Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3411, Sacrificing Oneself for a Righteous Cause


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


So long as there were sacrifices, the massacre kept going.


Yang Kai stood alone outside the Defensive Array, but he kept the storming Demon Race Army back like a God of Slaughter. Even though he was only one person, the power he displayed was comparable to an army.


On the city wall, the cultivators of Tiger Roar City were busy repairing the crack in the Array, and soon, they completed their task.


Seeing this, Lin Tong shouted, “Palace Master Yang, you can withdraw now.”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to return.”


Just as he said these words, his figure flickered as he appeared at another location. The Array at that spot had also been cracked by the Demon Race. Thanks to Yang Kai’s quick thinking though, he moved over to cover this opening, otherwise, the swarming Demon Race Army would have really broken into the city.


The same situation repeated as before. The Demon Race Army madly charged at the crack but was stopped by Yang Kai’s hammer alone. Unable to advance, the Demons only left countless corpses behind, ending up with heavy casualties.


And right behind Yang Kai, the few cultivators responsible for patching the Spirit Array rushed over and began working frantically.


Cries and shouts filled the battlefield as the Demon Race’s ferocity was on full display. Since the beginning of the war, it had barely been a quarter of an hour, yet Tiger Roar City’s Defensive Array had been breached twice.


But how many Yang Kai’s were there in this world? Even though there were over ten Emperor Realm Masters in the city, none of them dared to rush out of the city like Yang Kai and take on the Demon Race Army alone. Lin Tong observed the situation of the entire battlefield, sending attacks when he could towards the invading enemies as deep worry could be clearly seen on his face. As the City Lord of Tiger Roar City, he could already see the greatest weakness on his side. If the Demon Race Army changed their strategy, it would be questionable whether Tiger Roar City could hold on today or not.


And his fears soon came true. After their initial attempts, seeing that it was impossible to break through Yang Kai’s location and that the recently opened breach was repaired again, the Demon Race Army suddenly split up and began attacking from several directions.


Lin Ting’s heart pounded at the sight of this. If the Demon Race Army concentrated their offensive at one location, Tiger Roar City still had hopes of defending as Yang Kai’s performance was simply astonishing. With him taking charge of the front lines, it became impossible to breach the Array.


But with the Demon Race Army splitting up, once the Array was breached at multiple locations, it would be impossible to defend all the gaps.


Facts proved that the Demons weren’t fools. They could see what Lin Tong could see and swiftly implemented a plan to maximise their advantage.


After a while, the Demon Race had breached the Array at another location and Yang Kai promptly swooped in to block the invading Demons, but the next moment, he heard a cry of despair not too far away. As he looked over, Yang Kai saw another crack appearing on that side and a swarm of elated Demons who were rushing towards it.


Yang Kai heaved a sigh before raising his hand and summoning the Embodiment out, making him defend the place he was originally guarding while he himself rushed in that direction.


As soon as the Embodiment appeared, he started a massacre. With his several-dozen-metre tall body, he gave everyone a very strong visual impact, especially with the numerous spikes and wicked flames covering his figure. Wielding the Demonic War Hammer, the region around the Embodiment became a zone of death, with every swing of its hammer creating a rain of blood. On top of that, after activating the Heaven Devouring Domain, the Demon Qi of the swarming Demon Race members was soon sucked out and devoured clean.


The Demon Race was stupefied as this newcomer was even more terrifying than the Human man who was blocking their way before! No one knew how this stone giant appeared, or where it came from, but with it guarding the Defensive Array, the recently breached opening was simply impregnable.


With these two guarding the two gaps, the Demon Race Army suffered thousands of casualties, but they were still unable to move forward an inch.


But a third breach very soon appeared, becoming the breakthrough point the Demon Race Army needed.


Lin Tong promptly rushed over without a moment of hesitation. He didn’t dare to rush out of the gap like Yang Kai as he was well aware of his own capabilities. Although he was similarly an Emperor Realm Master, he was only an ordinary Second-Order. If he really rushed out of the breach, he would immediately be overwhelmed by the enemy.


