Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3387, Opportunity


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In the hall of High Heaven Peak, Hua Qing Si, who came to know that the two worlds were connected, heralding the coming of the Demon Race, was shocked and turned a bit pale. After composing herself, she immediately took out her communication artifact and started informing various Sects and families. The gears of the entire High Heaven Palace and Orthodoxy Temple Branch quickly began turning.


Among the hundred thousand members who were from the lower Star Field, many had advanced to the Dao Source Realm in the past few years; at least a few hundred of them. Although almost all were still just First-Order Dao Source Realms, this was only because of a shortage of time. If they were given enough time and space to grow, the number of Dao Source Realm Masters would definitely increase.


As for Origin Kings, there was a truly enormous number of them.


By rough estimation, High Heaven Palace alone could dispatch ten thousand people to the battle, all of whom were at or above the Origin King Realm.


It needed to be said that even a top Sect like Azure Sun Temple could only send out a few thousand people in total. Except for a behemoth like High Heaven Palace, perhaps no other Sect could deploy so many cultivators at once since most Sects did not even have ten thousand members.


This force would surely become a sharp knife in the war between the two worlds.


While Hua Qing Si was busy, Yang Kai didn’t rest. He summoned Ying Fei and ordered him to take a trip to the Ancient Wild Lands to give a message to the Three Divine Venerables. Although Yang Kai had repeatedly gone to the Ancient Lands and troubled Luan Feng and the others, even drawing them into the matter of Orthodoxy Temple last time, the incident this time was in no way trivial and Yang Kai was confident that Luan Feng and the others would not stand by once they learned about the situation.


Even the Great Emperors had gotten involved, so how could they avoid responsibility? They might remain safe for a while, hiding in the Ancient Wild Lands, but if the Star Boundary was really conquered by the Demon Race, would the Demon Race spare them?


Yang Kai believed that Luan Feng and the others would see the reality of the situation and would definitely make the right choice, so he didn’t bother to personally make the trip.


The Monster Race of the Ancient Wild Lands would be of great help. Whether it was the three Divine Spirits or the Monster Kings, all of them were the top Masters in this world. Furthermore, they lived in the Ancient Lands all year round the year, so their natural resistance towards Demon Qi was extraordinary. Yang Kai even doubted whether Demon Qi would have any effect on them.


With their help, things would be much easier.


As for the Dragon Clan…


Yang Kai thought for quite a while before he decided not to disturb them for the time being. If the Great Emperors felt that it was necessary to invite the Dragon Clan, they would definitely have a way to send a message to them, he didn’t need to take up this task himself. Since the Great Emperors hadn’t mentioned it, then he didn’t need to unnecessarily intervene.


Perhaps the Dragon Clan could act as a trump card.


After busying himself for some time, Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of incongruity. After thinking about it, he seemed to have been struck with realization, turned to Hua Qing Si, and asked, “Where is Liu Yan?”


It wasn’t until now that he finally realized that something was off. He didn’t see Liu Yan when he came back this time, and every time he returned, Liu Yan would definitely rush over right away, but even after more than an hour, Liu Yan was nowhere in sight.


After hearing this, Hua Qing Si looked up and replied, “I forgot to tell the Palace Master that Liu Yan is gone.”


“What do you mean by gone?” Yang Kai looked confused.


Hua Qing Si’s face turned unsightly. “Not just Liu Yan, but even Qiong Qi, who had returned last time with Palace Master, and…” After a pause, Hua Qing Si continued with much difficulty, “Yang Xiao and Yang Xue have also disappeared.”


“What!?” Yang Kai was thoroughly shocked this time. He wouldn’t be too worried if just Liu Yan and Qiong Qi couldn’t be found as both of them were Divine Spirits. In this world, there were few who could pose a threat to those two, but now even Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had gone missing.


He immediately linked it with the kidnapping of Lan Xun and the others, but just as quickly dismissed the notion as unreasonable.


Huan Qing Si hurriedly reported, “Sister Liu Yan left you a message before leaving, perhaps there are some clues in it.” While speaking, she took out a jade slip from her Space Ring and handed it to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai took it and scanned it with his Divine Sense with a solemn look on his face. The next moment, he saw three words engraved on the jade slip.


Four Seasons Realm!


Yang Kai raised his brow as the tense look on his face slowly eased. The Four Seasons Realm was the supposed resting place of Flowing Time Great Emperor. It was precisely because of the opening of the Four Seasons Realm that Yang Kai obtained the Time Flies Secret Technique, allowing him to comprehend the Dao of Time. Qiong Qi also emerged from the Four Seasons Realm at that time.


However, there were still many years left before the next opening of the Four Seasons Realm, so why would they go there? Is it possible that Qiong Qi could freely open the entrance of the Four Seasons Realm? If not, why would they all make such a trip?


Thinking about it though, this was quite possible; after all, Old Qiong could also be considered a master of the Four Seasons Realm.


[This is probably related to that brat Yang Xiao, that source of trouble and worry.] Yang Kai didn’t have a clear idea about Old Qiong’s way of doing things, but since Liu Yan had gone too, he was able to relax slightly. He could trust Liu Yan to look after things.


[As for Yang Xue…]


[That little girl should have been taken along by that smelly brat. Father and mother must be beside themselves in worry…] Thinking of this, Yang Kai started to have a headache.


Hoping for a stroke of good luck, Yang Kai triggered the Space Beacon on his wrist, but he didn’t get a response, causing him to sigh.


After coming back last time, he left Yang Xiao and Liu Yan each with a Space Beacon, so as long as they were in the Star Boundary, he would have been able to locate and instantly move to them. But since there wasn’t any resonation, it meant that they weren’t in the Star Boundary anymore.


