Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3398, Misunderstanding


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The Revolving World wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t small either. Last time, Yang Kai, the Zhu brother and sister duo, and Li Jiao stayed in this world for several months, but even if they weren’t familiar with this place, they wouldn’t be too unfamiliar with it either.


Hovering in the sky, Yang Kai calmly found his bearings before he made a beeline toward the location of the Human Imperial City.


After half a day, an inverted bowl-like green curtain of light appeared in his sight as he sensed a familiar aura from it.


That was the Human Imperial City’s protective shield.


Yang Kai also knew that it was the power of the Sacred Tree.


Since the Demon Realm Principles were currently dominant in the Revolving World, it was the time the Demon Race could run rampant. On the other hand, the residents of Human Imperial City were unable to leave the protection of the Sacred Tree, otherwise, their minds would be corrupted by the Demon Qi and they would degenerate into Demons.


Every time this happened, the Humans, who had ventured out of Human Imperial City, would return to avoid the Demon Qi.


Yang Kai recalled all the information about Human Imperial City and the Sacred Tree in his mind, and after a short while, he arrived outside its gates.


However, the next moment, the warning bell on the tower on the city wall suddenly started ringing as someone shouted in a loud voice, “The Demon Race is attacking, the Demon Race is attacking!” Although the cultivation of the person shouting wasn’t that high, he was still a Dao Source Realm so his cultivation was sufficient to make his voice resound throughout Human Imperial City.


The endless streams of people suddenly fell into a strange state of stillness in an instant, and after three breaths, everyone started running around, shouting in a panic.


Yang Kai was momentarily stunned. [The Demon Race is attacking? Where is the Demon Race?]


He turned his head left and right, looking around, but suddenly, realization dawned upon him, […He’s not referring to me, is he?]


Yang Kai lowered his head, gazing down at the tower that rang the warning bell, and discovered that the Dao Source Realm cultivator, who was shouting, was looking at him with deep hatred and pain on his face.


Yang Kai’s facial muscles momentarily twitched. He really wanted to pluck this fool’s eyeballs out and let him have a closer look at himself. [How do I look like a Demon Race member?]


But after giving it another thought, Yang Kai couldn’t blame this man for this misunderstanding; after all, the Demon Realm Principles were flowing outside, so only the Demon Race could move about freely.


Him showing up now would inevitably cause others to have a misunderstanding.


Having thought this through, Yang Kai shouted aloud, “This King is not a member of the Demon Race, everyone does not need to panic!”


The Dao Source Realm cultivator completely ignored him and kept ringing the bell, warning everyone.


People kept flying towards the city wall close to Yang Kai, all of them on edge, as if they were about to face a difficult enemy. There were even several Emperor Realm cultivators among this crowd.


This caused Yang Kai’s eyes to immediately light up as although the population of Human Imperial City wasn’t that big, due to its special environment, the number of Emperors here was actually quite high. When Yang Kai came here last time, he had met several Third-Order Emperors, and if he could bring such a force out of this place, it would provide a big help to the Star Boundary in its current predicament.


While he was thinking this, he heard someone suddenly shout in anger, “Who goes there!?”


Yang Kai focused his gaze towards the source of the voice and saw a Second-Order Emperor Realm elderly man, so he lightly nodded to him and replied, “This King is Yang Kai, not a member of the Demon Race. I ask the Old Sir to lower the barrier. This King is here to discuss some business with the Human Sovereign.”


That elderly man immediately shouted in anger, “How dare a Demon like you speak of honourable Human Sovereign through your dirty mouth! If you have any sense of propriety, you will quickly retreat, or you will definitely lose your dog life here!”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched involuntarily as he tried to explain himself again, “Old Sir, take a close look at this King! Does this King look like a member of Demon Race to you?”


The elderly man harrumphed before shouting back, “You can’t fool me with your lies! I will give you three breaths, and if you don’t retreat by then, the consequences will be yours to bear!”


