Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3420, War Force


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Although he had to spend some time blessing Tiger Roar City’s cultivators with the Bloodlust Spell and Life Chains, Yang Kai still caught up with that Demon Race Half-Saint in no time. The next moment, much to the horror of Li Jiao and the others, he raised the Myriads Sword and swung it down.


The Demon Race Half-Saint flicked his wrist without even lifting his head, as if he had eyes on the top of his head, knocking back the Myriads Sword with absolute precision.


With a clang, a powerful force struck the Myriads Sword and it almost flew out of Yang Kai’s hand. Yang Kai was secretly shocked by the Demon Race Half-Saint’s strength, but in the next moment, Space Principles burst forth, turning the space around the Half-Saint into an invisible cage.


The Demon Flame Horse abruptly came to a halt, its entire body bursting into flames as it struggled hard, but it still moved as slow as a turtle. Under the space solidification, even a powerful Demon Beast would find it difficult to move about.


A pitch-black Moon Blade flew towards the Demon Race Half-Saint the next moment, who responded by grabbing at it with his hand. Surprisingly, the Moon Blade actually got caught and with a slight exertion of strength, shattered into pieces. The Half-Saint’s figure then rose into the air and soared off, completely free from the constraints of space.


Yang Kai swiftly formed a set of hand seals as he murmured, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


Time seemed to have come to a stop at that moment as the Time Flies Seal slammed towards the Half-Saint.


A rare look of surprise appeared on the Demon Race Half-Saint’s face. Suddenly, his figure burst into flames as the surrounding temperature shot up, reaching such an intensity that space started to distort from the heat. With a wave of his hand, a ball of flame flew towards the Time Flies Seal and clashed with it mid-air. With a deafening explosion, the two attacks negated each other and disappeared from sight.


A painful wail suddenly sounded as the Demon Flame Horse fell dead from the fallout of the attack.


The Demon Race Half-Saint grit his teeth as he glanced down at his mount; a saddened and pained look had appeared on his face.




A clear and distinct chime of a bell suddenly sounded as the small Mountains and Rivers Bells flew out, rotating rapidly as it expanded and slammed down at the Demon-Race Half-Saint with the power to suppress the Heavens and Earth.


“Good artifact!” The Demon Race Half-Saint shouted aloud, his eyes sharpening significantly. He immediately noticed how extraordinary the Mountains and Rivers Bell was, and in the next moment, his figure turned into a huge ball of fire as he flew left and right through the air, dodging the suppressive force coming from it.


Yang Kai’s body flickered as he arrived atop the Half-Saint and stretched his hand down towards him. His hand transformed into a Dragon Claw as he slashed out, but in the end, he caught nothing but air. A Half-Saint was comparable to a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so how could this man be so easy to deal with?


On the other hand, the Demon Race Half-Saint was growing annoyed with Yang Kai’s repeated attacks. In a flash, he arrived on top of the Mountains and Rivers Bell and kicked it with overwhelming force. The Mountains and Rivers Bell flew straight towards the ground and crashed into it, creating a large series of cracks where it landed.


The Demon Race Half-Saint declared, standing proudly in the air and looking at Yang Kai, “Boy, enough is enough. If you attack me again, this King will no longer be polite with you!”


Yang Kai just grinned though as he summoned his Embodiment with a wave of his hand, staring deeply at him, “What are you so worried about?”


Half-Saint broke into laughter, “Why would this King be worried? It’s just that this King has something important to do right now and cannot be bothered to pay attention to you at the moment, that’s all.”


“Since you aren’t worried about anything, let’s fight!” Yang Kai furiously roared, “Dragon Transformation!”


A high-pitched Dragon Roar reverberated through the sky and in the next instant, Yang Kai’s figure swelled up. Short horns grew on his head as dragon scales emerged on his bare skin. His hands completely transformed into Dragon Claws and a long Dragon Tail appeared behind him.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai’s body had drastically transformed, turning into a 300-metre-tall colossus with his head high up in the sky while his feet remained on the ground. Hot air blew from his nostrils as Dragon Aura swept out, causing the wind and clouds to blow about randomly.