Very wisely, he stayed inside the Array while boldly blocking the third gap with his body. He let out a furious war cry as his thin body swelled up like a balloon, his muscles bulging as he even grew a little taller, ripping apart his upper robes. An intense aura overflowed from his body at that moment as he raised his hand, summoning a broadsword that was taller than the average man that shone with an impressive radiance.


The halo around the broadsword rippled again and again, leaving countless after images and in the next moment, all the swarming Demon Race members were chopped to pieces.


A serious look appeared on the faces of Ma Yin and the other Emperor Realm Masters of Tiger Roar City, who were guarding their respective areas. Their Emperor Qi soared as those closest cooperated with Lin Tong to block the Demon Race Army’s advance, sparing no strength.


Fortunately, the Array wasn’t completely destroyed and the breaches weren’t that big either, so not many Demons could charge in through the gaps. Coupled with the Emperor Realm Masters of Tiger Roar City providing support, they barely held on.


The morale of many cultivators rose when they saw this and fired off their respective Secret Technique more and more fiercely, reducing the strength of the Demon Race as much as possible.


But a fourth gap was soon cracked open.


Li Jiao and Gao Xue Ting, following suit, immediately jumped in to block the Demon Race Army’s advance. Although there were only two of them, they actually had an easier time defending than Lin Tong’s side.


After all, Li Jiao was a Third-Order Emperor and possessed a half-dragon bloodline, so while he wasn’t as strong as a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he was still a little stronger than an ordinary Third-Order Emperor Realm Master.


With him holding the front and Gao Xue Ting supporting and coordinating from behind, no matter how many Demons reached the breach, all of them were killed.


On the city wall, the cultivators responsible for repairing the Spirit Array were run ragged, their feet never stopping. They were running around here and there like a team of firefighters. Wherever the Array was breached, they would rush over to repair the gap, but just as they repaired one gap, another would appear.


Fortunately, the Demon Race Army’s strength had also reached a limit; otherwise, if another or two gaps were opened, Tiger Roar City would really not be able to hold on. Yang Kai and the Embodiment kept switching locations, rushing to new gaps and guarding them one after another.


At every moment, the Array appeared to be on the verge of collapsing but it always somehow held on.


After about an hour, the Demon Race Army had suffered casualties in the tens of thousands, while Tiger Roar City had still not lost a single person. This was simply unimaginable, but everyone knew it was all thanks to the Spirit Array behind which Tiger Roar City’s forces were hiding. As long as the Array wasn’t broken, they would not be in any danger; however, constantly expending their energy for an hour straight had left many people somewhat exhausted. Many people in the city now had to use pills to supplement their energy while some who had reached their limits were forced to withdraw and adjust their breathing.


If the current status quo was maintained and nothing eventful happened, Tiger Roar City might just make it through.


But disaster always strikes unannounced.


Outside the city wall, Yang Kai was radiating a dense and awe-inspiring murderous intent as Space Principles flared around him, slicing apart every enemy that got within ten metres of him. Countless Demons had been ground into blood mists, leaving not even a single piece of bone behind. All that was left was a pile of ground-up flesh near his feet.


Suddenly, Ma Yin’s cry rang in his ear, “City Lord, be careful!” Her voice was mixed with panic and fear.


As Yang Kai turned to take a look, his pupils immediately and involuntarily shrank. He noticed Lin Tong’s pupils widened in surprise as his feet sank into the ground for some reason, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t free himself. Obviously, he had fallen to some plot, and right then, a Blood Demon Demon King surrounded by a bloody halo rushed over from the nearby breach with a ferocious smile on his face.


Lin Tong wasn’t panicked though and displayed the composure of a veteran Second-Order Emperor, fiercely chopping down his broadsword.


The Blood Demon, however, didn’t dodge and simply let the broadsword slash him. In the next moment though, the Blood Demon’s figure transformed into a cloud of blood mist without suffering any damage whatsoever. Right afterwards, the mist of blood completely enveloped Lin Tong and drilled its way into his body through his pores and seven orifices.


