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Martial Peak – Chapter 3421, Great Emperor’s Tea


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Tiger Roar City’s situation had become a bit strange after this battle, and over the span of the next six months, no Demon Race Army appeared to attack it.


Who knows if it was because of the fear of Tiger Roar City’s strength or for other reasons, but the Demon Race seemed to have forgotten Tiger Roar City. However, the cities in the vicinity of Tiger Roar City were still being attacked frequently.


In the first two months, Yang Kai didn’t dare to act rashly, lest he give the Demon Race a chance to strike.


But as time passed, after confirming that the Demon Race wouldn’t be attacking Tiger Roar City, Yang Kai began leading the army out to launch offensives. Since the Demon Race refused to come to him, he would go to them instead!


Thanks to Tiger Roar City’s 200,000-man army marching back and forth, the nearby cities that were in danger several times survived and even killed countless enemies when timely support arrived. Since Tiger Roar City’s Army had gained War Force, and there were nearly two hundred Emperor Realm Masters in the army, wherever they went, they were simply unstoppable and invincible, causing their fame to spread extensively.


Currently, there were many big cities in the Western Territory that were struggling hard, but if any city was in a spot and unable to defend itself, they would immediately send a request to Tiger Roar City for help. Owing to the Space Array and Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai’s support always came extremely fast and was able to turn the tide of many battles.


Although the Tiger Roar City Army performed quite well under Yang Kai’s leadership, the overall situation for the Star Boundary was far from optimistic.


In just six months, the Western Territory had lost a lot of ground; hundreds of cities had fallen and countless people had been killed in battle. The encroachment of the Demon Race was simply unstoppable. At this rate, the entire Western Territory might fall within five years. By then, the Demon Race would use the Western Territory as the springboard to attack the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Territories, shattering any semblance of peace they now held.


The Great Emperors were nowhere to be found now and no one knew what they were doing, or whether they even knew the situation the Star Boundary was currently in.


A gap slowly opened in the Defensive Array of the Tiger Roar City as the army of 200,000 men triumphantly returned. Although the Tiger Roar City Army had suffered a lot of casualties in the battles over these six months, cultivators from other cities that had fallen had come to join it every day, so its size actually remained the same if not slightly increased.


The residents of the city broke into cheers and jubilation as they heartily and happily welcomed the army’s return.


Yang Kai had led the army to provide support to a nearby city, and this trip could be considered a successful one. They had not only defended the city they went to support, but they had also repelled the attack of a million-strong Demon Race Army.


Ma Yin, who stayed behind to guard Tiger Roar City, came to Yang Kai and whispered something in his ears the moment he returned, causing his eyes to flicker with a little surprise as he gestured to the army behind him to go and rest. Yang Kai then strode into the City Lord’s Mansion.


In the main hall, someone was sitting to the side and only turned his head to look up upon sensing the movements.


As their gazes met, Yang Kai noticed that the opposite party’s eyes were completely white.


“Brother Gao!” Yang Kai smiled as he walked to the main seat in the hall and sat down, whereupon a maid served him tea before respectfully withdrawing.


It was none other than Gao Zhan, who could be considered an acquaintance, if not a close one. Yang Kai found this a little strange though, wondering what he was doing here. Gao Zhan was the Legacy Disciple of Heavens Revelations Great Emperor, so why was he here in Tiger Roar City instead of staying beside the Great Emperor?


“I really don’t deserve such status!” Gao Zhan slightly bowed, “Senior Brother Yang has had so many military achievements. Whenever the Tiger Roar Army moves out, the Demon Race trembles in fear. You have created a grand name for yourself these days.”


Yang Kai responded with a casual wave, “Brother Gao flatters me, but I wonder why Brother Gao is here. Did something happen?”


Gao Zhan replied, “I’m here on Master’s order to ask Senior Brother Yang to come over at once.”


Yang Kai asked, raising his brow, “Senior Heavens Revelations wants to see me?”


“That’s right!”


