Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3403, Tiger Roar


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Three days went by in a flash. In the main square of Human Imperial City, hundreds of thousands of people were gathering from every direction, bringing their families together with them.


At the head of the square, a pitch-black corridor was quietly hovering mid-air, like an invisible beast with its jaws wide open. No matter how many people walked in, it could devour them clean.


The entrance was naturally the entrance to the Sealed World Bead. It was simpler and more convenient for Yang Kai to make a visible entrance for others to walk into rather than him trying to move millions of people by himself into the Small Sealed World.


The Imperial Family members’ scrutinizing gazes kept lingering at the entrance. Obviously, they were trying to know what the Hell it was that could swallow so many people, but Yang Kai hadn’t given them an explanation, and they couldn’t ask him for one either.


Time ticked by, bit by bit.


It took an entire day and night for Yang Kai to move all the residents of Human Imperial City, sending them directly to the new Human Imperial City he had crafted inside the Sealed World Bead. 


These few million people would thrive in the Small Sealed World and no longer have to be affected by the strange Principles of the Revolving World.


The Imperial Family and Emperor Realm Masters were also taken in, but Yang Kai had placed them in a separate place as they would still be needed in the Two Worlds Great War. The end of their journey was naturally not limited to the Small Sealed World.


In addition, Yang Kai had transplanted the Sacred Tree to the medicine garden, forming a triangle with the Immortal and Firmament Tree.


Everything was now set and the former city was devoid of a single figure. The Revolving World, which had remained unchanged for over a hundred thousand years, had now completely transformed because of the arrival of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai then rose into the air before flying towards the horizon. Naturally, he was heading towards Demon Fury City and the exit of this world.


After another day, Yang Kai arrived above Demon Fury City and looking down, he summoned the Abyssal Returner with the wave of his hand and let her loose.


Ah Wang’s eyes suddenly lit up as her little figure shot towards the city, leaving a long black streak of light behind her.


After a moment, Demon Fury City fell into chaos. Countless Demon Race members fled in all directions as they screamed in panic. On the other hand, the Abyssal Returner’s mouth opened wide and wherever she went, Demons disappeared; all of them were sucked into her stomach.


Worthy of being the nemesis of the Demon Race, even the strongest Demon Kings were no match for Ah Wang.


When Yang Kai came here last time, he was eager to find an exit and leave this world, so he didn’t bother to pay attention to the Demon Race in Demon Fury City, but this time, he wouldn’t show any mercy. The Demon Race had already invaded the Star Boundary, and if the Demons in this place somehow managed to escape from here and reach the Star Boundary, it was clear who would suffer.


The Abyssal Returner wreaked havoc in the city for a day, reducing the Demon population by a staggering eighty percent. Some fishes had slipped through the net, but Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to hunt them all down, so he simply grabbed Ah Wang and flew towards the exit.


Just like last time, biting-cold winds that could freeze even the Soul flew from the entrance. Even Yang Kai couldn’t last long in this environment.


However, Ah Wang easily opened the way for Yang Kai, so he did not suffer even slightly.


The oncoming cold wind was completely swallowed up by Ah Wang and disappeared into her belly. Last time, Yang Kai, Zhu Qing, and the others were only able to leave this world with the help of Ah Wang.


After travelling upwind for some unknown period of time, Yang Kai felt Space Principles fluctuations coming from ahead.


After knowing that he had arrived at the exit, he picked up Ah Wang and leapt into the Void Crack without wasting another moment.


Swimming through the Void, Yang Kai retraced his old steps and once again felt the aura of the two Great Worlds, the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm. In other words, the Revolving World was connected to both Great Worlds.


It was just like the Small World where he found Lan Xun and the others.


Suddenly, he remembered that the last time he left the Revolving World, he travelled directly to the Western Territory, and the now-shattered Small World was also located in the Western Territory. Could there be some mysterious relationship between the two?


If that was the case, perhaps the Star Boundary would have to keep watch on the Frozen Earth too; lest the Demon Race invade the Northern Territory though there.


Following the Star Boundary’s aura all the way, Yang Kai tore open the weakened World Barrier and saw a familiar light ahead.


But what he saw next made Yang Kai tightly furrow his brow.


The surroundings were completely bleak and desolate. If it was just that, it would have been all fine and good. The Western Territory was a bit more barren and desolate than the other territories, but what Yang Kai found odd was the fact that the surroundings were actually filled with Demon Qi. This place had already been reduced to a Demon land.


Not far away, there was a team of Demons patrolling the region, the leader of which was a Demon Great General.


The sudden appearance of Yang Kai had undoubtedly alarmed this group and the Demons immediately turned their attention to Yang Kai’s location. The Demon Great General, the team leader, grinned at Yang Kai as his figure surged with a bloody glow as he flew over in a flash.


A nauseating blood aura blew against Yang Kai’s face, one that seemed to be able to affect one’s mental state.


Blood Demon Clan!


This was a common method used by the Blood Demons against their enemies and was usually quite effective. Even if the two sides had equal strength, a Blood Demon’s opponent who was contaminated by this aura would have their vitality disturbed, making it hard for them to exert their full power in combat.


Yang Kai, however, just raised his brow and slowly stretched his hand forward before clasping the air.


The Blood Demon’s fleeting figure suddenly appeared right before Yang Kai, his eyes bulging wide as horror filled his face. The Blood Demon struggled hard, but having been pinched by Yang Kai by his neck, he naturally couldn’t free himself.


