Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3414, Looking For Reinforcements


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“I said there were no more troops to allocate, did you understand me or not?” Yang Yan glanced sidelong at Yang Kai and declared. 


“I understand, I understand,” Yang Kai kept nodding.


Yang Yan suspiciously looked at him, “Do you really understand?”


Yang Kai assured with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for you.” 


Everyone who was in charge of the major cities had their own difficulties, and all of their troubles were naturally Yang Yan’s troubles as well. Yang Yan had already stated the situation clearly, so how could Yang Kai insist?


“It’s good that you understand,” Yang Yan heaved a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that Yang Kai would also ask her for more manpower. It would have been fine if it was someone else as she could just directly refuse them, but she would find it difficult to refuse if it was Yang Kai. If he really asked, Yang Yan would really have to think of some way to find manpower.


Yang Yan, after hesitating for a while, asked, “Is the situation critical on your side?”


“It’s not good but it’s not terrible either.” Yang Kai didn’t elaborate so as not to worry her, instead just smiling as he continued, “I will figure out a way to find the necessary manpower. You don’t have to worry about it.”


Yang Yan asked, “Where will you find more manpower now?” Although the Northern, Southern, and Western Territories were being mobilized, this was a matter related to the entire Star Boundary, so even if reinforcements were found, they first had to come to her before being distributed to the front.


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “I can still send out another 5,000 people from my High Heaven Palace. Also… there is another place where I can find another batch of reinforcements.”


“Where?” Yang Yan looked at him in surprise.


Yang Kai put on an inscrutable smile and replied, “I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you. You will know when the time is right. But let me tell you this first, these people won’t fall under your control, so don’t make any decisions on their behalf at the time.”


Yang Yan rolled her eyes at him as she ground her teeth in anger, but there was nothing she could do about him.


After chatting for a while, Yang Kai had some basic understanding of the situation of the major cities in the Western Territory. Every city was being protected by a number of Masters, but none of them could move around freely as there was a Demon Race Army outside each city, eyeing it covetously.


After half a day, Yang Kai bid his goodbyes and left. He activated the Space Spirit Bead and returned to the High Heaven Palace right away. He asked Hua Qing Si to send the remaining 5,000 disciples in High Heaven Palace to Tiger Roar City, then afterward, he stepped on the Space Array alone.


Since he couldn’t rely on Yang Yan, he naturally had to figure out a way to gather manpower himself.


Yang Kai didn’t want to resort to his last trump card, but in the end, if he didn’t use it now, the next time the Demon Race Army returned, Tiger Roar City might not be able to resist with its remaining forces.


All he could do was prepare in advance.


Dragon Island!


The world only knew that the Dragon Clan lived on Dragon Island, but very few people knew that there were also many other Masters who lived there, including numerous Emperors with Half-Dragon bloodlines. The forces inside Half-Dragon City absolutely could not be taken lightly.


If it were others, they wouldn’t even be able to find Dragon Island, let alone bring out the Masters inside Half-Dragon City, but Yang Kai now had a pretty good relationship with Dragon Island so obviously they wouldn’t make things difficult for him.


The only thing that gave him some headache was how he would face Fu Zhun on Dragon Island.


That smelly brat Yang Xiao had entered the Four Seasons Realm with Old Qiong and Yang Kai had yet to receive any news of him even now. If Fu Zhun learned about this, she might blame him for his poor supervision, and if this mother Dragon got angry, things would really turn perilous for him.


But by going to Dragon Island, Yang Kai knew he would have to eventually face her. Yang Kai could only take one step at a time.


In the blink of an eye, a figure appeared on a small island in the East Sea.


Yang Kai walked out of a cave and found his bearings before flying into the air. Soon after, he plunged into the sea.


Being familiar with the road, Yang Kai entered the Sealed World of Dragon Island with ease, and just as he entered, he saw a pleasantly surprised Fu Ling rushing over, “Brother-in-law, I knew it was you, haha, my guess was right.”


Yang Kai raised his hand, maintaining a ten-metre distance from this precious Dragon girl and asked, “You knew it was me?”


