Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3393, Close-Quarters Combat


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When all the dazzling flashes disappeared, the front row of the Demon Race army was nowhere to be found. All that was left was ditches of varying shapes and sizes and green clouds of poisonous mist!


Of the 100,000 Red and Green Demons, at least 30,000 had lost their lives in this salvo.


“Weak!” Yang Kai let out a cold snort. Although he wasn’t loud, owing to his Emperor Qi, it was sufficient for the 100,000 Northern Territory cultivators below to hear it loud and clear.


The Northern Territory Army’s spirit was immediately lifted. What you hear may be false, but what you see must be true. Before, Yang Kai had said that they didn’t need to worry about the fact that there were a million soldiers on the Demon Race’s side, but most still didn’t believe him. Now though, when they personally saw the Demons collapsing at the first blow, the timidity and fear in their hearts dissipated greatly.


If this remained true for the entire Demon Race, then there would be no difficulty in winning this battle.


Having gained much confidence, everyone’s attacks became more brutal. After the reverberating battlefield went calm for a short three breaths, a second salvo of beams was fired, hitting the Red and Green Demons again, blowing them up non-stop.


After three or four barrages, the Red and Green Demons that were charging at the forefront had been completely wiped out.


The frontline of the Demon Race army was completely shrouded in clouds of green mist, making it practically impossible to see what was behind it. All everyone could do was listen to the rumbles advance closer and closer. Obviously, the main force of the Demon Race was pressing forward. 100,000 pairs of eyes stared at the green fog bank, tightly clenching the artifacts in their hands.


Yang Kai raised the Myriads Sword and ordered in a loud and reverberating voice, “Protect the flanks!”


Having been warned by him, everyone finally turned their attention away from what was directly in front of them and focused on their left and right sides.


Right at that moment, two groups of Demon Race cavalry charged out from behind the smokescreen like an unstoppable flood.


Yang Kai’s knowledge of the enemy’s tactics played a huge role at this moment.


The Northern Territory cultivators, who were already prepared, also didn’t need any orders at this moment. Qi surged as they fired their long-range attacks at the Demon cavalry.


In a flash, the advancing troops were thrown off their mounts as Demons and Demon Beasts painfully cried out. Black and red blood dyed the ground in many places, but it was apparent that this group of Demon cavalry was not mere cannon fodder. Although there were a lot of casualties, others soon filled the gaps and continued pressing the attack, a far different sight compared to the quick disruption and destruction of the Red and Green Demons.


While they were charging forward, the Demon Race finally began to counterattack. The Masters of the Demon Race launched fearsome strikes, shooting pitch-black balls of energy in rapid succession, each of which carried great lethality.


At that moment, Yang Kai turned his head to Luan Feng and the others. Luan Feng immediately understood his intent and let out a resounding phoenix cry as the Ancient Lands’ three Divine Venerables and thirty-two Monster Kings advanced forward together, using their respective techniques to block the Demon Race’s incoming attacks.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


One after another, the pitch-black balls blew up midway, not one of them managing to even touch the Northern Territory Army.


With the Ancient Lands’ Masters in charge of the defence, the Northern Territory’s position was absolutely impregnable. Even if some attacks slipped through the net, the Northern Territory cultivators weren’t vegetarians, so the Masters naturally stepped up to defend, leaving the rest to only focus on attacking.


For the 100,000-strong army of the Northern Territory, this was undoubtedly something to rejoice about.


The Demon Race continued to push ahead, treading upon the corpses of their fallen clansmen, appearing unafraid of death. With every passing moment, hundreds of Demons died in this barren wilderness, but even as the corpses piled up, the Demons did not slow their charge. On the contrary, the deaths of their comrades only stirred up their aggression and hostility, making their auras even more brutal.


After the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, the two armies finally entered close-combat range.


The Northern Territory Army, however, was still in peak condition and ready to face the battered enemy. They had already killed over 200,000 Demons without taking a single loss on their side, and although at least half of those kills were of mere fodder, such a performance was still extremely astonishing.


This kind of result also boosted the morale of the Northern Territory cultivators to a peak.


All of their timidity and fear were gone as the shouts and explosions on the battlefield now caused everyone’s blood to boil instead. Anyone with even the slightest heat in their heart wanted to rush out and fight the Demon Race to the death, as if dying here on this battlefield would leave them with no regrets.


Yang Kai’s aura suddenly changed at that moment, becoming ancient and desolate, like he had strolled out from primordial times.


Yu Ru Meng stared at him in amazement when he underwent this transformation, but before she could figure out what was happening, an abstruse chant began to echo throughout the sky.


Yu Ru Meng’s expression changed ever so slightly as her beautiful eyes deeply stared at Yang Kai, seemingly trying to peer into the depths of his heart so she could dig up all the secrets he was hiding from her still.


Suddenly, a halo of light bloomed from Yang Kai’s hands and spread towards the Northern Territory Army, shrouding all 100,000 of them at once.


In the next moment, apart from the ones with higher cultivation than Yang Kai, everyone else felt their blood suddenly start boiling as a red glow began to shine from their bodies. At that point, everyone couldn’t help but feel that their fighting spirit had been set ablaze. Even their breathing became rapid and heavy.


Many people spread their palms and checked them repeatedly, experiencing the changes in their bodies in shock. There was nothing wrong with them though; in fact, they seemed to have grown stronger all of a sudden.


“Bloodlust Spell!” Yu Ru Meng’s pupils shrank as she stared at Yang Kai in a daze.


