this is my High Heaven Palace. I wonder what Senior’s next plan is?”


Zhan Wu Hen replied, “I’ll be taking a trip to Medicine Pill Valley and Heavens’ Borderline.”


Medicine Pill Valley was the place where Wondrous Pill Great Emperor cultivated, so naturally Zhan Wu Hen had to go there to inform Wondrous Pill about the Western Territory’s catastrophe. As for Heavens’ Borderline, Yang Kai was a little confused after hearing this name and asked, “What is Heavens’ Borderline?”


Zhen Wu Hen glanced at him and lightly replied, “The place where Ice Feather cultivates.”


Ice Feather Great Emperor!


Yang Kai immediately understood. Now, he knew all ten Great Emperors of the Star Boundary: Serene Soul, Bright Moon, Heavens Revelation, Wondrous Pill, Iron Blood, Bustling World, Martial Beast, Flower Shadow, Ice Feather, Night Shadow. These ten represented the most powerful figures of the entire Star Boundary. But only some of them founded a traditional Sect while the others mainly secluded themselves from the world. Ordinary people didn’t even know where these reclusive Great Emperors lived.


Yang Kai was also learning for the first time that Ice Feather Great Emperor was actually in the Northern Territory, but if one gave it a second thought, it wasn’t that surprising either. Since his honourable title as Ice Feather, one would assume he cultivated Ice Principles, and in the entire Star Boundary, the coldest place was undoubtedly the Northern Territory. 


After thinking for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “Senior, you might not know, but the Fifth Disciple of Wondrous Pill is the Chief Alchemist of my High Heaven Palace, so I can ask him to inform Senior Wondrous Pill to save time.”


Zhan Wu Hen slightly furrowed his brow as he looked at Yang Kai in surprise, “Wondrous Pill’s Fifth Disciple actually works for you?” He was a little taken aback. Wondrous Pill didn’t have many Disciples, but each one of them was an Emperor Alchemist. How could someone like that work under Yang Kai?


However, this did make things a lot more convenient for him. At least, he didn’t need to go to Medicine Pill Valley. Now, he just needed to visit Heavens’ Borderline and meet Ice Feather.


Zhan Wu Hen gently nodded, “In that case, you will be responsible for notifying Medicine Pill Valley. You must also rally the cultivators of the Northern Territory and deploy them to the Western Territory as soon as possible.”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.


Zhan Wu Heng glanced at Lin Yun’er before lightly patting her head and smiling, “Yun’er, wait here for a few days, Master will be back soon.”


Lin Yun’er obediently nodded, “I understand. Master, swiftly go and quickly return.”


Zhan Wu Hen slightly smiled and started walking forward, but after taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped and abruptly stated, “Kid, this King once had a good friend, his honourable name was Cyan Lotus. Do you know of him?”


Yang Kai had naturally heard of Cyan Lotus Great Emperor, but the latter had died at the hands of Wu Kuang in the Great Emperor War tens of thousands of years ago. His Natal Emperor Artifact, the Indestructible Cyan Lotus, had been lost in the Shattered Star Sea and was later acquired by an inheritor.


Today, the Eastern Territory had a Cyan Lotus Palace, which seemed to be founded by the one who had obtained the Indestructible Cyan Lotus; however, Cyan Lotus Palace wasn’t able to carry the mantle of the Cyan Lotus Great Emperor as the Strength of Cyan Lotus Palace in the Eastern Territory was only about on par with that of Heavenly Wolf Valley’s. 


Zhan Wu Hen had suddenly said this without any prior prompting, so Yang Kai had no idea what he was trying to convey either. As such, all he could do was nod and reply, “Junior has heard about him.”


Zhan Wu Hen added, “Cyan Lotus was killed by Wu Kuang when they fought in what is now the Shattered Stat Sea. This King thought he had taken revenge, but unfortunately, I only learned in recent years that Wu Kuang somehow came back to life.” He suddenly turned his head and continued, emphasizing each and every word, staring at Yang Kai, “Wu Kuang is the eternal enemy of this King. One day, either he will die or I will perish.”


