Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3394, Luring Into a Trap


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Feather Demons were quite rare in the Demon Realm, so a Feather Demon who could become a Demon King, was naturally rarer. Of course, this information was something Yang Kai had obtained in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld so he couldn’t say for sure whether it was also true for the current Demon Realm.


But among the Demon Realm’s hundred clans, the Feather Demons were unparalleled when it came to archery, and the arrow shot by a Demon King Feather Demon was powerful enough to destroy even the hardest of defences.


Obviously, Yang Kai’s wanton havoc had drawn the attention of the Demon Race, so it wasn’t surprising a Demon King Feather Demon was finally dispatched to deal with him.


Four eyes suddenly met as Yang Kai grinned at the Feather Demon, his smile causing the other party’s heart to clench tightly, as if she was no longer the one in control of her life.


She was also extremely decisive, so the moment she noticed that something was wrong, she promptly decided to retreat.


But how could Yang Kai simply let her go? The moment she moved, he grasped towards her.


“Heh heh heh!” Right at that moment, a peal of cold, heartless laughter suddenly rang in his ear and at the same time, a cold metallic gleam of light flashed at the corner of Yang Kai’s eyes as a pitch-black dagger stabbed at his neck.


No one had noticed when a blackened blur appeared behind Yang Kai.


Shadow Demon!


The Shadow Demons had always been famous for assassination. They rarely took action, but when they did, they struck like a bolt of silent thunder. If their target was someone of the same level as them, few could escape with their lives.


Yang Kai simply turned a deaf ear to the movements of the Shadow Demon behind him, though, as Space Principles fluctuated around him and he grasped towards the Feather Demon, clenching the air as he shouted, “Get back here!”


Just as his voice fell, the beautiful face of the retreating Feather Demon turned pale, because at that instant, she felt the space around her turn solid, like an enormous invisible hand had gripped her. The next moment, she flew back towards Yang Kai, completely out of her control, arriving before him in the blink of an eye.


A Feather Demon’s strength lay in their archery skills, so even though this Feather Demon was a Demon King, her strength in close-quarters was extremely limited; therefore, as soon as she was caught and pulled back in front of Yang Kai, the blood all drained from her face. She was in panic and was struggling very hard to free herself, but she was unable to get rid of the strange confinement.


Immediately after, Yang Kai punched straight toward her.


With a gruesome sound, as if a watermelon had been smashed, the head of the beautiful Feather Demon King exploded into a blood mist, leaving behind a headless corpse that crashed towards the ground. But Yang Kai didn’t stop there as he stamped his foot down, completely smashing her corpse into paste before finally stopping.


Demons had extremely tenacious vitality, and as long as their Demon Heart remained, they would never die. What’s more, it was all but impossible to tell where a Demon King was hiding his or her Demon Heart, or how many Demon Hearts he or she had cultivated. Only by completely destroying the corpse till nothing was left could one be certain they had killed them.


At that moment, the Shadow Demon’s dagger struck Yang Kai’s neck, the sharp energy around the blade sending chills down Yang Kai’s back.


But the moment the blade touched his skin, a slender hand reached out and gently pinched the tip of the dagger with incomparable accuracy. The jade white hand didn’t seem to have pinched that dagger that hard, but it rendered the dagger completely immobile.


The Shadow Demon’s face drastically changed as he turned his head to look towards the side and saw the owner of that hand.


Yu Ru Meng, on the other hand, was staring at the Shadow Demon with an indifferent look on her face, her gaze aloof and arrogant, like a deity looking down at a mortal.


The moment their eyes met, the Shadow Demon suddenly shuddered, but before he could react, Yang Kai had already swung his sword back, silently splitting the Shadow Demon in two.


Yang Kai’s sword then flickered and chopped up the Shadow Demon into countless fragments. Finally, he turned his head, glancing at Yu Ru Meng with a cold and imposing gaze. At the same time, he reached out and touched his neck where only a faint scratch was felt. 


Even if Yu Ru Meng hadn’t intervened, he would have been fine as the defensive strength of a 300-metre Half-Dragon wasn’t so easy to pierce. If not for this, Yang Kai wouldn’t have outright ignored the Shadow Demon King’s sneak attack.


