Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3399, Feigning Politeness and Compliance


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Hearing this, the Third Imperial Prince heaved a long sigh of relief, but very soon, he asked, looking at him in shock, “Senior Yang, you mean to say you can freely enter and leave this world?”


Not only him, but the other Emperor Realm Masters, who were following him, looked stunned.


The Revolving World had a unique environment, one that had persisted for over a hundred thousand years. Many outsiders had inadvertently entered this world over this time, but they had never heard of anyone leaving it. There were rumours that there was an exit near Demon Fury City’s side, but it was basically impossible for the Humans to pass through there.


So now, how could the Third Imperial Prince and the others not be shocked after hearing Yang Kai’s words.


Yang Kai replied, “This King indeed has such a method.”


It was tantamount to admitting that he could freely leave and enter this world. The Third Imperial Prince’s face suddenly turned gloomy and uncertain as who knows what was going through his mind. Suddenly, he asked, smiling, “I wonder what business Senior Yang has come to Human Sovereign City for then?”


A confounding smile appeared on Yang Kai’s lips as he declared, “This King is here to offer you a great opportunity.”


The Third Imperial Prince’s brow twitched as obviously he didn’t believe Yang Kai, but he still patiently asked, “Would Senior be willing to explain?”


Yang Kai stated, “I will explain everything to the Human Sovereign, I only ask Third Imperial Prince to lead the way.”


The Third Imperial Prince couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. He knew that Yang Kai was indirectly saying that he wasn’t qualified to discuss such matters and was unhappy, but without letting his displeasure show on his face, he opened the way and beckoned, “In that case, please follow me, Senior Yang!”


With the Third Imperial Prince leading the way, the subsequent journey was extremely smooth; no one mistakenly took him for someone else a second time.


Along the way, the Third Imperial Prince subtly inquired about whether Yang Kai could really enter and leave this world freely. At first, Yang Kai didn’t want to say too much, but suddenly, a thought came to mind and he began freely speaking about the beauty of the outside world, his speech full of colourful descriptions and praise. The Third Imperial Prince just smiled, responding somewhat absent-mindedly.


Not long after, everyone arrived at the Imperial Palace and entered the main hall where they finally met the Human Sovereign.


The Human Sovereign hadn’t changed much since the last time Yang Kai saw him, he was still a fat elderly man at the Second-Order Emperor Realm, that’s all. His Blood Qi was already showing signs of decay, but the old man was still enjoying his life to its full extent; he had beautiful women standing on either side of him, serving him, each of whom was extremely stunning and charming in their own manner. Chances were that the old man would end up dying under the skirt of one of these women someday.


There wasn’t just Human Sovereign in the main hall though; most of the Imperial Family was present. Obviously, they had received the message from the Third Imperial Prince and each and every one of them had arrived and was now looking at Yang Kai with a complicated gaze.


Yang Kai even caught sight of hatred in the depth of the muddy eyes of the Human Sovereign.


Yang Kai certainly knew that this old guy didn’t welcome his arrival, but he didn’t care either way.


Taking a few steps forward, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Greetings, Human Sovereign.”


He didn’t do this because he was afraid of this old man, but rather because he was here to ask him for something, and if his request was really granted, he would still need to rely on the opposite party many times in the upcoming war between the two worlds. Naturally, Yang Kai couldn’t act rashly.


And apparently, such a gesture from him caught the Human Sovereign and the Imperial Princes and Princesses by surprise; after all, the last time Yang Kai was here, he was extremely arrogant and disdainful of their Imperial Family. The First Imperial Prince, Fu Shu, was even beaten by him, while the Second Princess, Fu Yu was taught a harsh lesson.


But it was precisely because of this that the Human Sovereign’s expression eased up a little. He then raised his hand and invited him to sit down, “Senior Yang, there’s no need to be so polite, please have a seat.”


Immediately, a beautiful maidservant took out a chair and set it down behind Yang Kai.


While Yang Kai generously took his seat, the Third Imperial Prince stepped up, leaned forward, and whispered something in the Sovereign’s ears. The Human Sovereign’s expression flickered ever so slightly before recovering the next moment. After the Third Imperial Prince had retreated, the Human Sovereign finally looked at Yang Kai and spoke, “Senior Yang, I have heard from my Third Son that you just came in from the outside world, is that true?”


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded his agreement.


The Human Sovereign asked, “So to say, Senior Yang really left this world over a decade ago?”


