Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3417, How Does it Feel?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Wind howled and sand blew, creating a bleak atmosphere.


The Demon Race Army was back again, bigger and stronger than before. The pitch-black army seemed like an indestructible flood of iron and steel that would reduce Tiger Roar City into dust.


All the cultivators in the city were mobilized, but the huge disparity in numbers and the non-functional Defensive Array made everyone restless, panic-stricken, and timid before the battle.


Everyone’s gaze gathered on a single person.


That person was standing at the highest point of the city, facing the Demon Race Army, his clothes flapping in the wind.


He was none other than the very man who turned the tide in the first battle a few days ago, stopping the tide from destroying everything in its wake. At the time, he was the one who took the lead, setting an example by killing countless enemies.


Without this figure, the tens of thousands of cultivators of Tiger Roar City would definitely be devoid of any fighting spirit at the moment; however, even if this figure was standing at the highest point in the city, where everyone could see him clearly, he was still unable to give anyone much sense of security.


All the Emperor Realm Masters were running around and arousing the crowd, trying to maintain the morale that may collapse at any moment. 


Rumblings as loud as deafening claps of thunder came from below, shaking everyone’s heart, giving everyone a huge mental pressure. Clearly, the Demon Race Army was approaching Tiger Roar City, their march making the ground tremble.


The cultivators of Tiger Roar City grew more nervous with each passing moment.


The Demon Race Army was just fifty kilometres away. At such a short distance, they could attack the city in just one charge.


Right at that moment, Yang Kai let out a long and deafening roar as his figure soared into the sky before shooting straight toward the Demon Race Army.


Everyone gasped in shock and horror, one after another. All the cultivators of Tiger Roar City stared at his charging figure, dumbstruck, wondering just what he was planning on doing. A war couldn’t be fought alone as no matter how strong an individual was, how could he face about a million enemies? Once he was besieged, getting completely exhausted would be just a matter of time. Only a Pseudo-Great Emperor would be capable of freely coming and going under such circumstances.


And obviously, Yang Kai wasn’t a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he was but a Second-Order Emperor.


Not only were Tiger Roar City’s cultivators sweating, even Li Jiao, Gao Xue Ting, and the others couldn’t help but clench their fists as they secretly worried. Yang Kai had only told them that he had found reinforcements, but they had no idea where these reinforcements were or how many of them there were. Now that Yang Kai had actually charged ahead on his own initiative, they were naturally concerned for his safety.


Yang Kai was akin to the flag for Tiger Roar City. If he fell, Tiger Roar City would immediately collapse. At that time, let alone a million Demons, even if there were only 100,000 Demons, Tiger Roar City would still be completely overrun.


But at this moment, they had no choice but to wait and watch while praying in their hearts.


Yang Kai had flagrantly rushed over, so it was impossible for the Demon Race Army to not have seen him. The next moment, a team of over a thousand flew out of the dense army to attack Yang Kai, the leader being a Demon King.


The Demon King was wearing very revealing clothes, like a tiny corset that barely covered her chest. Although she was wearing a long skirt below, the hem of the skirt was split up to her thigh, causing the scenery beneath to show every now and then. With her exquisite collar bone, flat belly, and slender legs completely exposed, she was nothing less than seductive. Her towering peaks which bounced slightly and the complex black patterns on her snow-white skin gave her a sense of wildness.


At one glance, Yang Kai knew that this Demon King was a Charm Demon!


When the enemy team was just a few kilometres away, the Charm Demon smiled at Yang Kai as she pointed her slender, jade white finger toward him. The next moment, over a thousand Demon Race members swarmed at him.


Space Principle fluctuations rose and fell as Yang Kai’s face turned serious and he fiercely punched forward.


There was no fearsome explosion, nor was there any kind of shockwave, but the moment he punched, a small black spot suddenly appeared in the centre of the thousand Demons.


When the black spot first appeared, it was the size of a sesame seed, but in the blink of an eye, it suddenly grew into a giant black hole a hundred metres across. A terrifying suction force came from the black hole the next moment, catching the Demons off-guard and pulling all in the vicinity straight inside where they disappeared from the face of this world. The remaining Demons were also similarly pulled by a terrifying suction and struggled hard to resist.


It looked as if the whole world was collapsing towards that black hole, giving rise to terror in every onlooker’s heart.


In the blink of an eye, over a thousand Demons had completely disappeared; all of them were swallowed by the black hole. The black hole then disappeared as quickly as it appeared. After all the Demon Race members were exiled, the black hole disappeared in a flash.


Before the Charm Demon could even realize what just happened, all the troops she had brought with her had been completely wiped out.


After a blinding flash, Yang Kai, who was a few kilometres away, suddenly appeared before the Charm Demon, almost standing nose to nose with her. As an aggressive aura blew on her face, the Charm Demon’s pretty face turned pale as she let out a sharp scream.


Her scream was ear-piercing and accompanying it was an invisible Spiritual Energy that transformed into a sharp arrow and shot straight towards Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


Charm Demons were a peculiar clan among the hundred clans. The direct combat power of this clan wasn’t that strong, but their Spiritual Energy always far exceeded those of the same realm from other clans, so they were not to be underestimated just because of their physical strength. A seemingly powerless Charm Demon could deliver the fatal blow if one lowered their guard around them.


The arrow of Spiritual Energy created ripples in the air as it flew straight into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


The Charm Demon pursed her lips into a sweet smile as she reached out her slender jade wide hand to Yang Kai’s chest. Her sharp fingers were pointed toward him, as if she wanted to dig Yang Kai’s heart out.