However, Yu Ru Meng’s attitude was a bit strange. After Yang Kai had charged into the Demon Race army, she hadn’t moved a half step away from him. However, she had only been closely following Yang Kai, never intervening in the fight at all. She only acted when Yang Kai was in danger. 


“Is there a flower on my face?” Yu Ru Meng asked with a slight smile, seemingly a little uncomfortable being stared at so aggressively by him.


Yang Kai suddenly burst into laughter and said, “You are the most beautiful flower in the world!”


The next moment, he turned around, flicked his sword, and charged back into the Demon Race army. Yu Ru Meng behind him, on the other hand, furrowed her brow before following after him as before.



At the Space Array, a team of people suddenly appeared like ghosts. There weren’t many in this team, just a hundred or so, but all of them were Emperor Realm Masters, a few of them even having reached the Third Order.


It was just that all of them had Demon Qi lingering around their figures. Obviously, they had already been demonified.


After they showed up, they respectively launched attacks toward the Space Array without speaking a word, their intentions incredibly obvious.


“Yang Kai is really farsighted. He knew you would come!” A cold snort suddenly came as seven beautiful figures rushed out from the sides. These seven women appeared and dressed exactly the same, wearing white robes and exuding a frigid cold aura. Obviously, they were cultivating Ice Attribute Secret Arts; furthermore, they were all Emperor Realm Masters as well.


In the Northern Territory, only Ice Heart Valley could deploy such a lineup.


Impressively, the speaker was none other than the Ancestral Founder of Ice Heart Valley, Bing Yun, who was here together with her Disciples, An Ruo Yun, Sun Yun Xiu, Ji Yao, Chang Sun Yun and several others.


Since Martial Beast Great Emperor had warned Yang Kai that the Demon Race was coming to destroy the Space Array, how could Yang Kai not take precautions at all? Now that the army of 100,000 Northern Territory cultivators had all moved out to meet the enemy, someone would naturally need to remain behind to guard the Array.


Yang Kai hadn’t forgotten the fact that the Western Territory had already fallen to the enemy and that the Masters from the top Sects had already been demonified. Now that the war has started, those demonified cultivators would certainly not sit idly by.


This team of Ice Heart Valley’s Emperors was the contingency Yang Kai had quietly prepared.


Obviously, with seven vs a hundred, Ice Heart Valley was severely outnumbered. Even if Bing Yun was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, she too was powerless to overturn such a difference in strength, but with a certain Formation backing them up, things were completely different.


As soon as Bing Yun’s team appeared, they promptly arranged themselves and tied together their formation. Their auras resonated with each other as an enormous Black Tortoise phantom appeared around them and covered the Space Array.


Black Tortoise Seven Points Formation!


This formation was the core inheritance from the Eastern Territory’s Black Tortoise Sect and was quite renowned throughout the world. When Ice Heart Valley was attacked by Seeking Passion Sect, it had been severely outnumbered and outmatched. At that time, Yang Kai had passed the Black Tortoise Seven Points Formation to Ice Heart Valley, allowing them to significantly boost their strength even without increasing their numbers. As such, almost all of Ice Heart Valley’s disciples were well versed in this formation. Now, this formation was being used by Bing Yun in combination with her six Emperor Realm Disciples, enhancing their might by a dramatic amount.


Even if a Pseudo-Great Emperor came, they could still fight on par with them!


Not to mention, although over a hundred Emperor Realm Masters had turned into Demons, only a few among them had their bodies truly seized by Demon Spirits, the others were simply corrupted by Demon Qi and were currently akin to mindless puppets. The latter Demons only knew how to follow orders, so the strength they could display was greatly reduced.


After a round of deafening rumbles, the Black Tortoise illusory phantom stood tall, only rippling slightly on its surface. Although Bing Yun and the others all let out a grunt, the formation wasn’t destroyed and none of them had suffered any serious harm.


“Ice Heart Valley’s Bing Yun?” A white-haired elderly man among the Western Territory Demon camp slowly spoke as he coldly stared at Bing Yun, “I have heard so much about you.”


