Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3388, What Did You Just Say?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After finally managing to comfort his mother, Yang Kai flew off, looking quite tired. Afterwards, he started searching High Heaven Palace.


After a while, a figure flashed over, curiously looking at him, “What are you searching for? Why are you acting all sneaky like that?”


Yang Kai’s face blackened as he said in his heart, [I’m the Palace Master here. This is my turf, why would I act sneaky?] He then turned his head and looked towards the source of the voice and saw an angry yet smiling face looking at him. Yang Kai couldn’t stop himself from laughing as he stated, “Young Lady Qiu, long time no see.”


Qiu Yi Meng humbly said with a smile, “Palace Master, please don’t call me Young Lady, I dare not accept such a title. I am but a humble disciple of High Heaven Palace now.”


Yang Kai smiled, “It’s just a name, that’s all. I’m accustomed to it.” Then he suddenly spoke in surprise, “You broke through to the Dao Source Realm, congratulations.”


Qiu Yi Meng responded, smiling, “It’s all thanks to you. If you hadn’t brought us here and provided us with ample resources, how could I have made such rapid progress? But in front of you, a Dao Source Realm is really nothing.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s different. I came to the Star Boundary earlier than all of you so it’s only normal for me to be in a higher realm.”


Qiu Yu Meng replied, pursing her lips, “No need to comfort us. I have already learned to accept the fact that there is always someone stronger no matter how strong you are. But you, what are you looking for? Maybe I can help you.”


“Did you see my dog?” Yang Kai asked.


“Dog?” Qiu Yi Meng was stunned, but suddenly, she seemed to have recalled something and asked, “A little black puppy?”


“Yes, yes, that’s the one.”


“En, I saw it yesterday.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded.


“Where?” Yang Kai asked.


“Come with me.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled before leading the way.


The two flew out side by side and soon arrived at a place where Qiu Yi Meng saw the Abyssal Returner yesterday, but a day later, the Abyssal Returner was naturally long gone, so Yang Kai had no choice but to continue to search with Qiu Yi Meng.


After half a day, they finally found the Abyssal Returner basking in the sun in a certain mountain valley.


After seeing Yang Kai, the Abyssal Returner rushed over with great enthusiasm, circled around him, and wagged its tail as it panted.


Yang Kai reached out and grabbed it by the neck before stuffing it into the Sealed World Bead. Since the Demon Race had appeared, how could Yang Kai forget about the Abyssal Returner? It could be considered the nemesis of the Demon Race, so he wanted to keep Ah Wang by his side. Maybe she would play a miraculous role at some point.


Qiu Yi Meng quietly watched, just when she wanted to ask about this black puppy she spent half a day searching for, she furrowed her curvy, black brow before shuddering and a look of vigilance appeared on her face as she looked left and right, “Yang Kai, did it just get a bit colder?”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he slowly shook his head.


Qiu Yi Meng’s face was a little pale, “Strange, why do I suddenly feel a chill then?”


Yang Kai asked, contrary to his will, “Did some problem arise with your cultivation?”


“Of course…” Qiu Yi Meng frowned as a thoughtful look appeared on her face, “There shouldn’t be any problems.”


“It’s better to be careful about this kind of thing, you can’t be neglectful.”


Qiu Yi Meng nodded, “En, you’re right. Then I will go back and adjust my breathing.”


After sending her off with his gaze, Yang Kai finally looked in the direction of High Heaven Peak before snorting and flying over.


After a moment, he returned to the main hall of High Heaven Peak.


At the entrance of the main hall, a smiling Yu Ru Meng was leaning against the door with her arms crossed, staring at Yang Kai. Her arms were propping up her bountiful peaks, making them appear towering like mountains, and after seeing him approach, she asked, “Was that woman one among the seventy?”


Yang Kai asked back, glaring at her, “Why did you scare her?”


Yu Ru Meng assumed an innocent look, “What do you mean by scaring her?”


Yang Kai harrumphed as he replied, “You clearly know what I’m talking about.”


Yu Ru Meng tilted her head slightly and smilingly asked, “Are you angry?”


“Go away!” Yang Kai pushed her aside and walked into the palace.


Yu Ru Meng quickly followed after him, carrying her hands behind her back. She quickly circled around to Yang Kai’s front and asked, walking backwards, “About that black dog…”


Yang Kai responded, maintaining a straight face, “What black dog? Which black dog? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Yu Ru Meng disdainfully snorted, feeling a little puzzled. Although she didn’t see it clearly, she felt that the black puppy was a little unusual. Unfortunately, it disappeared in the blink of an eye and she didn’t have a clue where Yang Kai had put it.


She wanted to ask a few more questions, but Yang Kai didn’t give her the chance and directly headed into a cultivation room and activated the barrier, shutting her out.


His conduct made Yu Ru Meng angry to the point that she ground her teeth audibly.


Inside the cultivation room, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged.


It would take time to gather the Northern Territory’s cultivators, as well as the disciples of High Heaven Palace and its Orthodoxy Temple Branch. Yang Kai figured he had at least five days to himself. Naturally, it was impossible to cultivate a technique or art during these five days, but he could spend time searching for the Heart Seal in his Knowledge Sea.


Somehow, Yu Ru Meng had planted this strange Secret Technique on him, bringing two strangers so close that Yang Kai couldn’t even think of harming her. No matter what Yu Ru Meng’s identity was or what she was plotting, this Heart Seal Secret Technique surely played a crucial role.


