Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3428, There is a Demon In Your Heart!


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“That means you admit it?” Zhan Wu Hen tapped the Embodiment’s forehead with a finger, and the sixty-metre-tall Embodiment instantly froze in place.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and glared at him, refuting in a deep voice, “He did cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, but he’s never used this Secret Art to do any harm. The people he killed were all those who deserve to be killed, none of it was unjust. Why is Senior so obsessed with his cultivation technique?”


Zhan Wu Hen answered, “It would be fine if it’s another type of Secret Art, but the Heaven Devouring Battle Law…” 


Shaking his head slowly, he thundered in a low voice, “Yang Kai, do you remember about the close friend this King once told you about? His name was Cyan Lotus, and he was killed by Wu Kuang in the Shattered Star Sea.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Of course, I remember.”


Zhan Wu Hen pressed on, “Then you should also remember that this King had mentioned that this King and Wu Kuang are absolutely irreconcilable, and it’s impossible for the both of us to coexist under the same sky!”


Yang Kai said, “It’s been tens of thousands of years, why is Senior still brooding over it?”


“This King is not brooding over it, but you don’t understand the evil of this Secret Art. Wu Kuang is a true unrivalled genius, even this King admits that he is inferior to him, but because of this Secret Art, Wu Kuang lost his rationality. Although he obtained the position of Great Emperor, his name shall forever be remembered in infamy. You never experienced the horror of the name ‘Heaven Devourer’ in Star Boundary back then, nor did you witness the tragic War of Great Emperors where the Shattered Star Sea now lies, so it’s natural for you to underestimate the wickedness of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. But now that this King knows about this, he cannot just sit back and not do anything, otherwise, it will be too late!”


Yang Kai asked deeply, “Then what does Senior want?”


Zhan Wu Hen narrowed his eyes slightly at the Embodiment, and said flatly, “Cripple the Secret Art, and abolish his cultivation!”


“Is that really necessary?” Yang Kai’s eyes dropped, his voice dejected, and the hair on his forehead cast a thick shadow over his face, blocking the light in front of him.


“It is imperative!” Zhan Wu Hen turned his head to look at him, “This King will not rebuke you if you choose to blame him, but the Heaven Devouring Battle Law absolutely cannot be allowed to exist in this world!”


As he spoke, a milky white halo shot out from his fingertip. The halo touched the forehead of Embodiment like a dazzling light that dispersed all of the darkness in the world.


A Dragon Roar suddenly shook the sky, and Yang Kai’s figure expanded rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he assumed his massive Half-Dragon Form. Dragon Pressure filled the sky, and the 200,000 troops of Tiger Roar City all trembled.


A Dragon Claw stretched and broke the void, directly grasping at Zhan Wu Hen.


Zhan Wu Hen, who had always been nonchalant, was slightly moved by this unexpected development and raised his other palm to meet the Dragon Claw.


With a loud bang, the Dragon Claw was smashed and Zhan Wu Hen staggered back. At that exact moment, a Dragon Tail swept towards Zhan Wu Hen with a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering might, leaving a pitch-black tear in space as it lashed the air.


Zhan Wu Hen snorted coldly before reaching out his hand to intercept the Dragon Tail.


But he seemed to have underestimated its power and was forced back thirty whole metres. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai has already retrieved the Embodiment back to his side, and the two huge figures stood side by side, overlooking all living beings around them, their expressions as cold as ice.


“Yang Kai, don’t bring trouble on yourself!” Zhan Wu Hen looked at him drily.


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Senior, please leave, it’s still not too late to do so.”


Zhan Wu Hen looked at him, a little sad, “Are you turning a deaf ear to what this King said?”


Yang Kai remained resolute, “Senior, please let this matter go!”


Zhan Wu Hen sighed, “Why? You are no match for this King, and you know this too. It is only you who will suffer in the end.”


“It’s not about winning, it’s about choosing.” Yang Kai turned his head to glance at the Embodiment before continuing, “For Senior, he is not allowed to exist because he cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, but for this Junior, he is my greatest partner, and no one is allowed to destroy him!”


