Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3408, If the Lips Are Gone, the Teeth Will Grow Cold


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A bloody aura filled the air as the ground around the city gates became like Hell on earth. Hundreds of corpses were lying everywhere, with their heads all stacked into a hill. The sight of this terrifying scene made the onlookers’ blood run cold as they went completely silent, like the cicadas in winter.


Among them, some may have had the same thoughts as the Five Great Families; they wanted to escape from Tiger Roar City. Otherwise, they would not have gathered here, but the example made of the members of the Five Great Families was enough to make them understand and none dared to have any other ideas now.


[This Palace Master, who hails from the Northern Territory, kills people without even batting an eye! He has no humanity at all!] Everyone looked at Yang Kai with a fearful gaze.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, was completely at ease, still playing with the Array Jade in his hand. Suddenly, he looked up at Gao Xue Ting and stated, “Senior Sister Gao, ask the Temple disciples to remove everyone who is presiding over the Defensive Array and take their place.” While speaking, he threw the Array Jade in his hand to her.


Gao Xue Ting nodded her agreement after hearing this and immediately started arranging things.


With the city being this big, it was natural that the defensive Array wasn’t managed by just a single individual. There were at least several dozen people managing the array, and each of them had a Sub-Array Jade while the City Lord, Lin Tong, should have the Main Jade which controlled the overall Array.


Since even the Five Great Families members were acting like this, precautions had to be taken. If the Temple disciples were managing the Array, this kind of situation could be prevented. For Yang Kai, the cultivators of Tiger Roar City were still outsiders, so he would not feel secure if the supervisors of the defensive Array were not his own people.


The Demon Race Army was at the gates, and to resist the foreign invasion, order must be kept at home first.


Yang Kai took out a communication artifact and contacted Li Jiao, asking about the Demon Race Army’s situation.


Right at this moment, a ripple suddenly spread through the defensive Array of the city as strange fluctuations undulated.


Yang Kai turned his head and asked, frowning, “What happened?”


Gao Xue Ting shook her head, indicating that she had no idea either.


Rather the Dao Source Realm old man, who was managing the Array before, replied, “Someone opened the Array somewhere.”


Yang Kai’s face turned colder when he heard this, “Courting death!”


The reason why he asked Gao Xue Ting to replace Tiger Roar City residents was to prevent a similar situation to the Five Great Families from happening again, but he didn’t expect such a situation to happen even before that plan could be implemented. Someone fleeing just as the battle was about to begin would negatively affect morale, especially when the enemy already seriously outnumbered them. This battle was not going to be easy no matter what, and if morale was low, Tiger Roar City definitely would not be able to hold on. At that time, whether it was the Azure Sun Temple, Fire Dragon Palace disciples, or Ahan Temple disciples, all would suffer.


“Where?” Yang Kai turned his head and asked the old man.


The old man immediately pointed in one direction, “If this Old Master sensed it correctly, it should have been over there.”


The moment the old man pointed, Yang Kai’s figure disappeared from his spot.


At a certain section of the city wall on the east side of Tiger Roar City, Yang Kai suddenly appeared, and as expected, he saw a gap in the defensive Array here; a wide gap through which he could see a figure was swiftly escaping over a dozen kilometres away.


Yang Kai found the figure a little familiar, thinking he had seen it somewhere before.


Meanwhile, on the city wall, Tiger Roar City’s City Lord, Lin Tong’s face was livid, staring in the direction where the figure was fleeing. Sitting next to him in a cross-legged position was Vice City Lord, Ma Yin, who was bleeding from the corner of her mouth. She appeared to be injured, though not too seriously.


“Who was it?” Yang Kai coldly asked.


Lin Tong’s facial muscles twitched as he replied in a heavy voice, “Wu Zi Jin!”


Yang Kai suddenly came to a realization. No wonder the escaping figure looked familiar, it turned out it was one of the Vice City Lords, Wu Zi Jin. 


Even a Vice City Lord had fled from the battle! If word got out, how would the native cultivators of Tiger Roar City find any courage to resist the Demon Race?