So long as Yang Kai could dispel this Secret Technique, he could get rid of Yu Ru Meng’s hold on him, and perhaps, he could turn it around on her and make use of it.


But this Secret Technique was quite illusory. He had probed his Knowledge Sea a few days ago, but he didn’t notice anything at all. Now, whether he could dispel it or not, he had no confidence.


But no matter what, he had to give it a try.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai focused his attention. The next moment, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged as his Soul Avatar took form in his Knowledge Sea and began meticulously searching it, not letting off a single corner.


But Yang Kai’s face turned more and more solemn over time, because even after sweeping his entire Knowledge Sea from top to bottom, he didn’t find a single abnormality.


It was as if the Heart Seal Secret Technique didn’t even exist.


But that was impossible! The Heart Seal Secret Technique undoubtedly existed. His current feelings for Yu Ru Meng were the best evidence; otherwise, how could he have such deep affection for a stranger he had just met a couple days ago, like she was a partner he had endured life and death with for decades?


Yang Kai refused to give up and continued to probe diligently. This time, he even used the power of the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, but he was still disappointed in the end.


A day later, Yang Kai finally opened his eyes, an unsightly look on his face.


[Is it really as Yu Ru Meng said, that the Heart Seal can’t be dispelled? Since it’s a Secret Technique, how can it be impossible to crack? Perhaps it’s just that no way has been found yet.]


Yang Kai remained in deep thought for a long time, sitting still on the spot. Suddenly, his eyeballs moved as a flash of brilliance bloomed in their depths.


Raising his hand, he lifted all the barriers on the room and shouted, “Ru Meng, Ru Meng!”


Apparently, Yu Ru Meng hadn’t gone too far as she appeared outside the door soon after hearing this, staring at him angrily, “What?”


“Come in,” Yang Kai beckoned at her.


Yu Ru Meng hesitated for a moment before walking inside.


Yang Kai pointed before him and stated, “Sit!”


It immediately made her roll her eyes at him, quite the coquettish act when seen from the outside. Nonetheless, Yu Ru Meng sat down, quickly filling the cultivation room with a faint delicious fragrance.


Yang Kai waved his hand again, closing the door of the room and activating the barriers again. After doing all this, he finally looked at her with a smile on his face.


Yu Ru Meng suddenly became a little nervous as she asked with an expectant look on her face, “What… what do you want to do?”


A lone man and woman in a closed room, and intimate lovers at that; it wasn’t difficult for her imagination to run wild so she nervously stated right away, “I… I’m not ready yet… I have to warn you to not try anything funny, otherwise, I won’t be polite.”


Yang Kai was greatly surprised, “When you asked me to dress you, didn’t you expect this to happen?”


“How can you confuse that with this?” Yu Ru Meng gripped her robes tightly.


“Interesting, interesting!” Yang Kai touched his chin, sizing her up with great relish. Originally, he believed her to be a loose woman as it didn’t take long for her to seduce him just after meeting him, but he hadn’t expected her to have such a modest side.


His intense gaze immediately made Yu Ru Meng fidgety and she promptly got up and stated, “If there’s nothing, I will take my leave first.”


“You want to leave just like that?” Yang Kai coldly snorted as he reached out and grabbed her, pulling her back with force. Yu Ru Meng immediately let out a tender cry as she fell into his arms.


Their eyes met, as a playful light filled Yang Kai’s gaze. On the other hand, Yu Ru Meng’s eyes were hazy and dodgy.


As Yang Kai’s masculine scent and hot breath blew across her face, causing Yu Ru Meng’s breathing to become a little rapid.


Yang Kai stretched his fingers out and gently stroked her slender white neck, causing her to shiver. Everywhere he touched, she started to have goosebumps.


Stroking across her neck, her earlobes, her cheek…


Yu Ru Meng’s eyes became misty as a blush spread across her cheeks.


The corner of Yang Kai’s lips rose up as a wicked smile appeared on his face as he then lowered his head and kissed her.


Yu Ru Meng immediately went stiff as if someone had cast a petrification technique on her before she softened so much it was as if all the bones in her body melted. Her eyes went wide before she slowly closed them, enjoying the warmth and tenderness she felt. Unconsciously, she wrapped her arms around Yang Kai’s waist as her fingers tightly clutched his clothes, as if she would powerlessly slump down without such support.


After a very long time, their lips finally parted.


Yu Ru Meng was panting for breath and there was a greedy look on her face.


Her well-rounded chest was heaving up and down as her heart pounded like a drum.


Yang Kai lowered his head again, staring into her eyes. Yu Ru Meng also looked up at him. As their eyes met, a shy look flashed across her pretty face, but there was a sweet smile hanging on her lips.


Yang Kai sighed in his heart as he struggled internally, but finally, he bent over and put his mouth next to her ear before speaking in an extremely gentle voice, “Slut…”


The charming atmosphere suddenly froze.


Yu Ru Meng’s figure also became extremely stiff as the sweet smile on her face slowly faded away. Her pretty eyes became as cold as ice as she indifferently asked, gazing at Yang Kai with a sharp glare, “What did you just say? I didn’t hear it clearly.”


Yang Kai put his arms around her and spelled it out, just as he had before, “S… l… u… t… slut!”


“Yang Kai!!” Yu Ru Meng erupted as she broke free from his embrace and menacingly glared down at him from above, appearing as if she was about to explode from rage…




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  1. Please make it so that Ru Meng has some rhetoric so that she does act dumble and all flustered but actually find good insult to throw back at him, like calling him a gigolo because of his 70 wives are something similar considering he is very sensitive on this kind of topic

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