Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3402, Impervious to Both Hard and Soft Tactics


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“Does Senior Yang insist on doing this?” The Human Sovereign sadly looked at him.


Yang Kai solemnly stated, “The arrow is already drawn, I have no choice but to fire!” After a pause, he continued, “But Human Sovereign need not be worried, even in the outside world, your Imperial Family will still be treated differently, you don’t need to worry about being pushed aside.” He came to the Revolving World this time mainly for the Imperial Family as all of them were already qualified Shamans, especially the Second Princess and Third Prince who were Shaman Kings. The Human Sovereign naturally was a Shaman King too, and a High-Rank Shaman King at that. With their help, the Star Boundary would have fewer casualties in the upcoming wars against the Demon Race.


So Yang Kai was determined to take the Imperial Family away from here from the start.


The Human Sovereign took a deep breath before sighing and asking, “This Sovereign knows that Senior Yang has the means to freely come and go from this world, but do you know how many people there are in my Human Imperial City?”


Yang Kai replied, “If the Human Sovereign is worried that I can’t take everyone away, then there is no need for concern. Let alone a single Human Imperial City, even if there were ten or a hundred of them, I could bring them all away.”


The Small Sealed World had swallowed several Cultivation Stars from Grand Desolation Star Field, so its territory expanded millions of times over and there were currently tens of billions of Humans living inside it. In comparison, the population of Human Imperial City was trifling.


The Human Sovereign, on the other hand, was greatly taken aback, “Does Senior Yang really have such a profound method?”


There were millions of people residing in Human Imperial City, so he really couldn’t think of what method Yang Kai would use to take so many away all at once and even felt that Yang Kai was simply talking nonsense.


Yang Kai earnestly stated, “Then, I request Human Sovereign to wait and see. Let’s say, if I miss a single person in Human Imperial City when we leave, Human Sovereign can fight it out with me and let the stone and jade burn together.”


(TL note: Stone and jade burn together = mutual destruction.)


After Yang Kai had said this, what could the Human Sovereign even say? He was hesitating only because of his unwillingness to leave this world, that’s all, but now that even the Sacred Tree had made a choice to leave, he had no room left to retreat. Without the Sacred Tree, there would be no Human Imperial City.


As such, he powerlessly asked, “When does Senior Yang plan to depart?”


Seeing him finally compromising, Yang Kai also heaved a sigh of relief. If it wasn’t necessary, he didn’t want to openly offend the Imperial Family; after all, he would have to rely on them outside, so it would be bad if their relationship was too hostile. However, he also knew that if this were the case, the Imperial Family wouldn’t have a good impression of him regardless.


But Yang Kai didn’t need to care too much about this as once they reached the outside world, the Great Emperors could be there to deter them. How would they be disobedient then?


“Naturally, the sooner the better. It would be best if Human Sovereign ordered the residents of the city to begin packing now.”


The Human Sovereign agreed, nodding, “Good, this Sovereign will pass on the order. After three days… we will leave this world with Senior Yang.”


“Many thanks, Human Sovereign!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


The Human Sovereign then left with the members of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Guards, whereas Yang Kai stayed and communicated with the Sacred Tree for a while before leaving.


He didn’t take the Sacred Tree right away; after all, the residents of Human Imperial City had still not evacuated and required its shelter until they had departed.


Since the previous guest room had been destroyed, Zhou Yu Chuan personally arranged another room for Yang Kai and then left. Although he was injured by the Embodiment before, it wasn’t a big problem and he only needed to recuperate for a few days before he would be completely healed. Furthermore, because the Human Sovereign had agreed to Yang Kai’s proposal, Zhou Yu Chuan was feeling more energetic than before as he looked forward to seeing the outside world.


There were millions of people living in Human Imperial City, so it was impossible for them to immediately pack up and leave. The Human Sovereign needed to coordinate things, and the residents also needed time to gather their belongings. Three days was the bare minimum required.


