Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3427, What’s Wrong


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The reason Iron Blood Great Emperor came here furiously was just to question the Secret Art cultivated by the Divine Spirit Shi Huo! Everyone was confused and had no idea what Zhan Wu Hen was thinking. What did Shi Huo’s Secret Art have to do with him? Was it that the Divine Spirit Shi Huo secretly learned his Secret Art?


Yang Kai’s face turned ugly at Zhan Wu Hen’s aggressive behaviour and he replied in a deep voice, “Senior, this Junior already said that Shi Huo has his own Source Inheritance. Why do you keep asking me again and again?”


Zhan Wu Hen stared at him deeply with a sharp gaze, as if he was able to look into the depths of his soul and unravel all the secrets in it, “Fool! Since you are not willing to speak the truth, this King will be straightforward. The Secret Art that Shi Huo cultivates is the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, right?”


[Heaven Devouring Battle Law?] Many were dazed, vaguely thinking they had heard this name somewhere before, but most could not remember where.


However, the expressions of Gao Xue Ting, Li Jiao, and a few others changed drastically as they turned to Yang Kai in shock.


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was the famous Secret Art created by Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and was known as the evilest art in this world!


[Did that Divine Spirit Shi Huo really cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?] Gao Xue Ting and Li Jiao could not believe it; after all, Heaven Devouring Great Emperor had fallen countless years ago, before either of them were even alive, and the inheritance of his Secret Art was supposed to be lost. How could Shi Huo, who was with Yang Kai, cultivate it? But when they considered it carefully, Iron Blood Great Emperor couldn’t make a false accusation on such a grave matter. Recalling the earlier performance of the Embodiment, it did share some similarities with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law… 


Gao Xue Ting’s heart sank. If it was true, it was reasonable for Zhan Wu Chen to behave so aggressively; after all, this matter involved Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, so there was no room for carelessness.


Yang Kai shook his head in front of everyone though and replied, “This Junior does not know where Senior heard such a thing, but it is absolute nonsense. Someone is definitely trying to frame me. Please see the truth, Senior.”


Zhan Wu Hen responded flatly, “This King will know whether you are being framed or not at a glance. You only need to bring that Shi Huo out!”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Forgive me, Senior, this Junior cannot accept your request. Shi Huo is currently in retreat and cannot be disturbed.”


“In retreat, is it?” Zhan Wu Hen jeered angrily, “Just now Li Jiao said you were in retreat, and now Shi Huo is also in retreat? How could there be such a coincidence in this world?”


“It is nothing but the truth!” Yang Kai looked into Zhan Wu Hen’s eyes without flinching.


Zhan Wu Hen nodded slightly and let out a long sigh, “Yang Kai, among the younger generation, this King held you in the highest regard. Not only this King, but many others have great expectations for you too. They believe that your future achievements will be unlimited, and may even reach our level one day.”


It did not mean anything if this was a remark from an ordinary person, but it was completely different given that these words came out from the mouth of a Great Emperor. This meant that if Yang Kai obtained the opportunity and the recognition of the world, he would most likely become a Great Emperor.


If this came true, the 200,000 troops of Tiger Roar city would feel infinite honour and glory! However, the situation at this moment was worrying.


Yang Kai grinned, “Many thanks for the compliment, Senior. Junior will put in more effort to not let down everyone’s expectations!”


Zhan Wu Hen continued, “No one knows what will happen in the future, however, and one wrong choice is enough to bring about your downfall!” While speaking, he slowly raised his hand and World Principles began to swirl about him. He locked his solemn eyes on Yang Kai and declared, “Since you’ve stepped onto the path of evil, it is my duty to punish you. However, there is still time for you to turn back. Repent quickly to avoid making more mistakes!”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Senior, you are making an arbitrary accusation. I really don’t know what you are talking about…”


“Still trying to confuse truth and lie?” Before Yang Kai finished his words, Zhan Wu Chen slammed his palm down. For a moment, the world literally shook.