Yang Kai agreed with a nod, “Alright, give me a moment to prepare.”


Gao Zhan gestured to him to go ahead.


Yang Kai didn’t need to prepare anything much, he simply needed to inform Li Jiao and Gao Xue Ting that he was going out for a bit, and tell them to remain on high alert. The Demon Race Army had not approached Tiger Roar City since the Demon Race Half-Saint had run away after making a scene last time, but being careful never hurt. What if the Demon Race really attacked while he wasn’t here?


After having dealt with everything, Yang Kai left with Gao Zhan, travelling directly to their destination using the Space Array in the city.


After a blinding flash of light, the two had appeared in a mountain valley. The valley was quite rich in World Energy and was extremely beautiful and refreshing, adorned with many pavilions and buildings. Its scenery was quite unique and after having been fighting and killing on the battlefield for so long, Yang Kai felt a little out of sorts after suddenly coming to such a place.


Yang Kai asked, raising his brow, “Is this Heavens Spying Valley?”


He had long heard that Heavens Revelations Great Emperor lived in a place called Heavens Spying Valley, but only a few people knew where exactly Heavens Spying Valley was. Yang Kai didn’t have any idea either and never expected to one day come here.


Gao Zhan confirmed, nodding, “Senior Brother Yang is correct, this is indeed Heavens Spying Valley. Master likes peace and quiet, so it is just Master and I here. I ask Brother Yang to forgive any negligence.”


“Brother Gao is too polite.” Yang Kai stated before he started checking left and right, looking rather curious.


Gao Zhan led the way, crossing the small bridges and creaks, walking straight ahead. Heavens Spring valley was filled with winding paths, and its scenery was continuously changing at every turn. At one place, it might be a spring scenery with blooming flowers everywhere, and at the next step, one might find themselves in a snowfield.


An extremely brilliant Spirit Array was arranged here, which seemed to be able to mimic the atmosphere of the four seasons.


After arriving before a certain pavilion, Gao Zhan finally stopped and stretched his hand out, making an inviting gesture.


Yang Kai looked up and much to his shock found two people sitting inside the pavilion who happened to be looking at him smiling. He might have been checking out the surrounding scenery, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t keeping track of his surroundings. However, he had not sensed the two sitting inside the pavilion until he had looked up and seen them, which was really strange.


But if these two were Great Emperors, everything would make sense.


One of them was naturally the owner of this place, Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor, and the other wasn’t a stranger to Yang Kai. He was none other than Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang.


At this moment, the two were sitting face to face with each other, a stone table between them with a pot of tea boiling on it, filling the air with a unique fragrance.


Yang Kai strode forward and bowed with cupped fists, “Greetings, Seniors!”


Mo Huang stated, smiling, “Forget all the ceremonies and take a seat.”


Yang Kai thanked him before sitting down.


After this, the pavilion returned to silence. Heavens Revelations Great Emperor and Martial Beast Great Emperor remained completely silent, as if they were waiting for the tea before them to boil. Yang Kai didn’t want to disturb the peaceful atmosphere either, but at the end of the day, he was sitting in between two Great Emperors, which left him quite uncomfortable; as such, he kept fidgeting and moving about.


Mo Huang glanced at him and snorted, “Are you a monkey?”


Yang Kai embarrassingly smiled as his head immediately sunk in embarrassment, not daring to move about thereafter.


Chu Tian Ji, however, just chuckled, “It’s quite common for the youngsters to be lively and active. Why is Brother Mo being so harsh on him?”


Mo Huang justified, “Brother Chu, don’t be deceived by this little brat’s appearance, he’s far from a good and honest man.” Because of Mo Xiao Qi’s matter, Mo Huang had a lot of complaints about Yang Kai and didn’t hesitate to take him down a notch whenever he got the chance.


Yang Kai protested, feeling wronged, “Senior Martial Beast, this Junior has never offended you, has he? Back then, when I visited Dragon Island, I even helped you slightly. Last time, I even took Xiao Qi to visit her mother. Why do you say that about me?”


