Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3432, This Mistress Likes It


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An He City, located on the border of the Southern and Western Territories, was a small town with a population of only a few hundred thousand. There was no decent Master in the city and even the City Lord was only a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator.


Such a city was almost considered to be insignificant in Star Boundary.


The population in the city was originally bigger, but with the war between the two worlds, and because An He City was located at the border of the Southern Territory, most of the residents in the city have fled to the depths of the Southern Territory in fear that the Demon Race would attack. Currently, the population had already sharply dropped by more than half.


However, whether it was turbulent times or a thriving era, there was one field that would never cease, prostitution.


An He City was not big, but it had its fair share of brothels.


The largest one was Springbreeze Drizzle House. Perhaps exactly because they were in turbulent times, the indulgence in a wanton life had become of even greater importance. So, even though the population of An He City had been reduced by more than half, the business of Springbreeze Drizzle House was better than usual. Pimps and Procuresses kept welcoming and sending customers off, and the makeup-clad girls smiled happily, soliciting benefactors enthusiastically with their alluring voices.


The building was luxuriously decorated, and the vivid murals filled Springbreeze Drizzle House with a seductive aura. The main hall was filled with tables seated with guests who cheered their cups with the company of loosely dressed girls, their hands running up and down their bodies from time to time, causing strings of giggles to ring throughout the room. Meanwhile, bursts of gasps and moans could be heard from behind the doors of the closed wings.


There was a bang and a person suddenly flew out of a room on the second floor. He fell heavily on the first floor, rolled over a few times, and laid motionless.


The noisy hall fell into a weird silence at this moment, and everyone turned their heads in the direction of the source of the commotion.


Lying motionless on the ground was a dirty and drunken young man with a stubbled face. It was possible that he was dead. Fights often happened in the brothels, so the guests here were not surprised and were indifferent to the scene. In fact, they all looked at the young man on the ground with disgust.


There were only a few reasons for this to happen. It was either he was beaten up by someone in a dispute or he had no money to pay after using the services in the brothel. Either reason was not worthy of sympathy.


The guests were indifferent, but Mama Song, who greeted the guests at the door, was infuriated and yelled at a certain man, who wore a black outfit, on the second floor, “Waste! You have to pay for the broken tables and chairs!”


Mama Song was an old procuress in Springbreeze Drizzle House. Her cultivation was not high and she was probably beautiful when she was young. However, age had put her a little out of shape. Although she was still charming in her own way, she could no longer take up guests, and could only be an usher, welcoming and sending off guests.


Seeing Mama Song so upset, the man dressed in black nimble garments who knocked down the youth on the second floor smiled and said, “Calm down, Mama. This boy is the one who’s at fault.”


“What happened?” Mama Song walked to the young man with her hands on her waist and gave him a kick, but there was no reaction. She then blurted in shock, “Don’t tell me he’s dead.”


The man in nimble garments replied, “I don’t think so. He cultivates, and I didn’t exert much of my strength. How could he be dead?”


At this moment, a young woman covered in only a piece of fabric came out of the room. The half translucent fabric barely covered her alluring curves, and the men below could not help giving her a second look.


The woman leaned against the railing and looked down, pouting, “He deserves to be beaten to death.”


She complained to Mama Song coquettishly, “Mama, you have to stand up for your girl. This guy has been drinking with me for several days and doesn’t even have money to pay for it.”


“No money?” Mama Song raised her eyebrows with an angry expression on her face, “How dare he visit a brothel without any money. Who is this bastard?”


“That’s right!” The woman on the second floor also looked disgusted, “He looked like an extraordinary, handsome young man, and I thought he was a rich Young Lord, but how could I have known he was just a poor brat. I have suffered a huge loss.”


Mama Song snorted coldly and waved, “Search him to see if there is anything valuable on him.”


When the words fell, two men dressed like pimps walked over to search the young man.


After a while, both of them looked up and shook their heads, “Nothing.”


“Damn it!” Mama Song gritted her pristine teeth, “Drag him down, then chop him up and turn him into fertilizer.”


The two men did not hesitate at all as they began dragging the young man out.


A guest nearby laughed and commented, “Mama Song, aren’t you too cruel? It’s only a few days’ worth of wine, are you actually going to chop him up for something so small?”


Mama Song answered with a cold face, “Are you going to pay for him? If you are willing to pay for him, I will let him go.”


The customer chuckled, “Forget I said anything.”


Mama Song glared at him, then looked at the young man. After staring for a moment though, she seemed surprised, and raised her hand, “Wait!”


The two men stopped their feet immediately and turned to look at her, not knowing what she was going to do.