Lin Tong’s face changed as a painful groan inevitably escaped from his mouth and his figure faltered.


Ma Yin and the others were all rooted to the spot, stunned and confused, having no idea what to do.


They were fighting against the Demon Race for the first time, so they were naturally unfamiliar with all the various characteristics of the hundred clans. They might have heard some information before, but things completely changed when it came to firsthand experience.


If the Blood Demon had engaged in a fight with Lin Tong, they might be able to provide support, but they had no idea how to deal with this strange situation. While the nearby cultivators were reeling from the shock, a large part of the Demon Race Army charged in through the gap, Demon Qi billowing from their faces as they menacingly pounced.


Lin Tong suddenly turned his head to stare in Yang Kai’s direction. A hint of determination flashed in his eyes, he shouted in a heavy voice, “Palace Master Yang, I leave Tiger Roar City to you!”


Just as he said this, he swung his broadsword down at himself.


Right then, blood splashed everywhere as his legs were severed from below Lin Tong’s knees before he shot off into the sky, his mutilated body enveloped in a bloody halo as he rushed out of the city with a furious roar, plunging straight into the heart of the Demon Race Army.


Fearsome energy fluctuations started undulating right after, causing the Demons in the surroundings to turn pale in shock.


The Blood Demon who had invaded Lin Tong’s body hurriedly tried to withdraw, reforming his physical body as he cursed Lin Tong, “Crazy bastard!”


But how could Lin Tong let him escape? Pushing his Emperor Qi madly, he grabbed hold of the Blood Demon and refused to let go. The Blood Demon wore a look of shock and was struck with panic, struggling hard as he transformed his arms into sharp claws that ripped into Lin Tong’s chest and arms again and again.


But his efforts proved futile as Lin Tong’s body only glowed more and more dazzlingly.


The next moment, a deafening explosion reverberated throughout the sky as everything within 500 meters of Lin Tong completely vanished. Not even the bones of the Blood Demon remained while over ten thousand Demons simply vaporized.


“City Lord!” Ma Yin cried out in grief as the eyes of other Emperor Realm Masters of Tiger Roar City turned red from sorrow and anger. Their blood began to boil as they released bestial war cries, vowing to avenge Lin Tong!


Tiger Roar City had suffered its first casualty of today’s battle, but no one had ever imagined that the first to be martyred would be the City Lord himself.


While everyone was lost in the heat of the moment, a pair of hands silently creeped out from underneath Ma Yin, grabbing towards her.


Earlier, these very hands had caught Lin Tong, rendering him rooted to the spot.


Grief-stricken, Ma Yin failed to notice the approaching danger.


But suddenly, Yang Kai’s figure flickered over and while he pushed Ma Yin away, he stomped towards the ground as Space Principles undulated.


The ground quaked as a muffled sound came below ground, as if something was crushed to pieces.


Ma Yin finally came to her senses and turned a dazed look to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai glanced at her as he stated in a grim voice, “Sand Demons are experts at Earth Escape Techniques. All of you must be careful of them.”




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    1. I didn’t like the watered down violence and lowkey censorship the manhua had in the earlier chapters, plus, it cuts a lot of stuff out.

    2. TL;DR:
      Light Novel supremacy is real & we appreciate DDL putting out a good product a whole lot more than we care
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      No manhua is ever as good as the LN it came from. No exceptions. Not Martial Peak, not Apotheosis, not Martial
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      1. Fking true man they skip too many things and they tried to make comic parts and expressions when in the novel there’s none + tl is a little bit worse than here so i’m gonna keep reading here

      2. I would say it is generally that a drawn adaptation is less detailed than the original book, and an animated adaptation or movie even less (e.g. Lord of the rings books vs movies).
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    3. Manhua is not. You can learn the plot from it and admire the chicks (No. They are not very well drawn there), but this definitely cannot be compared with the short story. Not to mention that there is censorship

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