Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3416, No Need to Withdraw


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The size of the last group was even more terrifying, with as many as 100,000 Origin King Realm cultivators.


[What exactly is the total population of Half-Dragon City?] Although Yang Kai had no idea, it was definitely not in the tens of millions. Presumably, it was a million or two at most, but among this number, 100,000 were Origin Kings. In other words, one in ten, or at most one in twenty were Origin Kings in Half-Dragon City.


Such a terrifying proportion was impossible to find in any city in the Star Boundary. This abnormal phenomenon could only appear on Dragon Island which had been enjoying a long period of peace and stability.


About ten percent of the entire population of Half-Dragon City had come out with just one sentence from Fu Ling, making the city feel noticeably emptier.


Such a scale naturally left Yang Kai extremely satisfied; the only point of complaint he had was the number of Third-Order Emperors. There were roughly two hundred Emperor Realm Masters, but just a handful of them were Third-Order while the rest were First and Second-Order.


Naturally, this was because of the Dragon Blood Flowers. Dragon Island used to cultivate Dragon Blood Flowers by relying on the fresh blood of Half Dragons who lived in Half-Dragon City, especially the more powerful Half-Dragons. If too much Blood Essence was drained from a person though, their strength would naturally be affected. If not, there would definitely be more Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters present.


Even so, Yang Kai wasn’t fussed about it. Pulling out such a huge force was enough to change the direction of the war on a small scale.


Fu Ling reverted back to her human figure and stated, standing beside Yang Kai, “Brother-in-law, everyone is here.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Tell them about their new mission.”


“En,” Fu Ling responded before her pretty eyes swept over the crowd and she shouted, “Hear me now, the one standing beside me is Palace Master Yang Kai of High Heaven Palace of the Star Boundary’s Northern Territory, and also my brother-in-law. The Demon Race has invaded the Star Boundary and is in need of your help. This time, my brother-in-law and I will be taking you all out of Dragon Island to provide support to the Star Boundary and fight against the Demon Race. Once we leave Dragon Island, you will follow my orders. This Queen needs one thing only from you, and that is obedience. If I find anyone disobeying my commands, don’t blame me for being ruthless! Did you hear me?”


She looked very out of place in Yang Kai’s eyes, but she was an awe-inspiring and majestic figure before these Masters of Half-Dragon City. After she was finished speaking, a thunderous response came from below, “We hear and understand!”


Fu Ling nodded in satisfaction before turning to Yang Kai and asking, “Brother-in-law, do you have anything to say?”


Yang Kai squinted his eyes at her, “I only have one problem.”


“Hm?” Fu Ling tilted her head.


“You’re also leaving Dragon Island? Are you coming with me?”


“Yes!” Fu Ling nodded as if it was a matter of course, her eyes flickering with a hint of slyness, like a fox that had stolen a chicken.


Yang Kai chuckled, “Have you asked Great Elder?” She was sentenced to guard the entrance to Dragon Island for a hundred years because of her past crimes, but only about a decade had passed since then, far from the hundredth year. Yang Kai didn’t believe that Great Elder Zhu Yan would let her leave Dragon Island so easily.


“Of course I asked,” Fu Ling, however, didn’t panic at all, winking at Yang Kai as she challenged, “If you don’t believe me, you can just send a message and ask.”


Yang Kai harrumphed and stated, “Of course I will confirm this.”


While speaking, he took out the communication artifact and sent a message to Zhu Qing. After a while, he furrowed his brow and put away the communication artifact, looking at Fu Ling with an incredible look.


“Well?” Fu Ling looked all smug and confident, appearing reassured and emboldened.


Yang Kai nodded and didn’t say anything anymore. Zhu Qing told her that Fu Ling will be leaving Dragon Island with him, and it was indeed Great Elder’s idea; of course, it was also the result of Fu Ling’s petitioning, saying that she wanted to atone for her crimes through good work. But she also had a legitimate reason, and that was the Masters of Half-Dragon City. They had always lived on Dragon Island and had never gone to the outside world. If so many Masters were handed over to Yang Kai all of a sudden, he might not be able to smoothly command them, but if there was a member of the Dragon Clan accompanying him, these people would definitely not dare to make trouble.


Fu Ling’s primary mission was to keep the 100,000 or so Masters of Half-Dragon City in line.


Since she had obtained Great Elder’s approval, Yang Kai couldn’t say anything and simply exhorted Fu Ling, “Don’t make trouble when we are outside, or I’ll send you back right away.”


Fu Ling kept nodding like a chicken pecking rice, “Brother-in-law may rest assured, I will absolutely not cause any trouble. I will do everything you ask me to do, I will show no resistance at all!” The last sentence had other deep implications, causing Yang Kai’s brow to twitch visibly.


Putting the annoyance out of his mind for now, Yang Kai turned around to the 100,000 Masters and shouted, “Fellow cultivators, you might find me a little familiar, and some of you might have even recognized me. That’s right, I came to Dragon Island over a decade ago and visited Half-Dragon City. And now, the Dragon Clan’s Fifth Elder and I are deeply in love and married to one another!”


Everyone was extremely shocked after hearing this, but it was also true that many of them recognized Yang Kai; after all, there were several hundred of them who had been tasked with building the palace for Fu Chi’s wedding where they had met Yang Kai.


Yang Kai had kidnapped the bride before everyone’s eyes on the day of the wedding, but as for what happened later, these people had no idea. Now, when they heard Yang Kai say that the Fifth Elder and he were deeply in love and actually married, everyone was extremely shocked.


