Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3429, Fallen To The Demon Path


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Senior, you can bully me just because you’re stronger than me. If I was stronger, I could teach Senior to show some proper respect too.” 


“You’ve already been demonified!” Zhan Wu Hen looked extremely serious.


“Really?” Yang Kai’s smile curved into a strange grin, “Then… Demon Transformation!”


He raised his right hand slightly and pressed it against his right eye as he chanted in an eerily deep voice, “Black Eye Purgatory, Infinite Darkness!”


*Weng… *


The world trembled as it was abruptly shrouded in darkness. Not even the slightest speck of light could be seen anywhere, the only thing visible was a giant eye high up in the sky that was emitting an inexplicable darkness that seemed capable of sucking in one’s soul. Millions of people in Tiger Roar City grimaced as they looked away, not daring to stare into that eye.


There was tranquillity in this dark world, or rather stillness, as if time had stopped. Most did not notice what happened next as they only felt the whole world flood with Demon Qi, sending chills down their spine.


Only those Second and Third-Order Emperors were able to sense some violent fluctuations of power from time to time.


In this pitch-black world, Yang Kai, the Embodiment, and the Great Emperor were still locked in battle.


After a while, there was a crack in the huge eye in the sky and soon, the cracks spread out like a dense spider web. Followed by a quiet snapping sound, the huge eye shattered.


Light was restored to the world and the darkness receded like the tide, relieving the repressive atmosphere in an instant.


Everyone looked around, wondering what the final outcome of the battle was.


Zhan Wu Hen roared furiously, “Yang Kai, do you know what you’re doing?”


Yang Kai’s voice immediately followed up, but he sounded weak and haggard, “Senior forced me again and again, so I could only do this to protect myself!”


The millions of citizens of Tiger Roar City turned to the source of the voice and were dumbstruck in an instant.


Yang Kai was standing mid-air, completely covered in blood, looking like a complete mess. His huge Half-Dragon Form had reverted to his usual Human Form, but one arm and one leg were twisted at abnormal angles and were clearly broken.


Li Jiao’s eyes narrowed as this was the first time he had seen Yang Kai in such a wretched state. He had never been in such a miserable condition even when he caused a ruckus on Dragon Island. It could be seen that Zhan Wu Hen did not hold back much during their fight. It was to be expected though as no one who made an enemy of a Great Emperor would have a good end.


Li Jiao wasn’t shocked by this though, what really shocked him at this moment was that a young woman had appeared next to Yang Kai at some point, with the latter’s hand gripping her neck, clearly holding her hostage.


Li Jiao recognized this young woman. She was Zhan Wu Hen’s Disciple, a girl named Lin Yun’er, who seemed to have a good relationship with Yang Kai.


But at this moment, Yang Kai had taken her as a hostage and placed his hand on her neck, looking as though he was prepared to kill her.


[Yang Kai has really been demonified!] Li Jiao’s head buzzed in confusion, making him unable to think properly. If Yang Kai had not undergone demonification, how could he have done such a crazy thing? The outbreak of wicked impulses in Yang Kai’s mind must be the reason for him to fail to act reasonably.


Li Jiao was instantly distressed.


Gao Xue Ting also looked at Yang Kai in sorrow.


She was the one who brought Lin Yun’er here. Initially, she wanted Lin Yun’er to persuade Iron Blood Great Emperor not to be too harsh on Yang Kai, but she never expected that when they returned, Tiger Roar City would be shrouded in darkness. When the light finally reappeared, the situation had already turned into this.


She did not even notice Yang Kai seizing Lin Yun’er.


After being stunned for a moment, she quickly shouted, “Junior Brother Yang, let her go! It’s still not too late to turn back!”


Although Yang Kai’s face was covered by Demon Qi and his expression was not visible, Gao Xue Ting clearly felt that he glanced at her, but there was no response. He clearly ignored her!


Gao Xue Ting’s heart sank… Such a situation showed that Yang Kai was completely demonified, and perhaps he could not even recognize himself anymore.


“Uncle Yang…” Lin Yun’er looked down at Yang Kai’s broken arms and legs and her eyes suddenly turned red, tears trickling down her cheeks, “Are you in pain?”


As soon as she asked that though, the Demon Qi shrouding Yang Kai’s face trembled violently as he snapped, “Shut up!”


Her concern was returned with nothing but Yang Kai’s fierce roar.


Lin Yun’er cried even more. It was uncertain if it was due to the heartache from seeing Yang Kai’s injury or whether she felt sad after being yelled at by Yang Kai.


This scene was unbearable to everyone.


The man who turned the tide single-handedly with his own strength, saved Tiger Roar City from disasters numerous times, and led their army of 200,000 to countless victories, the symbol of invincibility they all looked up to and revered, had actually fallen to such a point. To protect himself, he even took a girl hostage and returned her concern with curses.


No one could accept it, but the facts were presented right in front of them. They were all silent, watching Yang Kai, who was enveloped in Demon Qi, with mixed feelings in their eyes, as if they were looking at a stranger.


Strictly speaking, when one was demonified, he or she would really turn into a different person.


