Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3418, It’s Time


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


There were far too many Demons swarming everywhere. The cultivators of Tiger Roar City were basically unable to catch sight of Yang Kai and the Embodiment and could only infer their location from the reactions of the Demon Race Army.


However, these two kept charging in and out, slaughtering left and right. Just the two of them had stopped a million Demons from advancing.


Yang Kai had created another miracle, just like a few days ago. When no one could see any hope, when all the light in front of their eyes was completely covered, it was Yang Kai who had torn apart the darkness in a corner of the sky, letting the sunshine in and bringing everyone and everything back to life.


Immediately, cheers rose from Tiger Roar City one after another in great waves.


Ma Yin’s blood boiled as she turned to Li Jiao and proposed, “Senior Li, this Mistress is willing to help the City Lord.”


Li Jiao, who was staring ahead, however, ordered in a heavy voice without even looking back, “Wait!” 


Just because Yang Kai and the Embodiment could move through the Demon Race Army like fish in water didn’t mean others could. These two were far from ordinary. Needless to say, the Embodiment was able to fight on par with a Pseudo-Great Emperor and was far stronger than a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master while Yang Kai was even more extraordinary. He was proficient in the Dao of Space and could withdraw at any time he felt that things weren’t looking good for him.


If other people attacked haphazardly though, they would just be seeking their own deaths. Even Li Jiao didn’t have the confidence to charge in and come back alive under such circumstances.


Ma Yin wanting to help was only because of a moment of excitement; how could Li Jiao allow such reckless behaviour?


Yang Kai had already asked them to make a move when they saw an opportunity, but now clearly wasn’t the time.


Several dozen kilometres away, the disturbance in the Demon Race Army continued. Wherever Yang Kai and the Embodiment went, the Demon Race Army fell into chaos. The pair left death and destruction in their wake. Li Jiao and the others could clearly see Yang Kai and the Embodiment moving back and forth through the Demon Race Army a few times before suddenly turning around and making a beeline towards the enemy’s centre.


The army’s chaotic movements suddenly calmed down as the million or so Demons formed a huge encirclement around Yang Kai and the Embodiment with not a single one approaching within a thousand metres of the two.


Every Demon present was staring at them in horror while the Demon Kings were grinding their teeth in hatred, hiding themselves in the army and not daring to easily make a move.


Yang Kai, hefted the Myriads Sword onto his shoulder, standing back to back with the Embodiment as he coldly looked out, a smile appearing on his face as he softly whispered, “It’s time!”


Just as these words escaped his lips, he suddenly raised his hand and snapped his fingers.




Strange buzzing sound suddenly came from all around the Demon Race Army; like the beating of insect wings, millions of them.


The Demon Race looked around in confusion, but very soon, they realized where this strange sound was coming from.


Swarms of insects suddenly floated up from the ground, forming a dense, pitch-black cloud. The moment these insects appeared, they flew straight toward the Demons around them. The Demon Race was shocked and confused, but many of them hurriedly composed themselves and attacked, trying to stop these unknown insects from approaching. However, much to their shock and dismay, they quickly discovered that these insects were extremely tenacious and even if their attacks could send these insects flying, they didn’t kill them. Many insects fell to the ground for a while, but they would always start flapping their wings and fly up a moment later.


And when these insects came in contact with them, the Demons would miserably scream, falling to the ground in incomparable pain. Very soon, those who fell ceased moving, dying on the spot. What was strange was that there were no scars on the dead Demons, only their Souls had completely vanished.


Soul Devouring Insects!


Yang Kai hadn’t used the Soul Devouring Insects in a long time, but this situation was undoubtedly the best moment for them to showcase their power. They had always been a sharp weapon for such situations.


Previously, when Yang Kai moved through the Demon Race Army with the Embodiment, he had two objectives, one was to stop the enemy from advancing, while the other was to secretly release his Soul Devouring Insects. And now, when the Soul Devouring Insects emerged, the effect was better than even Yang Kai expected. The Demon Race Army was thrown into utter chaos as the weaker Demon Soldiers, Demon Generals, and Great Generals were basically unable to protect themselves from the Soul Devouring Insects. One by one, their Souls were devoured by the Soul Devouring Insects as they lay on the ground, dead. Only Demon Kings did not need to fear these evil insects.


It was a completely chaotic sight as the once well-organized Demon Race Army was no longer coherent. At least one-fifth of the Demon Race Army had been thrown into confusion by this move alone.


Seeing this, Yang Kai took a deep breath and raised his hand. The next moment, figure after figure suddenly appeared around him.


The cultivators of Half-Dragon City made their entrance.


The Emperor Realm Masters were the first ones to appear, then the Dao Source Realm cultivators, and finally the Origin Kings.


It took a lot of time to get them inside the Sealed World Bead, but it only took a few breaths of time to send them all out; after all, Yang Kai controlled everything inside the Sealed World Bead.


At the centre of the Demon Race Army, more than 100,000 people had appeared out of thin air. The Demon Kings, who were paying close attention to Yang Kai’s movements, were completely dumbfounded as an uneasy feeling gripped their hearts.


The next moment, a profound and complex language reverberated through the sky as a halo of light covered these 100,000 or so men and women.


Bloodlust Spell, Life Chains…


Then, a bright red glow emanated from these people, turning their breathing ragged and causing the blood in their bodies to boil.


Finished with the preparations, Yang Kai raised the Myriads Sword high and shouted in a heavy voice, “Kill!”


100,000 Masters immediately scattered in all directions, charging into the Demon Race Army like a flood bursting from a dam with the Emperor Realm Masters taking the lead.


