Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3424, Enjoying the Beauties of Nature


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The four women believed that Yang Kai was just speaking nonsense; after all, the Demon Race hadn’t been eliminated and the Western Territory was in a state of unrest. Who would be in the mood to go sightseeing at this moment? But who knew that he would really do so?


Starting from High Heaven Palace, they directly teleported to the former site of the Southern Territory’s Thousand Leaves Sect. After confirming the directions, Yang Kai led the four around to play.


Although the Demon Race invasion was of much discussion in the Star Boundary and the flames of war had raged across the Western Territory, with the Southern, Northern, and Eastern Territories also mobilizing reinforcements constantly, the war itself was still too far from the Southern Territory so the daily lives of common people weren’t much affected.


Travelling with the four beauties, Yang Kai was living a life of ease and leisure. They crossed countless mountains and rivers, entering every city they chanced upon, which allowed Su Yan and the others to truly appreciate all the wonderful sights of the Star Boundary.


Although Su Yan and the others had been in the Star Boundary for a couple of years, they had constantly been cultivating in retreat at High Heaven Palace. When the war between the two worlds erupted, they finally followed the army to the Western Territory, so strictly speaking, this was the first time they had gone out to travel. Furthermore, they were with Yang Kai so they were all in high spirits. Everything they saw was novel to them. The man was brave and heroic, and the females were beautiful and graceful, each having their own unique charm, so wherever they went, they became the focus of attention.


Every night, Yang Kai would lead the four girls to the Sealed World Bead and sleep together with them.


Little Senior Sister had the thinnest skin, so how could she bear such a shameful thing? Su Yan, taking on the Elder Sister stance, reprimanded Yang Kai several times, but he naturally refused to mend his ways even after repeated warnings. The more strictly Su Yan reprimanded him, the more he desired to do it, and with Shan Qing Luo assisting the tyrant to perform evil, Su Yan didn’t dare to casually speak in the end and had no choice but to let it go.


Going around here and there for half a month, they finally arrived at a certain empty plain.


Seeing Yang Kai carefully exploring this place, as if he was looking for something, Shan Qing Luo curiously asked, “What are you searching for?”


Yang Kai replied, “Back then, the Four Seasons Realm’s entrance appeared here, I am trying to look for a trace of it.”


Su Yan knowingly asked, “Are you worried about Xiao’er and Xue’er?”


Yang Kai replied, sighing, “Although Liu Yan is with them, both of them are still just children. If I could at least have a look at them, I would feel more at ease.”


Among the four girls, apart from Shan Qing Luo, who had never seen Yang Xiao because she had been cultivating in the Ancient Wild Lands, Su Yan, Xue Yue, and Xia Ning Chang had met little fatty and adored him very much. And since he was Yang Kai’s adopted son, they naturally felt quite close to him.


Now that Yang Kai was looking for the two kids, they were more than willing to help him.


The five immediately spread around, meticulously searching the plain.


But in the end, they found nothing.


The Four Seasons Realm could be considered as an independent Small World, and although the entrance had appeared on this plain last time, no one could say for sure that the entrance would definitely appear here the next time too. Not to mention, Qiong Qi was the one who led them in. Perhaps Qiong Qi had some other means to enter the Four Seasons Realm they were unaware of.


Having no result, they had no choice but to leave.


Afterwards, Yang Kai took the four to Azure Sun Temple, where they stayed on his Spirit Sword Peak for a few days before setting off to Maplewood City.


This was the first city Yang Kai entered after he came to the Star Boundary so it had some special meaning to him. It was here he met Mo Xiao Qi and Lan Xun for the first time. The Myriads Sword he used was obtained here as well, and it was also here he met his first Great Emperor, though the latter was playing around among the mortals at the time.


Outside Maplewood City stood Spirit Lake Palace, where countless cultivators were still coming in and out of every day. But since Xia Sheng was no longer here, Yang Kai had no intention to visit it.


However, his old friend Kang Si Ran had been promoted to the Branch President of Maplewood City by his chamber of commerce because of the long-term trade he had established with High Heaven Palace.


When Yang Kai arrived, Kang Si Ran naturally entertained him warmly, treating him to the finest restaurants in Maplewood City where they merrily drank and chatted.


The next day, Yang Kai bid goodbye and led the four women to the old site of the Blue Feather Sect. Today, Blue Feather Sect was completely deserted. The old site of the Sect was completely in ruins. Thinking of the time when he was imprisoned in Blue Feather Sect with Liu Xiao Yun back when he had entered the Star Boundary, Yang Kai felt as if ages had gone by.


At that time, Dao Source Realm Masters were like invincible existences to him, but now he could even fight Pseudo-Great Emperors. Several dozen years had passed, giving him a deep sense of reverie.


Retracing the old road like it was another life made Yang Kai have mixed feelings.


After the Southern Territory was the Eastern Territory, and then the Northern Territory…


After three months, Yang Kai finally began leading Su Yan and the others back home. He was still travelling in neither a hurried nor slow manner, without even using the Space Array network he had arranged.


After these three months of sightseeing, caring nothing about worldly affairs, Su Yan and the others were naturally reluctant to part with Yang Kai. They felt that it would be the best thing if this could go on for the rest of their lives.


At night, after a particularly intense intimate session, slender and graceful limbs were horizontally lying on a giant bed when suddenly, energy fluctuations started rising.


Yang Kai turned his head and cried out in pleasant surprise as he looked at Su Yan, “Senior Sister, you…”


Su Yan promptly sat down cross-legged and stated, taking a deep breath, “I am about to break through.”


Shan Qing Luo also sat up in shock, “So fast?”