“Stop this now, Yang Kai!” Zhan Wu Hen made a step forward, “Given all your contributions so far in this war, this King is willing to spare your life, I simply wish to cripple Shi Huo’s cultivation.”


Lin Yun’er immediately groaned as Yang Kai tightened his grip and a droplet of blood surfaced on her white and slender neck, followed by a cold voice from Yang Kai, “If you dare take another step forward, she’ll become a corpse!”


“You dare!?” Zhan Wu Hen was maddened! It was not easy for him to find a Disciple who he could pass his mantle down to so he cherished Lin Yun’er more than his own life. How could he allow Yang Kai to kill his Disciple?


Yang Kai continued coldly, “Senior is a Great Emperor, and I have to admit my own defeat. I’m afraid that I can’t even escape from Senior, but believe me when I say I can make her die before you kill me!”


Zhan Wu Hen’s face darkened as he stared at Yang Kai, his majestic eyes pulsing with light as he asked faintly, “Tell me your conditions for letting Yun’er go!”


Yang Kai answered, “I’ll leave this place with her, and set her free when we reach an appropriate location; however, if Senior dares to follow me, don’t blame this Junior for being ruthless.”


“That’s all?”


“That’s all!”


“How can I believe you?”


Yang Kai replied, “I’m afraid that Senior has no choice. Either you let me go, or I go to Hell with her!”


Gao Xue Ting stepped forward and offered, “Yang Kai, let her go and I’ll be your hostage.”


Yang Kai glanced at her and remarked harshly, “You’re useless.”


Gao Xue Ting’s face turned pale and she felt like her heart had been severely cut, a soul-wrenching feeling overwhelming her in that instant.


Zhan Wu Hen continued, “Even if this King agrees to your condition, you may escape for a while, but can you avoid us for a lifetime? You may have fallen to the Demon Path, but as far as this King knows, you still have four wives. Have you ever thought about what will happen to them? How are you going to let them face the world in the future!?”


Yang Kai hoarsely laughed, “My own life is at risk now, why should I care whether they live or die!?”


Zhan Wu Hen slowly shook his head, “Yang Kai, you disappoint this King greatly.”


“Cut the crap!” Yang Kai yelled as the Demon Qi shrouding him surged, showing how unstable his mood was. “I have told you about my condition. Senior may take his time to consider it, but I am afraid she won’t last that long!”


Lin Yun’er was still fine with her neck being strangled by Yang Kai, but the Demon Qi he was emitting was spreading towards her like a living creature, attempting to corrupt her body. If they continued to delay, Lin Yun’er might also become demonified.


Zhan Wu Hen knew that he could not hesitate any longer and immediately waved his hand, “Good. This King will promise you, but this King will say this first. If you dare hurt Yun’er, this King will hunt you down till the ends of the world and make you beg for death!”


Yang Kai guffawed, “Many thanks, Senior. I will be leaving now. Senior may rest assured that Yun’er will come back safely.”


Saying so, he beckoned to his side and the Embodiment immediately dashed out of a ruin. Compared to Yang Kai, his Embodiment was in even worse shape. The evil fire around his body had all been extinguished and his spines had all been crushed. It was obvious that he had suffered a great loss in the battle just now, and it would probably take quite some time to fully recover.


Yang Kai put his Embodiment back into the Sealed World Bead before flickering, vanishing from sight.


The entire city fell silent as Zhan Wu Hen looked off in a certain direction thoughtfully.


Gao Xue Ting and Li Jiao exchanged looks of shock as they simply couldn’t believe that such a thing would happen today. They felt as though they were caught in some kind of nightmare and prayed secretly that it was really just a bad dream; that when they woke up, everything would return to its original state.


“You! You did this! You forced my brother-in-law to be like that! I’ll kill you!” Fu Ling screamed as she pounced at Zhan Wu Hen and swung a punch.




The punch landed on Zhang Wu Hen’s chest.


Fu Ling was dumbfounded, as was everyone else watching.


How was Iron Blood Great Emperor hit, even if it was a straight punch from a member of the Dragon Clan?


“You… Why didn’t you dodge?” Fu Ling looked at Zhan Wu Hen, flabbergasted. Although she did not feel awed by Iron Blood Great Emperor, he was still a Great Emperor so it was natural for her to be a little worried about angering him by punching him like this.


Zhan Wu Hen just looked at her quietly and answered after a while, “He had a Demon in his heart already, I did not force him to turn out like this!”


Fu Ling gritted her teeth, “Who doesn’t have a Demon inside their heart? Who dares to say that one has a clear conscience for all their life? If you hadn’t forced him again and again, how could my brother-in-law… How would he have ended up like this?”


Zhan Wu Hen shook his head slowly, “It’s too late to say this now.”


“Return my brother-in-law to me!” Fu Ling scolded as she smashed her fist on Zhan Wu Hen’s chest.


*Hong hong hong… *


The strength of a member of the Dragon Clan was so great that Zhan Wu Hen was forced back slightly by her attacks, but he did not avoid or resist; instead, he just quietly endured it.




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