Bing Yun indifferently responded, “Should this Queen address you as Lian Zheng, or do you go by another name now?”


This old man was none other than Pointed Star Sect’s Sect Master, but he had clearly been taken over by a Demon Spirit, so the real Lian Zheng had already ceased to exist. Now, he was just a Demon occupying this body.


Lian Zheng smiled, “It’s just a name, that’s all, you may call this King whatever you want. In any case, your Ice Heart Valley is in the far Northern Territory, why are you intervening in things here? It would be better for all of you to leave here as soon as possible, so as not to have a tragic end.”


Bing Yun snorted, “The only one meeting a tragic end here today will be you.”


Lian Zheng stated with a sneer, “There are only seven of you, and even if this formation of yours is impressive, is it enough to allow you to face over a hundred of us all on your own? This King has always been compassionate towards women, so he would prefer not to have to get rough.”


Bing Yun just stared back at him with an indifferent look on her face as she spoke, “Since Yang Kai was sure that you would come, how can you say for sure that there are only seven of us here?”


Just as she said this, Lian Zheng’s face immediately changed, but before he could determine the truth of the matter, gigantic palms suddenly protruded out from the ground and grabbed towards them with earth-shattering might.


The size of each and every palm was a little outrageous, and they clearly did not belong to Humans. Not only were the palms enormous, but they were also made from stone!


The Western Territory’s demonified cultivators were caught off guard and hurriedly tried to retreat. Unfortunately for them, many did not move fast enough and were caught by these palms. All those who were were swiftly pulverized into clouds of blood mist, not leaving behind even a single bit of bone.




The ground quaked as enormous figures suddenly emerged from the sand one after another, each and every one of them exuding an ancient and fearsome aura.


Lian Zheng and the rest of his companions were dumbfounded, their eyes filled with disbelief.


Only because the ones that had suddenly emerged from the ground were actually a group of Stone Men. With their tall, robust figures literally made from angular stones, it was clear that these stone men all had extremely powerful bodies. One of them looked extremely old, but he also gave off the strongest sense of oppression. One other among this group was covered in sharp spines and had his entire body surrounded by sinister flames.


“Shi Huo!” Lian Zheng’s pupils shrank as he stared at the big guy covered in barbs, immediately realizing that things were going to be a little troublesome.


If it was just the seven members of Ice Heart Valley guarding this place, even if they had the Black Tortoise Seven Points Formation supporting them, Lian Zheng was still confident he could behead all of them and destroy the Space Array.


But the opponent suddenly had so many reinforcements, and even a Divine Spirit joining the fray. The situation had instantly been reversed.


“Retreat!” Lian Zheng took decisive action. After realizing that the situation wasn’t favourable, he immediately decided to withdraw.


It was easy to come here, but retreating from this place was going to be far more difficult.


The nine Stone Spirit Clansmen, along with the Embodiment, and the seven Emperor Realm Masters of Ice Heart Valley were the force that Yang Kai had mobilized to set up this ambush, hoping to lure the enemy into a trap and destroy them all at once. Now that the trap had been sprung, how could they let the enemy leave so easily?


The Embodiment immediately reached out, its enormous hand seemingly leaping across space and grabbing towards Lian Zheng.


In a flash, Lian Zheng felt as if the sky was shrouded. Before even exchanging any moves, he knew that he definitely wasn’t Shi Huo’s opponent; after all, Shi Huo was a Divine Spirit while he was only a Third-Order Emperor. The difference in strength was too great.


Lian Zheng promptly raised his hand and summoned out a shield artifact to protect himself.


As the Embodiment grabbed it though, the shield shattered into pieces, causing Lian Zheng to break into cold sweat in shock. But thanks to this short delay, he managed to find a chance to escape. His body moved rapidly as he burned his Blood Essence without hesitation, fleeing into the distance as fast as he could.


Seeing their leader fleeing like this, the other Demons naturally wouldn’t remain either and immediately fled in all directions.


The Stone Spirit Clan immediately gave chase…




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