“The Star Boundary is currently in a precarious situation. After leaving Dragon Island, you might find yourself in many discomforting situations and have to deal with all kinds of danger, so this King only has one request from you,” He swept his gaze over everyone before emphasizing, “Survive!”


Everyone looked shocked.


“If anyone has any questions, you may ask now, if not, we will depart!”


“May Senior Yang’s order be honoured!” A voice suddenly came from the crowd.


Over 100,000 people shouted in unison, “May Senior Yang’s order be honoured!”


They had been living on Dragon Island and while there might be no fighting or killing here, they were all subordinate to the Dragon Clan while the stronger Half-Dragons were always on edge, wondering whether they would be brought to Dragon Palace to cultivate the Dragon Blood Flowers. Now suddenly, a man had appeared before them and actually subdued a Dragon Girl, furthermore, she was the Fifth Elder of the Dragon Clan. Naturally, these people regarded Yang Kai as their idol, thoroughly admiring him.


With such a mindset, no one had any objections even if they were meeting Yang Kai for the first time, there was only a sense of worship in their hearts.


Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction before shouting aloud, “Since no one has any questions, let’s set off.”


Saying so, Yang Kai raised his hand and pointed ahead, opening an entrance to the Sealed World Bead. The next moment, an oval-shaped Void Crack appeared.


It was quite inconvenient to move more than 100,000 people together, so Yang Kai had no choice but to use the Sealed World Bead.


The Emperor Realm Masters looked at each other with some shock, but soon stepped forward without much hesitation, disappearing into the Void Crack.


With the Emperor Realm Masters taking the lead, the Dao Source Realm and Origin King Realm cultivators naturally followed suit, stepping into the Sealed World Bead one after another.


After half a day, Yang Kai had finally received the 100,000 or so into the Sealed World. He then beckoned to Fu Ling before they flew towards the exit together.


After leaving Dragon Island, they returned to Tiger Roar City through the Space Array on the island.


The city was still buzzing with activity. Since Yang Kai had left Tiger Roar City, it had only been three days, that’s all. The 5,000 reinforcements from High Heavens Palace had already arrived and Nanmen Da Jun, who had brought along his group of Disciples, was now instructing the Array Masters in the city on how to rearrange and repair the Defensive Array. On the city walls and towers, cultivators were also constantly patrolling.


The entire city was shrouded in a tense atmosphere.


Fu Ling had left Dragon Island and come to the outside world for the first time, so she was looking around everywhere. Everything was novel to her and she almost wandered off quite a few times. Yang Kai literally had to grab her by her collar and drag her along at times, constantly needing to pay close attention to her.


Upon arriving, Yang Kai went looking for Gao Xue Ting, Li Jiao, Ma Yin, and the other Emperors. And after asking about the situation, he came to learn that the Demon Race was indeed rallying its forces for a new offensive.


In the main hall, all the Emperor Realm Masters’ faces were dark and gloomy. Although Tiger Roar City had won a great victory a few days ago, killing countless enemies, the Demon Race had already raised a new army in this short time, and this army was even bigger than the last one. Even if they hadn’t reached the million-man mark, it was not far off. And in the case of Tiger Roar City, although 5,000 High Heaven Palace disciples had joined them, only 40,000 others could still fight, and most of them were still recovering from the after-effects of the Bloodlust Spell, making it impossible for them to exert their full strength.


The Defensive Array of Tiger Roar City played a huge role in the victory last time, but after Nanmen Da Jun had arrived, he had basically dismantled the array as he was trying to rearrange it. However, it was simply an impossible task to complete in less than a month.


It could even be said that the current Tiger Roar City was completely defenceless with no Defensive Array to rely on.


And since the Demon Race Army was eyeing it covetously, it made the residents of Tiger Roar City panic. Fortunately, the Military Enforcers led by Chi Gui were still supervising the situation, otherwise, deserters would have already appeared.


However, the situation was so precarious that no one could see any chance of winning. Not to mention winning, they weren’t sure that they could survive the Demon Race’s next attack.


Before Yang Kai returned, Gao Xue Ting and the others were already discussing whether to evacuate Tiger Roar City and converge at another city.


Li Jiao stated, sighing, “Brother Yang, it’s not like we want to bring morale down, but there is just too wide a gap in the sizes of our forces. I’m afraid that Tiger Roar City won’t be able to hold on this time. If we want to withdraw, we have to do so as soon as possible. The Demon Race is just a thousand kilometres away, so it will only take them a few hours to reach the city gates. At that time, it would be too late to retreat.”


Gao Xue Ting agreed, “That’s right, now that you have arranged a Space Array, it’s actually quite easy to evacuate.”


Yang Kai, however, rejected, shaking his head, “There’s no need to withdraw. Last time, we indeed gave the enemy a bloody nose, but this time, we will break their backs.”


Everyone stared at him with widened eyes, wondering where he was getting so much confidence.


Gao Xue Ting’s eyes brightened up as she asked, “Have you found reinforcements?” Only this would make sense. Only then could Yang Kai say something like this; otherwise, where would he be getting his confidence from?


Yang Kai affirmed, smiling, “Senior Sister Gao is both beautiful and intelligent.”


“Have you really found reinforcements?” Li Jiao looked at him, pleasantly surprised, “Where? When are they coming? How many people did you find?”


Yang Kai replied, “Brother Li, don’t be impatient, you will know when the time comes. In any case, I guarantee that the Demon Race will be in for a big surprise this time.”




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