A groan seemingly echoed out from the entire Tiger Roar City as the space where Yang Kai was located shattered. Yang Kai let out a grunt and blood spurted out all over his body. He was drilled into the ground at once, leaving only his head exposed as blood flowed from his seven orifices.


After Zhan Wu Hen landed his palm strike, he strode toward Yang Kai in a domineering manner.


Gao Xue Ting stepped forward at that moment, baring his path and cupping her fists with a pale face, “Senior, please calm yourself!”


“Stand aside!” With a casual wave of his hand, Gao Xue Ting was sent several thousand metres away and locked in place.


An exalted Dragon Roar sounded at that moment as Fu Ling transformed into a 100-metre-long Purple Dragon. The dragon roared toward the sky, “How dare you hit my brother-in-law!? Die!” 


Followed by the fierce Dragon Roar, a purple beam of light shrouded Zhan Wu Hen.


The next moment, Fu Ling’s face turned pale and horrified as her Secret Technique had no effect on Zhan Wu Hen. Shockingly, he approached her step by step against the might of her Secret Technique.


“Even the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan would not dare act presumptuously in front of this King, let alone a Young Dragon like you!” Zhan Wu Hen glanced at her coldly and stretched out his hand to grasp her. The World Energy itself condensed into a large hand and grabbed Fu Ling’s giant Dragon body.


Fu Ling roared and struggled constantly, but how could she break free? Zhan Wu Hen tossed her aside with a swing of his hand, and she instantly disappeared out of everyone’s sight.


The 200,000 troops were completely terror-stricken seeing this. They all knew that the Great Emperors were the strongest in the world, but few had ever witnessed their magnificent might first-hand. Now, they were all witnessing it with their own eyes.


Both Yang Kai and Fu Ling were invincible in the war against the Demon Race, but now, they were just as vulnerable as three-year-old children in front of Zhan Wu Hen.


Zhan Wu Hen had arrived in front of Yang Kai and looked down at him coldly, asking faintly, “Do you know your mistake now?”


Yang Kai’s face was full of blood as he clenched his teeth and retorted, “This Junior doesn’t know what he did wrong!”


Followed by a shout, his entire body soared to the sky, lifting up a large area of soil and stones. Under the chaotic situation, he surged all his strength and swung a punch at Zhan Wu Hen.


Zhan Wu Hen snorted coldly and returned his attack in kind.


A loud explosion rang out as Zhan Wu Hen remained still while Yang Kai flew out like an arrow shot from a bow, spewing blood everywhere before he slammed into a building far away.


Things weren’t over yet, however, as Zhan Wu Hen reached out his hand and grasped it, causing Yang Kai’s body to fly back involuntarily.


On the way though, Space Principles fluctuated as Yang Kai attempted to escape.


But how could Zhan Wu Chen allow him to do as he wished? The surrounding space suddenly shook as his Great Emperor aura surged and he swung out with another punch.


While Yang Kai flew out, got pulled back, then was thrown back again.


“Please be merciful, Senior!” Li Jiao shouted anxiously with red eyes, like a cat jumping on hot bricks. Although Yang Kai had astonishing strength, how could he match a Great Emperor? This was one of the ten most powerful Masters in the world. If things went on like this, Yang Kai would be killed here, today. Li Jiao wanted to help, but he also knew that he was not strong enough to oppose a Great Emperor, so he could only plead.


Zhan Wu Hen turned a deaf ear to everyone else and simply kept drawing Yang Kai back before punching him out again and again, as if he was mocking him. Everyone felt unbearable pain and resentment while watching, for they felt that Zhan Wu Hen was bullying the weak with his unmatched strength, not at all displaying the dignity a Great Emperor should have.


After about seven or eight of these tragic cycles, Yang Kai’s aura had become dreadfully weak, as if he could die at any time.


Li Jiao hurriedly yelled at Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, just admit you’re wrong!”


It was not a shame to bow down in front of a Great Emperor. If Yang Kai insisted on not submitting, he really might lose his life soon.