The Demon Race Half-Saint looked up, putting his hand over his head and creating a shade over his eyes. The next moment, his facial muscles momentarily twitched.


Obscure Dragon Language sounded as Yang Kai opened his mouth and roared. The next moment, a golden ball of light shot straight at the Demon Race Half-Saint.


The golden ball of light was extremely dazzling and almost blotted out the light of the sun in the sky. And when it fell to the ground, it spread out rapidly, blinding all those within its area of influence.


A deafening explosion sounded as the ground quaked non-stop.


After the golden light disappeared, a large pit one thousand metres across had appeared while the Demon Race Half-Saint was nowhere to be found.


However, at that moment, a voice came from the distance, “Remember, this King is Bai Zhuo, and he will return another day to teach you a good lesson!”


Yang Kai looked in the direction of the sound as his face turned gloomier.




[That Half-Saint actually escaped!] Immediately, Yang Kai had a sense of powerlessness as if he had just punched a ball of cotton. He really wanted to fight and had even transformed into his 300-metre-tall Half-Dragon Form. Together with his Embodiment, there was a chance they could defeat their opponent.


At the end of the day, he was up against a Half-Saint, so Yang Kai didn’t dare to hide his cards, but what was completely out of his expectation was that the enemy simply retreated without a moment of hesitation, even ignoring the few hundred thousand strong Demon Race Army.


What did this mean?


But this had somewhat confirmed a conjecture in Yang Kai’s heart.


If a Half-Saint wanted to escape, Yang Kai couldn’t do anything even if he had Space Divine Abilities. Having lost the target to vent all his fighting spirit, all Yang Kai could do was turn towards the several-hundred-thousand-strong Demon Race Army.


This Demon Race Army was indeed the very same army that had been beaten black and blue last time. Having been led here by a Demon Race Half-Saint, they came aggressively, wanting to take revenge for their previous defeat, but none of them had expected for that Half-Saint to withdraw first, paying no heed to their life or death.


200,000 cultivators of Tiger Roar City had already rushed over at that moment and the two armies were instantly locked in a heated battle.


History repeated itself. This Demon Race had originally lost at the hands of Tiger Roar City and the only reason they dared to come today was because they had the backing of a Half-Saint, but now that their support had left in such a decisive manner, it was as if the army had lost its backbone. Where would they find the will to fight? The moment the two armies came into contact, they fell like paper cards and were utterly routed.


On the other hand, Tiger Roar City’s imposing manner soared as they pounced like wolves and tigers onto sheep. Under the command of the two hundred Emperor Realm Masters, they ripped into the enemy lines, killing wantonly.


When Yang Kai and Embodiment joined the battlefield, the result was even less suspenseful.


Yang Kai’s 300-metre body was extremely eye-catching even if it was in a battlefield filled with a million people. The Demon Race Army kept retreating, but Yang Kai constantly charged right into the densest crowds, swinging his claws and tail randomly, killing hundreds of Demons with each blow.


After who knows how long, the screams of the tumultuous battlefield finally calmed. The cultivators who were still alive looked around and found no Demons nearby, just themselves covered in blood.


The next moment, deafening cheers resounded throughout the sky.


Yang Kai had already cancelled his Dragon Transformation and returned to his original appearance, standing in the void as he looked around.


From all directions, wisps of inexplicable energy were gathering towards him. A single wisp was insignificant, but when 100,000 to 200,000 wisps gathered, the energy it produced created an extremely terrifying pressure.


A tiger roar resounded as an enormous tiger phantom suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai. It was vivid and lifelike, and had a dark and cold aura.


Yang Kai turned his head as a strange look appeared on his face.


Whether this enormous tiger was tangible or intangible, he couldn’t clearly tell, but he felt as if he could mobilize the giant tiger’s energy for his own use. If he absorbed this enormous tiger at the critical moment, he would definitely make his own strength increase to an astounding height.