Yang Kai replied, “Thanks to your guidance, this King went to Demon Fury City and was able to locate the exit of this Revolving World.”


“Senior Yang’s methods and ability are truly remarkable!” The Human Sovereign praised liberally, “There have only ever been rumours about an exit, and no one knew whether they were true or false. Senior Yang being able to actually find an exit and leave is surely the first in these hundred thousand years.”


Yang Kai smiled lightly, “The last time this King left, he faced many twists and turns, but as the saying goes, the first time is always the hardest, but it becomes easier after. If this King gives it another try, this King will definitely not face any problems and everything will definitely go smoothly.” After having finished speaking, he quietly observed everyone’s expression and body language. Seeing no unusual reaction in the Imperial Princes and Princesses, Yang Kai immediately grew disappointed.


The Human Sovereign didn’t continue with this topic either. He just smiled and asked, “My Third Son also said that Senior Yang is here to offer us a great opportunity. I wonder what that is?”


Yang Kai gazed at him with a scorching gaze and answered in a meaningful tone, “Why, to take all of you out of here to see the wider world outside!”


The Human Sovereign slightly smiled but didn’t make any comment. All the Imperial Princes and Princesses remained indifferent as well, as if they didn’t understand what Yang Kai just said; on the contrary, the Third Imperial Prince furrowed his brow as a sliver of worry flashed across his eyes.


Yang Kai acted as if he hadn’t noticed their reaction and loudly continued, “All of you were born and raised in this world, subjected to its ever-changing Principles and constantly living under the threat of the Demon Race of Demon Fury City. You have never known the vastness and beauty of the outside world. Now, this King presents a rare opportunity to you. Do you not want to go out and enjoy a whole new world outside?”


Fu Yu pursed her lips into a sneer and asked, “What’s so good out about the world outside?”


Yang Kai turned his gaze at her and smiled, “Second Princess is asking this because you have not yet seen the wonders of the wider world. If you had, such a question wouldn’t have come to your mind.”


Fu Yu didn’t dare to quibble with him; after all, she had suffered at his hands last time, so at this moment, even if she didn’t agree, she still remained silent. 


The Human Sovereign then asked with a chuckle, “Then may I ask what price we need to pay? Senior Yang has come back after going out, which must have been a lot of trouble. You must have something else in your mind to suddenly come here with such a… generous offer.”


Yang Kai’s smile immediately vanished as he stood up and proclaimed with a pained look on his face, “This King simply cannot stand by and continue watching as hundreds of thousands of fellow Humans suffer in this environment at the hands of the Demon Race. This King harbours nothing but the best of intentions.”


The Human Sovereign praised in astonishment, “Senior Yang has a strong sense of integrity and righteousness. This Sovereign admires you.”


Yang Kai raised his hand and proposed, “If Human Sovereign is really interested, then we should not delay things any longer, please order the residents of the city to prepare and we will set off immediately.”


As soon as these words came out of Yang Kai’s mouth, the Human Sovereign almost coughed up blood, [I have not promised you anything, what do you mean by setting off!?] 


At the same time, he was a little curious and asked, “Senior Yang, you mean to say, you can take everyone in Human Imperial City out with you?”


Yang Kai faintly smiled, “Such trivial matters are really not worth mentioning.”


Regardless of whether it was true or not, the Human Sovereign couldn’t help but be shocked as he muttered, “Senior Yang’s methods are truly profound.” 


After pondering for a while, he added, “Senior Yang, you must be fatigued by the long journey, you should take a few days rest first. As for your proposal, this Sovereign will give it serious consideration.”


Yang Kai asked, staring at him, “What else is there to consider? A lost chance will never return.”


The Human Sovereign, controlling his temper, explained himself, “This is related to the future of the entire population of Human Imperial City. This Sovereign cannot make a rash decision by himself. I have to ask the opinions of the residents of the city, don’t I? If someone doesn’t want to leave, this Sovereign cannot simply force them.”


It was a valid reason, one Yang Kai couldn’t come up with a better reason to refute, so all he could do was agree, “As expected, the Human Sovereign understands the principles of right and wrong. In that case, this King will be waiting for the good news.”


“Good.” The Human Sovereign lightly nodded, and then gave an eye signal to the Third Imperial Prince, “Take Senior Yang down to rest, show him the utmost hospitality.”


“Yes, Imperial Father!” The Third Imperial Prince agreed and then made an inviting gesture to Yang Kai, “Senior Yang, please.”


Yang Kai slightly smiled, “En, sorry to trouble you.”