As a Vice City Lord, Wu Zi Jin should be leading by example, but now he was openly displaying cowardice. If Yang Kai’s guess was right, Wu Zi Jin even attacked Ma Yin in order to facilitate his own escape. Although Yang Kai didn’t ask, he guessed that Ma Yin was taken by surprise.


Yang Kai looked around and found that the cultivators of Tiger Roar City were really flustered. Wu Zi Jin’s escape had obviously left a huge negative impact on them.


Suddenly he recalled that Wu Zi Jin had proposed that everyone make plans to leave Tiger Roar City as quickly as possible. Now, it became apparent that he had been planning this for quite some time.


Yang Kai suddenly felt a little disheartened. Among the native cultivators of Tiger Roar City, the Five Great Families and a Vice City Lord didn’t even have the courage to stay and fight the Demon Race, so what was the point of the reinforcements from the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Territories even coming here?


He turned his head and asked Lin Tong, “What is Sir City Lord’s plan? If you want to leave, it’s not too late to escape now.”


Lin Tong glanced at him before calmly replying, “So long as a single person remains alive here, the city will survive, only when all have fallen will the city truly be destroyed!”


Ma Yin also opened her eyes and looked up at Yang Kai, “This Ma entreats Palace Master Yang to lend his assistance to my Tiger Roar City!”


Yang Kai finally smiled after hearing this, “It seems that not all the people of Tiger Roar City covet life and fear death!”


Ma Yin angrily proclaimed, “We are ashamed of that old dog surnamed Wu. If he doesn’t die today, I swear to take his dog life the next time I see him!”


Yang Kai nodded, “You won’t need to wait for the next time.”


Before Ma Yin could even understand what Yang Kai meant, she heard him speak again, “I’ll be right back. While I am gone, I ask Sir City Lord to repair the breach as quickly as possible.”


Yang Kai’s figure flickered before disappearing from everyone’s sight.


A stunned Ma Yin turned her head and saw a blur rapidly shooting off into the distance before completely disappearing from her sight in the blink of an eye. Only when Yang Kai’s figure had vanished over the horizon did she come to her senses and muttered, “He went after Old Dog Wu?”


[Can he even catch up? Old Dog Wu has quite a head start. Although Palace Master Yang’s cultivation is one Minor Realm higher, Old Dog Wu is fleeing for his life so catching him shouldn’t be easy. Wouldn’t it be a waste of energy to chase after him at this moment? In any case the city is surrounded by the Demon Race, wouldn’t Tiger Roar City lose another high-level combatant this way?]


Lin Tong, however, replied with sparkling eyes, “I heard that Palace Master Yang is proficient in the Dao of Space. After seeing it today, he really lives up to his reputation!”


“A Master of the Dao of Space!” Ma Yin’s slender brow momentarily rose. Finally, she understood why Yang Kai’s speed was so astonishing and why his figure seemed to flicker in and out of existence as it moved, making it difficult for her to even track his position.


It was due to his use of Space Principles!


“Someone’s approaching!” Ma Yin suddenly turned pale as she pointed towards the front. When she had started speaking, there was just a small black dot on the horizon, but by the time she finished, that small black dot had grown to the size of a fist.


In the blink of an eye, a figure was already standing before her.


It was none other than Yang Kai, who had just left!


Ma Yin mouth was agape as she dumbfoundedly stared at Yang Kai.


He said he would be right back, and he really came right back. He couldn’t have been gone for more than ten breaths, yet when Yang Kai returned, he did so with a person in his grasp. When she recovered from her initial shock, Ma Yin immediately became filled with rage as the man Yang Kai was carrying was none other than Old Dog Wu!


In just ten breaths, not only had Yang Kai gone and returned, he even caught Wu Zi Jin, who was going all out to escape, and brought him back. If Ma Yin hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed such a feat was even possible.


Lin Tong also looked absent-minded, as if he was lost in a dream.


At this moment, Wu Zi Jin, who was being held by Yang Kai, was continuously coughing up blood, his aura weak and unstable, a clear indication he had been seriously injured.


Yang Kai threw the battered man in front of Ma Yin.