Mo Huang snorted even louder as he picked up the teapot on the table, filled a cup for himself, and drank it in one go.


Chu Tian Ji chuckled as he picked up the teapot and poured a cup for Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was greatly shocked and hurriedly stood up, “How can I allow Senior to do this. Please allow this Junior to serve you.” It was none other than Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor, who was pouring him tea. Yang Kai couldn’t bear it no matter how arrogant he was.


Chu Tian Ji, on the other hand, ignored him. He only poured himself a cup after he had filled Yang Kai’s before slowly saying, “I have heard a great deal about you from Brother Mo. As expected, talented people are born in every generation, and each new generation surpasses the previous.”


Yang Kai blushed after hearing this and sat back down awkwardly, “Senior Heaven’s Revelations is too polite.”


Yang Kai knew that Mo Huang had some complaints about him so no good words must have come out of his mouth. Who knows what Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor had really heard about him!


Chu Tian Ji continued, “Extraordinary people must do extraordinary things. At least this Old Master didn’t have as colourful a life when he was your age. Far from it in fact.”


Yang Kai fiercely rebuffed, “I’m not someone extraordinary, I am just young and impulsive. Seniors are the role models of the Star Boundary’s billions of cultivators.”


Chu Tian Ji slowly shook his head, “This Old Master could be considered to have lived for many years and seen all kinds of so-called young geniuses and rising stars, but none have ever been as eye-catching and dazzling as you. The entire world says that this Old Master can peer into the past, see the future, understand the present, and discern the secrets of the Heavens, but this Old Master can’t see through your future.”


Yang Kai asked in shock, “Does Senior mean to say that this Junior’s future is clouded?”


Chu Tian Ji shook his head, but he didn’t explain much, causing Yang Kai to grow a bit anxious; however, what could he do? His fist was smaller than the opposite party so he couldn’t exactly force Chu Tian Ji to explain. In the end, all Yang Kai could do was grab the cup of tea before him and drink it in one gulp.


Mo Huang couldn’t bear it any longer and interjected, “Stop flattering him, just get down to business. Old Chu, you are someone who just likes to be roundabout and drag things out unnecessarily.”


Yang Kai too asked with a solemn look, “Indeed, I wonder why the two Seniors have summoned this Junior. Is something the matter?”


Obviously, a trivial matter would not make the two Great Emperors ask for him to appear before them. Suddenly, Yang Kai realized the meaning of Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor’s words, ‘Extraordinary people do extraordinary things.’ [It’s because he has a mission for me, and it should be a very dangerous mission at that!]


[Damn, a Great Emperor’s tea isn’t that easy to drink!]


Before Chu Tian Ji could explain, Mo Huang directly got to the point, “Yang Kai, we hope that you can take a trip to the Demon Realm.”


“Enter the Demon Realm!?” Yang Kai was greatly shocked after hearing this, “Why do you want me to enter the Demon Realm?”


Mo Huang replied with a grim look on his face, “Bright Moon is in a little danger. We need you to rescue him.”


Yang Kai was now thoroughly dumbstruck after hearing this. Naturally, he knew about the fall of Bright Moon Great Emperor in the Demon Realm. When the passage between the two worlds had opened, the Great Emperors had entered it to investigate, but they were ambushed by several Demon Saints in the Demon Realm and in the end, Bright Moon Great Emperor had stayed behind to hold off those Demon Saints alone, giving Mo Huang and the others a chance to escape.


Later, Yang Kai had also heard that Bright Moon Great Emperor seemed to be trapped somewhere, but no one knew where he was exactly. That was all Yang Kai had heard until this day.


Now, Mo Huang suddenly asked him to go to the Demon Realm to rescue Bright Moon Great Emperor, confusing Yang Kai greatly.


After hesitating for a while, Yang Kai asked as the corners of his mouth twitched, “Seniors, are you playing a joke on me?”




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