How could the Demon Race Army, which already had its hands full fighting off the Soul Devouring Insects, stop such a vigorous charge? When the two sides clashed, the Demons were utterly routed. Each thousand-man team headed by the Emperor Realm Masters wantonly wreaked havoc on the Demon Race Army, slaughtering to their heart’s content as if they wanted to vent all the grievances they had suffered on Dragon Island over the years.


Both Yang Kai and the Embodiment were followed by a team of thousands of people, completely routing the Demon Race Army which could not even muster up a decent resistance.


In terms of numbers alone, the Demon Race had an absolute advantage, but the direction of the war was never determined by numbers alone. Half-Dragon City’s Emperor Realm Masters far outnumbered the Demon Kings in the Demon Race Army. This gap alone was enough to make up for hundreds of thousands of soldiers, not to mention that the Soul Devouring Insects were still wreaking havoc.


On the walls of Tiger Roar City, everyone looked at this change in amazement and excitement.


Li Jiao saw that the time had come and shouted, “If not now then when!”


Led by Li Jiao, Gao Xue Ting, and the other Emperors, tens of thousands swarmed out of Tiger Roar City, charging at the Demon Race Army.


Just an hour before, they were still worried about whether they would be able to see the sunrise tomorrow. Even in their dreams, they had never expected that they would be taking the initiative to attack; it was simply unimaginable.


Above the wilderness, the two races chaotically fought as figures fell one after another. In the blink of an eye, mountains of corpses and rivers of blood had appeared in the wilderness.


The gap between the numbers of both sides was still huge, but the outcome of the battle was without any suspense.


Fu Ling let out a roar as she charged ahead. She didn’t transform into her True Dragon Form, but her Dragon Roar Secret Technique reverberated across the sky, turning numerous Demons into crystal statues without vitality.


In less than the time it takes to boil a cup of tea, hundreds of thousands of Demons were either dead or dying while most of the Tiger Roar City cultivators were still alive and kicking, pressing the attack step by step.


The Demon Race Army’s formation had already been broken and their morale was at an all-time low, so when the horn for retreat was finally sounded, they all fled in a disorderly fashion.


Naturally, the cultivators of Tiger Roar City and Half-Dragon City gave chase, relentlessly hunting down the retreating Demons, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake.


After leaving only the necessary cultivators to guard the city in case of some kind of surprise, Yang Kai led the others to pursue the Demon Race Army.


They only returned to the city the next day.


It was always busy after a battle, but Tiger Roar City suddenly had more than 100,000 more Masters, of which nearly 200 were Emperors. This made everyone in Tiger Roar City extremely excited. Today, in the entire Western Territory, such a powerful fighting force could only be found in the great cities that were watched over by Pseudo-Great Emperors.


At noon, the statistics of the battle came out.


The enemy had lost more than 300,000 soldiers, while they had only lost less than 10,000. Compared to the casualties in the last battle, the death count was a little unbelievable this time, but the facts were right in front of everyone so they had no choice but to believe it.


The corpses outside the city also needed to be dealt with. If so many dead bodies were left out in the wilderness, they would definitely rot and stink. But Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about these things as Li Jiao organized a team of men to deal with such things.


In just a few days, Tiger Roar City had dealt with two waves of Demon attacks; furthermore, they had gained a complete victory each time. Yang Kai believed that the Demon Race should not have any plans for Tiger Roar City for a short while. After two consecutive defeats, the Demon Race would need time to recuperate and reorganize. However, when the Demon Race struck next time, perhaps things would not be so easy.


Although Tiger Roar City had won overwhelmingly this time, it also exposed its trump cards. When the Demon Race came again, they would definitely come with corresponding means to deal with them and perhaps there would be a real Master leading the next attack.


Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Yang Kai was reclining on a couch with his head resting on Yu Ru Meng’s slender and shapely thighs, his eyes squinted as a thoughtful look filled his face.


Yu Ru Meng was gently caressing his head like a good wife and mother. It was very hard to believe that someone like her, who was ready to perish together with Yang Kai at every turn, would suddenly act so warm and gentle. The room was completely quiet. Apart from their breathing, nothing could be heard.


Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and called out, “Ru Meng.”


“Hm?” Yu Ru Meng responded.


“I remember that you told me before that you were going to take me to a place. Can you tell me exactly where that was?”


“Why did you ask this all of a sudden?” Yu Ru Meng smiled, curiously looking at him.


Yang Kai replied, “Since you even used your Heart Seal Secret Technique to bind me, obviously you have some kind of plan, but I have always wondered what you and the force behind you are plotting. Why have you not made a move yet? Ru Meng, now that the war between the two worlds has started, and I have been entrusted by Lin Tong to protect Tiger Roar City, I don’t want to be distracted by other things; therefore, I think that we should be honest with each other. You should tell me where you want to take me to and what you want me to do. If possible, I will cooperate with everything you ask.”


Yu Ru Meng, however, shook her head, smiling, “Now is not the right time. When it is, I will naturally tell you.”


Yang Kai looked up as an indifferent look flashed across his eyes.


Yu Ru Meng lightly furrowed her brow, feeling like Yang Kai was somehow far, far away from her at that moment.




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  1. The enemy had lost more than 300,000 soldiers, while they had only lost less than 10,000. Compared to the casualties in the last battle, the death count was a little unbelievable this time, but the facts were right in front of everyone so they had no choice but to believe it.

    So they killed less than 3 per people? Seems like a bad battle. Especially with the insects it’s more like less than 1 per person. Very weird from author

  2. Soul devouring insects aren’t a trump card that can be countered easily and could have been released last fight. The fact that YK instagibbed demon kings should have already warranted a pseudo emperor this fight.

    Also releasing your units in the centre of the enemy army while surrounded sounds like any tactician’s nightmare.

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