Zhan Wu Hen nodded lightly, “It seems you’ve chosen the difficult path.”


Yang Kai took a deep breath, “Senior, please don’t force me.”


Zhan Wu Hen guffawed loudly, “As you said, it is about choice, and one must always bear the consequences of his choices. Now, show this King your determination.” 


After saying that, he rushed over in a flash.


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, and without communication, he and the Embodiment split into two directions. One urged a Dragon Clan Secret Technique, while the other activated the Heaven Devouring Domain, pincering the enemy from left and right.


With two loud bangs, without sensing any movements from Zhan Wu Hen, Yang Kai and the Embodiment felt an overwhelming force smash towards them. The force struck the two huge figures, sending them flying through countless houses and buildings.


Zhan Wu Hen took advantage of this opportunity to advance toward the Embodiment. From the looks of it, he was determined to cripple the Secret Art the Embodiment used and abolish his cultivation.


How could Yang Kai allow such a thing? Still flying backwards from the last impact, Yang Kai raised his hand and the Mountains and Rivers Bell was summoned. The small bell spun rapidly while expanding in the wind before he fell towards Zhan Wu Hen.


Zhan Wu Hen did not even spare it a glance though and simply sent a kick at the Mountains and Rivers Bell. There was a loud bang and the entire Tiger Roar City trembled violently as millions hugged their heads in pain.


Zhan Wu Hen quickly utilized the rebounding force from kicking the Mountains and Rivers Bell to propel himself toward the Embodiment.


The Embodiment roared in anger as the blazing evil fire on its body gathered into a blaze and enveloped Zhan Wu Hen, setting him alight.


Zhan Wu Hen did not evade as the Emperor Qi coating his body kept him unscathed. Again and again, he dashed right in front of the Embodiment, who withdrew again and again. Seeing that he was about to send a palm strike though, the Embodiment knew there was no way to retreat and could only return it with both of his fists.


At the critical moment, Yang Kai flitted over next to him, and with his huge physique standing taller than the Embodiment, they sent out a punch together.


*Hong… *


Two huge figures were thrown back as the combined force of the two was unable to withstand the power of Zhan Wu Hen’s single palm. The strength of a Great Emperor was evident; moreover, since the battlefield was above Tiger Roar City, Zhan Wu Hen was clearly holding back still. If this was not the case, it would be even more unbearable for Yang Kai and the Embodiment.


When retreating, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly narrowed, because Zhan Wu Hen was chasing after them without any signs of slowing down.


It was his first time facing a Great Emperor head-on, and Yang Kai did not hold anything back, but the gap in strength and cultivation was simply too great, so he could not see the slightest hope of victory at all.


Zhan Wu Hen’s attacks were also extremely simple, he did not use any extravagant Secret Techniques, nonetheless, these basic punches and kicks were akin to the most powerful Divine Abilities in the world. Even a random blow from him contained immense power.


Millions of people in the city watched the battle without blinking, marvelling at the power of a Great Emperor and worrying about Yang Kai simultaneously.


Loud bangs and rumbles echoed endlessly, and countless buildings in the city collapsed. Broken walls and dilapidated structures could be seen everywhere. The battle was a one-sided situation from the beginning. Yang Kai and the Embodiment were absolutely not Zhan Wu Hen’s opponents. The two huge figures did not even have the power to fight back and were beaten around like sandbags instead.


The Embodiment’s cultivation was almost abolished by Zhan Wu Hen several times, but thanks to Yang Kai, who managed to intervene at the critical moment each time, he managed to survive. However, if this continued, defeat was only a matter of time.


The Mountains and Rivers Bell, Dragon Clan Secret Technique, Time Flies Seal, Space Divine Abilities, Yang Kai almost used up all of his means, but these techniques, which had saved him countless times in the past, were all useless against Zhan Wu Hen’s fist.


Yang Kai soon became only focused in the battle, unleashing his strength recklessly, completely ignoring whether it would destroy Tiger Roar City.


With a bang and another loud noise, Yang Kai and Embodiment were knocked into the air once again.