Wu Zi Jin crawled back up with great difficulty as he held his chest, glancing at Lin Tong and then at Ma Yin, his expression turning pale.


He definitely didn’t expect that after trying so hard to escape from the city, he would be caught in the blink of an eye and brought back before Ma Yin, whom he had injured with a sneak attack just moments ago. This was a serious embarrassment.


Forcing a smile, Wu Zi Jin asked, “Vice City Lord Ma, how are your injuries?”


Ma Yin slowly stood up and coldly gazed at him, “That’s none of your concern.” While speaking, she summoned a soft whip with the flick of her wrist. The soft whip was forged from some unidentifiable material and was ten meters long, exuding a cold, dark aura.


Wu Zi Jin’s blood ran cold as he stumbled back and said, “Let’s talk this out, this Wu may have acted a little rashly, but he never intended to hurt you.”


Ma Yin turned a deaf ear as her Emperor Qi surged and her soft whip flashed.


Wu Zi Jin turned his head to look at Lin Tong, “Sir City Lord, spare me! If you spare this Wu, this Wu will give his all to fight alongside you! The Demon Race is attacking, this Wu will do his best, he promises!”


Lin Tong looked at him with disgust and spat, “This City Lord wouldn’t dare to fight alongside you!” [Even Ma Yin suffered a sneak attack at this bastard’s hands, who would feel safe trusting their back to him?]


Wu Zi Jin knew that things weren’t going to end well for him today, so a cruel look flashed across his face as he raised his hand, summoning a giant axe and slashing at Ma Yin with all his strength. He didn’t dare to attack Lin Tong as the latter’s cultivation was higher than his, whereas Ma Yin had been injured by his sneak attack, and both of them were in the same realm. Ma Yin was his only chance to make an escape.


But in the next moment, Space Principles fluctuated and an invisible force bound Wu Zi Jin tightly, freezing him in a position where his axe was raised.


The soft whip in Ma Yin’s hand shook before accurately wrapping around Wu Zi Jin’s neck. Then with a slight tug, Wu Zi Jin’s head flew into the air as a fountain of blood erupted.


Ma Yin was a little absent-minded, as if she didn’t expect to kill Wu Zi Jin so easily, but she quickly understood that it was because Yang Kai had silently assisted her, so she turned her head and nodded at him, expressing her gratitude.


Yang Kai then reported, “Just so you know, the members of the Five Great Families of your Tiger Roar City also wanted to flee not too long ago, but I have already killed them all.”


Lin Tong snorted after hearing this, “Good. The Demon Race is attacking, but instead of resisting the enemy, they actually try to escape. Their deaths aren’t worth pitying. Even if Palace Master Yang didn’t do so, this Lin would have acted personally to clean up his house.”


The Five Great Families were his Tiger Roar City residents, and Wu Zi Jin was even a Vice City Lord; this series of events had really made Lin Tong lose face.


Yang Kai proclaimed with brightened eyes, “Since City Lord Lin intends to defend Tiger Roar City and fight the Demon Race to the last, the reinforcements from the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Territories will do everything in their power to assist.”


Lin Tong bowed, cupping his fists, “Many thanks, Palace Master Yang. If it wasn’t for your aid, my Tiger Roar City would be in danger today.”


Yang Kai stated, shaking his head, “Without the lips, the teeth will go cold. The Demon Race is aggressively attacking now and obviously won’t be satisfied with just the Western Territory. After they are done consuming this land, their next target will be the Southern Territory, Northern Territory, and Eastern Territory. We have come here not only to save you, but to protect ourselves as well.”


Lin Tong earnestly praised, “Palace Master Yang is a righteous and far-sighted leader. This Lin has nothing but admiration for Palace Master Yang.”


Ma Yin stated with a sigh, “Unfortunately, our Tiger Roar City’s morale is now at an all-time low.” She looked around, and the cultivators around her all evaded her gaze. It was indeed as she had said, morale had hit rock bottom. Just the fact that the Demon Race Army was attacking had already frightened everyone; and now, after Wu Zi Jin’s act of cowardice, the already low morale had dropped even further.




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