Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3406, Beat to Tears


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


If they could, Xue Yue and Shan Qing Luo would definitely have taught her a good lesson, but Yu Ru Meng was in the Emperor Realm, so the two of them were not her opponents. Not to mention, she was the Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor…


[But so what if she is a Great Emperor’s Disciple? It’s not that easy to enter the Yang Family!]


However, Su Yang just calmly stated, “Since Elder Sister Li has something to discuss with Husband, let’s give them a little room.”


Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue both looked at her in amazement after hearing this, as if they hadn’t expected Su Yan to compromise so easily, but since Su Yan had already spoken, they had no choice but to withdraw along with her, even if they were unwilling.


Of course, Shan Qing Luo glared at Yang Kai with an aggrieved look on her face when she was leaving.


Yang Kai turned his gaze to the ceiling, acting as if he didn’t see anything.


After the three women withdrew, Yu Ru Meng closed the door with a wave of her hand and let out a hollow laugh as he stared at Yang Kai and snapped, “You abandoned me!”


Obviously, she was talking about the fact that Yang Kai had left her behind when he went to the Frozen Earth. At that time, she almost exploded with rage after being thrown aside by Yang Kai, but she was smart enough to know that her best option was to follow Su Yan and the others around, as the moment Yang Kai returned, he might not look for other people, but he would definitely come looking for Su Yan and the others.


As soon as Yu Ru Meng noticed Yang Kai’s aura, she immediately rushed over. 


At this moment, although there was a smile on her face, she was burning with fury.


Yang Kai didn’t even try to explain himself; rather, he reached out and poured himself a cup of tea.


Yu Ru Meng took a few steps forward, snatched the teacup, splashed out the tea, then slammed the cup back on the table with a thud.


Yang Kai raised his eyes and stared at her, “What are you doing? Have you gone mad?”


Yu Ru Meng stated, grounding her teeth, “You actually left me!”


Yang Kai rebuffed, “So what? I didn’t agree to take you out with me, you were following me around of your own accord. So I left you, what do you want to do now?”


Yu Ru Meng stated, furrowing her brow, “Do you insist on being cruel to me?”


Yang Kai whiningly stated, “What’s so strange about that, it’s not the first time I was cruel to you.” While speaking, he poured himself another cup of tea.


Yu Ru Meng snatched the teacup again and threw it on the ground.


Yang Kai was completely furious this time as he loudly cursed, “Bitch, would you calm down! I’m warning you, I won’t be so polite if you keep this up!”


Yu Ru Meng sneered, “Then I want to see how you are going to not be polite to me! Are you going to hit me? Come, hit me then!”


She pressed toward him with her arms akimbo, head high, and chest jutted out, even moving her cheek closer to Yang Kai, like she was just tempting him to slap her.


Driven mad, Yang Kai grabbed her arm, turned her over and threw her directly onto his knee with her back towards him. Then, he raised his hand and smacked her perfectly round bottom hard.




Yu Ru Meng suddenly stiffened. Her slender neck went completely straight and stiff, sending her hair flying. She didn’t come to her senses for a good long while as her mind seemed to be all jumbled up. When she finally regained her senses, she creakily turned her head to stare at Yang Kai with widened eyes, a look of utter disbelief on her face as she muttered, “You dare spank me…”




Yang Kai slapped down again with a savage look on his face.


Both times, he had spanked her quite hard. Only, the first time Yu Ru Meng was spanked, she was completely caught by surprise; she had never even dreamed that she would get spanked by someone, and by a man too. This time, she finally felt the pain and her eyes became a little watery as she opened her mouth and a painful groan escaped from her lips.


Outside the house, Su Yan raised her head, looking at the bright moon. Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue, on the other hand, were attentively listening, and after the two smacking sounds rang out, Shan Qing Luo immediately sneered, “Beat her to death, beat this vixen to death!”


Xue Yue also looked excited, “That shameless bitch, she deserves to be beaten to death!”


“Are you still going to make a scene?” Yang Kai, raising his hand and waving it around, asked Yu Ru Meng, staring down at her.


Yu Ru Meng bit her ruby red lips as she struggled hard, but Yang Kai was using both his great physical strength and his comprehension of the Dao of Space to lock her in place, so how could she break free? She was completely tied to Yang Kai’s thigh in an extremely shameful posture. 


Suddenly, she fiercely shrieked, “You’d best beat me to death today, or this isn’t over!”


“How dare you talk back!” Yang Kai spanked her again. Yu Ru Meng, who was taking the beating, had her face turned red, then white. It was evident that he was using a great deal of force as he spanked and scolded her, “You Bitch, you made a scene, broke my cup…”


He spoke a word and spanked her, spoke a word, and spanked her…


At first, Yu Ru Meng was clamouring back, wanting to fight with Yang Kai to death, but after being hit again and again, she eventually stopped moving. She lowered her raised head, lying completely still on Yang Kai’s thigh.


