Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3430, Closing The Gates


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It was evident that today’s events had a great impact on Zhan Wu Hen. He was only here to inquire about the Embodiment’s cultivation of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, but never expected Yang Kai to completely fall to the Demon path, going from a hero with great meritorious service to the Star Boundary into someone detested by all.


If not, with the power of a Great Emperor, how could Fu Ling possibly get close to him and hit him? After today, Yang Kai would not be allowed to continue to live in the Star Boundary.


After venting viciously for a while, Fu Ling finally stopped. Rubbing her swollen red eyes, she twisted her head and looked around mournfully, “It’s not fun outside at all.”


As she spoke, she shot straight into the sky.


Li Jiao shouted, “Sister Ling, where are you going?”


Fu Ling did not respond at all, however, and soon after, a mournful Dragon Roar echoed from the clouds. A purple light vaguely pierced the sky, then disappeared. Fu Ling felt disheartened that Yang Kai had fallen to the Demon path and decided to return home, but at the moment, even those from Half-Dragon City did not bother to pay attention to her.


A desolate atmosphere enveloped the entire Tiger Roar City, and everyone’s hearts were disturbed by inexplicable emotions that could not be vented.


Zhan Wu Hen stood mid-air, seemingly waiting for something. Meanwhile, Li Jiao, Gao Xue Ting and the others dared not bother him.



Space Principles fluctuated as Yang Kai desperately fled.


He did not stop until he reached the Southern Swamp.


After putting down Lin Yun’er, Yang Kai waved his hand and ordered, “You may go.”


Lin Yun’er rubbed her eyes, and suddenly circled around Yang Kai with her hands behind her back, smiling, “Uncle Yang, did I do a good job?”


The Demon Qi wrapping around Yang Kai’s face trembled as he replied in a deep voice, “What are you talking about? Stop your gibberish. I will kill you if you don’t leave now!”


Lin Yun’er pouted, “Master already told me everything. Is Uncle Yang still going to lie to me?”


Yang Kai’s eyes widened, “Senior Iron Blood already told you? What did he tell you?”


Lin Yun’er giggled, “Master told me to visit Tiger Roar City at the right time, and then let you take me hostage so that you could get away.”


Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “Why didn’t I know about this?”


Lin Yun’er shrugged, “Yun’er doesn’t know.”


“Wasn’t Senior Sister Gao the one who went to find you?” Yang Kai looked at her suspiciously.


Lin Yun’er answered, “En, but that was probably just a coincidence. Sister Gao came to me just as I was about to head to Tiger Roar City and told me that Master was causing trouble for you. She asked me to go and persuade Master. Then I went with her and you captured me… Didn’t Master tell you to do so?”


Yang Kai could not stop his face from twitching as he rolled his eyes, “I just thought it would make more sense to capture you… En, it seems that Senior Iron Blood had the same considerations, just that he didn’t give me the details.”


Lin Yun’er nodded, “Yes, yes. Uncle Yang, what on Earth are you doing this for? Yun’er doesn’t understand.”


Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “If you don’t know, don’t think about it. Never mention our conversation to anyone, just treat it as if it never happened. If someone asks about what happened after being held hostage by me when you go back, just say that I suddenly lost my mind to the corrosion of the Demon Qi and you took the opportunity to escape.”


“En en, no problem.” Lin Yun’er nodded her head repeatedly like a chicken pecking rice before she suddenly stretched out a slender finger to poke at the Demon Qi on Yang Kai’s face, “But Uncle Yang, this disguise is so realistic, is it really Demon Qi?”


“Don’t touch it!” Yang Kai retreated hastily before saying, “Go back, I should be going as well. Tell Senior Iron Blood that I will do my best about what they have entrusted me to do.”


After saying that, and with another flicker, Yang Kai disappeared from the spot.


Lin Yun’er remained standing, staring glumly at where Yang Kai was for a while, not knowing where he had gone. Only after some time did she return the same way she had come, gloomily.



The next day, a stream of light from afar soared over Tiger Roar City.


Zhan Wu Hen, who had been standing mid-air, looked up with a sombre expression.


The stream of light landed straight in front of him, revealing Lin Yun’er, whose eyes were red and swollen, as though she had been crying for quite some time. Even now she could not stop choking and sobbing.


Zhan Wu Hen hurriedly asked, “Are you hurt?”


Lin Yun’er shook her head, haltingly replying, “N-No, it’s just that… Uncle Yang… ”


Zhan Wu Hen asked, “Where did he go?”


Lin Yun’er replied, “I don’t know, he suddenly started acting erratically and I took the opportunity to run away. After that, I don’t know where he went.”


Zhan Wu Hen patted her head, “As long as you are fine. Go back and rest.”


Lin Yun’er nodded and walked towards the Space Array somewhat dejectedly.


Below, Gao Xue Ting, Li Jiao, and the others were looking at Zhan Wu Hen, waiting for him to speak.


Zhan Wu Hen did not keep them waiting for long. Soon, a deep voice resounded throughout the Tiger Roar City, “High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master, Yang Kai has experienced demonification and fallen to the Demon path. He is a man of great strength and high cultivation, but from this moment forth, if anyone meets him in the future and has the opportunity, kill him for the safety of the people!”


The Tiger Roar City shook at his words. In just two days, the banner of Tiger Roar City had turned into a Demon sought by everyone to be killed. Such a change made it impossible for everyone to adapt.


Zhan Wu Hen was clearly not finished though as his voice sounded again, “In view of Yang Kai’s terrible crime, all disciples under him will immediately return to High Heaven Palace and will not be allowed to leave without this King’s permission. Anyone who disobeys will be killed without mercy!”


