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Martial Peak – Chapter 3410, One Man as a Mountain

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Although the population of Tiger Roar City was close to 300,000, the number of men and women who could actually fight was closer to 50,000, that’s all. And this was still counting the reinforcements from the three territories. Originally, 50,000 against the Demon Race left Tiger Roar City’s defenders severely outnumbered, but now, 5,000 have been deployed as Military Enforcers.


[Whoever came up with this idea is a madman!]


It must be brought to notice that the duty of a Military Enforcer entailed only internal matters, not external. Furthermore, since they had to monitor and supervise the war, they couldn’t be too weak. Whether it was a Military Enforcer or a scout, they had to be the best among the best. In other words, the 5,000 men deployed as Military Enforcers were all elites.


In other words, Tiger Roar City’s strength against the Demon Race hadn’t just decreased by 10%, but maybe 20% or 30%…


Not to mention, there was also Chi Gui leading them, who was an Emperor!


Everyone who thought about this cursed in their hearts!


But at this moment, there was no time to give it that much thought because the Demon Race Army was already upon them.


Sounds of something whistling through the air rang out as dark beams of light shot out from the Demons, one after another, bombarding the light curtain of the defensive Array of the city, causing ripples to spread in a flash, giving the impression that the shield could collapse at any moment.


The Dao Source Realm cultivators, who were managing the Spirit Array, had already taken out their respective Array Jades and were frantically mobilizing their strength to stabilize its operation.


The battle of Tiger Roar City had begun at that moment.


Lin Tong raised his arm and shouted, “Attack!”


On the city wall, many cultivators activated their artifacts or used their Secret Techniques one after another, shooting long-range attacks off the city wall. The next moment, multi-coloured beams of light shot through the light screen of the Array, bombarding the Demon Race Army. There was no need to aim either, because the Demons had gathered all in one group, so any random attack would hit as long as it was fired in their general direction.


Demons fell one by one, but more stepped forward to fill the gap, the deaths of their clansmen not making them timid and instead arousing their bloodthirsty nature. Every Demon Race member seemed to be unafraid of death.


The corpses below the city wall continued to pile up, gradually forming a hill.


Both sides kept attacking each other, but Tiger Roar City was protected by an Array, so as long as it stood firm, there would be no casualties on the defender’s side. On the contrary, the Demon Race side was suffering heavy casualties.


It was a good start!


The morale of Tiger Roar City’s cultivators was lifted at this sight and they were no longer stingy with their energy, unleashing all their best moves to the fullest of their ability. Owing to this, more and more Demon Race members fell to the ground, dead.


Not even thirty breaths had passed since the battle began, but thousands of Demons had already died.


The countless attacks on the Array, however, made its light dimmer and dimmer and it was now showing signs of cracking in places. Although the Defensive Array of Tiger Roar City wasn’t bad, the Demon Race Army’s strength was simply too great. When this Defensive Array was arranged, no one had expected a Demon Race Army to attack the city someday, so it couldn’t last for too long.


Once the Array was broken, Tiger Roar City’s greatest support would be gone, at which point, the cultivators in the city would not be the opponents of these ravenous Demons in close combat.


Obviously, Lin Tong knew this but he had no choice but to use whatever means he had on hand to quickly reduce the number of enemies as much as possible before the Array was broken.


Right then, a tall figure jumped up high, holding an enormous pitch-black hammer. The hammer was of the size of a door and had Demon Qi lingering about it as it slammed hard onto the Array. At the point where it struck, the light screen of the Array immediately creaked as thin and long cracks spread in all directions.


That Demon was blown away by the rebounding force, but he quickly returned and let out a war cry as he raised his hammer up high and slammed it down again.


Everyone’s eyes widened as they could tell that if the hammer struck again, a gap might really be smashed open in the Array. Although a single gap would not be a big deal in normal times and could be repaired in short order, in the current situation it may be the difference between victory or defeat.


No one needed any orders as everyone nearby fired their attacks on that Demon, one after another, trying to kill him first.


The Demon Race Master, however, just sneered, surprisingly not even trying to dodge, allowing all the attacks to land on his body. A stony glimmer suddenly appeared on the Demon’s body, and he remained safe and sound. He was a Demon King, and a Stone Demon at that, so his innate defence was outstanding.


Lin Tong’s heart sank at the sight of this.


As the hammer came down, countless people immediately wailed in their hearts as if the hammer’s target was not the Defensive Array but their own body.


Right then, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the Demon King, stretching its hand out toward the sky and grabbing the hammer.


Ma Yin’s eyes bulged in shock as she finally realized that the person blocking the Demon King was none other than High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master, Yang Kai, and she instinctually let out a tender cry, “Careful!”


The Demon King’s attack was both powerful and heavy, not to mention that Yang Kai was just a Second-Order Emperor. Even a Third-Order Emperor might be flattened into nothing by this move.


Lin Tong’s heart jumped into his throat as well. In this situation, every Emperor Realm Master added an extra level of security to Tiger Roar City, not to mention the fact that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space. If Yang Kai died here, it would not be as simple as Tiger Roar City losing an Emperor Realm protector, the army’s morale and spirit which had just stabilized would probably collapse again.




But before everyone’s shocked gazes, Yang Kai actually remained completely still. Suddenly, a visible shock wave burst out from his back, sending his clothes flapping. The hammer that should have slammed onto the Defensive Array was now firmly gripped in his hand.