Yang Kai heaved a long sigh before asking with a helpless look on his face, “Are you really not going to remove the barrier?”


“Scram!” The elderly man lashed out.


A smile emerged on Yang Kai’s lips as he slowly stretched his hand towards the green light screen, speaking, “In that case, I will come in by myself.”


The elderly man kept sneering, showing no intention of stopping him; after all, the blessing of the Sacred Tree suppressed the Demon Race to a great degree. Once a Demon was exposed to this aura, they would be heavily injured if not dead; otherwise, Human Imperial City would not have remained safe and sound even after so many millennia; it would have long been trampled flat by the Demon Race.


In his opinion, this ignorant Demon was plain dumb by trying to intrude on the Sacred Tree’s protected area, an act akin to courting death.


But the next moment, the sneer on the old man’s face suddenly stiffened as his eyes bulged in disbelief.


Because when Yang Kai’s hand pressed on the green light screen, he didn’t suffer any damage at all. And not only that, a series of ripples appeared, giving the impression that the shield was about to be torn open.


[How is this possible!?]


The shield was formed from the Sacred Tree’s blessing and had been sheltering Human Imperial City for over a hundred thousand years, but now it had actually accepted a member of the Demon Race!?


The defensive power of the Sacred Tree was incredibly strong, so even if the Demon Race really attacked the city, it was absolutely impossible for them to break in. Fortunately, Yang Kai never intended to break this barrier, he only wanted to cross it; after all, the resources here were of great value to him.


He was a Shaman King, so from the start, he was like kin to the Sacred Tree. As such, when he tried to enter the city, why would the Sacred Tree stop him?


Before, he just didn’t want to make the residents of Human Imperial City too nervous, but now, he was left with no choice but to make a move himself.


The ripples continued to spread and soon Yang Kai’s arm slipped through the barrier, followed by half of his body, then his entire self.


In just ten breaths of time, Yang Kai was already inside Human Imperial City.


On the ground below, the countless residents of Human Imperial City were aghast at the sight of this and felt that the sky was about to fall.


Since this Demon Race member could easily pass through the protection of the Sacred Tree and enter Human Imperial City, it meant that other Demons could do so as well. In other words, Human Imperial City was no longer safe! But in this world, where could they go except for Human Imperial City? If they left the shelter of Human Imperial City and the Sacred Tree, they would really be standing at the end of their road.


The crowd of people, who had arrived at the tower, finally came to their senses as the elderly man furiously shouted, “The Demon Race has invaded, attack!”


Just as his voice fell, he was the first one to charge at Yang Kai. Even now, he still believed that Yang Kai was a member of the Demon Race.


Halfway up, the elderly man blasted a punch straight at Yang Kai. A faint tiger roar suddenly rang out as an almost tangible White Tiger illusory phantom rushed at Yang Kai with extraordinary momentum.


Others also hurriedly flew up, casting their respective techniques one after another.


Bulging blue veins appeared on Yang Kai’s forehead as he promptly raised his hand and palmed downward.


A deafening dragon roar reverberated throughout the sky, shaking the entire Human Imperial City. The next moment, an enormous Dragon’s illusory phantom manifested, biting down on the White Tiger in one go. The White Tiger illusion let out a miserable howl before it collapsed while the enormous Dragon still had plenty of energy left. It rushed straight into the crowd, swimming left and right, knocking away the cultivators who dared to challenge it.


The elderly man was shocked. As soon as Yang Kai made a move, he noticed Yang Kai’s cultivation was that same as his own, Second-Order Emperor Realm!


[But his Second-Order Emperor Realm seems… a little unusual, I’m not his opponent.]


In his momentary lapse, a figure suddenly appeared right before his face. When the elderly man regained his focus, he realized that the one standing before him was none other than the Demon who had just invaded the city.


The old man was struck with panic and hurriedly tried to retreat.


But could he leave so easily? By the time the old man realized, Yang Kai had already grabbed him by his collar, pulled him in front of him, and viciously glared at him.