*Dida dida …*


The sound of some kind of drops falling on the ground suddenly could be heard.


Yang Kai finally stopped smacking and looked down at her, the next moment not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


He had actually beat Yu Ru Meng to the point of tears…


Suddenly feeling like he had gone too far, his raised hand slumped down again. If she had kept fighting back, he wouldn’t have stopped, but when she started crying, it started to give him a headache. 

Yang Kai couldn’t help but scratch his head as all his anger completely vanished. He then lightly poked Yu Ru Meng’s cheek and said, “If you have something to say, just say it, why cry?”


Yu Ru Meng turned her head to the other side, ignoring him, simply sobbing like a child as tears kept dripping on the ground to no end.


“Don’t cry,” Yang Kai comforted her. “I had a good reason for leaving you behind. The place I went to was too dangerous. What if you had an accident if I brought you with me?”


While speaking, he gently caressed her round buttocks with his big hands, using his Emperor Qi to alleviate the pain.


He had just spanked her ass a dozen times or so, and he didn’t hold back either. Perhaps her butt was swollen, so he was now healing her wounds. Yang Kai continued, “And you too, you keep talking back to me at every turn, you keep saying that you want to fight and perish together. How can there be a woman like you in this world? If everyone was like you, how would any man survive?”


“If you have something to say to me, use your words. I’ll go first. I was impulsive and in the wrong about what just happened. I apologize, so don’t take it to heart.”


“If you can talk, just nod. If you are angry, how about I let you hit me all you want in return. I’ll let you do anything you want.”


He kept comforting her, but Yu Ru Meng just kept crying and didn’t respond at all.


Yang Kai eventually lost patience and stopped rubbing her buttocks as he calmly stated, “If you have something to say, speak up. Don’t stay silent.”


Yu Ru Meng remained silent for a while before she suddenly muttered something.


“What?” Yang Kai turned his ear to her side as she really had whispered too quietly.


“Don’t stop!” This time, he heard her loud and clear.


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, then he finally realized what she meant. At the same time, he really failed to stifle his laughter, so he once again put his hand on her round bottom and started gently caressing it; after all, this request wasn’t that hard to meet either. 


[Damn, this vixen’s personality might be terrible, but her body is really first-class. It’s like rubbing a soft, silky pillow.]


As her sobbing slowly stopped, Yu Ru Meng’s body twitched a little, who knows whether because of pain or pleasure. Her breathing also grew short and rapid as her previous pale face slowly turned red.


Suddenly, she asked, “You just said that you left me behind because you were afraid of something happening to me, is that the truth or a lie?”


Yang Kai solemnly replied, “What would I gain by lying to you? The place I went to was one of the Forbidden Zones of the Star Boundary, one that even the Great Emperors are unable to freely traverse. Even a Dragon Clan member perished in that place, proving just how dangerous it is.”


Yu Ru Meng softly asked, “Then why didn’t you just say so instead of just leaving me behind without saying anything?”


Yang Kai sighed, “Would it have been useful if I had told you? You would have definitely ignored my entreaty and insisted on going. So, instead of arguing with you, I thought it would be better to act first, then tell you afterwards.”


Yu Ru Meng remained silent; apparently, accepting his explanation.


Yang Kai’s hand, however, started to become more and more dishonest. While rubbing her lower cheeks with one hand, his other unscrupulously began sneaking into Yu Ru Meng’s collar. Of course, he encountered some symbolic resistance, but it was hardly a forceful defence.


“Does it still hurt?” Yang Kai asked, kneading with his hand as a satisfied look filled his face.


Yu Ru Meng slowly shook his head.


“Is anything else in pain?” Yang Kai asked again.


“No, nowhere else.”


“I can give you a check…” Yang Kai chuckled.


“No need…” Yu Ru Meng moaned as her breathing became extremely heavy.


Outside the house, Shan Qing Luo’s face turned ashen and Xue Yue’s expression wasn’t good either. The good show they were looking forward to didn’t appear; the vixen wasn’t beaten to death. On the contrary, their Husband and the hussy started acting all lovey-dovey, making the two women go a little crazy.


Shan Qing Luo turned to Su Yan and entreated, “Elder Sister, our husband is being seduced by that vixen, don’t you care?”


Su Yan just smiled before suggesting, “We should go.”


Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue were dumbfounded, but before the duo could react, Su Yan had already walked away. Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue looked at each other and gnashed their teeth before they raised their arms together and palmed forward hard.


