Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3400, Make the Decision For You


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Yang Kai stayed in the Imperial Palace for three days. During these three days, he had been completely safe and sound, staying in the guest room and showing no intention of going out, let alone having any intention to persuade the Human Sovereign, making the Human Sovereign, who had been paying attention to his movements, a little perplexed.


If Yang Kai had behaved impatiently, he would have still understood, but Yang Kai’s calm and serious act made him suspicious.


He had no idea what in the hell Yang Kai was planning, but no matter what scheme this boy was up to, he would never leave Human Imperial City with him and go to the outside world.


In Human Imperial City, the Imperial Family was blessed by the Sacred Tree and could stand above all others. Just the fact that he was the Human Sovereign with only a Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation while there were a number of Third-Order Emperors at his beck and call was enough to illustrate the point.


The Human Sovereign had no idea what the outside world was like, but he still knew that no matter the place, strength was respected above all else.


The Imperial Family had smoothly prospered here for over a hundred thousand years, so how could they easily leave for some world he had no knowledge of.




Late one night, everything was completely quiet.


In the guest room, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and waved his hand to the side.


The two beautiful maids, who had been in the room, serving him, bowed and retired. Yang Kai had to admit that although Human Imperial City wasn’t that big and its population was just in the tens of millions, it had many beautiful women. Presumably, these two maids were carefully selected by the Third Imperial Prince, and whether it was their face or figure, it was top notch. What was rarer was that they still retained their youthful, innocent aura, indicating they had not yet been tainted.


Presumably, they were ordered to serve Yang Kai and make him lower his guard. Unfortunately, even though Yang Kai had been talking and laughing with them over these three days, he had no intention of making a move on them.


After the two beautiful maids had stepped back, Yang Kai flicked his wrist, opening the window as he casually invited, “Since you’re here, why don’t you show yourself?”


Just as he said this, an elderly man wrapped in black robes flew in through the window after ten breaths. The old man looked about fifty years old and had a ruddy complexion. He was hale and hearty, and stood completely straight, his aura converged, but Yang Kai could still tell that this man was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master.


As soon as the man appeared, he cupped his fists and greeted, “Greetings, Senior Yang.”


Yang Kai smiled and waved him over in an inviting manner. At the same time, he picked up the teapot and filled the two cups before him.


The visitor glanced at him, hesitated for a moment, then sat down opposite to Yang Kai and took a sip from the teacup. After relishing the taste of the tea, he finally asked, “Is this tea brought by Senior Yang from the outside world?”


Yang Kai replied, nodding, “En, it seems that this friend is an appreciator of good tea.”


The visitor proudly smiled, “A person who has lived a long life will always have one or two hobbies. Some people like having power and influence, some prefer beauties; as for this Old Master, he likes tea. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good teas in this world and certainly none that can compare to what Senior Yang has served here today.”


Yang Kai responded with a sneer, “There is nothing superb about this tea; in fact, in the world outside, there are far better teas.”


The visitor’s eyes lit up after hearing this; a look of fascination appeared on his face.


Yang Kai, holding the teacup, calmly asked, “If my memory serves me right, you are the one who was following the Third Imperial Prince that day, yes?”


When Yang Kai arrived at Human Imperial City three days ago, the Third Imperial Prince rushed over with several Emperor Realm Masters. One of them was an elderly man, and the only Third-Order Emperor Realm Master of the group. How could Yang Kai not remember him?


The elderly man cupped his fists and replied, “This Old Master is Zhou Yu Chuan, a highly regarded subordinate of the Imperial Family. This Old Master currently serves as head of the Imperial Guard.”


“So, it is Old Zhou, I apologize for my disrespect!” Yang Kai placed the teacup down before slightly cupping his fists and continuing with a smile, “I wonder why Old Zhou has come to secretly meet me in the middle of the night?”


Zhou Yu Chuan remained silent for a while before suddenly raising his eyes, staring at Yang Kai with a scorching gaze, “As the popular adage goes, it’s foolish to have an intimate talk with a mere acquaintance, but this Old Master will still ask Senior Yang a question, and Senior Yang, I hope you will answer it honestly.”


