Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3412, Won


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After listening to Yang Kai’s warning, Ma Yin and the others finally understood what happened to Lin Tong just now.


The Sand Demon, who was strong enough to trap the Second-Order Emperor Realm Lin Tong, was surely a Demon King Realm Master, but such a Master was still killed by Yang Kai’s stomp, so just how strong was Yang Kai really?


But there was no time to remain shocked as a large number of Demons were now pouring through the unguarded breach in the Defensive Array.


And in the absence of Yang Kai, Demon Race members were also swarming through the breach he had previously been defending.


More and more Demons poured into the city, engaging the cultivators of Tiger Roar City in close quarters, starting a fight to the death on the city wall! People on both sides continued to fall as, for the first time, the cultivators on the city walls were fighting the Demon Race hand to hand, but how could these exhausted and demoralized cultivators stand against the fearless Demon Race. Many collapsed at the first encounter and were completely routed.


The role of the Military Enforcers finally came into play. Yang Kai was not bluffing when he said that 5,000 enforcers had been deployed. They really existed.


Anyone who took a step back was beheaded by the Military Enforcers the next moment.


With the Demons before them and the Military Enforcers behind, many defenders quickly understood their situation. If they took a step back, they would die without a doubt, but if they stepped forward to fight, they might have a chance to live. At this moment, there was only one choice for them, and coupled with the shocking sight of Lin Tong’s heroic sacrifice, many cultivators’ felt a rush of hot blood as they let out war cries and charged straight at the Demons. Even if they died, they wanted to bite off a chunk of Demon flesh before they fell.


Yang Kai timely raised his sword and shouted, “So long as a single person lives, the city remains standing, the moment everyone dies will be the moment the city is destroyed, attack!”


After a short moment of panic and disorder, Tiger Roar City’s morale finally started rising as they counterattacked the Demon Race in teams. Ma Yin even set an example and charged to the forefront, acting no weaker than any man.


Right then, mysterious and obscure incantations started ringing as a halo enveloped the cultivators of Tiger Roar City. With a wave of Yang Kai’s hand, two Shamanic Spells, the Bloodlust Spell and Life Chains, were activated.


Under the Bloodlust Spell, the timidity of Tiger Roar City cultivators was swept away and replaced with a desire for battle. As for the Life Chains, they connected the vitality of thousands of cultivators, allowing them to withstand more damage without dying.


The line must hold!


Everyone was amazed to find that even after the Defensive Array had been breached by the enemy at multiple locations, Tiger Roar City was actually able to compete with the Demon Race Army despite being outnumbered, preventing the enemy from completely breaching their defences. Only a small part of the enemy army was able to reach the actual city, which boosted the defenders’ confidence. It let them know that the Demon Race was not immortal or invincible, they could be killed just like anyone else.


The locations of the ten or so Emperor Realm Masters turned into forbidden zones. The Demon Race Army was unable to break through their line of defence at all as, no matter how many charged, all of them fell. Obviously, the enemy Demon Kings took notice of this situation and acted accordingly, attacking the Emperor Realm Masters of Tiger Roar City.


This was exactly what Yang Kai wanted though.


If the Demon Kings remained hidden amidst the enemy army, he might not be able to find them in all the chaos; after all, there were just too many people fighting now. But now that the Demon Kings had revealed themselves, it gave Yang Kai a chance to kill them all.


Yang Kai’s figure wandered back and forth across the battlefield, and wherever he passed by, Demons fell in droves. One by one, the Demon Kings were killed by Yang Kai, and without their commands, the Demon Race Army, which had been moving and attacking in an orderly manner, slowly started to become disorganized. However, being brave and fearless of death, the Demons continued charging straight into the Tiger Roar City’s defence line, giving the defending side an opportunity to encircle and eliminate them.


After half a day, the Demon Race Army was still attacking, but the situation had taken a sharp turn. The city walls of Tiger Roar City were completely blanketed by a floor of severed heads, all of them belonging to the cultivators of Tiger Roar City. There was not a single Demon Race member in sight though as all of the Demons who had charged in through breaches in the Defensive Array had been eliminated without any exception.


The Demon Race Army’s size had dropped by more than half.


Finally, some among the Demons realized that something was wrong because there weren’t any signs of Demon Kings on the battlefield, not even a single one. Even the Demon King, who had been giving orders from the rear, had been drawn out and killed by Yang Kai.


The enemy was now a heap of loose sand!


Although the Demon Race wasn’t afraid of death, they would not make meaningless sacrifices. When they saw no hope of victory, they naturally chose to retreat.


And so a slow withdrawal began as the Demon Race Army entered a strategic retreat.


Right at this moment, the creaky Defensive Array was suddenly withdrawn as Yang Kai, leading over 10,000 cultivators, charged out, chasing the retreating Demons, hunting down and killing the enemy for a thousand kilometres, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake.


Only after a thousand-kilometres pursuit did they finally beat the gong and withdrew their troops.


Every Human cultivator was panting for breath, looking in the direction of the Demon Race’s escape. Everyone was dyed red, as if they had just walked out of a sea of blood, but no matter who it was, every one of them was excited.


[We won!]


To everyone’s surprise, Tiger Roar City won the battle even when they were so heavily outnumbered. More importantly, they only paid a small price to achieve this victory, which no one had even imagined before the war started.


All of them thought that they would definitely die today and Tiger Roar City would be added to the Demon land, but reality gave everyone a big pleasant surprise.


And the one who made this reality a possibility was one man!


