Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3413, You Too?


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After a busy half a day, Yang Kai finally returned to the City Lord’s Mansion. Everything in the city was taken care of by the other Emperors.


After arranging a Space Array at a suitable location inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Yang Kai directly activated it and returned to High Heaven Palace. He then took out the communication artifact and sent a message before waiting. Nanmen Da Jun hurriedly rushed over a moment later and asked, “Palace Master, what’s the matter?”


“Follow me,” Yang Kai beckoned.


Nanmen Da Jun asked, “Do you need me to arrange a Spirit Array?”


He was an Emperor Array Master and Yang Kai generally didn’t come to him for anything apart from something related to Spirit Arrays, so it wasn’t difficult to guess what the latter wanted now.


And seeing Yang Kai nod, Nanmen Da Jun stated, “Then I must ask Palace Master to wait a moment while I call over some of my little brats to help.”


The so-called little brats were naturally the few new Disciples he had recruited. High Heaven Palace was a massive Sect with over 100,000 disciples, so it was natural for some to have talent in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Nanmen Da Jun had no intention of leaving High Heaven Palace anymore, so he naturally began to consider the issue of his inheritance.


Not only him, but even Hou Yu had similarly accepted a few talented Disciples to join her in Artifact Refining.


After a short while, five young disciples hurried over, each of them bowing respectfully when they saw their Honoured Master, Nanmen Da Jun.


Yang Kai was delighted after seeing this. Although he didn’t know the names of these young disciples, they were obviously brought over from Heng Luo Star Field by him as all of them looked at him with kind-hearted expressions. Afterwards, the group of six immediately returned to Tiger Roar City using the Space Array.


The last battle made Yang Kai realize that Tiger Roar City’s original Defensive Array couldn’t be used again; it needed to be repaired and reinforced, and Nanmen Da Jun, an Emperor Array Master, was the perfect choice for this job.


As he was shown around the city, Nanmen Da Jun didn’t hesitate to criticize Tiger Roar City Defensive Array as useless, feeling ashamed to even call the others who arranged it fellow Array Masters. He couldn’t wait to dismantle and rearrange the entire Spirit Array.


Yang Kai, however, patted him on the shoulder and shook his head, “There’s not much time. Just augment it as best you can.”


Nanmen Da Jun patted his chest and guaranteed, “Rest assured, Palace Master, I will personally see to it that the Defensive Array here will be ten times stronger than before by the time I am finished.”


Naturally, Yang Kai had complete confidence in him. Among the Array Masters he had come in contact with, only Yang Yan was superior to this old man in the Dao of Spirit Arrays while others were not on par.


Yang Kai didn’t remain in Tiger Roar City after he finished explaining things to Nanmen Da Jun and instead used a Space Beacon to teleport to Li Wu Yi’s side.


As soon as the two met, Yang Kai went straight to the point, without any pleasantries, “Senior, I need more manpower.”


Li Wu Yi looked at him with widened eyes, “And so you came to me?”


Yang Kai replied, blinking at him, “Who else would I go to?”


Li Wu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I’m also lacking troops here. If you ask me for more men, who else should I ask?”


Yang Kai was extremely shocked, “Really?” 


Li Wu Yi explained with a headache, “You saw it too when you came last time. The Demon Race Army on my side numbers more than a million and is filled with powerful Masters. I have just enough troops to protect this city, so where would I find extra manpower to give you?”


Yang Kai gave it a second thought and reluctantly had to agree. Although Li Wu Yi had more troops compared to Tiger Roar City, they were up against a greater proportion of enemies. Yang Kai had also witnessed the last battle with his own eyes where the Demon Race sent a Pseudo-Great Emperor Realm Master to contend with Li Wu Yi. Yang Kai might really not be able to find anyone free here.


Li Wu Yi asked, “Where are you stationed now? What’s the situation over here?”


Yang Kai heaved a sigh as he replied, “Tiger Roar City, we just finished an initial battle but suffered a lot of casualties and urgently need to replenish our forces.”


“Tiger Roar City…” Li Wu Yi raised his brow and walked over to a Mountains and River Projection to take a look. This Mountains and Rivers Projection should have been refined not long ago and covered the entire Western Territory. However, this projection was clearly refined in a hurry, so it wasn’t all that precise. After searching for a while, Li Wu Yi found the location of Tiger Roar City and lightly nodded, “This is also an important location. If Tiger Roar City falls, the Demon Race Army will be able to breach through our defence line and attack our rear.”


“Senior is absolutely correct, so I must ask Senior to provide me with some support.” Yang Kai immediately struck while the iron was hot.


Li Wu Yi pointed at him in exasperation, wanting to curse, but eventually he just sighed and said, “It’s useless to talk to me. I really can’t send out anyone from my side. What about the members of your High Heaven Palace?”


Yang Kai took a deep breath as he searched on the Mountains and Rivers Projection before pressing a spot and replying, “They are all stationed here.”


“Can’t they provide help?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m afraid it’s not possible either. They too have their own enemies.”


Li Wu Yi sighed, “The Demon Race is too strong and too well prepared. Currently, all the cities of the Western Territories we are defending are outnumbered and fighting against unfavourable odds.”


Yang Kai proposed, furrowing his brow, “If that’s the case, why not pull back and consolidate our forces?”


Li Wu Yi shook his head, “If we do that, it would mean abandoning a swath of territory, and the Demon Race will also be able to gather its forces. The gains outweigh the losses. Although things aren’t looking good right now, as long as we persevere, there is still some hope.” He paused for a moment before adding, “Go to Yang Yan. Currently, she is in charge of the Star Boundary’s logistics and troop deployment. She knows the situation of the major cities in the Western Territory so perhaps she can requisition some people for you from somewhere less burdened. I also sent the Emperor Realm Masters and Shamans you brought last time to her to assign.”