There were five thousand disciples from High Heaven Palace in Tiger Roar City, and at this moment, all of them were enraged as it was an incredible shame for High Heaven Palace to close its gates.


But Yang Kai’s previous actions indeed deserved to be castigated, so these disciples choked back their anger and reluctance. Moreover, who would dare disobey an order from a Great Emperor?


Under Zhan Wu Hen’s supervision, the five thousand High Heaven Palace disciples were split from the rest and sent back to the Northern Territory’s High Heaven Palace via Space Array.




“Yang Kai has been demonified!” In a certain city, Bing Yun summoned Su Yan and others, and announced with a solemn expression, “He fell to the Demon path during a battle with Senior Iron Blood, then escaped by holding Lin Yun’er hostage, and has not been seen since.”


Ji Yao just happened to enter the room with a cup of tea at that moment, but upon hearing the news, she temporarily lost her composure and allowed the cup to fall to the ground with a crash.


She was silent for a moment before she bent down to pick up the fragments, but her tender body was still shaking. Her head buzzed with Bing Yun’s words and she could not think straight.


Su Yan and others also looked at Bing Yun in befuddlement.


“Impossible!” Shan Qing Luo was the first to express her disbelief and frowned, “Where did Senior get this news?”


Bing Yun sighed, “This Queen also thinks there is something strange about this situation, but this news was passed on by Iron Blood Great Emperor himself, and it happened just yesterday.”


Blood was drained from the faces of Su Yan and the others while Ji Yao, who was picking up the broken cup fragments, retracted her hand slightly and accidentally slipped a fingertip over a sharp piece of porcelain, causing blood to ooze out of the cut.


With a Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation, getting cut by a piece of ordinary porcelain showed just how chaotic her mood was right now.


Slowly getting up, Ji Yao questioned, “Honoured Master, has the matter been confirmed?”


Bing Yun glanced at her and sighed, “This Queen has asked Li Jiao, and Li Jiao has confirmed the authenticity of the news. It seems to be true.”


“I don’t believe it!” Shan Qing Luo shouted, positively fuming, “That old fart Li Jiao must be making irresponsible remarks, I’m going to see him this instant!”


She stood up to leave, but Su Yan grabbed her arm.


“Big Sister!” Shan Qing Luo turned to look at Su Yan.


Su Yan slowly shook her head though and sent her a Divine Sense message, “Did you forget what we were told?”


Shan Qing Luo was startled for a moment but quickly recalled what Yang Kai had said a while ago to them. He told them he was going to the Demon Realm, and he would do so through an unconventional method. 


[Was this what he meant?]


What could be a better method to go to the Demon Realm other than this? Becoming demonified and falling to the Demon path was indeed an excellent way to get the Demon Race to accept him.


Shan Qing Luo fell deep into thought after hearing Su Yan’s reminder.


Ji Yao, who was watching from the side, suddenly seemed to have realized something as well.


[No matter what you hear or see, don’t believe it.] Something Yang Kai said to her a few months ago surfaced in her mind and Ji Yao turned to look outside, [Were you referring to the current situation?]


There was a depressing silence in the hall that was only broken by Bing Yun sigh, “Yang Kai is currently missing, and Senior Iron Blood has given the order that everyone from High Heaven Palace is to immediately return to the Northern Territory. The Sect’s gates are to be closed and anyone who defies his orders and leaves the palace without permission will be killed without mercy!”


Shan Qing Luo retorted angrily, “We all have to return to High Heaven Palace? He means to put us under house arrest! How can he do such a thing?”


Bing Yun shook her head though and explained, “Calm yourself. What Senior Iron Blood is doing is not to harm High Heaven Palace, but rather a kind of protection in disguise. It seems that Senior Iron Blood is sending you back to the Sect in consideration for Yang Kai’s contributions before.”


Shan Qing Luo sneered, “Should I thank him for it then?”


Whether or not Yang Kai was demonified, his reputation had been completely ruined and it was all because of the battle with Iron Blood Great Emperor, so Shan Qing Luo naturally would have a bias against Zhan Wu Hen.


Su Yan, however, chastised, “Luo’er, watch your words. Honoured Master is right. Senior Iron Blood did indeed do this as a means of protecting High Heaven Palace’s disciples.”


If something like this happened to Yang Kai, any High Heaven Palace disciple still roaming around outside would be suspected and might even be targeted. By then, skirmishes could escalate into a major conflict. If any internal strife occurred, it would only add to the debacle High Heaven Palace was already in. Forcing them all to return to High Heaven Palace and closing the gates was the best strategy at the moment.


Since Su Yan had spoken, Shan Qing Luo did not dare to say more even though she was still angry, but her expression remained irritable.


Bing Yun spoke, “I will inquire more regarding Yang Kai’s situation. Even if he really experienced some kind of cultivation dissonance, there must be a root cause and he may even have the opportunity to set things right. You know how capable he is, so don’t worry too much. For now, gather your High Heaven Palace disciples and prepare to return.”


“Yes!” Su Yan responded and led Xue Yue and Shan Qing Luo out.


“Yao’er…” Bing Yun called.


“Disciple is here,” Ji Yao responded.


“Go to Tiger Roar City and inquire directly from Li Jiao about what happened yesterday.” Bing Yun ordered.


“Yes, I will leave immediately,” Ji Yao planned to go to Tiger Roar City to clarify the situation anyway, so now that she had Bing Yun’s command, she would not delay a moment longer and hurriedly headed over via Space Array.




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