Mama Xu stepped forward and fanned her hand in front of her nose with a frown, unable to stand the stench of the alcohol, “Is he really still alive?”


The two looked at each other and one of them touched the young man’s chest, while the other placed a finger under his nose to check for any signs of breathing; and then both of them nodded in unison, “He’s still alive.”


Mama Song raised her brow, circled around the youth, then stopped in front of him. She took out a silk handkerchief and grabbed his chin with it, examining his face for a while before her eyes suddenly lit up, “Take him down and give him a bath, then send him to my room.”


The two men were dumbfounded.


“Hurry up!” Mama Song glared at them.


The two did not dare to hesitate and immediately heeded her commands.


The guest who interjected before laughed and asked, “Don’t tell me Mama has her eyes on that brat.”


Mama Song retorted, “So what? This Madam likes him.”


The crowd was in an instant uproar. They did not expect her to admit it and some were a little surprised, while others made fun of Mama Song for not having any standards, even being attracted to a rotten brat.


Mama Song was obviously used to such a scene and took no effort to handle the situation. She flirted with the guests heartily for a while, but deep down, she was feeling restless. She had been in the brothel for more than a hundred years, welcoming and sending away guests every day, and had developed a keen eye for people. Although the young man was a little sloppy and messy, she could tell with a little grooming, he had the potential to be an extraordinary man. She had no right to choose her clients in her younger days, and she had to serve them with all her heart even when they were old or ugly. Now, as a Mama, she naturally got to do as she pleased.


Tonight was her lucky night!


After entertaining the guests for a while, Mama Song swayed her hips up towards the fourth floor.


The fourth floor was the highest floor of Springbreeze Drizzle Building and there were only a few rooms here, one of which belonged to her.


Pushing the door open, she walked in and turned around to close it. With an expectant smile on her face, Mama Song bit her red lips as she walked towards the bed slowly with lust-filled eyes. As expected, the young man was sleeping soundly on the bed.


Taking a closer look under the soft light, Mama Song broke into a smile.


Her vision was indeed excellent. With just a little freshening and dressing, this young man really appeared to have a noble bearing. Greatly drawn by his appearance, she stretched out a hand and gently caressed the young man’s chest. Her hands trembled at the feel of his steady and sturdy heartbeat, and her legs even squeezed together involuntarily.


Covering her smile with a hand, she got up and went to the side of the table, mixed a bowl of sobering medicine, and returned to the bedside. She lifted the young man up to lean on her and fed the medicine down his throat.


Putting down the bowl, she sat on the side of the bed and waited quietly.


She waited for a long time, but nothing happened.


Mama Song frowned. She knew something was not right, the sobering medicine she used was powerful and it should have worked by now. [Why is this guy still not awake? Did he drink too much the last few days?]


Thinking so, she mixed another bowl of sobering medicine and downed it into the youth.


She waited for a while again, but still, there was no movement.


Mama Song’s face sank, and her good mood got completely ruined. In a rage, she poured the remaining sober medicine into a pot and poured it into the youth’s mouth.


After another hour, there was still no response; the young man on the bed was still snoring like a dead pig.


Mama Song ground her teeth, turned around, and mounted the bed.


She did not care if he was sleeping like a pig or not, it’s not like she hadn’t taken things like this into her own hands before.


She reached out and stripped herself completely naked, revealing her porcelain white body. Although her figure was a little bit loose here and there from age, it could be seen that Mama Song definitely had the right to boast when she was younger. She had snow-white skin, her peaks stood tall and proud, her legs were slender, and her bottom was still perky. The only issue was there was a bit of swell on her belly now.


After she finished, she began to strip the clothes off the young man. There were not many pieces, but it was unexpectedly troublesome because the young man did not cooperate. He would flail his legs and arms from time to time, disrupting her, and it took a long time to take off just his coat.


Mama Song gritted her teeth and decided to drop all reservations.


Who would have known that Yang Kai, who was the one on the bed, was just as desperate!


He had never thought that there would come a day that he would actually be used by a woman, especially by such a woman in a brothel. If he knew this would happen, he would never have come here!


In this situation, it was not a good idea for him to suddenly wake up, so he could only act according to the circumstance.


After a fierce entanglement, Yang Kai was finally stripped naked by Mama Song.


“Oh, finally!” Mama Song was sweaty but knowing that good things were about to happen, she finally let out a sigh of relief. With a hop, she got on top of Yang Kai and lifted her body before sliding down slowly with a look of expectation appearing on her face.


However, at that exact moment, a small, cold hand materialized behind her and grabbed her neck.


Shock instantly etched on Mama Song’s beautiful face as she angrily shouted, “Who!?”




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