Everyone’s gaze turned towards the bloodied Yang Kai, one after another. Each and every one of them had a look of reverence on their faces. Had Yang Kai not been acting as a mountain, blocking the breaches in the Defensive Array, Tiger Roar City would not have had the chance to reduce the numbers of the Demon Race Army to the point where they could repel them. Had Yang Kai not dived into the enemy lines and taken out all the Demon Kings alone, the Demon Race Army would not have been reduced to a heap of loose sand that could easily be scattered. Had Yang Kai not used those marvellous Secret Techniques, the cultivators of Tiger Roar City would definitely not have been able to compete with the Demon Race.


At the very end, had Yang Kai not brought the cultivators to rush out and hunt down the fleeing Demon Race, they would not have achieved such a significant victory.


At this moment, whether it was the cultivators of Tiger Roar City or the reinforcements of the three Territories, all had a strong sense of respect and awe towards this young man.


Everyone had the highest praise for him in their heart!


Ma Yin stepped forward and asked, cupping her fists, “City Lord, please give your orders.”


Before sacrificing himself, Lin Tong had entrusted Tiger Roar City to Yang Kai, and coupled with Yang Kai’s astonishing performance in this battle, no one else could be the City Lord of Tiger Roar City; only Yang Kai was eligible for this.


As the Palace Master of the High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai naturally didn’t care about being the City Lord of Tiger Roar City, but at this moment, he didn’t decline it either. He just nodded and gave his order, “We return. The Demon Race will make a comeback, we need to rest and recuperate as well as repair the defences.”


“Yes!” Everyone responded.


After half a day, the army finally returned to the city. Some counted the casualties, while the injured went to be treated. Tiger Roar City’s walls and Defensive Array were also under repair.


It was just that the momentum of the entire Tiger Roar City was completely different. Compared to before, it was like clouds and mud. With the cheers and celebration of victory still ringing in their hearts, many cultivators in Tiger Roar City were full of energy. Even when they were still suffering from the after-effects of the Bloodlust Spell, their zeal hadn’t reduced at all.


Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Yang Kai was sitting in an open pool with a contemplative look on his face. Yu Ru Meng was sitting by the water, dangling her bare feet as she glanced over at him from time to time.


She was really thick-skinned, seemingly not knowing the meaning of the word ‘shame’. Yang Kai was taking a bath right in front of her, but she didn’t have any intention of removing herself from his company.


“Do you want to stay here and defend this city?” Yu Ru Meng asked, suddenly splashing water at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai indifferently replied, “One has to try his best to do what is entrusted to him by others.”


Yu Ru Meng asked, smiling at him, “The old man was just spouting some wishfully thinking before his death. Did you really take him seriously?”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes at her, “Without even taking into consideration City Lord Lin’s last request, Tiger Roar City has to be defended!” Just as he had told Lin Tong before, the three territories had come to support the Western Territory not just to rescue them, but to rescue themselves; they couldn’t retreat.


Yu Ru Meng stated, pouting, “The Demon Race won’t give up. They will return stronger the next time. How long can you hold out?”


Yang Kai calmly replied, “You seem to understand the Demon Race very well.”


Yu Ru Meng responded, “It’s obvious, isn’t it? You know it too. You can rout them once, but what about the second time, or the third time? The Demon Race will keep coming in greater numbers and with more powerful Masters each time!”


Yang Kai grinned, “Then I will beat them till they dare not return!”


Yu Ru Meng couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him, “Your boasting has really reached unprecedented levels!”


Yang Kai looked at her with great interest before ordering, hooking his fingers, “Little temptress, come here!”


Yu Ru Meng furrowed her brow, “What did you call me? Why did you call me little temptress?”


“So what if I called you little temptress, do you have a problem with that?” Yang Kai looked at her in amazement.


Yu Ru Meng shook her head, “I don’t have any problem. It just feels novel to me.”


“Really?” Yang Kai broke out into laughter and the next moment, he reached out and grabbed her. Yu Ru Meng immediately let out a tender cry as she fell into the pool, her hands resting on his chest. Staring at him, she asked with a vigilant look on her face, “What are you doing?”


Yang Kai didn’t speak, he just brought her in close and pressed his lips onto her own.


Immediately after, a sharp cry sounded and at the same time, Yang Kai threw her into the middle of the pool.


Yu Ru Meng stood up with an exasperated look on her face, glaring at Yang Kai’s back, grinding her teeth, her clothes wet and translucent, a drop of blood dying her cherry lips crimson, “You bit me!”


Yang Kai got up and got dressed, pushing his Emperor Qi slightly to dry himself before he walked right out without looking back.


“Why did you bite me!?” Yu Ru Meng yelled from behind, but she didn’t get any response as Yang Kai had already disappeared from her sight.


“Smelly man, I will pay you back sooner or later!” Yu Ru Meng vented her anger for a while before she finally left the pool. She then took off her wet clothes and put on a new dry set.


The city was currently in a flurry of activity. As the new City Lord of Tiger Roar City, Yang Kai was walking around with Ma Yin, checking the current situation. The number of casualties was also presented to him. Although Tiger Roar City had won the previous battle, the losses they had suffered weren’t small. More than 10,000 had fallen, but compared to the results of the battle, such a loss was within the acceptable range.


Many more were injured or invaded by Demon Qi, putting them in danger of losing their sentience and turning into Demons themselves.


Ma Yin ordered all those invaded by Demon Qi to be gathered in one place, placing them under strict supervision. If anyone showed any signs of succumbing, he or she would be immediately killed.


Yang Kai asked her to take him to the place where these people were imprisoned immediately upon learning about the situation and cast the Demon Exorcism Spell to expel the Demon Qi from their bodies. This miraculous technique left Ma Yin in complete amazement once more.




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  1. Couldn’t YK have performed a preemptive strike at the start of the entire fight and instagib a few commanders and take the initiative rather than sit back and passively defend? He’s already a one man army and he could have temporarily just left his embodiment to hold the line. Then he’d just have to run back after a second breach starts to form cus the others could hold temporarily.

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