Only this time, Zhan Wu Hen did not give Yang Kai the chance to rescue the Embodiment. He stretched out his large hand and grabbed the massive stone body.


Under the restraint of a Great Emperor’s might, the evil fire on the Embodiment dimmed, and the sixty-metre-tall figure’s struggles turned meaningless.


Visible lines suddenly spread out from the large hand, gradually wrapping themselves around the Embodiment’s entire body like a seal.


Zhan Wu Hen’s voice resounded throughout the world, “Yang Kai, I hope you will learn from this and not go down the path of evil again.”


Yang Kai’s eyes turned red, his fists clenched tightly as he stood up from the ruins, screaming in grief and anger, “I’m not convinced! This is unjust!”


Zhan Wu Hen shook his head slowly and surged his Emperor Qi. The lines on the Embodiment’s body became denser and denser, gradually wrapping up his entire body. Even though no one knew what these lines were, they knew that it was Zhan Wu Hen’s means to abolish the Embodiment’s cultivation.


It was indeed a pity that such a powerful existence was about to be destroyed by a Great Emperor because he cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, but since this matter was related to Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, no one could say whether Zhan Wu Hen was in the right or wrong.


At this moment, Zhan Wu Hen suddenly frowned and turned to look at Yang Kai.


Upon seeing him, Zhan Wu Hen’s frown was immediately replaced by shock and he exclaimed, “Yang Kai, have you been corrupted by Demon Qi?”


As soon as these words came out, everyone’s complexion changed drastically as they looked toward Yang Kai together.


There, they saw the Half-Dragon, which was Yang Kai, overflowing with black Qi that was filled with malevolence. Not only was everyone familiar with this black Qi after fighting against the Demon Race for so long, but they also had a thorough understanding of Demons too.


At this moment, Demon Qi was undoubtedly bursting from Yang Kai’s physique, and it was extremely pure Demon Qi at that. Even compared to the Demon Qi exuded by the Demon Kings they faced, Yang Kai’s Demon Qi was on a different level whether it was in terms of density or purity.


Li Jiao’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as he stared upwards, trying to figure out just when Yang Kai was corroded by Demon Qi. 


[Wasn’t he a Shaman King? And doesn’t he have an extremely pure Dragon Clan bloodline? How is that possible that he was corrupted by Demon Qi so easily? There were no signs of it before!]


The 200,000 troops could not believe their eyes either.


Only Yu Ru Meng gazed at Yang Kai with awestruck eyes, and even extended her scarlet tongue to lick her lips, as if she was served with the world’s most delicious delicacy.


“Corroded by Demon Qi?” Yang Kai looked at Zhan Wu Hen coldly, and sneered, “Nonsense!”


Zhan Wu Hen growled with a frown, “There is a Demon inside your heart!”


Yang Kai grinned and cackled wildly, looking very pleased with himself as he roared, “It’s all thanks to Senior!”


Zhan Wu Hen rebuked angrily, “Focus your mind and guard your Soul, otherwise, you will face imminent disaster!”




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      1. Destroying his reputation publicly will facilitate entering the Demon realm quicker. Read how Yu Ru Meng is enjoying the battle while everyone else is surprised and worried. She believes Yang Kai will be a better takeover this way.

      2. I agree with the two others who have replied to you. Ruining his reputation temporarily will make his infiltration soo much easier. Fool your allies to fool your enemies.

  1. Well he doesn’t need to open a second invasion route.

    At least we can have Yu Ru Meng go with him and finally see the demon realm, without some random new stuff getting pulled out of nowhere.

    The problem would probably be Yu Ru Mengs reputation once the come back.
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  2. So they’re going with this approach to send him to the demon realm. I guess this approach was discussed beforehand… so that means Iron Blood Emperor is okay with him cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle law?

  3. Guess all of this is to convince the girl, at the same time it’s exposing a lot of his secrets. Also wasting a use of the firmament tree. I don’t really like it. Lazy great emperors should go rescue bright moon themselves.

  4. You do know there is a demon god who can kill great emperors with a single attack? So they can’t rescue him. But it’s absurd he is alive though. And yang Kai should just go via the Frozen earth

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