Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3426, The Great Emperor’s Denunciation


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Inside Tiger Roar City’s City Lord’s Mansion, Yang Kai nodded quietly from time to time while listening to Li Jiao’s report on the war in recent months.


The situation was better than he thought. Back then when he announced his retreat, the 200,000 troops in Tiger Roar City were temporarily handed over to Li Jiao, and Li Jiao had lived up to his expectations. He led the Tiger Roar City troops to support major cities frequently and had never lost a battle.


Rather than Li Jiao’s capability, it was mainly because of the great number of Emperor Realm Masters within Tiger Roar City’s troops. With an army of the same scale, it was impossible for the Demon Race to beat them; even if they were twice or thrice more, Tiger Roar City would be able to repel them.


Yang Kai was relieved. As long as these 200,000 troops remained united, they would become an invincible banner.


“Brother Yang, are you done with your retreat?” Li Jiao asked after finishing reporting the situation. It had been quite tough for him. Although he was strong, and he was the Palace Master of Fire Dragon Palace, it was tremendous pressure for one person to be responsible for 200,000 lives in the heat of battle. The battlefield was unpredictable, and regardless of Tiger Roar City troops’ winning streak, a single mistake could lead to countless deaths. It was a price Li Jiao could not afford to pay and so he hoped for Yang Kai’s quick return to take over the authority again.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I just came out to take a look at the situation and will soon enter retreat again.”


Disappointment surfaced on Li Jiao’s face.


Yang Kai, however, just looked at him and encouraged, “Brother Li, you don’t need to feel so pressured. You’ve done a good job, just keep going as you have. Even if we lose a battle, it won’t be your fault.”


Li Jiao smiled bitterly, “This Li only feels more pressure when…”


Before he could finish, Yu Ru Meng, wrapped in an icy aura, barged in fiercely with a darkened face.


Yang Kai and Li Jiao looked up together, and Li Jiao cleared his throat, “Brother Yang, this Li will leave first.”


He did not wait for Yang Kai’s response and quickly fled.


After he left, Yu Ru Meng strode over to Yang Kai in a few steps and grabbed Yang Kai’s collar with one hand, her teeth gritted, “Are you finally willing to return?”


Yang Kai feigned calm as he looked at her, “What are you talking about?”


Yu Ru Meng snorted, “You told everyone that you were entering retreat, but in fact, you left Tiger Roar City. Where did you go?”


[Damn it, how does this woman know that I wasn’t in Tiger Roar City? Could it be the Heart Seal Secret Technique allows her to sense my presence?] While pondering about this, Yang Kai maintained a calm face and broke free of her grip. He then replied with a dignified face, “Speak properly, there’s no need to get physical. It’s highly improper!”


Yu Ru Meng narrowed her eyes at him and seethed, “Why didn’t you say anything when you ran off without a word for more than three months?”


Yang Kai slapped the table angrily and exploded, “Just who ran off more than three months ago? Don’t talk nonsense. I have been in retreat and cultivating in the City Lord’s Mansion!”


Yu Ru Meng sneered, “Stop lying! Do you think I can’t sense your aura? You weren’t even in Tiger Roar City these past three months! Tell me the truth, where did you go?”


Yang Kai stood up, “There’s no point talking sense to you, this King needs to continue his retreat. Don’t you dare talk nonsense, or this King will slap your butt again!”


After that, he got up and walked towards the back hall with his hands behind his back and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Yu Ru Meng gnashed her pristine teeth in fury before chasing Yang Kai into the secret room, pestering him madly for a while before Yang Kai finally could not bear it anymore and spanked her so hard that she cried. Afterwards, he threw her out.


The secret room was closed, but Yu Ru Meng’s shrieks could still be heard through the door, sounding just like a berserk vixen!


However, Yu Ru Meng had learned her lesson and stayed by the door of the secret room. Obviously, she did not want to give Yang Kai any opportunities to sneak away again.


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai really did cultivate in retreat within the room and did not leave for more than ten days.


Yang Kai had just obtained the Cyan Bottle Gourd and wanted to refine it as soon as possible. He also knew Yu Ru Meng was guarding the door but did not pay her any attention. He had settled what needed to be settled and done everything that needed to be done. He had no plans to go out again.


More than ten days passed by in peace.


Suddenly, on this day, when Yang Kai was still refining the Cyan Bottle Gourd, he suddenly felt the world shudder and a great pressure descend from the sky. At the same time, an angry voice echoed across the world, “Yang Kai, come out!”


In the secret room, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly opened, blooming with gleaming light.


[He’s finally here!]


After taking a gentle breath, Yang Kai put the Cyan Bottle Gourd away and got up. After smoothing his clothes slightly, he opened the door of the secret room and walked out.


Outside the door, Yu Ru Meng looked at him suspiciously, “How did you manage to provoke Iron Blood Great Emperor? Why is he here?”


She obviously recognized that the voice just now belonged to Iron Blood Great Emperor, and judging from his words and tone, the latter did not sound like he was here with friendly intent.


Yang Kai could not help rolling his eyes, “How am I supposed to know?”


Yu Ru Meng pointed out, “You always had a good relationship with his Disciple, so why would he be hostile towards you?”


Yang Kai wondered, “Hostile? Is he?”


Yu Ru Meng snarled, “Can’t you feel his hostility?”


Her eyebrows were tightly knitted together when she grabbed Yang Kai’s arm, “Don’t go out first, let me find out what’s going on.”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and clapped his hand together, “It’s fine. Senior Iron Blood is one of the ten Great Emperors, he won’t do anything extreme even if I accidentally offended him. I’ll just ask him and clarify if there is any misunderstanding.”