Yang Kai profoundly glanced at her as a smile bloomed on his face. Then, his chants changed as he raised his hand again, whereupon another ray of light bloomed, enveloping thousands of people in his camp. He kept raising his hands, shooting rays of light in succession, enveloping thousands at a time.


At this moment, everyone, who had been enveloped in this light, had an extremely strange feeling. They felt as if they were closely connected with the others around them, almost as if their lives had been tied together in some way, making it difficult to distinguish where they ended and their neighbours began.


“Life Chains!?” Yu Ru Meng’s beautiful eyes widened as she simply couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


She might have misunderstood the Bloodlust Spell just now, but she could definitely not be wrong about the Life Chains.


[The Bloodlust and Life Chains are both Ancient Shamanic Spells, Secret Techniques that only the ancient Shamans should be able to display. How can anyone still cultivate them and even cast them in this era where the World Principles have dramatically changed?]


[Furthermore, judging by how easily Yang Kai just cast them, it’s quite apparent that he is extremely proficient in the use of Shamanic Strength.]


[He must be a Shaman King at least!]


Yu Ru Meng thought she knew enough about Yang Kai, but only now did she realize that she had barely scratched the surface. There were far more secrets he was still hiding from her.


Today’s battle was a clash between the armies of the two worlds, and as Yang Kai had said before, it had far-reaching and wide-ranging significance. This battle could not be lost. Although their lineup was strong and there were countless Masters overseeing things, Yang Kai still went all out to bless the army of 100,000 men with two Shamanic Spells to make sure that nothing went wrong.


Originally, these two Shamanic Spells were weapons of war that the Ancient Barbarian Race relied on most against the Demon Race.


The Barbarian Race focused on cultivating their bodies. They had ample vitality, and coupled with the Bloodlust Spell, they could freely move about inside clouds of Demon Qi for a short period of time without worrying about being corroded by it. Today, although rarely anyone in the Star Boundary focused on Body Tempering due to the shift in World Principles, everyone present from the Northern Territory was at least an Origin King. Even if they didn’t focus on cultivating their physiques, their vitality was extremely exuberant at this level, so it wasn’t any worse than average Barbarians.


As such, what the Barbarian Race could do, the Star Boundary’s cultivators could also do.


The army of 100,000 cultivators had been blessed with two Shamanic Spells within a short period of a dozen breaths.


The Bloodlust Spell stimulated one’s Blood Qi and made people brave and fearless while Life Chains allowed hundreds or even thousands of people to link their vitalities together. As long as someone wasn’t fatally injured, such as having their head chopped off, any damage one suffered would be borne equally by the group they were linked to, dramatically improving survivability on the battlefield.


As the Demon Race cavalry closed in, Yang Kai swung his sword and shouted, “Charge!”


All by himself, he shot straight into the Demon Race army, shooting sword wave after sword wave from the Myriads Sword at the enemy before him. Wherever he went by, no one could block him as severed bodies of the Demons flew out in all directions.


Right behind him were the 100,000 Northern Territory cultivators. Each and every one seemed to have been injected with boiling chicken blood. They let out fierce roars as they used all the strongest techniques and skills they had cultivated over their lives. In a flash, dazzling artifact attacks and Secret Techniques flew everywhere, injuring if not killing the Demon Race members wherever they passed.


If one looked down from a high altitude, the 100,000 Northern Territory cultivators appeared like a sharp knife, piercing through the Demon Race army with Yang Kai at its tip. Mowing down Demons like they were cutting wheat in a field.


Although the Demon Race army was many times bigger, how could it be compared with the Northern Territory’s elites who were blessed with two Shamanic Spells. The Northern Territory army grew braver and braver as the battle progressed. Even though the Demon Race had them surrounded from all sides, the Northern Territory Army showed no fear or slowing of momentum.


The scale of victory had been tilted towards the Northern Territory from the beginning.


Even so, the Demon Race had no intention of retreating. Each of the Demon Race’s members didn’t seem to fear death in the slightest.


The enormous battlefield had been instantly transformed into a huge meat grinder, one that tramped Demons to paste one after another.


Mo Huang was hovering mid-air, indifferently watching the entire scene. Even if some Northern Territory cultivators lost their lives, he had no plan of taking action as his focus remained on the centre of the Demon Land up ahead.


He could sense someone in that Demon Land that was in no way inferior to him, glaring at him like a ravenous tiger.


If he made a move, the opponent would definitely make a move as well, and when that happened, no matter whether it was the Demon army or the Northern Territory army, neither side would be spared. If not for this, why would he still stand idly by? With his ability, it would have been simple to crush the entire Demon Race army.


Although there was no communication between the two sides, it was as if they had reached an agreement. The two top Masters would only act as deterrents; they would never easily take action until the last moment.


Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Yang Kai’s murderous intent was soaring straight to the Heavens. He had already lost track of how many Demons he had killed, but the enemies around him never seemed to decrease despite his efforts. The enemy was still densely packed and their huge advantage in numbers began to vividly manifest at this moment.


“Be careful!” At that moment, Yu Ru Meng’s warning rang in his ear.


Yang Kai didn’t even lift his head to look though as he stretched out his hand and grabbed the air behind him.




Yang Kai’s hand reached out and caught a trembling arrow that had been soaring through the air just moments ago. The sharp arrow was made of an unknown material but was incomparably tough, so much so that Yang Kai couldn’t immediately shatter it even with his strength.


He coldly swept a glance behind himself and noticed a woman in revealing clothes standing a thousand metres away, a large pair of black wings flapping on her back. She happened to be coldly staring at him as well.


Feather Demon! And it was a Demon King-level Feather Demon at that!




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