Yang Kai took a sip of tea and stated, “I really did come from the outside, and I can take you out of here.”


Zhou Yu Chuan’s eyes lit up as he added, “So Senior knows why this Old Master is here.”


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “When I arrived here a few days ago, I said as much to Third Imperial Prince, and Old Zhou was standing next to him. So, naturally, I would pay attention. The Imperial Family may not be interested in this matter because they are the Imperial Family. They are blessed by the Sacred Tree here and possess a unique advantage. They stand tall above everyone in this place, but it might be different outside. However, those who are not from the Imperial Family, such as Old Zhou… are different. Your standing is different, and as such, your consideration will be different as well.”


Zhou Yu Chuan nodded after hearing this, “Senior Yang is correct. The Imperial family is really not interested in this matter. Not only are they not interested in it, I’m afraid Senior’s words have made them extremely uncomfortable.”


Yang Kai stated, “Since I’m here, and since I have said something like that, I naturally know how they will react. But… is that important?”


Zhou Yu Chuan furrowed his brow as he asked, “Sir, are you planning to settle things the hard way?”


“If they make a wise choice, that would be for the best, but if they disappoint me, why should I care about their feelings?”


Immediately, Zhou Yu Chuan frowned so tightly that three vertical lines appeared between his brow as he added in a heavy voice, “Forgive this Old Master for being blunt, but although Sir is blessed by the Sacred Tree, if the Imperial Family is unwilling to cooperate, Sir might not be able to do anything about it.”


“Where there is a will, there is a way,” Yang Kai lightly chuckled. He then quickly changed the subject, “Actually, I want to know how many people are thinking like you?”


Zhou Yu Chuan replied, “Several of my fellow brothers also have the same intention, and I believe that most of the other Emperor Realm Masters would be very happy to see this matter come to fruition. Not only the Emperor Realm Masters, but about eighty to ninety percent of the population of Human Imperial City would more than welcome the opportunity to leave this world with Sir. Sir hasn’t lived in this world for long, so Sir doesn’t know about how sinister it is.”


Yang Kai’s lips rose into a smile, “Would the Imperial Family go against the will of all the people? If they follow popular opinion, all will be well, but if they try to oppose it, this King doesn’t mind standing up for the common folk.”


Zhou Yu Chuan immediately declared with a serious look on his face, “If Sir attacks the Imperial Family, this Old Master cannot stand idly by. Although this Old Master wants to leave this world, this Old Master owes the Imperial Family a great deal. Not only I, but my fellow brothers feel the same.”


Yang Kai stated, “I’ll go easy on you when the time comes then.”


Zhou Yu Chuan still had something to say, but suddenly, Yang Kai turned his gaze out of the window before suggesting with a slight smile, “I have guests, Old Zhou, perhaps you would like to leave for the time being?”


Zhou Yu Chuan was taken aback after hearing this, because he hadn’t noticed anything at all, but seeing Yang Kai’s firm and confident tone gave him no room for doubt. He didn’t dare to linger any longer, so he immediately cupped his fists and bid his farewell, “Then this Old Master will take his leave first.”


Having said this, he flew out of the window, soon disappearing from sight.


Yang Kai put the teacup down and calmly waited.


After a short while, the surrounding door and windows suddenly opened wide as seven or eight figures flew in, smashing the doors and windows all at once. Violent gusts of wind promptly swept through the room, causing the candles to flicker and dimming the room.


When the candlelight finally stabilized, he found eight figures emanating fearsome Demon Qi in the room, looking quite fierce and malevolent.


“Demon Race!” As Yang Kai swept a glance over the figures, his brow slightly rose and he couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.


[So they want to infect me with Demon Qi so that I turn into a Demon! I don’t know who in the Imperial Family came up with this, but this is indeed a good way to deal with me. As long as I am demonized, I would lose the blessing of the Sacred Tree and the Imperial Family won’t need to fear me anymore.]


He knew that his speech a few days ago would have made the Imperial Family uncomfortable, and they would secretly use some means to deal with him, but he still found the situation in front of him a little unexpected.


