Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3392, First Battle


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“Not for the time being, he should have escaped.”


Yang Kai curiously asked, “Why can Senior say so with such certainty?” After Bright Moon Great Emperor offered to stay behind, allowing Mo Huang and the others to escape, he would have been in a six vs one situation. How could Bright Moon possibly have escaped? Death was by far the most likely outcome.


Mo Huang, however, just smiled and replied, “In any case, Bright Moon is also a Great Emperor, so it’s no easy feat to capture him. Furthermore… if he really died, I would be able to sense it.”


He didn’t explain how he would sense it, but Yang Kai presumed that it might be related to the Star Boundary itself. The ten Great Emperors were all recognized by this world, so if one of them fell, it would definitely trigger a Heavenly Manifestation.


While the two were talking, Mo Huang suddenly raised his brow and stared into the distance before stating with a grim voice, “There are some movements on the Demon’s side.”


Yang Kai’s face turned serious as he too raised his head to peer forward. A moment later, as expected, he saw countless Demons slowly advancing towards the outer ring of the Demon Land. By the looks of their stances, it seemed that they were preparing to attack.


Mo Huang’s face sank, “I’m afraid that they’ve discovered the Space Array and want to destroy it to delay us from gathering our forces here.”


After all, a few days ago, there were only a few Masters on the Star Boundary’s side, but now, 100,000 powerful cultivators had suddenly appeared. The Demon Race wasn’t blind, so there was no way they hadn’t noticed this sudden surge in enemy forces. Anyone with the slightest intelligence would not let this go on and would definitely think of some way to destroy the Space Array.


Almost the entire Demon Race army of a million soldiers moved out, and that too in a neat and orderly manner. The sound of their synchronized footsteps even caused the ground to quake.


How could the Northern Territory cultivators fail to notice this development? All of them hurriedly started running around like they were about to face a fearsome enemy.


The entire scene looked a little chaotic, forming a diametrically opposite contrast to the Demon Race.


Mo Huang glanced back before ordering, “It’s your Northern Territory’s cultivators, go and control them. Don’t let them fall into confusion.”


Yang Kai solemnly nodded before flying back and shouting as he hovered high up in the air, “Prepare for war!”


Someone immediately came over and greeted him, cupping his fists, “Palace Master Yang, the Demon Race is approaching.”


This man was a First-Order Emperor Realm Master and appeared to be in his fifties. Yang Kai found him a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember which Sect he belonged to. All he could recall was that this man was a Sect Master who had brought some three hundred or so disciples with him.


At this moment, this person had a fearful look on his face and was obviously a little panicked.


For the cultivators of the Star Boundary, it was common to battle enemies one on one or in small groups, and no one who reached the Emperor Realm had not been baptized by blood.


However, even for most of the Emperor Realm Masters present, this was the first time they would be fighting as part of an army. There were 100,000 people present on their side with no clear chain of command, so it was only natural that the situation soon became a bit disorderly.


The moment everyone saw the Demon Race army marching toward them, their first reaction was to retreat. Everyone knew that two fists were no match for four palms. The number of people on their side was obviously lacking compared to the enemy who had ten times as many soldiers. How were they going to even fight such a lopsided battle?


If even the Emperor Realm Masters were thinking like this, there was no need to mention the Dao Source Realm and Origin King Realm cultivators. If it weren’t for Mo Huang overseeing the situation, perhaps everyone would have scattered like birds and animals.


Yang Kai coldly swept his glare over everyone present before he fixed his gaze on the Emperor Realm Master who had come up to warn him and indifferently spoke, “This King isn’t blind! This King can see that the Demon Race’s army is on the march, that is why I asked you to prepare for battle!”


Immediately, someone asked, “Palace Master Yang, can you see how many there are on the Demon Race side?”


Yang Kai indifferently replied, “Senior Martial Beast says that there are a million of them!”


“A million!” Everyone present on the scene was stunned. Although they knew that there were a lot of soldiers on the Demon Race’s side, they weren’t clear about the specifics, but now, they immediately shuddered when they heard the true figure.


“Are you afraid?” Yang Kai swept a glance across the crowd.


No one answered but the panic on their faces was clear enough.


“So what if there are a million of them!?” Yang Kai shouted, “Most of them are nothing but paper soldiers. Although they have numbers, they will still fall in one blow. All 100,000 of you are at least Origin Kings, why should you fear them? Senior Martial Beast has surmised that the enemy has discovered our Space Array and intends to destroy it, but this Space Array is critical for bringing in reinforcements from the Southern and Eastern Territory. We can’t lose it! We have one goal and one goal only today, we must repel the Demon Race and safeguard this Array no matter what!”


Everyone remained completely silent. All of them were from the Northern Territory, where High Heaven Palace held the position of leader, and with Yang Kai raising the banner of Martial Beast Great Emperor, no one would dare to sing a different tune even if they were afraid, but that didn’t stop them from worrying, wondering whether this day next year would be their death anniversary.


[Morale is too low!] Yang Kai furrowed his brow as he observed the situation. Thankfully, the Eastern and Southern Territory cultivators hadn’t arrived yet, otherwise, he would have lost all face with this kind of cowardly display.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “This is the first battle between our Star Boundary and the Demon Realm, thus it is of far-reaching and wide-ranging significance. If we lose this battle, how will we face the Demon Race in the future again? The Demon Race is vicious and cruel; if we allow them to conquer the Star Boundary, they will burn your homes, seize your wives and daughters, and kill all your descendants! How will you show your face to your ancestors in Heaven if you allow such a tragedy to occur!?” 