A team of Demon soldiers following the Blood Demon Great General abruptly halted their footsteps. Since even the Demon Great General who led them was easily captured by this Human, how could these common soldiers be his opponent? Demons may be brutal and fearless, but they weren’t fools. Every living being instinctively sought fortune and avoided misfortune, so this team of Demons naturally made the wisest choice they could in this situation.


Yang Kai didn’t make any small talk either as he simply exerted a bit of strength, causing the captured Blood Demon to explode into a blood mist. Yang Kai had his entire body protected by Emperor Qi, so not a drop of blood touched him.


When the team of Demons saw this and immediately turned around and fled, not hesitating for even a moment.


Yang Kai coldly snorted as he smacked down a palm, causing a giant palm print to descend from the sky and flatten the fleeing Demons into paste.


Such a group was really nothing in the eyes of the current Yang Kai and he was capable of destroying them at his leisure, but Yang Kai found the current situation a little off.


Instead of using a Space Beacon to immediately rendezvous with his allies, Yang Kai rose into the air and began flying east. He wanted to see what changes had taken place in the Western Territory with his own eyes.


It had only been a short while since he left, a month or two at most, with the majority of his time spent searching for the entrance to the Revolving World, otherwise, he would have returned sooner.


A month or two should have been a very short period of time, but the Star Boundary’s situation had changed far too much. After all, the seven Great Emperors had already stepped in, which should have been enough to stabilize the situation.


The farther he flew, though, the uglier Yang Kai’s expression became. Everywhere he passed by, it was nothing but Demon land, making him feel like he hadn’t returned home to the Star Boundary but had instead dived into the Demon Realm.


How big was the Demon land now? Although the Demon land had covered a vast area before, spanning a couple hundred thousand kilometres, that was all. But now, it seemed far greater in scope.


[Could it be that the Great Emperors weren’t able to prevent the situation from worsening?]


The more he investigated, the more frightened Yang Kai became. The Demon land now spanned over a vast territory, with all the cities and villages he came across having become a paradise for the Demon Race. In some places, the Demon Qi was soaring straight to the sky, making it visible to the naked eye, indicating the presence of many powerful Demons.


After half a day, another city appeared before Yang Kai, but after taking a closer look at it, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. The city wasn’t corrupted by the Demon Qi at all and remained safe and sound. If not for this, Yang Kai would have really thought that he had entered the Demon Realm.


But soon, Yang Kai noticed something else.


Demon Qi was concentrated about a hundred kilometres away from the city. An army of the Demons had clearly set up camp there, one that was densely packed with more Demons than could be quickly counted. With a sweep of his Divine Sense, Yang Kai estimated that there were a few hundred thousand enemy troops now laying siege to the city. 


Even if he hadn’t entered the city yet, Yang Kai could feel the panic of the residents already.


Slightly furrowing his brow, he flew straight towards the city.


After a while, Yang Kai arrived at the border of this unfamiliar city and swept a glance across its main gate where he saw two words carved in large characters, ‘Tiger Roar’.


This may be the name of the city. But at this moment, Tiger Roar City was in a state of full alert.


The city walls were patrolled by numerous cultivators and its City Defending Barrier was activated.


Seeing Yang Kai’s figure, the patrollers took a defensive stance, as if they were about to face a terrible foe, but after noticing no trace of Demon Qi radiating from Yang Kai, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and shout, “Who goes there, identify yourself!”


“Yang Kai of the Northern Territory’s High Heaven Palace!” Yang Kai answered back aloud.


Yang Kai was somewhat famous in the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Territories, especially in the South and North as it was almost to the point where everyone had heard of him, but in the Western Territory, not many people knew his name. The cultivator who was shouting was obviously from the Western Territory, so he had no idea who the hell Yang Kai was. However, these days, many cultivators from other Territories had come to the Western Territory to fight the invading Demon Race alongside the natives, and High Heaven Palace had also made great contributions and earned a little fame for itself, to the extent that the shouting cultivator had heard of it as well.


So when Yang Kai reported himself like this, the man didn’t dare to take him lightly. He replied, cupping his hands, “Sir, please give me a moment, we need to confirm your identity.”


Yang Kai nodded in acknowledgement, quietly waiting as he began investigating the Demon Race army a hundred kilometres away.


Within thirty breaths, the man who had previously shouted returned to the city wall and exclaimed, “Open the Array!”


Immediately, a streak of light shot out from an Array Jade held by someone as a gap in the defensive Array of the city appeared, through which Yang Kai promptly entered.


Someone then approached Yang Kai and greeted him, cupped his fists, and bowed, “Greetings, Senior Yang.”


Yang Kai nodded in return.


The man continued, “I request Senior Yang quickly visit the City Lord’s Mansion. The other Seniors are respectfully awaiting your presence to discuss some important affairs.”


Yang Kai asked, furrowing his brow, “Who?”


The man slightly smiled, “This lowly one dares not utter the Seniors’ names, lest I somehow offend them. Senior Yang will know when he arrives.”


Hearing this, Yang Kai didn’t press the issue. In any case, he would understand soon enough, and under the lead of another person, he made his way to the City Lord’s Mansion.




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  1. I feel like he should have let Ah Wang eat up all the Demon Qi. He should have done that right from the start, but even now it feels like he still isn’t putting it to good use.

    1. Yea, author being inconsistent. When he’s doing other things like having a meeting and all that he should just have ah wang sit somewhere and suck it all in while she’s guarded by some strong peeps.

  2. I strongly disapprove of this extermination of demons. I would even drop, but too many chapters have already been read. It’s just that my impression of the novel fell one more point, but I will continue reading further.

    1. Morality is relative. It would have been despicable to wipe them out during a peaceful period, but if somehow these demons were released and recruited into the main army, that would just mean more casualties for the humans.

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