Just as she tried to stab her fingers forward though, a frown appeared on the Charm Demon’s face, because she found that this Human’s physique was extremely tough. Unexpectedly, she was unable to even break through his skin!


“How does it feel?” A voice suddenly rang in her ears, causing the Charm Demon’s expression to freeze. When she looked up, she saw Yang Kai playfully looking at her, with no signs of him having taken any damage to his Soul whatsoever.


The Charm Demon immediately gasped in shock, her first reaction being one of disbelief!


[This guy’s cultivation is on par with mine, so how come my attack didn’t affect him at all? It’s impossible for his Soul to not have been affected! But judging by his expression and the look in his eyes, his Soul has really not suffered any damage!]


Her figure jolted as she immediately tried to retreat. Charm Demons weren’t good at close combat, so staying put would only be exposing her biggest weakness. Charm Demons preferred keeping their distance and toying around with their enemies using their greater Soul cultivation.


But the surrounding space seemed to have frozen at that moment, and no matter how hard the Charm Demon tried, she was unable to move even the slightest bit, her ruddy complexion turning pale all of a sudden.


“It’s impolite to not return what one receives,” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully. The next moment, his big hand obscenely grabbed her well-rounded chest and squeezed it hard.


The Charm Demon furrowed her brow, revealing a pitiful look. A strange light flashed in her eyes as she let out a moan before shouting, angrily glaring at Yang Kai, “You are hurting me.”


Her slightest expression, her every move carried its own charm, enough to make any man go crazy over her.


But Yang Kai remained unmoved. On the contrary, he just squeezed harder and harder.


“It hurts!” The Charm Demon looked a little flustered as she tried kicking and punching Yang Kai, but how could she free herself from Yang Kai’s spatial confinement.


From a distance, they looked like two lovers flirting with each other, nothing like mortal enemies from two different races trying to kill one another.


“What is Brother Yang doing?” On the city wall of Tiger Roar City, the corner of Li Jiao’s mouth momentarily twitched, finding the entire situation a bit ridiculous but also felt a little envious at the same time.


“Rogue, pervert!” Gao Xue Ting ground her teeth as her face flushed red.


As for the cultivators on the city wall, most watched on with great interest as the originally tense atmosphere was swept away by this strange scene.


Hearing a different grinding sound, Gao Xue Tinge promptly turned to look and surprisingly found Yu Ru Meng and Fu Ling both clenching their teeth.


“Crisp!” Yang Kai looked at the Charm Demon with an evil smile on his lips, tilting his head, he then suddenly wore a serious look as he coldly declared, “It’s just that your appearance is a little worse than hers.”


A bursting sound echoed in the next moment, as if something had been crushed.


The Charm Demon screamed again and again as she looked below and saw blood crazily gushing out her right chest. Her towering peak was nowhere to be found as blood kept flowing down her abdomen.


She kept screaming as if she had gone mad, a huge question floating in her mind, [Who the Hell is he talking about?]


The next moment, her screams came to an abrupt end as Yang Kai punched out, sending blood raining down from the sky. To everyone’s surprise, Yang Kai had blown apart a Mid-Rank Demon King with a punch, just like that. Even if it was a Charm Demon, who were not known for their physical strength, all those from the Demon Race found it inconceivable.


Yang Kai’s figure emerged from the blood rain and continued approaching the Demon Race Army. Swinging his arms, an immensely large Moon Blade shot out towards the dumbfounded Demons.


The Moon Blade split everyone asunder wherever it passed through, causing all the nearby Demons to retreat.


The Moon Blade flew for over a thousand metres before it gradually lost its power and dissipated into nothing, but before it disappeared, it left a wide path of chopped-up corpses in its wake.


The Demon Race Army was completely enraged as multiple groups pressed toward Yang Kai under the command of a few Demon Kings, completely encircling him.


Yang Kai broke into a riotous laughter as he raised his hand, grasping in the air. By the time his hand clenched, the Myriads Sword was already in his grip. At the same time, the Embodiment also made an appearance on the stage with the wave of his other hand, and the next moment, the pair, one big and one small, charged straight into the Demon Race Army without any prior communication with each other, covering each other’s weaknesses as they reaped the lives before them.


The pair was unstoppable; no one could bar their path! Although there were a million Demons in this army, no one could match Yang Kai and the Embodiment’s combination, nor could they stop their wanton slaughter.


Everyone in Tiger Roar City was quietly watching and couldn’t help but notice that the mighty Demon Race Army of a million men had already stopped advancing. Not too far away from the frontline, the enemy army was in chaos as Yang Kai and the Embodiment rampaged, leaving behind pools of blood and mutilated corpses wherever they went. One after another, the Demons were ground up into paste, this land forever becoming their burial ground. Slowly but surely, the rivers of blood began to flow.




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  1. That scene where Yang Kai squeezed the Charm Demon chest (boob) and squashed it, then kills her is too bloody to be imagined and probably cannot pass censorship to be illustrated in a manga or manhua.

  2. My theory is he knows what’s her name is a demon. That’s why he bit her so he could check her blood. That’s who he was talking about while he molested the demon.

    Wtf is wrong with the author? Has Yang Kai staring off at the demon army, before charging in himself. He even uses exile and isn’t just “cutting a swath through the demons”, even better! But then once he has everyone’s attention he molests a demon before killing her?! Why? Just why?

    1. I’m betting the same. She’s been obviously a demon ever since she knew the demon portal was opening.

      And Yang Kai and women have been a sore spot for a few hundred chapters now. He used to be far more insensitive to those kind of assualts.

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