Yang Kai was now utterly confused, so all he could do was state, cupping his fists, “Then I wish Senior great success in this endeavour!”


Zhan Wu Hen lightly nodded before his figure rose into the air and shot off towards the horizon.


After he left, Yang Kai frowned, looking in the direction he left.


[What was that all about?] Zhan Wu Hen’s confusing words before he left had left Yang Kai perplexed, but after giving it some thought, his heart suddenly clenched. Zhan Wu Hen’s words seemed to carry a strong sense of warning, as if he was confident that Yang Kai had something to do with Wu Kuang.


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. [What connection do I have with Wu Kuang? Although we have indeed met a few times and I have asked him some questions in the Ancestral Domain, if there was any connection, it was only that I can’t wait to kill him as he has occupied Duan Hong Chen’s body.]




Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to think of something and his expression turned serious, [I’m afraid that I do have a connection with Wu Kuang. At the very least, my Embodiment cultivates the Heaven Devouring Battle Law! This is an evil technique that the entire Star Boundary cannot tolerate.] 


Yang Kai also reminded himself in the past that he should never allow this secret to be revealed; otherwise, Iron Blood Great Emperor would not spare him.


Since he regards Wu Kuang as his mortal enemy, how could he tolerate the existence of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?


Could it be that Zhan Wu Hen knew about his Embodiment? And also that he cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law? But how?


At this thought, a figure suddenly flashed across Yang Kai’s mind.


Cang Mo!


When he was in the lower Star Field, Cang Mo had seen Yang Kai’s Embodiment, and in the Eastern Territory, the two had fought again. At that time, the Embodiment had indeed used the Heaven Devouring Domain. 

Cang Mo was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, at any rate, so even if he had never seen the Heaven Devouring Battle Law before, he might have been able to infer something about it after some contemplation and reflection. What’s more, Cang Mo belonged to the Star Court and was a subordinate of Iron Blood Great Emperor, so if he informed Iron Blood Great Emperor about this…


[That bastard!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart. No wonder Zhan Wu Hen had said those confusing words, it turned out to be because of this. He must have known that the Embodiment cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, which was why he especially warned Yang Kai.


[Had I known this would happen, I would have finished off Cang Mo back then.] But after giving it another thought, Yang Kai realized that he was completely powerless to do anything even if he wanted to. How could it be that easy to kill a Pseudo-Great Emperor?


But since Zhan Wu Hen had revealed this to him, it was obvious that he wouldn’t act further, especially at this critical moment; otherwise, Iron Blood would have attacked right away and demanded Yang Kai hand over his Embodiment.


“What are you thinking about?” Yu Ru Meng, seeing his expression change again and again, curiously asked him.


Yang Kai glanced at her before replying, disinterested, “Nothing.” He then looked at Lin Yun’er and stated, “I will send you to meet Sister Huang and the others first.”


“En!” Lin Yun’er hurriedly nodded, “How is Aunty Huang doing?”


Yang Kai replied, smiling “She is doing well, but misses you very much.” Back then, when Lin Yun’er’s parents died, Huang Juan had taken care of her, all but adopting her. They were like a real mother and daughter. Later, Lin Yun’er was taken to the Star Boundary by Yang Yan, so they hadn’t seen each other for many years.


“I miss her too, and Aunty Ye and the others too.”


Most of the people, who were from the Star Field’s High Heaven Sect, lived together on one Spirit Peak, so Yang Kai sent Lin Yun’er there. When the reunion happened, everyone was naturally quite excited, especially Huang Juan who started crying for joy, constantly sizing Lin Yun’er up, almost unable to recognize her anymore.


Lin Yun’er was barely a teenager when she left, but now she had become a young woman so she looked completely different. However, after learning that Lin Yun’er was an Emperor and had taken a Great Emperor as her Master, Huang Juan and the others were nothing but happy for her.