Hundreds of thousands of gazes focused on that enormous tiger while many people couldn’t understand how or why this illusory phantom had suddenly appeared; however, all felt that the illusory phantom of the giant tiger was closely connected to themselves.


“War Force!” Li Jiao raised his brow, looking pleasantly surprised.


Yang Kai turned to him and asked, “What is War Force?”


Li Jiao excitedly replied, “The collective force of an army that has united as one. When the hearts of tens of thousands of men come together, only then can such momentum be gathered. I have only seen records of this in ancient books and never expected to see it with my own eyes. Brother Yang, since War Force has appeared, it means that our Tiger Roar City’s army has become one unified whole, a rarer feat than gathering an army of millions under one banner!”


Gao Xue Ting nodded her agreement, “It’s very rare for War Force to appear, only when everyone has absolute confidence in their commander would there be a chance for it to manifest.”


A thoughtful look appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he asked, “I feel like I can use this giant tiger to enhance my strength.”


Li Jiao agreed with a nod, “That’s right. War Force is rare but it is also infinitely useful. Such a large-scale battle hasn’t been fought in the Star Boundary for a very long time, so naturally, War Force has not made an appearance either. Tiger Roar City is very likely to be the first place where War Force has manifested.”


Yang Kai rejoiced, “This is a good thing.”


Li Jiao burst into laughter and stated, “With Brother Yang’s ability and this War Force supporting us, the next time that Half-Saint arrives, our Tiger Roar City will have nothing to fear!”


Yang Kai and the Embodiment’s team was already exceptionally strong, perhaps not as strong as that Half-Saint Bai Zhuo, but they wouldn’t be that far behind, but if the boost from this War Force was added to the mix, they might be slightly superior.


Tiger Roar City had won three battles out of three battles, all of which were overwhelming victories. This made everyone in Tiger Roar City have absolute confidence in Yang Kai, so the appearance of War Force was simply a matter of course. This was tantamount to gaining recognition from hundreds of thousands of people and gathering their collective momentum onto himself, a boost that should not be underestimated.


As Li Jiao stated, for hundreds of thousands of men and women to have this War Force was rarer than gathering a million-strong army. Facts also proved this as the Demon Race had no lack of armies over a million strong, but what happened when they fought? Weren’t they forced to flee when they faced Tiger Roar City?


Last time, Tiger Roar City had killed 300,000 Demons but this time the number was far higher because less than 200,000 Demons had been able to flee with their lives.


After leaving some men to clean the battlefield and count the casualties, Yang Kai headed straight back to the City Lord’s Mansion.


Yu Ru Meng came to greet him, staring at him with her pretty eyes as she asked, “You have a Dragon Clan bloodline?”


Had Yang Kai not transformed into a 300-metre-tall Half-Dragon, she really would have never known this, but with his giant figure sweeping across the battlefield, as long as one wasn’t blind, they would surely notice him, and Yu Ru Meng’s vision was just fine.


Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile as he reached out, grabbed her sleek chin and lifted it up, asking, “What’s wrong? Are you aroused?”


Yu Ru Meng slapped his hand away and angrily rebuked, “In your dreams!”


Yang Kai swooped in, however, and picked her up before striding inside.


“What do you want to do?” Yu Ru Meng struggled left and right.


“Your Husband has just returned from the battle, naturally, he needs you to clean him and change his clothes.”


Yu Ru Meng couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him, “Who is my Husband, you?”


Yang Kai looked at her, “You don’t want to?”


Yu Ru Meng disdainfully spat.


Yang Kai thus let her down and shouted, “Fu Ling!”


Fu Ling rushed over like a storm, her pretty eyes flickering with a strange glow, “Brother-in-law, what can I do for you?”


Yu Ru Meng hurriedly interjected, “Nothing, he just wants to ask if you were injured.”


Fu Ling smiled, “Many thanks for your concern, brother-in-law. Fu Ling is fine though.”


Yu Ru Meng nodded, “It’s good that you are alright.” After that, she grabbed Yang Kai’s hand and led him to the inner room.




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