Free and at leisure, Yang Kai entered the Small Sealed World first and set up a site to accommodate the new guests he would be hosting. After these people had entered the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai didn’t plan on letting them out for the time being; after all, it wasn’t a simple matter to help millions of people find new homes and settle, but the Small Sealed World was different. Yang Kai was in complete control of it and could do as he wished inside. It would be very easy to help them settle down in such a world.


With a flash of Yang Kai’s thoughts, the ground trembled and rose as a city suddenly appeared in the empty wilderness. At first glance, it resembled Human Imperial City greatly, but it also had some of Yang Kai’s own designs.


From time to time, Yang Kai would retreat out of the Small Sealed World and scan Human Imperial City with his Divine Sense, observing the structure and layout of Human Imperial City. Then, he would enter the Small Sealed World again to modify the new city.


In just two days, the new Human Imperial City was basically complete. The city was located on fertile ground and there were other cities nearby as well, which would ensure that the residents of Human Imperial City would not feel lonely after settling here.


One night, while he was constructing the new Human Imperial City, Yang Kai heard a knock at his door.


After checking things with his Divine Sense, a weird look appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he stopped doing what he was doing and called out, “Enter.”


The door was pushed open and a beautiful figure walked in, carrying a tray in her hand with some fragrant delicacies on it. The visitor turned around and closed the door before bowing to Yang Kai and greeting in a gentle voice, “Senior Yang.”


“Princess Yu!” Yang Kai looked at her with a profound gaze, “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company in the middle of night?”


The visitor was none other than the second daughter of the Human Sovereign. In the Imperial Family, her aptitude was outstanding. She was a Shaman King too, albeit a Low-Rank one, as well as a Second-Order Emperor, making her even stronger than the Third Imperial Prince.


Fu Yu seemed to be especially dressed up today. She looked brighter and more appealing than usual. Her light green one-piece completely highlighted her graceful figure, giving her an elegant charm. Her snow-white bosom was also peeking out of her dress a little, and her arms were completely exposed. From the scent wafting from her body, it was apparent she had just taken a shower, her hair still slightly damp, tantalizing the imagination.


Hearing his question, Fu Yu smiled as she approached, carrying the tray, squatted down, and placed it on the table before Yang Kai. While she uncovered the dishes on the tray and served them out one by one, she stated, “Senior, Yu’er noticed that you have not left your room for the past few days and decided to personally cook a meal and deliver it to you. I hope it suits Senior’s taste.”


When she was placing the dishes on the table, her body leaned forward slightly, allowing Yang Kai a peak into the depths of a great mountain valley.


Yang Kai suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…


[Are you planning to use soft tactics after the hard ones failed?]


He also knew that the Human Sovereign could no longer haggle with him on the matter of leaving this world, but perhaps, the Human Sovereign was still worried about whether he would be harshly treated outside, so he planned on using this method to win Yang Kai over. Otherwise, how could Princess Fu Yu do such a thing, especially considering the relationship between her and Yang Kai prior to this was akin to mortal enemies.


Thinking of this, Yang Kai praised with a smile, “Princess Yu is truly thoughtful, but it is a surprise to learn Princess Yu has such skills.”


Fu Yu looked at him and added as a smile bloomed on her lips, “I’m afraid it won’t suit Senior’s appetite.” While speaking, she raised a jug and filled Yang Kai’s glass before using an inviting gesture as she suggested, “Senior, please have a taste.”


Yang Kai picked up the chopsticks and took a bite of the food before he had a sip of the wine. Naturally, he wasn’t parsimonious in his praises, causing a big smile to appear on Fu Yu’s lips after hearing them. After the initial round, she continued pouring wine and serving the dishes diligently.


After three rounds of wine and five rounds of tasting, the atmosphere in the room became more relaxed and harmonious. When Fu Yu noticed that Yang Kai wasn’t putting on any airs and was actually quite easy to get along with, she boldly asked, “Senior, what is the outside world like? Yu’er has never been outside, so she is a little anxious.”