Although the two women hadn’t reached the Emperor Realm yet, they were still in the Dao Source Realm, so their attacks made a big hole in the house’s walls, causing dust to fly everywhere.


Accompanied by Shan Qing Luo’s giggles, the two fled away and disappeared in a flash.


Inside the room, Yang Kai, holding Yu Ru Meng, was jumping around, avoiding the falling wooden boards, his face twitching visibly.


At this moment, a wave of spatial fluctuations suddenly spread as a jade slip suddenly appeared before him. Yang Kai reached out, grabbing it. He then read it with his Divine Sense and a frown started to appear on his face before he stated aloud, “I’m going to Tiger Roar City. Something has happened there and they requested my presence.”


“Safe journey!” Su Yan responded back.


Yang Kai nodded before turning to Yu Ru Meng in his arms and asking, “Are you coming with me?”


Yu Ru Meng meekly nodded.


Yang Kai smiled lightly before pushing his Space Principles. The next moment, the pair disappeared from where they stood.


Tiger Roar City was now in complete turmoil as everyone was feeling extremely restless and anxious.


Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng appeared beside Gao Xue Ting, but at this moment, Gao Xue Ting was no longer inside the City Lord’s Mansion, but beside a city gate. It was quite noisy here and Gao Xue Ting had a very serious look on her face, one that was quite unsightly.


Sensing Yang Kai’s arrival, Gao Xue Ting glanced at him before looking at Yu Ru Meng in his arms and lightly nodding.


“What’s the situation?” Yang Kai glanced around as he asked, somewhat confused. Much to his surprise, he was greeted by two large crowds confronting each other at the city gate. One group was luxuriously dressed, indicating they had some kind of significant status or background, while the other group was comprised of disciples of Azure Sun Temple.




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  1. Su Yan really is a high class partner huh, is that the confidence and calmness that comes from being the first wife in a setting where harem is commonplace?

    1. No, this whole chapter was a fantasy written by a horny man raised in a misogynistic society. You’re likely to learn very little about women from this novel.

    2. She’s the one who encouraged him to have a harem in the first place. At this point, it would be out of character if
      she decided she wasn’t okay with adding another woman. SQL and Xue Yue are understandable, though.

  2. This Run Meng is infuriating. I’m really disappointed that Yang Kai hasn’t just killed this obvious demon. Yang Kai has lost the composure of his youth, and is just turning into another arrogant and vile master.

  3. Run Meng may have the highest cultivation, but Su Yan is the wife with the strongest character and personality. She and Yang Kai have a special Dual Cultivation and are more joined than any other pair. I bet she is still more beautiful than Run Meng.

  4. “oh its finish with all the shit is writting with women and all ,kind of happy cause its obvious its doesnt know how to write about that”
    “oh nice demon realm attack ,that will be great ”
    “ah shit here we go again….”

  5. I tend to only comment when I see plot holes or things that I dislike, but to this point it was only specific moments or plot devices. It didn’t bother me too much and the novel was still enjoyable. But the quality has been dropping for quite some time now (not that of the translation though) and it’s gotten to the point where it’s not even enjoyable anymore. The badass moments are scarce and separated by pointless fights and stupid conflicts, any character development that was going on was thrown out of the window… This particular chapter was absolutely terrible, probably the worst chapter that I can remember.

    1. I humbly disagree, I think his general writing is improving somewhat, but of course it goes up and down. Look at Li Jiao and Fu Zhun. That’s some of the most notable examples of actual character development and I was somewhat moved by Lin Er’s birth. In comparison to all the dry face-slapping “fast-food” (as another user here has termed it) in the first 2.9k or so chapters, it’s improved quite a bit. I’ll agree the conflict with Cang Mo was as idiotic as it gets and it reverted back in the earlier chapters. Definitely the most infuriating thing to me right now is how Yang Kai just behaves in the most absolutely dimwitted ways and yet is never punished, but is instead rewarded for his behavior like how Yang Yan or Qiong Qi appears out of nowhere to save his ass.

      I don’t know about you, but there aren’t really any “badass” moments in this series because none of it feels earned. In comparison to someone like Fang Yuan from Reverend Insanity or Klein Moretti from Lord of the Mysteries, Yang Kai never really has to earn anything. Alot of his achievements come from author-levels of luck. The closest thing to that to me was his breakthrough to the Emperor Realm, but that was preceded by Yang Kai being an imbecile failing to guess that the person in front of him was a GE.

      It’s fine if you dislike the chapter, but could you at least elaborate what you dislike about it? I can agree that I don’t particularly enjoy this new character(Justice for Qiu Yi Meng), but I am somewhat curious to know what she wants. Who knows, she might grow on me.

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