Yang Kai didn’t dare to linger for too long, so after he brought Lin Yun’er over, he immediately left for Medicine Pill Peak.


The matter of the Western Territory warranted urgent action, so he had to spread the news as soon as possible in order to gather the cultivators of the Northern Territory. This time, not only the cultivators of the Northern Territory though, but even the members of the High Heaven Palace needed to be mobilized.


When he arrived on Medicine Pill Peak, he rushed straight into the Pill Room, not caring whether Ji Ying would be angry or not.


Ji Ying was a little dumbfounded by this rude intrusion, but after listening to Yang Kai for a moment, he also realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately set off to return to the Medicine Pill Valley to report to Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.


After sending Ji Ying off, Yang Kai took out a communication artifact and sent a message to Hua Qing Si, ordering her to report to him on High Heaven Peak.


On another note, Little Senior Sister Xia Ning Chang and Yu Ru Meng were looking at each other in confusion, both of them were absolute beauties who wore veils to cover their faces.


Xia Ning Chang had obviously sensed something as she gently nodded to Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng, on the other hand, scoffed; obviously holding the other party in extreme disdain.


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai glared at her.


“Nothing,” Yu Ru Meng pretended to be ignorant like she always did.


Yang Kai didn’t have the time to get bogged down in such trivial matters so he just pulled Xia Ning Chang’s slender hand and lightly patted, “I have something to do, you can carry on with your work, I will accompany you next time.”


Xia Ning Chang gently stated, “Go, be careful.”


Yang Kai nodded, patted her head, then turned around and flew away.


Yu Ru Meng followed closely behind him before she caught up to him and flew alongside him, she even pulled his arm brazenly into her plump peaks.


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai gave her a side-long glance.


“Was she your woman?” Yu Ru Meng unhappily asked.


“Yes!” Yang Kai readily admitted.


Immediately after, he could hear Yu Ru Meng grinding her teeth.


Yang Kai rolled his eyes at her and added, gazing at her with a grin, “Does it make you uncomfortable?”


Yu Ru Meng’s teeth grinding became louder.


Yang Kai broke into laughter at this display and stated, “I’m not afraid to tell you, I don’t have just one woman.”


“How many?” Yu Ru Meng’s pretty eyes turned colder.


Yang Kai rubbed his chin as he replied, “I have about seventy or so.”


“Are you trying to anger me?” Yu Ru Meng coldly glared at him.


“I am speaking the truth, that’s all; furthermore, you were the one who asked me.” Yang Kai meaningfully grinned, “If you feel uncomfortable, just free me from your Secret Technique. Why put yourself through so much grief?”


“Dream on,” Yu Ru Meng sneered. “You should take good care of your women in the future.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow, “What do you mean?”


“Nothing…” Yu Ru Meng replied in neither a cold nor gentle manner, “I just want to tell you that maybe I will kill them all if someday I am upset.”


As soon as she stated this, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and turned an icy glare at her.


Yu Ru Meng stared back at him without showing any weakness. Rather, her gaze seemed to carry a faint sense of provocation.


After a long time, Yang Kai indifferently declared, “I will pretend you said nothing this time, but there will not be a next time!” Freeing his arm from her hold, he flew off, leaving Yu Ru Meng behind, stomping in anger.




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      Ice Feather Great Emperor. Seems that is the senior that helped bing Yun and the one that bing Yun went searching for but ended up in that sealed world

  4. *Lin Yun’er was barely a teenager when she left, but now she had become a young woman so she looked completely different. However, after learning that Lin Yun’er was an Emperor and had taken a Great Emperor as her Master, Huang Juan and the others were nothing but happy for her.*

    I clearly remember yang Kai telling them about this when he met Lin yun’er the last time.

  5. Lin Yun’er was barely a teenager when she left, but now she had become a young woman so she looked completely different. However, after learning that Lin Yun’er was an Emperor and had taken a Great Emperor as her Master, Huang Juan and the others were nothing but happy for her.

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