[My end has come!] The elderly man sorrowfully cried in his heart, but the next thing he heard was Yang Kai’s furious shout, “Tell me, do I look like a Demon to you? Open your dog eyes and take a good look at this King!”


The elderly man had lost his wits, feeling like he had just escaped from the clutches of death, so where would he have the composure to observe Yang Kai?


“Stop right there!” Right then, a furious shout rang over as several figures flew over from the centre of Human Imperial City. The person leading the team had a fair complexion and was extremely handsome. There were several Emperor Realm Masters beside him, one of which was a Third-Order Emperor. Presumably, they had noticed the commotion here and had hurriedly come over to investigate.


After hearing this voice, Yang Kai turned his head and smiled at the young man leading the team as he shouted, “Third Imperial Prince, long time no see.”


The young man was none other than the third son of the Human Sovereign. Yang Kai had seen him the last time he came here, but hadn’t had any real dealings with him. Still, it wasn’t hard to recognize such a memorable figure.


The Third Imperial Prince glanced at Yang Kai in amazement, then cried out with a look of incredulity hanging on his face, “I was wondering why this voice sounded so familiar, it turns out that Senior Yang has returned.”


“It is this Yang!” Yang Kai nodded to him before he let go of the elderly man’s collar. He even smoothed out the old man’s wrinkled robes before he asked in a still unhappy tone, “Old Sir, didn’t I say that I am not a member of Demon Race? Do you believe me now?”


The elderly man subconsciously nodded before faintly recalling the name ‘Yang Kai’ from over a decade ago.


[Yes, there was indeed an outsider, who came to Human Imperial City, and had some kind of conflict with the Imperial Family, but what actually happened, the Imperial Family remained tight-lipped about. Then, the outsider had suddenly disappeared without a trace and the turmoil slowly subsided.]


[So it turns out that he is that guy.]


[But… why did Third Imperial Prince address him as Senior? What’s going on? Is it possible that this man is on equal footing with the Human Sovereign?]


“Since it’s Senior Yang, everything is a misunderstanding. Everyone, please disperse.” The Third Imperial Prince waved his hand and the people who were completely hostile a moment ago, put down their worries and left.


“I haven’t seen you for so many years, yet Third Imperial Prince’s noble bearing still remains the same,” Yang Kai smiled at him and commented casually.


The Third Imperial Prince, on the other hand, had his nerves stretched taut. Although he was the Third Imperial Prince of Human Imperial City, the most outstanding heir of the Human Sovereign and the most qualified to inherit the position of Human Sovereign in the future, he dared not put on any airs before Yang Kai. After all, the Sacred Tree gave special treatment to Yang Kai. Even the Human Sovereign didn’t dare to show any arrogance before Yang Kai back then, not to mention a mere prince like him.


Forcing a smile out somehow, the Third Imperial Prince replied, “Senior Yang, welcome back. How long are you planning to stay in Human Imperial City this time?”


He still believed that Yang Kai had been in the Revolving World all these years, and had never left; after all, Yang Kai and Zhu Qing had gone directly to Demon Fury City after they departed to look for the exit. He had no idea of what had transpired after that, so it was pretty normal for him to act like this.


Yang Kai stated, looking at him, “It seems that Third Imperial Prince doesn’t welcome me.”


The Third Imperial Prince hurriedly denied, “How could that be possible? Senior Yang is Imperial Father’s most honoured guest. If Senior Yang were to remain in Human Imperial City, it would be extremely good news for our Human Race. Why would this Prince not welcome Senior?”


Yang Kai didn’t bother to haggle with him and indifferently commented, “Then I’m afraid I will have to disappoint Third Imperial Prince. This Yang came in from outside just today and doesn’t plan to remain in Human Imperial City for long. I’m afraid I will be leaving in just a few days.”




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  1. Yang Kai needs the strongest of this city because they can fight Demons, and he needs the Ancestral Tree. But if the original Senior Qing died many years ago, how will Yang Kai contact the Tree?

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