[Blocked!? He actually blocked it!?]


Lin Tong simply couldn’t believe his eyes. Was this a feat one could accomplish with physical strength alone? But very soon, he hurriedly ordered, “Quickly repair the Array!”


He didn’t know how long Yang Kai could last, but since he had charged out of the Array despite the danger and blocked the critical attack with his own strength, it had given Tiger Roar City a chance to breathe and restore the damaged Array.


The nearby cultivators, who were managing the Array, finally reacted and hurriedly got to work after hearing Lin Tong’s shout.


“Huh?” The Stone Demon opposite Yang Kai raised his brow, staring blankly at Yang Kai. He looked completely stunned, as if he hadn’t expected this little bug-like man to actually block his hammer.


Another nearby Demon King broke into laughter and taunted, “Zha Sa, you waste, were you sucked so dry by those Charm Demons last night that you were actually stopped by this puny Human?”


The Demon King Zha Sa grew angry out of shame and lashed back, “What nonsense!? This King almost fucked those trivial sluts to death, how could they dream of sucking me dry?”


That previous Demon King asked, “Then what’s this situation?”


Zha Sa gazed at Yang Kai with a solemn look as he replied in a heavy voice, “This little brat is not simple! He’s quite strong.”


The other Demon King coldly snorted, “Hurry up and kill him, they are repairing the Spirit Array already. Don’t slip up at the last step.”


Zha Sa snapped, “You don’t need to tell me!”


Yang Kai just grimed as he joined in the conversation, “Do you guys really have the time to chit-chat? Should I let you continue your conversation a little longer? Speaking of which, I’m also quite interested in those Charm Demons you mentioned! Perhaps we can all sit down and discuss them with each other when we have the opportunity?”


Zha Sa broke into laughter, “You want to play with those Charm Demons with your scrawny body? You’d best not, otherwise, there’ll be nothing left of you in the morning!”


Yang Kai retorted, shrugging his shoulders, “Many thanks for your concern, but I think I’ll be just fine.”


Zha Sa sneered, “It’s a pity that you won’t have that chance.” After saying so, he tried to pull his hammer back, but in the next moment, his face greatly changed, because his hammer was firmly held by the Human before him and he was completely unable to move it. 


Zha Sa immediately looked as if he had seen a ghost.


He was a Stone Demon, and although he might be a little weaker than those innately gifted Strength Demons when it came to raw physical power, the difference wasn’t that great. 


[My Demon Artifact is being held tight by this freak and I can’t even get it back, what the hell is going on here!? Is this Human actually that strong?]


“This hammer is pretty good,” Yang Kai grinned at him, inexplicably causing a cold chill to shoot up Zha Sa’s spine, but before he could react, his arms suddenly felt lighter and he noticed that his Demon Artifact had actually been snatched by this Human.


Yang Kai weighed the hammer in his hand a little before nodding in appreciation, “Not bad, not bad at all!”


A whistling sound suddenly rang out as the hammer was sent slamming back at the Demon King.


Zha Sa’s face drastically changed as he hurriedly tried to retreat, but just as he was about to move, the surrounding space suddenly became extremely viscous, as if he had fallen into a swamp. The next moment, he felt his head sink in before everything went black.


The riotous battlefield filled with the sounds of explosions and shouting suddenly went silent for a moment, like the entire world had instantly come to a halt.


One after another, gazes focused on Yang Kai as everyone had an extreme sense of incredulity, especially the members of the Demon Race. Almost all of them were dumbfounded while the Demon King who had been mocking Zha Sa before had his eyes bulge so wide they nearly popped out of their sockets.


At that moment, small pieces of flesh rained down from the sky around Yang Kai as the Stone Demon Zha Sa was blown into a mist of blood by his very own hammer. Nothing of him remained. Although the Demon Race had a very tenacious vitality, after suffering this kind of blow, Zha Sa could not be more dead.


“Next!” Yang Kai, wielding Zha Sa’s hammer, stood calmly in the air, coldly glancing over the surroundings. There was a wide gap in the Defensive Array behind him, but at this moment Yang Kai gave off the aura of a giant who could alone hold back the entire enemy army, one man as a mountain.


Cheers immediately broke out on the city wall as Lin Tong was finally able to put down the worry in his heart. Ma Yin’s beautiful eyes flickered with a strange gleam whereas Yu Ru Meng disdainfully spat at the sight of this and moved to block this woman’s line of sight.


“Kill him!” A furious roar resounded as all the Demon Race members in the vicinity charged at Yang Kai without a care for their lives. Although the death of Zha Sa came as a great shock, this did not cause them to cower, and under the Demon King’s orders, no one dared not charge.


In an instant, Yang Kai was completely surrounded.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


Muffled explosions rang one after another as Demons were blown apart into blood mists. In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai’s figure stood tall while all the Demons who had charged at him before were wiped out. Right now, there were no Demons within a dozen metre radius of where he stood.


Yang Kai’s entire figure was dyed in the Demon Race blood and the remnant Demon Qi swirled around his body, making him look more like a Demon than the Demons themselves!


The Demon Race continued charging at Yang Kai though, filling the ranks of the fallen ones without showing even the slightest hesitation, but Yang Kai’s location seemed to have turned into a meat grinder that ground up all Demons who approached, leaving not one alive.


At that moment, Yang Kai was truly the incarnation of a mountain, holding back the tide all on his own.



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