After bidding goodbye to the Human Sovereign, Yang Kai walked to the depths of the Imperial Palace under the guidance of the Third Imperial Prince.


After Yang Kai left, the Human Sovereign’s face turned gloomy all of a sudden. All the Imperial Princes and Princesses together looked at him with the First Imperial Prince cupping his fist and stating, “Imperial Father, we can never agree to what that Yang Kai proposes.”


Fu Yu also added, “Yes, Imperial Father. Human Imperial City is the foundation of our Imperial Family, how can we just abandon it and leave with him? If we really went to the outside world, how would our Imperial Family have any advantage at all?”


“We have to be as cruel as the wolf. We should kill him!”


“Imperial Father, give us the order!”


The Imperial Princes and Princesses started clamouring one after another. They couldn’t wait to cut Yang Kai into a thousand pieces as if they had an irreconcilable enmity with him.


“Shut up!” The Human Sovereign was irritated after hearing his children’s babbling. At this moment, his muddy eyes gleamed with a terrifying light as he swept his gaze over his sons and daughters before asking in a cold voice, “Do you really think that this Sovereign is senile?”


The Prince and Princess replied, trembling, “Your child would never dare.”


The Human Sovereign lightly snorted, “Do you think that this Sovereign doesn’t know that my Imperial Family’s foundation is here? Our Imperial Family will gain no benefit from leaving this place. It’s not that this Sovereign doesn’t want to take his life and avoid future troubles, but rather that there is no way to do so! With the Sacred Tree’s favour, no one can kill him in Human Imperial City.”


If not for this fact, how could he have allowed Yang Kai to act so arrogantly last time? It wasn’t that there wasn’t anyone in Human Sovereign City with cultivation higher than Yang Kai as there were several Third-Order Emperors in the city. If they all attacked him together, how could Yang Kai survive? But under the blessing of the Sacred Tree, no matter how many Third-Order Emperors attacked him, they wouldn’t be able to take his life.


Fu Shu’s eyes rolled as he proposed, “We don’t have to do it in Human Imperial City. It would be better to lead him outside the city where he won’t be protected by the Sacred Tree.”


The Human Sovereign agreed, nodding, “It is indeed an option, but how do we lead him out of the city?”


Fu Shu had just made a random proposition, but when the Human Sovereign asked him how to implement it, he could not provide a clear answer, simply standing there and scratching his head in embarrassment.


The Fourth Imperial Prince proposed, “Why don’t we demonize him?”


Fu Yu’s eyes immediately nodded as she repeatedly nodded, “Good! If he is transformed into a Demon, then the Sacred Tree won’t shelter him anymore and we won’t have to let him order us around.”


Apparently, others also felt that this was a pretty good idea and they all eagerly looked at the Human Sovereign.


The Human Sovereign pondered for a long time before he finally looked up and gave his order, “Fourth Son, I will leave this matter to you, there cannot be the slightest mistake.”


The Fourth Imperial Prince excitedly cupped his fists, “Imperial Father, rest assured, you won’t see your son’s face again until he has successfully completed this task.”


The Human Sovereign gently nodded before closing his eyes and slightly waving his hands; whereupon, the Imperial Princes and Princesses respectfully retreated.




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  1. They don’t believe Yang Kai and just want to kill him? I know if the Sacred Tree responds to Yang Kai they will accept. But how will he move them? Inside his Sealed World Bead which is much bigger inside?

    1. Oh, but they DO believe him, and that’s why they wanna kill him. Because here they got the power to decide life and death of others just because some lumber likes then, whilst outside they’d be just a bunch of lazy punks with as much power as they can afford through their physical exertion. Not to mention – likely along with all the people, whom they controlled, used and toyed with for their entire lives.
      Better be a slave driver in hell, than a commoner outside.

  2. Yang Kai really has gotten dumb. Tell them that you need their help and in exchange guarantee them a sect with a high standing. Perhaps they would refuse but at least he would have been honest and some of them would be moved.

    1. The imperial family have total control of the human population in the revolving worlds. Their power comes from the tree and the residents of their city, if they leave they’ll loose their power, and if they let others leave, they’ll loose people who they can assert their authority and dominance over. So no there’s no reason for them to leave or let anyone leave.

    2. Yep he has 0 diplomatic skill. His first reaction to every situation is to escalate it. He never backs down, and is never punished for it. With years and years of positive reinforcement, of course he’s just going to behave in such an overbearing manner.

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