Fu Ling replied with a complacent look on her face, carrying her hands behind her back, “Of course. No one besides Brother-In-Law ever comes to Dragon Island. Or rather, no one can come in besides you.” She looked at Yang Kai, blinking strangely and naughtily, “En, did you miss Bis Sister Qing?”


“En, I missed her very much.” Yang Kai casually responded.


“Did you miss me then?” Fu Ling assumed a shy look.


“Miss you my ass!” Yang Kai rolled his eyes at her. He didn’t bother to talk any nonsense with her and ordered, “Stay honest, I’ll take my leave first.”


“Wait, I still have something to tell you.” Fu Ling shouted from behind, but getting no response from him, she angrily glared at his back as she stomped her foot.


Half Moon Island, Yang Kai landed from the sky. Zhu Qing, hearing the movements, came out to check and was pleasantly surprised at his appearance, “You’re here.”


Yang Kai didn’t say a word as he just stepped forward, put his arms around her waist, and kissed her hard. Zhu Qing’s body immediately went limp as her pretty eyes lost focus.


After a long time, Yang Kai finally let go of her and stated, stroking the hair gently, “I’m here on some business, so I’m afraid I won’t be accompanying you for long.”


Zhu Qing asked, “What is it?”


“Follow me to meet the Great Elder, I will tell you along the way.” Yang Kai grabbed her hand and flew towards Azure Tree Island.


Along the way, Yang Kai briefly explained the current situation of the Star Boundary to Zhu Qing, who was dumbfounded after hearing it. Although Dragon Island was a peak level force, it was basically isolated from the outside world. So, although there were a lot of rumours about the Demon Realm invasion outside and almost everyone in the Star Boundary had heard about it by now, Dragon Island remained completely oblivious.


Obviously, Zhu Qing realized the seriousness of the problem and understood that Yang Kai really didn’t have the time to stay here for long.


Not long after, the two landed on Azure Tree Island and met Zhu Yan.


After Yang Kai reiterated everything again, a solemn look appeared on Zhu Yan’s face. Although the Dragon Clan didn’t care about worldly affairs, the Demon Realm invasion was too important for them to ignore. This was a matter related to the survival of the entire Star Boundary. The Dragon Clan couldn’t shrink from their responsibility in this war and would eventually have to send forces out as well.


After pondering for a long time, Zhu Yan asked, “Did you come here to ask my Dragon Clan to come forward?”


Yang Kai shook his head and replied, “It would be best if the Dragon Clan could come forward, but things haven’t reached such a stage yet. The Dragon Clan can remain hidden as one of our biggest trump cards for now. Since the Great Emperors haven’t informed Dragon Island about this matter, my guess is that they are also thinking the same.”


Zhu Yang nodded his agreement after hearing this, “You’re right. If that’s the case, why have you come to Dragon Island?”


“For the residents of Half-Dragon City!” Yang Kai’s eyes brightly lit up, “I’m currently stationed at a city named Tiger Roar City where we just fought the Demon Race a few days ago. We suffered many casualties in that battle so I need to replenish our ranks. But the Star Boundary doesn’t have a lot of manpower to spare at the moment. If Great Elder could let me take those people from Half-Dragon City, it would ease the situation on my side greatly.”


Zhu Yan replied, “You can discuss this matter with Second Elder, that decision is up to her.”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched slightly as he asked, “The residents of Half-Dragon City can’t be considered members of the Dragon Clan. Do I still need to speak with Second Elder about them?”


Zhu Yan replied, smiling, “Even though they can’t be considered members of the Dragon Clan, many of them are the descendants of my Dragon Clan. How can I just let you take them away?”


Yang Kai helplessly sighed, “Alright, then please ask Second Elder to come over.”


Originally, he wanted to quickly take away the people of Half-Dragon City without meeting Fu Zhun, but now it seemed that it wouldn’t be possible.


Zhu Yan immediately summoned Fu Zhun, but while they were waiting, Zhu Yan inevitably asked about Yang Xiao.


