Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3389, Found It


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Originally, Yu Ru Meng was a woman whose expression changed faster than flipping the page of a book and she couldn’t bear the slightest grievance. Now, her psychological line of defence was broken through by Yang Kai’s sweet and tender musings, only for him to viciously insult her in the next moment. She simply couldn’t bear the complete and utter contrast as she felt like she had been stabbed in the back by her most trusted person.


This kind of injury was far more serious than the one she suffered when Yang Kai’s palm struck her last time. At least, there was a reason back then, and physical trauma was not difficult to recover from, but this time, she felt as if her heart had been toyed with and shredded, it was no wonder she was so angry.


Yang Kai just looked at her with a smile, as if he hadn’t said anything wrong just now.


Seeing his unrepentant appearance, Yu Ru Meng only became angrier. A cold smile bloomed on her lips as she ordered, “If you apologize, I will forgive you.”


Yang Kai, still maintaining that smile on his face as he slowly shook his head.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Yu Ru Meng’s beautiful eyes turned colder.


Yang Kai sonorously declared, “Words are like arrows, once you let them loose, they do not return. It’s impossible for me to apologize even in death.”


“So be it!” Yu Ru Meng suddenly sat cross-legged in front of him, her eyes flashing a cold gleam as she glared at him. The next moment, her face turned pale as a muffled groan escaped from her lips.


At the same time, Yang Kai felt as if his head was about to explode.


[I knew you would do this!] Yang Kai was under unbearable pain, but he was simultaneously celebrating. If Yu Ru Meng didn’t do this, all his previous efforts would have gone to waste.


There seemed to be thousands of swords stabbing into his mind at the moment, granting him unimaginable pain that was beyond the limit of a human’s endurance. After a while, Yang Kai’s figure wobbled as his face turned pale as paper and large beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, splashing onto the ground.


Yu Ru Meng didn’t fare any better. Her Heart Seal Secret Technique was profound and mysterious, but its drawbacks were similarly powerful. She belonged to the category of people who were willing to sacrifice themselves just to make the opposite party suffer. She wanted to use this method to torment Yang Kai to vent her anger so there was no doubt she was suffering equally unbearable pain.


After a short while, Yu Ru Meng was drenched in sweat, as if she was fished out of a lake, but she grit her teeth and didn’t even let out so much as a grunt. She just kept staring at Yang Kai as if to declare she wouldn’t stop until he apologized.


The forced smile on Yang Kai’s face had become extremely twisted, but Yu Ru Meng’s face only grew colder and colder.


In the sealed cultivation room, man and woman constantly shuddered, their faces pale and sweaty. Obviously, they were in great pain, but no one wanted to show weakness, making for an extremely odd scene.


Under such painful torture, every moment seemed to be infinitely stretched.


Yang Kai really experienced what it meant to live a day like a year, but when he checked, he still couldn’t find any abnormality in his Knowledge Sea.


[It’s not enough! It’s far from enough!]


Yu Ru Meng suddenly proposed, “If you can’t stand it, just tell me, perhaps I will let you go if my heart softens!”


Yang Kai just kept grinning though as he stared back at her and shouted, “So good!”


Yu Ru Meng also broke into laughter, trembling all the while, “Want to feel better?”


Yang Kai fiercely nodded.


Yu Ru Meng hysterically screeched, “Smelly man, I’ll make you feel better than you ever have in your entire life!”


Just as she said this, the already excruciating pain in Yang Kai’s head intensified many times. His Knowledge Sea seemed to be on the verge of tearing apart and the flaming water in it was now violently churning.


Everything went dark before Yang Kai as his consciousness blurred. He stared over at Yu Ru Meng, whose tender figure wobbled and almost fell to the ground; however, neither of them was ordinary. Their Souls were incomparably powerful, so even if they were in so much pain, they could still hold on. Both of them had a look on their face that said that they wouldn’t concede. It would all depend on who fell first.


As far as Yu Ru Meng was concerned, if she didn’t set Yang Kai straight this time, then she would never be able to stand proud before him again.


As for Yang Kai, if he couldn’t persist this time, he might never be able to dispel the Heart Seal.


Each had their own plans and goals they couldn’t back down from, so naturally, they were determined to fight it out till the end.


After what seemed like an eternity, but might have only been a moment, Yu Ru Meng’s aura grew weaker. Although her Soul was extraordinary and her Spiritual Energy rich, under this kind of consumption, she was struggling to persist.


Yang Kai was certainly not her equal when it came to Soul cultivation, otherwise, he would have been able to find her Heart Seal without going to such lengths, so logically speaking, in this conflict, Yang Kai should be worse off than her; but Yang Kai had the Soul Warming Lotus.


The Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus in his Knowledge Sea was constantly radiating a seven coloured light, making up for the consumption of Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy and nourishing his tormented Soul. With such strong support, how could Yu Ru Meng outlast him?


So, although Yu Ru Meng’s Soul was stronger, Yang Kai’s condition was actually better at the moment.


Obviously, Yu Ru Meng had noticed this strange phenomenon as well and her eyes flickered with scepticism. She knew that if this went on, she might be the first one to fall.


Her eyes flickered with a sliver of determination as she proposed in a heavy voice, “Yang Kai, this is your last chance. I don’t want your apology either, just promise me you’ll never curse me ever again. Swear it, and I will put this matter to rest.” She was really making great concessions; otherwise, with how angry she was just now, unless Yang Kai sincerely prostrated himself before her and begged for forgiveness, how could she let things go so lightly?


