Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3431, Huge Price


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“Yang Kai has been demonified!”


Wen Zhi Shan shouted as he held a jade slip and used his Divine Sense to read the information within. He could not believe what he had just read. The jade slip was sent from Gao Xue Ting and it was branded with her Divine Sense, so it was certainly real. Moreover, Gao Xue Ting also explained the incident in detail on the jade slip, which made it difficult for Wen Zhi Shan to doubt it.


He was out of sorts for a long time before he ordered Chen Qian to head to Tiger Roar City and inquire from Gao Xue Ting face to face.




In another city, Yang Yan also held a jade slip in her hand, and frowned as she muttered, “What’s that fool doing? Why did he suddenly mess with Iron Blood and get himself demonified?”


Below her, a group of Emperor Realm Masters, who came to ask for reinforcements, did not dare to interrupt her after seeing the changes on her face. A moment later, Yang Yan summoned an Emperor Realm Master and asked him to travel to Tiger Roar City to inquire about the situation.




“Yang Kai has been demonified. What do you think of this?” In a great hall, Luan Feng asked Fan Wu and Cang Gou in a deep voice.


“When did this happen?” Cang Gou widened his eyes, startled.


“I just received the news,” Luan Feng replied with a solemn expression.


Fan Wu continued, “I, too, just received the news. It seems to have just happened yesterday.”


“Has the brat really fallen to the Demon path?” Cang Gou could hardly believe his ears.


Fan Wu replied, “Word came from Iron Blood Great Emperor himself. I don’t think it’s false.”


Cang Gou was dumbfounded and mumbled, “How could he fall to the Demon path? That’s impossible, are you sure it is not a mistake?”


Luan Feng and Fan Wu shook their heads slowly as the former remarked, “This matter is of great importance and can’t be a simple misunderstanding.”


After hearing it, Cang Gou sighed, “What a waste…”


Although Yang Kai often came to Ancient Wild Lands to trouble them, Cang Gou still admired him. He rarely saw such a talented and amazing Junior; however, now that he was demonified, it meant that Yang Kai would no longer have a future.


Luan Feng pressed on, “Whether he is demonified or not, he is still involved with the descendant of Heavens Order. Though there has still been no news about her ever since she entered the Blood Gate that day, years ago, perhaps she will appear soon. You know how important Yang Kai is to her, so who knows how she will react when she finds out he is in a bad situation?”


Fan Wu nodded solemnly, “What Lady Feng said is true. Then, in Lady Feng’s opinion, how should we deal with this?”


Luan Feng proposed, “Find his whereabouts as soon as possible and send him to the Ancient Wild Lands. By then, even if the descendant of Heaven’s Order returns, she won’t be able to make any complaints.”


Fan Wu nodded, “This is a good idea. Let’s do so.”


Luan Feng continued, “Then, I’ll get Ying Fei to go to Tiger Roar City to inquire about the situation and find out which direction Yang Kai fled.”


“Time is ticking. We need to act immediately!”




For a time, many came to Tiger Roar City from all over to inquire about the incident, turning it into quite the lively scene.


At the same time, as if it had wings, the news about Yang Kai’s falling to the Demon path spread all over the major cities in the Western Territory in just a few days. It also rapidly spread to the Southern, Eastern and Northern Territories. When those who knew Yang Kai learnt of the news, their first reaction was to take it as nonsense or just some made-up rumour.


But the rumour was spread in vivid detail like it was real. It also included details that Yang Kai was defeated by Iron Blood Great Emperor, and shamelessly kidnapped Lin Yun’er to get away in the end… 


After this rumour was confirmed, the entire Star Boundary went into an uproar. No one expected that such a dazzling rising star would truly fall to the Demon path, or had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!


Things often changed or were lost when rumours spread; therefore, as the news continued to proliferate, Yang Kai had gradually become the one who cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law instead of his Embodiment.


Both falling to the Demon path and cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law were intolerable to those of the Star Boundary. Yang Kai’s reputation had been completely tainted. In addition to the words of Iron Blood Great Emperor, many even rolled up their sleeves and secretly looked forward to finding Yang Kai to kill him. Their desire was to carry out a righteous act and eliminate danger while becoming heroes at the same time.


Although Yang Kai did not know the situation of the outside world, he could more or less guess, and he had long been prepared for it.


In the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in the medicine garden beside the Firmament Tree with a solemn expression.


Two Wood Spirits hovered in mid-air, hiding several tens metres away, looking at Yang Kai worriedly. They could not help him at the moment and were as anxious as ants on a hot wok.


The gold and silver sealing power of the Firmament Tree poured into Yang Kai’s body slowly under his guidance, and into his dantian to re-seal the Ancient Demon Qi.


Earlier, Yang Kai used the Ancient Demon Qi to feign being demonified and falling to the Demon path in perfect cooperation with Iron Blood Great Emperor. But now, he realized that things had become a little troublesome.


Ever since he absorbed this Ancient Demon Qi outside Maplewood City, Yang Kai did not have a permanent way to deal with it. He could only seal it with the power of the Firmament Tree.