Yang Kai found himself in a sticky situation hearing this question, but after hesitating for a long time, he finally decided to tell the truth.


Zhu Yan angrily glared at him after hearing this, “Xiao’er has gone to the Four Seasons Realm with Qiong Qi!?”


Yang Kai summoned up the courage and added, “And with Liu Yan… en, you’ve met her. She is the little girl with the Phoenix Clan bloodline who came with Senior Martial Beast over a decade ago.”


Zhu Yan angrily reprimanded, “What have you been doing!? Can’t you look after one child!? You actually let him run off with that old evil bastard Qiong Qi!? Do you even know what kind of existence Qiong Qi was in ancient times? He was a walking calamity that swallowed men and beasts alive, never spitting out a single bone! You, you, you… you really frustrate this Old Master!”


Yang Kai’s face was covered in saliva spewed by him, but he still had to wear a smile as he tried to calm the situation, “Great Elder, please don’t be angry, calm down. Let’s sit down and talk, no need to be excited.”


“Calm down? How can I calm down!? Xiao’er isn’t your son, so you aren’t worried about him, is that it!?”


Yang Kai immediately became unhappy as he rebuffed, “Why is Xiao’er not my son? Since he calls me father, he is naturally my son, who I care deeply about, but that little brat ran off all on his own, and by the time I learned about it, they were already inside the Four Seasons Realm.”


“If you really cared for him, why couldn’t you look after him properly!?” Zhu Yan was bristling with anger, wishing he could vent his anger by beating Yang Kai black and blue before continuing this talk.


Yang Kai’s face turned earnest as he continued, “Great Elder, Xiao’er might still be a child, but don’t underestimate him. This might not be a bad thing for Xiao’er in fact; rather, this is perhaps a great opportunity.”


Zhu Yan sneered, “I’m listening. Go on, tell me, why is it a great opportunity?”


Yang Kai replied, “Xiao’er may have comprehended the Dao of Time.”


Zhu Yan was instantly taken aback and squinted his eyes at him, “Does this Old Master look like a fool to you?”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Great Elder, don’t think that I’m just trying to placate you. I’m telling the truth.”


Zhu Yan coldly snorted, “The Dao of Time is extremely profound and mysterious, how could Xiao’er have suddenly comprehended it? Second Elder and I have never…” While speaking, he suddenly furrowed his brow, thoughtfully looking at Yang Kai, “If this Old Master’s memory serves him right, you seem to have a little understanding of the Dao of Time…”


Yang Kai solemnly nodded, “I once entered the Four Seasons Realm in my early years and obtained some opportunities there which allowed me to eventually comprehended the Time Flies Seal of Flowing Time Great Emperor. I suspect that when Xiao’er hatched, he inherited that comprehension from me.”


Zhu Yan’s worries were immediately lifted after hearing this as he asked, “Are you sure Xiao’er has comprehended the Dao of Time?”


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “When I… grabbed Xiao’er’s hand once, I was momentarily dazed and in the next moment, he had actually flown a thousand metres away from me. At that moment, I had a feeling that time had stagnated around me. Furthermore, it wasn’t just me who sensed this disturbance, even Qiong Qi felt it at that time.”


Zhu Yan grew even more excited after hearing this, “Qiong Qi followed the Time Great Emperor for tens of thousands of years and is extremely sensitive to the Time Principles. If he also felt the same, then it must be true.” He clapped his hands and continued, “So to say, Xiao’er has really comprehended the Dao of Time!?”


All his displeasure and anger completely vanished and was instead replaced by joy and excitement. He and Fu Zhun felt guilty because Yang Xiao was born with a congenital defect, but if he really inherited comprehension of the Dao of Time from Yang Kai, then his future achievements would not be low even with an impure bloodline.


Of course, Zhu Yan still didn’t know that Yang Xiao’s bloodline wasn’t impure at all and that the smelly brat had lied about not being able to transform into a True Dragon.


The Dragon Clan was already innately strong, so how strong would a Dragon proficient in the Dao of Time be? It was scary to even think about it.




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