Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3405, Binding One’s Own Hands and Feet


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Space Principle fluctuations suddenly rose as a figure appeared before Yang Kai, protecting him. The figure punched forward forcing the Pseudo-Great Emperor level Demon back before he turned around and looked at Yang Kai asking, “Are you alright?”


Li Wu Yi!


Yang Kai wasn’t surprised by this man’s presence; after all, he had used the Space Beacon to teleport to Li Wu Yi’s side, but how could he have known that Li Wu Yi would be locked in a heated battle with a Demon Race Master at that exact moment.


“No harm!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.


Li Wu Yi suggested, “Step aside first, we can talk in a bit.”


After saying that, Li Wu Yi charged at the Demon Race Master again and, in a flash, the two were locked in a raging battle. Li Wu Yi was known as the strongest Master beneath the Great Emperor in the Star Boundary. He was a Master of the Dao of Space and had a Pseudo-Great Emperor Realm cultivation, making his position dignified and aloof. The Demon Race Master was also pretty good, but clearly, he wasn’t Li Wu Yi’s opponent.


However, this Demon should be part of the Strength Demon Clan, so his tall and stalwart body with a thick skin and robust muscles provided him an outstanding defence. Although Li Wu Yi occupied an advantage in the fight, he didn’t have any method to end it in short order.


Not only were these two Masters fighting each other to the death, but nearly a million Star Boundary cultivators and Demon Race members were also locked in battle across a huge battlefield. Someone was losing his or her life every moment while some thirty kilometres away stood a city with a glittering Array shielding it.


Yang Kai knew in his heart that the situation here was almost the same as Tiger Roar City, with a contingent of Star Boundary cultivators facing off against a Demon Race Army, but the war here had already broken out whereas the Demon Race was still just eyeing and waiting for an opportunity on Tiger Roar City’s side.


Understanding the situation, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t stand still. He hurriedly summoned the Myriads Sword and rushed into the enemy lines, cleaving through multiple enemies wherever he passed.


The Demon Race Army here was much bigger than the one outside Tiger Roar City, and it possessed far more Masters as well. There was even a Pseudo-Great Emperor-level existence leading the charge; fortunately, there was only one such Master while the rest were just Demon Kings.


With his current strength, Yang Kai was naturally not afraid of any Demon in the Demon King Realm, so he charged headlong into the enemy lines and went on a killing spree, like an unstoppable rampaging bull no one could block.


After half a day, both sides finally signalled for a withdrawal, leaving countless dead bodies littering the ground. Although the Star Boundary had suffered a huge amount of casualties, the Demon Race’s side didn’t fare any better. Li Wu Yi had no intention of pursuing the enemy; after all, he didn’t have an absolute advantage here, so he simply ordered his forces to return to the city and recuperate.


In the City Lord’s Mansion, Li Wu Yi cleaned himself and wore a new set of clothes before he spoke with Yang Kai.


“Senior Li, what’s the situation with the Great Emperors?” Yang Kai eagerly wanted to know what agreement the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints had come to that removed both sides from the war.


Li Wu Yu replied, “Have you heard about it?”


Yang Kai explained with a nod, “I just came from Tiger Roar City, where I met Li Jiao, Senior Sister Gao, and a few others.”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “Then they must have explained the reason to you. En, it’s probably similar to what they said.”


“Is there another reason?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Li Wu Yi nodded, “The other reason is Senior Bright Moon.”


“I hope Senior Li can dispel my doubts,” Yang Kai earnestly requested.


Li Wu Yi heaved a sigh, “Senior Bright Moon seems to be trapped somewhere in the Demon Realm, and those Demon Saints said that if the Great Emperors dared to take action, they would turn back to the Demon Realm and eliminate Senior Bright Moon first. Conversely, if the Great Emperors stood back and watched, they too wouldn’t make any rash moves.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow after hearing this, “So to say, this proposal was made by the Demon Realm first?”


Li Wu Yi replied, “Exactly. The Great Emperors had no choice either. The only reason Senior Bright Moon remained in the Demon Realm was to let the other three Seniors escape. His sense of duty and willingness to sacrifice himself is to be admired and respected. Now that Senior Bright Moon is in a precarious situation, the other Seniors naturally couldn’t just ignore his plight. If they really compelled those Demon Saints to deal with Senior Bright Moon, it would definitely end in tragedy no matter how strong he is; after all, he is trapped in the Demon Realm.”


Yang Kai looked puzzled and asked, “But what would the Demon Saints gain by proposing this? They came here to conquer the Star Boundary, so why would they tie their own hands and feet?” They could gather their entire strength and easily deal with or capture Bright Moon Great Emperor, so what was the advantage of them stalling for time?


Li Wu Yi slowly shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know the entire story either. Although he could get more information than most, his knowledge was still limited.


Yang Kai pondered for a while before asking, “What are the Great Emperors thinking? Did they agree willingly or begrudgingly?”


“They have decided to see how the situation develops for now,” Li Wu Yi replied.


“What if Senior Bright Moon could escape?”


Li Wu Yi slowly shook his head, “It’s far too difficult!”


“What if…” Yang Kai looked at him with a scorching gaze.


Li Wu Yi added, “There is no smoke without fire. Although the proposal made by the Demon Saints seems beneficial to the Star Boundary, it is definitely more beneficial to the Demon Realm somehow. If Senior Bright Moon could really escape, I believe that the Great Emperors would take action again. But now, no one knows just what is going on in the Demon Realm, not even the Great Emperors.”


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he fell into contemplation.


Li Wu Yi then suggested, “Let’s stop talking about this. We can let the Great Emperors worry about Senior Bright Moon. They should have their own plans on how to deal with it. Let’s talk about you. Didn’t you say that you were going to the Frozen Earth? Why did you come back so soon? How did it go?”


Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile, “Fortunately I didn’t fail in my mission!”


Li Wu Yi’s eyes lit up after hearing this, “Where are they?”


Yang Kai waved his hand as figures appeared in the hall, one after another. In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred more people were standing there.


After the Human Sovereign and others appeared, they looked completely confused. They were at a loss and had no idea what their situation was. On the other hand, Li Wu Yi’s eyes brightened as he swept them over this crowd. He then excitedly asked, “Are all of them…?” 


He knew why Yang Kai was going to the Frozen Earth, so when he saw over a hundred men and women standing before him, he thought that they were all Shamans.


Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter though as he corrected him, “Only the Imperial Family is. There are probably only about twenty of them. The others aren’t.”


The Human Sovereign and the others appeared confused and all turned their heads after hearing the conversation between Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi.


Yang Kai introduced things to them, gazing at them, “Everyone, this is the outside world, but the situation is a little different from what you may have expected. This world is now being invaded by the Demon Race, so we need your strength to repel them, especially those of you from the Imperial Family.”


The corners of the Human Sovereign’s lips twitched after hearing this. He had already known that Yang Kai didn’t have any good intentions for coming to Human Imperial City, but he had never been able to guess what Yang Kai’s intentions were. Now though, realization had dawned upon him.


[So it turns out that the outside world is no different than the Revolving World, being corrupted by the Demon Race! That damned Yang Kai came to Human Imperial City and forcibly took away my Imperial Family for our Sacred Techniques!]


But since his fists were smaller, even if the Human Sovereign was dissatisfied, he didn’t dare to voice his anger; after all, this was no longer Human Imperial City. He thus affirmed with a sullen expression on his face, “Senior Yang, please don’t worry, my Imperial Family will definitely dedicate ourselves to the mission.”


A satisfied smile immediately appeared on Yang Kai’s face. If the Human Sovereign was disobedient, Yang Kai had planned to make him see reason and threaten him a little, but much to his surprise, this old man was quite flexible in his thinking, which saved him a lot of trouble.


“Senior Li, I’ll leave these people to you. You can dispatch them as you wish. I want to check on my High Heaven Palace’s disciples,” Yang Kai spoke and left right away.


In any case, Li Wu Yi was a Pseudo-Great Emperor so he would have a way to subdue the people of Human Imperial City. Yang Kai didn’t worry about this, his only responsibility was to bring them out.


After explaining things, Yang Kai immediately activated the Space Beacon on his wrist and disappeared in a flash.


The Western Territory’s frontline was quite long, and he had no idea about the situation High Heaven Palace’s reinforcements were in, so naturally, he wanted to check on them.


After a while, Yang Kai appeared in another city next to Xue Yue. Xue Yue was pleasantly surprised by the sudden appearance of Yang Kai and immediately summoned Shan Qing Luo and Su Yan.


After inquiring a little, Yang Kai finally understood what was going on here.


As he had expected, the reinforcements sent by High Heaven Palace were dispatched to another city in the Western Territory, joining hands with the local cultivators to fight against the Demon Race Army besieging the city.


However, the situation here was much better than Tiger Roar City or Li Wu Yi’s side, because not only were there six Monster Kings here, but there were also the Masters from Ice Heart Valley.


The six Monster Kings were none other than the six serving at High Heaven Palace. Three were men and three were women, but each of them was a Twelfth-Order High-Rank Monster Race, so with the addition of the Emperor Realm Masters of Ice Heart Valley, the entire lineup here could be described as luxurious.


Moreover, the number of cultivators in the city was quite large, with as many as 100,000 men and women joining the defence force.


The two sides had just fought a battle about half a day ago, and the Star Boundary side had scored a crushing victory, killing hundreds of thousands of Demons while forcing the rest to flee back a few hundred kilometres. However, the Demon Race didn’t fully withdraw, presumably waiting for more reinforcements to make a comeback.


But in this situation, if the Demon Race didn’t send a Pseudo-Great Emperor-level Master, it would definitely be impossible for them to take this city. Six Monster Kings alone were more than enough to deal with a 100,000 man army.


Yang Kai’s heart was finally set at ease after asking about the situation. The High Heaven Palace reinforcements didn’t have to worry about anything for the time being; however, Tiger Roar City’s situation was not so lax. Perhaps there were many other cities like Tiger Roar City, but Yang Kai couldn’t manage so much.


Tiger Roar City was important to him because Li Jiao and Gao Xue Ting were there; otherwise, he would not bother to pay attention to it. The Great Emperors would definitely be managing the deployment of the Star Boundary’s forces as although they couldn’t participate directly in the war effort because of their agreement with the Demon Saints, they could still oversee the general situation and issue commands while devising strategies.


Su Yan and the others seemed to have grown a lot after fighting on the battlefield, their auras much calmer and stabler than before.


While Yang Kai was talking to his three women though, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open as a beautiful figure emanating a chilling aura barged in and coldly glared at Yang Kai with her pretty eyes.


Su Yan and the others looked at her before looking at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai lightly coughed in embarrassment.


Yu Ru Meng suddenly retracted the coldness from her face as she asked with a gentle smile, “Sisters, can you please go out first, Elder Sister wants to talk to him alone.”


Shan Qing Luo took a sidelong glance at her as she indifferently declared, “If you have anything to say, just say it right here, why do you need to speak in private?”


Xue Yue nodded in agreement, “That’s right. We are all one family. Husband won’t hide anything from us, “


The two had a deep hostility towards Yu Ru Meng as they had no idea how or when she had hooked up with Yang Kai. What’s more, she never left Yang Kai’s side, and now that he returned, she actually showed up right away!




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