However, after several unsealings, the Ancient Demon Qi had become more and more powerful. It seemed to have become purer and also more and more difficult to control.


The Ancient Demon Qi sealed in his dantian was like a living creature that grew more powerful after every unsealing, which made it more difficult for Yang Kai to seal it back again, requiring more sealing power each time.


Yang Kai discovered this long ago; however, the situation had become much more serious now, and Yang Kai was no longer certain he could seal the Demon Qi.


[Will the false rumours really come true?] Yang Kai did not know whether to laugh or cry. It would be a great loss if he was really demonified like this.


By constraining his mind and getting rid of miscellaneous thoughts, Yang Kai controlled the sealing power of the Firmament Tree to suppress the Ancient Demon Qi, little by little, back into his dantian.


As time passed, the gold and silver light of the Firmament Tree became dimmer and dimmer, almost looking like it would be completely depleted in the next moment; however, the Ancient Demon Qi on Yang Kai’s body still showed no sign of reducing, and was trembling and churning menacingly.


[Not good…]


Yang Kai was worried, but there was nothing he could do.


Not far away, Mu Zhu and Mu Na obviously noticed the terrible situation, and after exchanging looks, they seemed to have made up their mind and flew over to Yang Kai.


Aware of their movements, Yang Kai opened his eyes to look at them, shouting, “Don’t come closer.”


Mu Zhu and Mu Na turned a deaf ear to him though as their small bodies landed on the branches of the Firmament Tree and they both quickly performed a series of complex hand seals. Subsequently, a strange resonance was formed between the two Wood Spirits and the Firmament Tree.


The radiance of the Firmament Tree that was gradually fading earlier suddenly burst into a brilliant halo of gold and silver light, causing its sealing power to become extremely vigorous.


Yang Kai was stunned but wasted no time as he hurriedly guided the sealing power.


The trembling Ancient Demon Qi on the surface of his body was suppressed little by little, and its evil and violent aura gradually disappeared.


After quite some time, there was no longer any Ancient Demon Qi visible as it had all been suppressed into Yang Kai’s dantian, allowing his body to return to its regular state, even feeling more comfortable than ever before.


Mu Zhu and Mu Na were drenched in sweat and panting at this moment. It was obvious that both of them had just performed a Secret Technique of the Wood Spirit Clan, which took a great toll on them.


“Are both of you alright?” Yang Kai opened his eyes and asked.


The two Wood Spirits shook their heads together, and Mu Zhu glanced to the side, “We are fine, but the Firmament Tree…”


Yang Kai followed her gaze and found that the Firmament Tree was on the verge of death. Its branches were drooping and it seemed shrivelled and dying. The gold and silver tints that should have existed were now gone, and all that remained was a withered husk.


Mu Na explained, “We stimulated its vitality forcefully, which caused it great damage.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Will it die?”


Mu Zhu shook her head, “No, the Firmament Tree is extremely tenacious; furthermore, there is an endless stream of vitality from the Immortal Tree here, so it’s impossible for it to die that easily. But we have no idea how long it will take to fully recover. Master, don’t remove the Demon Qi seal in the future. Without the power of the Firmament Tree, you won’t be able to seal it again.”


Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “Noted.”


The price that he paid for this plan was enormous. Not only was his reputation destroyed, but he had also lost one of his most powerful trump cards. Nevertheless, what was done could not be undone, and he could only move forward.


Yang Kai sent the two Wood Spirits to take a rest while he adjusted his breathing for a while to make sure that there was nothing off about his condition. Only after a thorough inspection did Yang Kai exit the Small Sealed World and identify his location before rushing off in a certain direction.




In the sky, a figure passed by at an incredibly fast speed. From time to time, it stopped to examine the surroundings before setting off again.


Tracking him, this person was able to follow the trail of Yang Kai’s departure. It was unknown how this person found Yang Kai’s traces as the latter had fled into the Southern Swamp and had spent a few days recovering. Afterwards, he used his Space Divine Ability many times to travel quite a distance. It was extremely difficult to track him down even for a Great Emperor.


But this person was able to track him without any difficulty.


The figure stopped again, and under the hazy moonlight, a graceful and curvy body was revealed, her hair flying in the wind. Surprisingly, it was actually a charming woman.


Yu Ru Meng!


Ever since Yang Kai escaped from Tiger Roar City, she had also disappeared. Gao Xue Ting and the others searched for her for several days but to no avail. No one knew where she had gone off to.


At the moment, Yu Ru Meng’s beautiful eyes were glinting with a quaint divine light, like a beast stalking its prey, full of excitement. From time to time, she stuck out her scarlet tongue and licked her red lips, giving off a wild sense of seduction.


She stood in the sky, her hair flying in the night breeze. Suddenly, she turned around, stared in one direction, giggled, and mumbled to herself, “Husband, I’m coming for you! You can’t run!”


As soon as she finished her sentence, her body turned into a stream of light and disappeared from the sky in the blink of an eye.


There was just dead silence in the wilderness, as even the insects hiding in the soil seemed to be frightened and decided to stay quiet the whole night.




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