Yang Kai put down the chopsticks and replied, smiling, “What are you afraid of?”


Fu Yu pursed her lips as an innocent and naïve expression filled her face, “Everyone says that there are many fearsome people outside who will immediately resort to force if one does not agree with them. Yu’er’s cultivation is low and she does not know if she will be able to protect herself after going outside.”


Yang Kai broke into laughter as he explained, “There are indeed many fearsome people outside, and many times, people really do attack if someone doesn’t agree with them.”


Fu Yu’s beautiful face immediately turned pale, “The rumours are true!?”


Yang Kai continued, “But Princess Yu does not need to worry about such things. Your cultivation can still be considered among the upper-middle-class, so you will have enough strength to protect yourself.”


“Upper-middle-class… that’s not very high.” Fu Yu looked worried.


Yang Kai, glancing over and assured her, “Don’t worry, when your Imperial Family reaches the outside world, powerful Masters will accompany you and deal with any kind of threat; they won’t let anything happen to you.”


Fu Yu blinked her big and bright eyes as she asked, “Why?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, putting on an air of mystery. Fu Yu felt quite annoyed in her heart seeing this, but she couldn’t force him either, so she resorted to pouring more wine, as if she was just waiting for Yang Kai to get drunk so she could pry some useful information out of him.


But how could it be that easy to get Yang Kai drunk? In the end, he ate up all the side dishes and drank several jugs of potent wine without even a change in expression.


In desperation, Fu Yu could only propose, “It’s getting late, doesn’t Senior Yang want to take a… rest?” When she said this, she lowered her head as if she didn’t dare to directly look into Yang Kai’s eyes.


Yang Kai deeply gazed at her and seeing her becoming fidgety and ill at ease, he finally opened his mouth, “En, it is getting late, Princess Yu should return to her own room and have a rest.”


Fu Yu immediately got up, packed up the dishes, bowed and bid her farewell as if she had received a pardon, “Then Yu’er will take her leave.” She turned around and bolted out of the door.


“Princess Yu!” Yang Kai suddenly called her out.


Fu Yu’s tender figure trembled before she looked back, forcing a shadow of a smile onto her face, “What else can I do for, Senior?”


Yang Kai looked at her with a smile, “I dare not guarantee anything else, but there are countless young geniuses in the outside world. I believe Princess Yu can find one who will treat her well.”


Fu Yu was momentarily taken aback, but Yang Kai’s words had truly kindled her expectations. She responded back with a smile, “Many thanks for your kind words, Senior.” She then exited the room, closed the door, and left right away.


Not long after, outside the bedroom of the Human Sovereign, Fu Yu went to report the development of this trip. Hearing that Yang Kai had no intention of letting Fu Yu sleep with him, the Human Sovereign couldn’t help but sigh.


Naturally, he had asked Fu Yu to go over so late at night with such intentions. He knew nothing about the outside world, so now he could only rely on Yang Kai and naturally thought to tie him to their Imperial Family in some way.


If Fu Yu and Yang Kai had done the deed tonight, then he wouldn’t have to worry about Yang Kai not taking care of his Imperial Family later. Unfortunately, Yang Kai wasn’t tempted, making the Human Sovereign feel rather helpless.


“Imperial Father, I don’t think that Senior Yang is actually such a bad man. He might not have ill intentions for taking us outside.”


The Human Sovereign stated, “He did everything possible to take our Imperial Family out of this world, so he must need something from us, but this Sovereign currently can’t guess his thoughts. I expected you to inquire about one or two things from him, but in the end, we learned nothing.”


“Daughter is incompetent…” Fu Yu bit her cherry red lips.


“Forget it. If it is a blessing, it is not a curse, and if it is a curse, it can’t be avoided. When we have reached the outside, we will know exactly what he wants.” The Human Sovereign heaved a long sigh before he sent her away, waving his hand, “You can leave.”




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