Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3396, Great Emperors’ Gathering


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In the past, when Yang Kai wiped out the high-level figures of Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land outside Heavenly Wolf Valley, he once told Chi Gui that he wanted half of everything these two Sects owned. He also knew that with the high-level figures of Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land killed, the Sects’ headquarters were destined to remain unprotected, and Ahan Temple would definitely make a move on them.


At that time, only Ahan Temple of the three top Sects of the Eastern Territory remained, so it wasn’t too much for him to ask for his half.


But later he went to Dragon Island, and then to Spirit Beast Island, and from there, he directly returned to the Northern Territory. He simply didn’t have the time to go to Ahan Temple.


Now, Chi Gui had delivered the spoils in person.


In fact, among the crowd of Emperor Realm Masters who were asking Yang Kai for the information on the Demon Race, the Temple Master of Ahan Temple was also there. Yang Kai didn’t know about his exact name, but he heard people call him Temple Master Chen.


Temple Master Chen didn’t make this delivery, probably feeling embarrassed to hand over such wealth; after all, those were Ahan Temple’s war spoils, and Yang Kai had demanded half. If Temple Master Chen had personally handed over these resources, it would be as if he was afraid of Yang Kai.


But now, the two worlds were at war, and he would need Yang Kai’s assistance many times in the days to come, so he couldn’t easily offend him either. As such, Temple Master Chen could only send Chi Gui, who had dealt with Yang Kai in the past, to offer this Space Ring up as a show of good faith.


Chi Gui pursed his lips into a smile as he looked around before lowering his voice, “Sir Temple Master said that if there is another battle in the future, he hopes Brother Yang can look after Ahan Temple a little.”


Yang Kai squinted his eyes at him as he replied, “Ahan Temple has deployed its finest Masters for this matter; in addition, Temple Master Chen is personally overseeing things. On top of that, Ahan Temple is under Serene Soul Palace’s command. How exactly should I take care of it?”


Chi Gui sheepishly laughed as he added, “I heard people say that during the battle a few days ago, Brother Yang cast some special Secret Techniques that stimulated everyone’s Blood Qi, allowing them to resist the erosion of Demon Qi, and also bound their lifeforce together, allowing them to withstand far more punishment than would normally have been possible…”


[So he was talking about this.]


Yang Kai remained noncommittal, “I will try my best.” He didn’t promise anything, not because he only wanted to take care of the cultivators of his territory, but rather… he was constrained by the limits of his energy.


He was truly a Shaman King, but blessing 100,000 men with the Bloodlust Spell and Life Chains was his limit. No matter how much anyone pleaded, he was powerless to do anything more. At present, the coalition army of three territories had reached 300,000 in size. If all of them were truly deployed, Yang Kai alone would be unable to aid them all.


“Then I will offer our thanks in advance.” Chi Gui cupped his fists and left.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, stood on his spot, pondering for a time before an idea came to mind. The more he thought about it, the more he found it promising. He hadn’t thought about it before because the Demon Race hadn’t invaded, but now that the circumstances had changed, it was necessary to use any available resource on hand.


Just when he was thinking about this, a fragrant breeze blew over as a stunning figure with a veil on its face and a smiling look in its beautiful eyes appeared before Yang Kai, “What are you thinking?”


Yang Kai was taken aback, [She’s still fine!?]


[How could she be fine? She was summoned by Hua Ling Long earlier!] Yang Kai thought that Yu Ru Meng’s disguise would be seen through in an instant and was just waiting for the good show to start, but contrary to his expectation, she appeared in front of him, completely intact.


“Are you okay?” Yang Kai quickly composed himself and promptly showed a worried look as he asked via Divine Sense transmission.


The corner of Yu Ru Meng’s eyes rose as she asked back, “Were you worried about me?”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes at her as he went all baloney, adopting a dead-serious look, “What nonsense, of course I’m worried about you. She…didn’t do anything to you, right?”


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “If something did happen to me, could I still be standing before you?”