“Yang Yan?” Yang Kai was shocked, “Where do I find her?”


“I’ll send you there,” As he spoke, Li Wu Yi put his hand on Yang Kai’s shoulder and in the next moment, Space Principles fluctuated and, in a flash of blinding light, Yang Kai disappeared.


Before he could even compose himself, Yang Kai heard a loud clamouring of voices.


As Yang Kai focused his gaze to look, he couldn’t help but be stunned.


There were more than a dozen people standing in the hall where he had arrived, and all of them were Third-Order Emperors or Masters of great forces. Each person here was a famous figure that was looked up to and worshipped by the billions of cultivators across the Star Boundary. However, at this moment, all of them were red in the face, shooting steam from their ears and spitting out in rage at each other, as if they all had absolutely irreconcilable grudges between them.


Yang Kai even saw a lot of familiar faces among these people!


Wen Zi Shan and Ma Qing had actually grabbed each other by their collars and looked like they were about to come to blows.


Yang Kai silently and quietly stepped aside, lest he get caught in the scuffle.


The sudden appearance of another person naturally drew everyone’s attention, and when they turned to look, many acquaintances lightly nodded to Yang Kai while Mi Qi came up to him and greeted with cupped fists, “Palace Master Yang!”


Yang Kai responded in kind as he curiously looked around.


“Hey you, boy, why are you also here?” A distressed voice came from the head of the hall. Yang Kai found this voice familiar and when he looked up, he saw that the speaker was none other than Yang Yan.


It was just that there was no joy of reuniting with an acquaintance after a long separation on Yang Yan’s face. Rather it looked like she had a severe headache. She glared at Yang Kai and asked, “Did that bastard Li Wu Yi also send you here?”


The only way Yang Kai could have shown up next to her all of a sudden was through Li Wu Yi’s Space Beacon.


Yang Kai nodded. Then he looked at Wen Zi Shan and Ma Qing in amazement and asked, “What’s going on?”


Why did these two look like they are about to fight…?


Mi Qi came over and whispered, “Palace Master Yang is also here for the reinforcements, right?”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement before asking, looking at him, “You too?”


Mi Qi bitterly smiled, “That’s right.” Then he continued as he motioned toward Wen Zi Shan and Ma Qing subtly, “All of them are as well, but Senior Yang Yan can’t mobilize many people while all of them want as many as possible, so it’s become difficult to allocate the limited resources. Temple Master Wen and Holy Master Ma are both arguing that their side’s situation is more precarious, and they should be given priority in the allocation. One thing led to another and well….”


Yang Kai almost broke out into laughter after hearing this, but soon he became saddened and stated, grimacing, “So we can only go back empty-handed?”


Mi Qi agreed with a sad face, “That seems likely.”


While the two were speaking, Wen Zi Shan and Ma Qing had already started fighting, but it could only be counted as a small scuffle as neither of them dared to use their Emperor Qi here. Instead, they just kicked and punched each other like they were street hoodlums engaging in a back-alley brawl.


It was a rare sight to see Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters fight like local ruffians, so the onlookers couldn’t help but find it novel and entertaining. 


Yang Yan soon lost patience, however, and angrily shouted, “Enough!”


A scorching hot aura enveloped the entire hall, causing Wen Zi Shan and Ma Qing to finally back away from each other, but not before they shot the opposite party a ruthless glare. Obviously, they were still deeply dissatisfied.


Yang Yan’s Pseudo-Great Emperor pressure descended from the front of the hall, suppressing everyone as her pretty eyes swept over the crowd before she stated, “Everyone has their own difficulties, but this Queen does not have any additional manpower to allocate to you for the time being. All of you go back.”


Ma Qing immediately shouted, “Madam, didn’t you just say that you can only redeploy 30,000 soldiers. How come there are none now?”


Wen Zi Shan also nodded his agreement, “Yes, why are there none now? I don’t want a lot either, just 10,000 will do.”


Ma Qing cried out, without showing any weakness, “I also want 10,000.”


Ahan Temple’s Temple Master lightly coughed as he joined in, “This King also wants 10,000!”


Others hurriedly shouted, one after another, lest nothing would be left if they were too slow.


Yang Yan responded with a snort, “Each one of you wants 10,000, but where do you want this Queen to find that many men for you? Currently, the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Territories are recruiting people to send here to help. More manpower will only be available a month from now.”


Ma Qing stated, “Madam, let’s leave that matter till after a month has passed. Let’s talk about those 30,000 men…”


Yang Yan coldly looked at him before indifferently stating, “Utter one more word of nonsense and next month there won’t be anyone for you either!”


Ma Qing immediately choked down the words he was about to speak.


At this point, everyone knew that they couldn’t get anything from Yang Yan, so they could only leave in frustration. But fortunately, Yang Yan had informed them that the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Territories were still recruiting reinforcements and there would be more manpower coming after next month. At that time, there would naturally be troops available to assign.


Yang Yan was now in charge of logistics for the Star Boundary’s war efforts, meaning she had the right to allocate troops. Also, she was a Pseudo-Great Emperor Realm Master so naturally, no one dared to offend her. After lingering for a short time, everyone bid their goodbyes and left one after another.


Of course, Yang Kai didn’t leave, and after everyone had left, he looked at Yang Yan smiling.




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  1. That was not such a good meeting. Yang Yan really is very different from when Yang Kai found her as a poor refiner in a market many years ago.

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