Yang Kai’s shout reverberated like the clap of thunder, rumbling in the ears of the hundred thousand cultivators below. Although these words sounded unpleasant, it had the desired effect of turning many men’s eyes red with fury. The scene described by Yang Kai was indeed unacceptable to all of them, even if they knew that he was blowing things out of proportion just to scare them, but if the Demon Race really took over the Star Boundary, such scenes would definitely happen.


“We need to win this battle!” Yang Kai shouted, “And it must be a complete and thorough victory. The billions of cultivators and trillions of mortals of the Star Boundary will all remember today’s battle, they will remember your contributions and efforts! This glory belongs to us, the Northern Territory’s cultivators!”


“In addition…” Yang Kai glanced in the direction of Mo Huang, “With Senior Martial Beast with us, what do we need to fear?”


Seeing that the time was right, Li Jiao immediately stepped out from the crowd and cupped his fists as he shouted, “This Li and Fire Dragon Palace wish to join Palace Master Yang in battle, slaughter the million-strong Demon Race Army, and show the might of our Northern Territory to the world!”


Mi Qi was taken aback before he hurriedly cupped his fists and echoed, “This Mi and Full Sky Sect are willing to fight with the Palace Master Yang to destroy the Demon Race!”


Bing Yun slightly smiled as she called out, “Although Ice Heart Valley’s disciples are women, we can’t fall behind you men…”


The Sect Masters of the Northern Territory’s top Sects had spoken, and even Ice Heart Valley had expressed their intent to fight, so how could other Sects be willing to fall behind. Whether they were really willing or not, they all raised their voices one after another to rally their spirits.


“For victory!” Li Jiao raised his arms and shouted before the disciples of Fire Dragon Palace immediately joined after.


After a few breaths, the voices of 100,000 cultivators reverberated like a wave!


“Prepare for battle!” Yang Kai roared once more.


This time, the Sect Masters of the major Sects and families began to convene their respective disciples and descendants, finally organizing themselves into a somewhat orderly formation.


Yang Kai also put his hanging heart to rest a little. Despite his best efforts, this was the best he could do for now to raise morale and control everyone’s fears. Now, the rest would be up to the result of the battle. If they managed to crush the enemy underfoot without suffering significant losses, morale would soar and remain high, but if the Northern Territory’s forces collapsed at the first blow, no amount of inspiring words would be enough to salvage the situation.


However, Yang Kai believed that the Northern Territory’s side had a greater chance of winning this first battle. Without even mentioning the huge difference in the quality of soldiers, the Ancient Wild Lands’ Masters were also here, so it would be really unreasonable if they lost against the vanguard of the Demon Race.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


The sound of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers marching forward began to echo as, while Yang Kai had been organizing the 100,000 cultivators of the Northern Territory, the Demon Race Army was madly charging towards them, accelerating as they got closer.


Everyone could clearly see the ugly faces of the Demon Race at the forefront. There was a group of deformed Red Demons and Green Demons that were only half as tall as an average human. If it was someone who wasn’t aware of these clans’ inside information, he or she might have directed his own army to charge forward to meet the enemy.


At that time, even a moron could easily tell what the result would be.


But Yang Kai just sneered in his heart. He had participated in the Two Races’ Great War in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld and witnessed Red Demons and Green Demons acting as suicide soldiers innumerable times, so how could he easily fall for such an obvious trap?


The Northern Territory cultivators had also learned from Yang Kai about the characteristics and the Innate Divine Abilities of the major clans of the Demon Race, so at this moment, when they saw a group of round red and green Demons charging over, they immediately realized that they were the so-called Burst Demons.


The Red Demons’ self-destruction would cause deadly explosions while the Green Demons’ would release highly-toxic poison when they blew up. As such, the most effective method to deal with them was to not let them approach.


There were many Red Demons and Green Demons, about 100,000 in total, all of them charging straight ahead and in a disorderly manner.


Yang Kai, leading the 100,000 Northern Territory cultivators, advanced ten kilometres before forming a line and waiting for the enemy’s arrival.


In the sky, amid the howling winds, Yang Kai was hovering with a solemn look on his face while behind him the 100,000 army of the Northern Territory also wore serious expressions.


*Hong long long…*


The Red Demons and Green Demons quickly closed the distance, but nonetheless, Yang Kai didn’t make a move, despite hearing the nervous gulps constantly coming from behind him.


[Closer, just a little closer…]


Suddenly, after determining that the enemy had reached the optimal distance, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a fearsome light as he shouted, “Attack!”


All together, the cultivators of the Northern Territory sent out long-ranged attacks using their various artifacts and Divine Abilities. The sudden eruption of force caused the local World Energy to churn and space to warp.


Of course, Yang Kai did not remain idle either as he released a horizontal slash from his Myriads Sword.


Channelling his Emperor Qi into the sword, Yang Kai unleashed a massive sword wave that shot off into the middle and Demon Race’s vanguard.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


One after another, Red Demons and Green Demons began to explode. When the Red Demons blew up, small mushroom clouds would appear where they fell, shaking the earth around them. As for the Green Demons, green clouds of smoke would burst forth, covering dozens of meters in a thick fog that could not be blown away even by the strong whipping winds.


Immediately after, beams of all kinds of shapes and colours poured down on the Demon Race army.


There were hundreds of Emperor Realm Masters on the Northern Territory side while the rest were either Origin Kings or Dao Source cultivators, so their initial barrage was nothing less than spectacular.


Looking from a distance, it was as if the Northern Territory’s camp had rained down a curtain of light towards the Demon Race’s army.


The next moment, deafening explosions continuously rang out without end.




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