Over the ruins of a building, Yang Kai was drenched in blood but still staggered to his feet. He was an utter mess as he held his own chest and haltingly said, “I… have committed… no wrong… What is there to admit!?”


“Obstinance!” Zhan Wu Hen seemed to be furious and stretched out his hand again, drawing Yang Kai back to him.


At this time, Yang Kai raised his hand and a stone man full of spikes, covered in evil fire abruptly appeared. Under the suction force, the pair swiftly approached Zhan Wu Hen with the stone man rapidly growing to a 60-metre-tall stone giant.


“Finally willing to show yourself?” Zhan Wu Hen looked at the Embodiment coldly. He tapped his foot on the ground and floated lightly towards the Embodiment. In the blink of an eye, the two figures, one big and one small, met in mid-air and immediately clashed.


Although the scene was intense, anyone who had eyes could see that Embodiment was no match for Zhan Wu Hen at all. It seemed that Iron Blood Great Emperor was trying to force the Embodiment to use his full strength as he slowly increased the power of his moves, without the slightest intention to unleash his own full strength.


A few thousand metres away, Yu Ru Meng suddenly emerged beside Gao Xue Ting, performed a few hand seals, and tapped on Gao Xue Ting to remove her seal, “Go and find Iron Blood’s Disciple!”


Gao Xue Ting’s beautiful eyes lit up at her words and nodded heavily, leaving quickly.


She was afraid that no one could help with the situation now, but perhaps if she could invite Lin Yun’er to intercede, Iron Blood Great Emperor would think twice about his actions.


Fu Ling also finally made her way back, and when she saw Yang Kai beaten so badly, she immediately roared furiously, “What are you looking at? Come with me and kill this shameless man!”


As a member of the Dragon Clan, she did not feel awed by a Great Emperor. She only knew that Yang Kai had been bullied, and she naturally wanted to take revenge.


But she found that no one moved at her words, and even Li Jiao just smiled bitterly.


It was not that they did not want to help, but… It was a Great Emperor in front of them. What could they do even if they went with her? It would only worsen the situation. Without the orders of Yang Kai and Li Jiao, the 200,000 army would not dare act rashly.


Fu Ling was getting increasingly maddened, and she cursed angrily, “Wastes! All of you!” 


After saying so, she rushed over by herself, fearlessly.


The outcome was obvious though. Before she could even get close, she was swept away by an inexplicable force and thrown back again, falling heavily on the ground and reverting to her Human Form, apparently passed out on the spot.


“Zhan Wu Hen!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth as he yelled, “Enough!”


As if sensing Yang Kai’s desperation, the Embodiment also went all out.


As soon as he made a move, though, he revealed a clue which led to Zhan Wu Hen to snort coldly, “You really cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!”


Yang Kai replied with a cold tone, “It is one’s heart that decides whether a Secret Art is good or evil. What’s wrong if it cultivates the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”




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  1. considering the fact that he told his wives that they shouldn’t believe whatever they were gonna hear about him, I kind of expected YK to use his demon transformation while fighting IBGE and retreat to the demon realm after a bit of fighting.

    1. It’s been reiterated by author that the corruption gets worse and worse the stronger he gets so I doubt he’ll release it unless he’s at his wit’s end.

  2. Fu Ling didn’t get an upgrade in her order. Those special high rank dragon blood flowers with yang kai’s blood made into pills. Would’ve expected her to get an upgrade by now.

  3. Side note… the lotus has a final upgrade… do you think the final upgrade of the lotus will allow him to use demonization of the ancient qi permanently? like, lotus will always protect and not allow corruption? wouldn’t that be like a final upgrade for a power spike? pure speculation on my part, but it crossed my mind.

    Honestly though… wouldn’t a sneak into demon territory be more appropriate? vs. a cracking out demonization and rush into demon land? You can’t be demonized for long with the ancient qi… so I’m wondering where this goes.

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