Obviously, these Demon Race members had been thrown in here by someone. Presumably, their cultivation had been sealed before. One of them was a Demon King, comparable to a First-Order Emperor, while the rest were all Demon Great Generals. Judging by this lineup, it was quite apparent that the Imperial Family had put in a lot of effort for this plot.


Demons being prisoners in Human Imperial City wasn’t anything to be surprised about; after all, the two races had fought in this world for over a hundred thousand years. It was normal for each side to have some captives from the other side; otherwise, where would the Imperial Family have caught so many Demons to deal with him in such haste?


In the room, the evil aura emanating from the Demon Race members suddenly soared. After they crawled back up, they immediately focused their gaze on Yang Kai, a fierce gleam flashing through their eyes. Although they had no idea why they were released, since there was a Human before them, their first choice was naturally to kill him and think about what to do next after.


Their Demon Qi promptly surged as the Demon King and the Demon Great Generals together pounced at Yang Kai. In an instant, billowing Demon Qi flooded the room, making the entire scene quite frightening.


Nonetheless, Yang Kai continued sitting, not even raising his eyes to look at them as he waved his hand and summoned out a certain black puppy.


When he returned to High Heaven Place previously, Yang Kai had brought the Abyssal Returner with him, and now was the perfect moment for it to show its strength.


Clearly, Ah Wang still had no idea what was going on, but under the stimulation of such rich Demon Qi, she instinctively opened her mouth wide and swallowed almost half of the room in a single bite.


With just one bite, the room was completely cleared. Whether it was the Demon King or the Demon Great Generals, all of them disappeared.


The next moment, Ah Wang’s enormous mouth returned to its original size, whereupon she stretched out her tongue and licked the corner of her mouth. She then turned to Yang Kai and let out a bark, looking at him with puppy eyes as if saying ‘I did a good job, didn’t I’?


Yang Kai just drank the rest of his cup of tea in one go before placing it back down and patting Ah Wang’s head. He then stood up and coldly smirked, sharply staring in a certain direction and muttered, “Idiots.”


As soon as this word left his mouth, his figure flickered and disappeared from sight.


Outside the room, the Fourth Imperial Prince was paying close attention to the movement in Yang Kai’s room with a few Emperor Realm Masters, but rather than the sound of battle, the only thing he heard after the initial clatter was a dog’s bark.


Everyone couldn’t help but look at each other and wonder what was going on?


And… where did a bark come from? Since when was there a dog in the Imperial Palace?


Just as they were racking their brains, a gust of wind brushed past their faces as a figure suddenly appeared before them.


Everyone’s face turned pale in shock as they focused their gaze on this figure, but after they clearly saw who was standing before them, they couldn’t help gasping in horror. The Fourth Imperial Prince even backed away a few steps in fright, almost falling back onto his butt.


Yang Kai proclaimed as he indifferently stared down at him, “Since the Human Sovereign is finding it hard to make up his mind, this King will make the decision for him.”


The Fourth Imperial Prince stuttered in shock, “W-What are you going to do?”


“This King is going to take you all out of this world, you don’t need to thank me for this. It has always been my mission in life to help others!” After having said so, Yang Kai walked in a certain direction in large strides.


The Fourth Imperial Prince was stunned and confused, but soon after, he slowly regained his wits and turned in the direction Yang Kai was walking. The next moment, his expression changed as he shouted, “Damn it! Hurry and inform Imperial Father that Yang Kai is heading towards the Sacred Tree.”




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    1. Probably because she is a trump card. It’s not always a good idea to reveal all of your capabilities. The previous battle was something he could win even without using her, but if he did the demons would find out about her and prepare countermeasures, after all she has the bloodline of the legendary abyssal returner, even if it isn’t pure they will have to pay attention to her. I do think he should still find a way to make her stronger though. She is still too weak currently, and while she can eat demon Kings, demon saints are definitely way too much. If he can level her up to the point that even demon saints would be scared of her, that would be nice.

    1. I mean he was standing outside the city when it was the demon aura and they even mistook him for a demon. So this plan was just stupid. They would’ve figured out he had a way to deal with demon qi

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