“Good, good!” Yang Kai put on an expression as if a weight on his heart was lifted. In truth though, he was quite puzzled. [What the hell happened? Could it be that Hua Ling Long didn’t see through her disguise? Or was it that she did see through it but has other plans in mind?]


“I’ll be fine, you don’t need to worry,” Yu Ru Meng’s face turned serious.


[Who would worry about you!?] Yang Kai rebuked in his heart. Since the Heart Seal had been passed by him to the Soul Warming Lotus, he was no longer affected much by this Secret Technique, but Yu Ru Meng didn’t seem to have gotten rid of the restraints of the Heart Seal. Her attitude towards him was still the same as before, but if one gave it another thought, that wasn’t surprising either. Although the Heart Seal was isolated by the Soul Warming Lotus, it was still within Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, so as long as it wasn’t broken, it would always have an impact on Yu Ru Meng.


“Go inside, the Great Emperors have something to ask you,” Yu Ru Meng suddenly told him.


Yang Kai replied with a nod, “Then I’ll be right back. Don’t run too far.”


Yu Ru Meng sweetly responded, “En.”


Yang Kai turned around and walked into the main tent.


Seven figures were gathered inside the tent, their auras completely converged, making them appear just like ordinary people, but these seven were no doubt the top figures standing at the peak of the Star Boundary.


Among the seven, Yang Kai only knew three, Serene Soul, Martial Beast, and Iron Blood, while he had never met the other four. One of them was a beautiful woman and was easily identifiable as Flower Shadow Great Emperor, Hua Ling Long. Another one didn’t appear that old, only in his thirties; he had silvery snow-white hair and was wearing robes that looked as if they were woven from the finest ice. Yang Kai reckoned that he should be the Ice Feather Great Emperor!


There was also a kind-looking old man with a smile on his face, giving everyone a sense of mystery.


Heaven Revelations Great Emperor!


The last one was an old man with a long beard that hung down to his chest and a ruddy complexion. There was a strong pill fragrance lingering on his robes and his figure, one so ingrained that it couldn’t be gotten rid of.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor!


From the ten Great Emperors, apart from Bustling World Great Emperor, who was currently in the Ancestral Realm, Night Shadow Great Emperor, who had colluded with the Demon Race, and Bright Moon Great Emperor, who was trapped in the Demon Realm, the remaining seven were all gathered here.


Such a majestic lineup could be considered a once in a lifetime event.


The Great Emperors lived all over the world and were normally hidden dragons who showed their tails but never their faces. If it weren’t for the invasion of the Demon Realm, why would they ever need to gather in one place?


Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed, looking serious and earnest, “Greetings, Seniors.”


These seven were idols of worship in the hearts of the billions of cultivators of the Star Boundary so Yang Kai didn’t dare to be neglectful. Even if these seven weren’t releasing their auras, Yang Kai still felt pressured just by standing in their presence.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor nodded lightly. As he was related to Xia Ning Chang, he would naturally look at Yang Kai in a different light.


Flower Shadow Great Emperor, on the other hand, had an intrigued look on her face as she swept a glance over Yang Kai before asking in an enchanting voice, “Are you Yang Kai?”


Her voice was very gentle and all-embracing like water, making all who listened to it feel very comfortable and relaxed.


Yang Kai earnestly replied, “Yes!”


A smile appeared on Hua Ling Long’s face as she asked, “What kind of love potion did you give to Qing’er that makes her insist on following you around everywhere these days?” She wasn’t blind or deaf, so obviously she knew about such things. But judging by her tone of questioning, she didn’t appear to be even a bit angry. Had it been another Great Emperor, perhaps he would have put Yang Kai in his place first and shouted, “How dare you seduce my Disciple! Boy, are you courting death!?”


It was quite apparent that Hua Ling Long herself was a very gentle and mild-tempered person.


Yang Kai couldn’t understand what Li Wu Yi had done to be hunted down by her back then.


Yang Kai immediately straightened his back, however, and sonorously replied, “Qing’er and I are in love with each other. We fell in love at first sight!”