Yang Kai was hanging by a thread as well, but still slowly shook his head.


“Do you really want to perish together with me?” A look of confusion flashed in Yu Ru Meng’s eyes.


“Are you willing?” Yang Kai asked.


Yu Ru Meng was taken aback when he asked her the same question she first asked him, but she slowly closed her eyes before indifferently stating, “I’m not, but no one, not even you, may curse me!”


Her beautiful eyes suddenly opened wide and the bleak look in them suddenly became incomparably bright as she pushed her Heart Seal Secret Technique to the extreme.


Yu Ru Meng let out a miserable cry as blood flowed out of her seven orifices. Her aura gradually grew extremely weak as she limply fell to the ground, looking at Yang Kai with a sorrowful laugh.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, remained completely still like a mountain. He happened to have his eyes tightly shut at this moment as this was what he was waiting for. When Yu Ru Meng pushed her Heart Seal Secret Technique to the extreme, he had already sent his Soul Avart into the Knowledge Sea.


His Knowledge Sea was in turmoil and appeared ready to explode at any moment.


Suddenly, a woman’s illusory phantom appeared. The illusory phantom was hazy and indistinct, as if it was there but couldn’t be seen if one looked straight at it. It only slightly manifested itself at this moment.


[Found it!]


Yang Kai’s heart shook as his Soul Avatar fluctuated, almost on the brink of collapse under the influence of the Heart Seal Secret Technique. Fortunately, at the critical moment, the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus shrouded his avatar with its glow and managed to stabilize it.


Without hesitating, Yang Kai drove the Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus towards the illusory phantom and a seven coloured brilliance immediately filled his Knowledge Sea, enveloping the ghostly female figure all of a sudden and drawing it into the lotus.


The next moment, the female illusory phantom disappeared and Yang Kai’s boiling Knowledge Sea slowly calmed down. At the same time, the unbearable pain had completely disappeared.


Yang Kai mysteriously felt as if he had just been reborn.


He flew above the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus and carefully inspected it, but he found no clues, nor did he see the illusory phantom of the woman from earlier.


Although it was just a glimpse, Yang Kai could tell that the illusory phantom was of Yu Ru Meng’s real appearance, because while the figure was almost the same, the features were different.


At present, Yu Ru Meng was currently assuming Li Shi Qing’s identity while concealing her own.


She had also proclaimed that her real appearance was no worse than Li Shi Qing’s and, by the looks of it, she was speaking the truth.


Her beauty had left Yang Kai in amazement.




[What’s the situation right now?]


He had viciously insulted Yu Ru Meng earlier to provoke her to trigger the Heart Seal, hoping it would expose a flaw in the technique and allow him to free himself from its restraints. And judging by the situation just now, he had succeeded because he had really grasped a trace of the Heart Seal Secret Technique at the last moment and used the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus to take it.


But it was only taken away, that’s all. It wasn’t dispelled!


[Did I succeed or fail?] What Yang Kai couldn’t understand was why the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus hadn’t responded to the anomaly that had invaded his Knowledge Sea before now.


Logically speaking, if anything detrimental to him attempted to invade his Knowledge Sea, the Soul Warming Lotus should have immediately acted to protect him, but that didn’t happen in the case of the Heart Seal.


[Could it be that the Heart Seal Secret Technique isn’t harmful? Based on this assumption, everything fits. Yu Ru Meng used this Secret Technique to forcefully bring the two of us together, so it’s hard to call it an offensive technique.]


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before he flew to the top of the Soul Warming Lotus and scanned it again, only to find nothing once more.


He slightly urged the power of the Soul Warming Lotus next, and under the seven coloured radiance, a woman’s illusory phantom finally appeared atop the lotus.


Yang Kai could feel that if he was determined, he should be able to destroy this illusory phantom, fundamentally breaking this Heart Seal Secret Technique and severing the connection between Yu Ru Meng and him, but after thinking about it for a while, he decided against doing so right away. Instead, his Soul Avatar dissipated as he opened his eyes again.


Yu Ru Meng was lying on the ground not too far away, her entire body drenched in sweat and her clothes sticking to her body, revealing the outline of her exquisite figure. Her face was pale as paper and her breathing was weak and ragged.


That last attack had also caused huge damage to herself.


Yang Kai looked at her with a complex look on his face before suddenly realizing that he didn’t feel all that distressed.


He might have insulted her and acted ruthlessly against Yu Ru Meng before, but the whole time he was forcing himself hard to do so. If it was before, he would have definitely felt extremely distressed after seeing Yu Ru Meng in this kind of state.


However, now he just felt it was a little difficult to bear.


The effect of the Heart Seal Secret Technique had been greatly reduced.


Yang Kai was ecstatic. All his efforts weren’t in vain!


After moving a little, he arrived by Yu Ru Meng’s side, picked her up and laid her down on his lap as he gazed down at her.


He wanted to investigate her background and learn what her goal was for approaching him.


Yang Kai had some conjectures in his mind, but whether what he thought was true or not, he still had to verify.


Yu Ru Meng happened to be unconscious right now, so this might be his best chance to explore the secrets in her Knowledge Sea.


As soon as he thought about it, Yang Kai lowered his head, touched their foreheads together, and sent his Divine Sense into her Knowledge Sea




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