And if they weren’t in the Star Boundary, it meant that they had already entered the Four Seasons Realm!


“Palace Master, where did Sister Liu Yan and the others go? I asked the disciples guarding the Spirit Array and they informed me that the four of them teleported to the Southern Territory’s Orthodoxy Temple Branch, but after that, no one knew where they went.” Hua Qing Si asked with a worried look. She hadn’t read what was written in the jade slip left by Liu Yan, and Dong Su Zhu had been pestering her about it these days, asking about a dozen times a day if she had found the whereabouts of Yang Xue.


Yang Kai quickly replied, “They went to the Four Seasons Realm.”


“Four Seasons Realm?” Hua Qing Si was stunned, “Why would they go there when it’s still closed?”


“Old Qiong can open it. If my guess is right, there is a great opportunity waiting for them there.”


An opportunity that was the true inheritance of Flowing Time Great Emperor.


Back then, Old Qiong had also used this condition in exchange for his asylum, convincing Yang Kai to let Old Qiong stay with him and escape the fate of being captured by Li Wu Yi and Ju Feng and taken back to Spirit Beast Island.


If not for such a great temptation, why would Yang Kai care about Qiong Qi’s affairs? As far as he was concerned, Qiong Qi would not have suffered a loss being taken to Spirit Beast Island, and it wouldn’t even be shameful as Spirit Beast Island was no stranger to Divine Spirits.


Originally, Yang Kai had planned to wait for things to settle down a bit before asking Old Qiong to take him to the Four Seasons Realm.


But now it seems… Yang Xiao, that smelly brat, had taken that opportunity for himself. Of course, that wasn’t really an appropriate way to think about such things as opportunities cannot be snatched, only accepted or rejected. Perhaps Old Qiong felt that Yang Xiao was more suitable for this opportunity; after all, Yang Kai and Qiong Qi had seen Yang Xiao use the Dao of Time to escape from the former’s grasp when Yang Kai was about to spank him for lying.


[There isn’t much difference between whether it belongs to the father or to the son.] Yang Kai slightly smiled, now looking forward to how much Yang Xiao would have changed when he saw him again.


Hua Qing Si suddenly raised her head and reported, looking at Yang Kai with a pitiful look on her face, “Palace Master, your mother just summoned me.”


“Why?” Yang Kai casually asked before he quickly understood, rubbing his forehead as he commented, “Don’t worry about her, I will explain to her myself later.”


After discussing a few more things with Hua Qing Si, Yang Kai ordered her to gather the Northern Territory’s forces in High Heaven Palace as soon as possible before he flew off to the Spirit Peak where his parents lived.


After a cup of tea worth of time, Yang Kai saw his father standing on the balcony of their house.


There was a miserable aura lingering around Yang Ying Feng, and when the father and son met, Yang Kai respectfully cupped his fists and greeted him, “Father!”


Yang Ying Feng powerlessly responded before he waved at Yang Kai like he was catching flies. Presumably, things hadn’t been good for him over these days. He just wanted peace and quiet now, not even having the energy to speak an extra word.


Yang Kai took a long, deep breath, adjusted his clothes, and then bravely walked towards the house.


After a short while, Dong Su Zhu’s crying and cursing sounds came from inside the building, whereupon Yang Ying Feng’s facial muscles all started twitching.


Inside the house, Yang Kai’s face was quite awkward as he stood on the spot, looking at Dong Su Zhu, who was sitting miserably on the ground, feeling that the situation was a bit trickier than he had imagined.


“I don’t care, I don’t care, bring me my Xue’er back! She has never left me over all these years, how can she survive outside alone? You have to quickly find her, send your palace’s disciples to look for her! If she encounters some unexpected misfortune, your mother will not be able to survive!”


Yang Kai tried persuading her, “Mother, Liu Yan and Old Qiong are with her. No one in this world can do anything untoward to her. You don’t have to worry about her safety and they will return in a few days. Also, Xue’er is slowly growing up, so it’s impossible for her to stay by your side forever. It would be better for her to go out and see the world a little earlier.”


Dong Su Zhu fiercely stared up at him before she suddenly jumped to her feet and began poking his chest fiercely, “You have been travelling outside every day and have long forgotten your parents! We barely see you for a few days a year, but now, after your mother finally had Xue’er, you want her to be just like you and never come home too!?”


As she poked Yang Kai’s chest with each word, he was forced back towards the entrance by her momentum and nearly stumbled and fell.


Yang Kai apologetically smiled as he replied, “No, I absolutely don’t want this.”


Dong Su Zhu ground her teeth before stating, “Find Xue’er and bring her back, or you can take me to her.”


Yang Kai bitterly smiled as he explained, “They have entered a Sealed World now, one we can’t enter, only Old Qiong can open it. Mother will just have to wait for a few days for them to return on their own.”


Dong Su Zhu fell into despair after hearing this, slumped back down the ground and started making a scene, “It’s all because you brought that little brat Yang Xiao back with you! Xue’er is learning all kinds of bad things from him! It’s all your fault!”


Yang Kai repeatedly nodded, “Yes, yes, I will spank that brat’s butt red when I see him next!”


Dong Su Zhu stated, blinking at him, before lowering her head and muttering, “Don’t hit him too hard, just teach him a lesson…”


Yang Kai assumed a cruel and determined look on his face. “Mother, you don’t need to worry. That smelly brat’s physique is abnormal, it doesn’t matter how hard I spank his ass, he’ll recover quickly enough.”




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