Mo Huang’s face darkened right away. He was well aware that his precious daughter, Mo Xiao Qi, also had some feelings for Yang Kai, but Yang Kai had several wives already, and now, he even had Hua Ling Long’s Disciple completely enchanted. If Xiao Qi came to know about this, what would her reaction be? Sometimes, Mo Huang felt like killing Yang Kai with a slap to the face.


Hua Ling Long giggled and commented, “You’re quite courageous.”


Yang Kai added in a dead-serious tone, “When a man and woman are in love, everything is right and proper. Senior, did you ask this because you intend to stop us?”


Hua Ling Long answered, shaking her head, “That’s not what I mean. Don’t misunderstand. Qing’er is not a child, so she can do as she pleases. However, as her Master, it is only right that I ask about it, isn’t it?”


[She’s not Li Shi Qing, she’s Yu Ru Meng!] Yang Kai really wanted to pluck out Hua Ling Long’s eyeballs to see if she was blind.


Hua Ling Long, however, just sternly declared, “Since she chose you, make sure not to disappoint her!”


Yang Kai repeatedly nodded, “Junior will keep that in mind.”


“Alright, the chit chat ends here,” Mo Huang intervened as he focused his gaze on Yang Kai and asked, “Boy, we called you this time to ask you about the Secret Techniques you used the other day.”


Yang Kai replied, “I was actually hoping to discuss this matter with Seniors.”


“Oh?” Mo Huang raised his brow, “What do you want to say?”


Yang Kai earnestly replied, “Senior Martial Beast witnessed the battle with your own eyes so you should be able to tell that the two techniques I used have great utility, so it is only natural you wished to ask me about them.”


Mo Huang lightly nodded as he replied, “Indeed! The Secret Technique that can inspire Blood Qi isn’t of too much concern as many Sects have similar methods to achieve such a result, but the one which connects the lives of over a thousand cultivators is truly unbelievable. This King has been mulling over it these days but still couldn’t think of what Secret Technique that might have been. After discussing with the others though, we finally determined that your Secret Technique is somehow similar to a certain legendary Ancient Shamanic Spell.”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement, “Senior’s knowledge is indeed profound. That was indeed the Ancient Shamanic Spell, Life Chains!”


Everyone present here was a Great Emperor, yet they couldn’t help but show some surprise.


Iron Blood, furrowing his brow, asked, “You can cast Ancient Shamanic Spells?”


Yang Kai smiled lightly as the aura around him suddenly changed, becoming ancient and desolate. He then looked at the Great Emperors and stated, “In this state, I can be considered a Shaman King.”


Heaven Revelations Great Emperor asked, stroking his beard, “Shaman Kings were high-level existences in the ancient times, roughly equivalent to our Emperor Realm cultivators; however, the current World Principles are different from that period, so how were you able to cultivate Shamanic Spells?”


Yang Kai explained, “Senior’s question is reasonable. The reason this Junior was able to cultivate Shamanic Spells was because of a certain opportunity. I once entered a Sealed World, one that had the incredible effect of stretching time. In that Sealed World, I experienced several years worth of events, but in reality, only a few days had passed. It was in that Sealed World that I learned the secret of the Shamanic Spells.”


Heavens Revelations Great Emperor was shocked and moved, “So to say, that Sealed World has preserved the ancient environment!?”




The Great Emperors immediately brightened as Iron Blood anxiously asked, “Where is that Sealed World? Can it be opened again?”


Yang Kai smiled after hearing this as it seemed that his thoughts coincided with those of the Great Emperors, so he immediately replied, nodding, “That Sealed World is currently in my High Heaven Palace and can be opened at any moment!”


“Good!” Iron Blood broke into laughter and suggested, rubbing his hands, looking at Yang Kai with scorching eyes, “If that’s the case, we need you to take a group of people into that Sealed World to cultivate those Shamanic Spells. Is that possible?”


“I was just about to suggest doing so as well!” Yang Kai nodded.




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