Yu Ru Meng thought about it carefully and realized that even if there was a misunderstanding between Iron Blood Great Emperor and Yang Kai, Iron Blood Great Emperor would not lay hands on Yang Kai. Moreover, the war between the two worlds was in full swing right now, and Yang Kai was the representative of Tiger Roar City, the military leader of more than 200,000 elite troops. It was absolutely impossible for an ally to act against Yang Kai during this sensitive period.


Above Tiger Roar City, a burly figure stood boldly in the sky. Everyone looked up, but the sky was so hazy that only a few could see the face of this visitor clearly.


However, Senior Iron Blood’s name quickly spread throughout the city, and many people realized that the visitor was actually one of the ten Great Emperors and immediately stood in awe and gaped in admiration.


A figure flew out of the city and greeted Iron Blood Great Emperor in the next moment. It was Li Jiao.


Li Jiao stopped more than ten meters away and cupped his fists, “Li Jiao of the Northern Territory’s Fire Dragon Palace, greets Senior Iron Blood!”


Zhan Wu Hen glanced at him coldly and lightly nodded.


Although it was just a glance, it contained unsurmountable majesty, causing Li Jiao to break into a cold sweat as he probed cautiously, “We were just wondering how we can help Senior Iron Blood.”


Zhan Wu Hen answered plainly, “Ask Yang Kai to come out and see me.”


Li Jiao stressed, “Replying to Senior, Palace Master Yang has been in retreat recently and has yet to exit. Full authority over Tiger Roar City has been given to this Li. If it is a matter concerning the war between the two worlds, Tiger Roar City will definitely do its best to fulfil Senior’s commands.”


Zhan Wu Hen simply replied, “This matter has nothing to do with the war. It’s just my personal grievance. You can’t help me, so you may leave.”


Li Jiao was stunned by his remark.


Iron Blood Great Emperor’s words revealed a lot of information. Personal grievances? What personal grievance could Yang Kai have with a Great Emperor that would necessitate Iron Blood Great Emperor to come all the way here?


Before Li Jiao could inquire further, Zhan Wu Hen already waved his hand, and Li Jiao involuntarily plummeted to the ground. The force sent him staggering backwards and he was only able to stop himself when a large hand supported his back.


Li Jiao turned back and was surprised, “Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai nodded at him.


Li Jiao warned him hurriedly, “Brother Yang, be careful with your words!”


He did not know Zhan Wu Hen’s intention, but the latter’s tone and attitude were definitely not friendly. There was not much Li Jiao could do in this situation even if he wanted to. How could he oppose a Great Emperor? All he could do was to warn Yang Kai to avoid provoking Zhan Wu Hen.


Yang Kai smiled slightly, stepped forward, looked up, and cupped his fists, “Greetings, Senior. I was unaware that Senior would be gracing us with his presence. Please forgive this Junior for not offering a proper welcome!”


Zhan Wu Hen looked down coldly for a while before starting, “You are indeed guilty!”


When the words fell, the whole city went into an uproar.


Although they were aware that Iron Blood Great Emperor had come with some level of hostility, to say something like this in front of the 200,000 troops and the several million residents of Tiger Roar City, Zhan Wu Hen had essentially given Yang Kai a death sentence, which did not sit well with Tiger Roar City’s forces.


So what if he was a Great Emperor? How could a Great Emperor impose charges indiscriminately? Everyone here had seen what Yang Kai had done these past few months. Without him, Tiger Roar City would have long ago been destroyed. Without him, the Tiger Roar City troops would also be absolutely fragmented if they even existed at all. The 200,000 troops here, united under Yang Kai’s banner, had killed countless Demons and won numerous great victories.


Even though Zhan Wu Hen was a Great Emperor and was the aspiration of billions of cultivators in the Star Boundary, his words still displeased many.


Gao Xue Ting immediately stepped forward and questioned with a solemn face, “Senior, may I know what exact crime Junior Brother Yang has committed?”


Yang Kai smiled slightly and raised his hand to signal her to be quiet before turning back to the figure in the sky, “Senior, this Junior does not understand. Please clarify your accusation!”


Zhan Wu Hen continued, “I will make you understand then. But let this King ask you, is there a Divine Spirit Shi Huo by your side?”


Everyone in Tiger Roar City well knew the existence of the Embodiment; after all, he too had made great contributions in the previous battles and everyone had undeniably witnessed his exceedingly powerful performance.


Yang Kai immediately nodded and admitted, “Indeed there is.”


Zhan Wu Hen demanded, “This King will ask you then, what kind of Secret Art and what kind of Secret Technique does that Shi Huo cultivate?”


Yang Kai replied, “Each Divine Spirit has its own bloodline inheritance. Naturally, he cultivated the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques of his clan.”


“Nonsense!” Zhan Wu Hen thundered, the power of his majestic voice fluctuating so violently that the world seemed about to shake apart.


Yang Kai raised his brow and asked, “Why is Senior acting so aggressively? What this Junior said is only the truth.”


Zhan Wu Hen shook his head and rebuked, “Yang Kai, with your merits of defending this city, this King does not want to embarrass you, but if you continue to be so stubborn, don’t blame this King for not showing restraint. This King will ask one last time so think carefully before you answer. What kind of Secret Art and what kind of Secret Technique does that Shi Huo cultivate?”




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  1. Why do I get the feeling that the person who Yang Kai helped escape a void crack not too long ago is the person that Iron Blood Emperor wants to take revenge for? That would give him an easy out once that information is revealed as they have this little scuffle.

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