Su Yan was now a Third-Order Dao Source Realm, so another breakthrough would make her enter the Emperor Realm. It had only been a few years since Yang Kai brought her to the Star Boundary, and although they were receiving endless resources from High Heaven Palace, Su Yan’s rate of progress was still quite astonishing. It must be brought to notice that when Su Yan first entered the Star Boundary, she was just a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator. In just a few years, she was crossing a chasm that most cultivators couldn’t cross in their entire lives.


The remaining three were still just First-Order Dao Source Realms now while Xia Ning Chang, because of her Special Constitution and constant refinement of pills, had touched the threshold of the Second-Order.


Xue Yue pursed her lips into a sweet smile as she stated, “Don’t you know that Elder Sister uses her dual cultivation Secret Art constantly? Every night, Elder Sister has been ‘fed’ by husband.”


This was indeed true. Whenever they cultivated using the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, the dragon and phoenix would sing together. Dual cultivation had indeed provided great benefits to Su Yan. Even without Yang Kai, her cultivation progress wasn’t slow, and for the last three months, she and Yang Kai had been dual cultivating every night. This slow accumulation over time would work magic, so breaking through now was just a matter of course.


The bottleneck had already been touched, and the World Baptism was about to descend, so there was no time to delay.


Su Yan glanced at Yang Kai before she immediately got dressed and the others hurriedly tidied things up.


After a short while, Yang Kai and Su Yan appeared outside the Small Sealed World, whereupon Yang Kai promptly used Space Principles to lead Su Yan to a sparsely populated location and set her down before quickly urging her, “Be careful!”


Su Yan nodded before sitting down cross-legged and closing her eyes.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered next and appeared several dozen kilometres away. Next, he let Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, and Xia Ning Chang out with a wave of his hand as the four stared ahead together.


Observing and emulating the process of Su Yan breaking through to the Emperor Realm would definitely benefit Shan Qing Luo and the others. When they broke through to Emperor Realm one day, they would have more experience in dealing with it instead of approaching it blindly.


Under their nervous gazes, wind and clouds gathered in the sky as faint claps of thunder boomed.


A soft jade white hand grabbed Yang Kai’s big hand as Xue Yue comforted in a gentle voice, “Husband, don’t worry, Elder Sister is so strong. There won’t be any problem at all.”


Yang Kai also felt that with Su Yan’s ability, there would not be any major problems, but that didn’t stop him from feeling nervous. This might be the so-called the more one cares about someone, the more worried he or she would be for him or her.


Shan Qing Luo added, “Husband, although we don’t know why you have brought us out to sightsee, since this little tryst lasted for so long, we know that you must have to do something important soon. Go ahead and do it. We have each other to rely on, and today, Big Sister is also advancing to the Emperor Realm. You don’t have to worry about anything when you are outside.”


Yang Kai looked at her, and then looked at Xue Yue and Xia Ning Chang, who lightly nodded at him.


Obviously, they had noticed something these days; after all, they shared every moment together, even in bed. Although Yang Kai hadn’t told them outright, how could he hide it from their eyes?


Yang Kai nodded and told them everything, “I won’t hide it from you then. I will be going to the Demon Realm soon.”


Xue Yue’s slender white hand momentarily clenched while Shan Qing Luo and Xia Ning Chang also looked shocked and worried. Although they knew Yang Kai had something to do, they had never expected that he would be going to the Demon Realm.


“And I will be going to the Demon Realm through a rather unorthodox method. All I can say is, whatever you hear at that time, don’t believe it or worry about it.” Yang Kai took a long deep breath, “I don’t know when I will be back, but I can assure you, I will definitely return safe and sound!”


Shan Qing Luo leaned over and gently stated, putting her head on his shoulder, “You are the world for our Sisters, you better come back safe and sound!”


Xia Ning Chang exhorted as her eyes turned red, “Be careful when you get there.”


Yang Kai opened his arms and hugged the three girls together, laughing and assuring them, “Don’t worry, I might not be good at other things, but I’m the best at running away.”


Shan Qing Luo suddenly pinched his waist and gave it a twist as she warned, grinding her teeth, “I hear there are Charm Demons in the Demon Realm, don’t get captivated by them!”


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “It’s not certain who will captivate who.”


Right then, a deafening clap of thunder reverberated along with a bright flash as a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, striking the top of Su Yan’s head.


Everyone couldn’t help but sink into silence as their eyes immediately focused on that side.


Amid the blinding flashes, World Energy gathered around, flooding Su Yan’s location all of a sudden.


After a while, Su Yan’s figure reappeared while all the World Energy had been completely absorbed by her.


*Hong long long…”


Bolts of lightning fell one after another, forming an inescapable net that blotted out the sky in a continuous rain. Shan Qing Luo and the others turned pale at the sight of this and secretly wondered if they could deal with this when their time came.


However, they were only in the First-Order Dao Source Realm now so it was inevitable for them to find this sight extremely terrifying. When they had reached the same cultivation as Su Yan, their mentality might be different.


Heaven and Earth shook. The World Baptism whenever someone broke through a Great Realm would always be shocking. Not to mention, Su Yan was breaking through to the Emperor Realm, so the disturbance naturally spread over a great distance.


There seemed to be a city nearby and the commotion had attracted many people. In the beginning, these people were still observing courtesy, watching from a distance and not trying to get too close.


But as time passed, someone finally flew over, as if they wanted to see things from up close, but how could Yang Kai allow that to happen? He opened his mouth and shouted, “Scram!”


His voice resounded throughout the sky louder than even the World Baptism, causing everyone to flee back in a flurry.




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