Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3433, You Forced Me To Do This


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Mama Song had no clue who was standing behind her, but with just a little bit of force from the small, cold hand, her neck cracked and her body limply slumped to the floor, her vitality extinguished in an instant.


Standing beside the bed, Yu Ru Meng took out a silk cloth to wipe her hands and looked at the body on the ground with disgust, “How dare you touch this Queen’s man?”


Tossing the silk cloth that she used to wipe her hands, Yu Ru Meng walked to the bedside and lowered her head to look at Yang Kai, who was lying on the bed, with a livid expression.


Fortunately, she came in time. If she was just a step later, would this shameless couple not have started their business? She knew Yang Kai had several wives, but those women were with him before she met him, so she could not help it. But who was this procuress in the brothel? She was not an innocent girl in any way shape or form and since Yu Ru Meng had already used her Heart Seal Secret Technique on Yang Kai, she could not be separated from him for the rest of her life. As such, she would never allow Yang Kai to be defiled by such a dirty woman.


She fumed at the thought of it and glared at Yang Kai as she bellowed, “Get up!”


Under the surge of her Divine Sense, her voice carried enough power to even damage one’s Soul.


Yang Kai frowned before his eyelids quivered and slowly opened.


When their eyes met, Yu Ru Meng’s boiling anger immediately ceased.


Because she felt something was wrong with the man in front of her. His dusky eyes were filled with despair greater than death, as if all the light in this world had been extinguished.


She had not known Yang Kai for a long time, but this man has always been in high spirits. No matter where he was, he was the centre of the world; however, at this moment, he looked exhausted and haggard like a bird knocked out of the clouds that had fallen into the mud.


The truth was indeed not far from this though. He, who was the brightest star in the Star Boundary, had degraded to a notorious Demon, and one of the Great Emperors had issued an order to kill him on sight. Thus, he had truly fallen to his lowest point.


Yu Ru Meng sighed, “Why?”


Yang Kai did not respond as he just stared at her with dim, dispirited eyes.


Yu Ru Meng lowered herself and sat on the side of the bed, stretched out her jade hand to caress Yang Kai’s cheek, and softly spoke, “Even if everyone abandons you, you still have me.” 


A vague light flashed across Yang Kai’s empty eyes as they moved slightly.


Yu Ru Meng revealed a gentle smile. She wanted to imprint the smile into the deepest part of Yang Kai’s heart and turn it into a driving force for him to stay strong.


The next moment, Yang Kai suddenly became wild. He grabbed her and flipped over so she was trapped under his body. He placed his hand on her towering bosoms and kneaded her ruthlessly. He did not intend to be gentle with her and stretched out his other hand to grab her belt, ripping it off directly. He proceeded to kiss Yu Ru Meng’s lips unscrupulously with his mouth which still stank of alcohol.


“Hmm…” Yu Ru Meng moaned and struggled constantly, but how could she shake him off? Her entire body was pressed tight beneath him, making it impossible to move at all.


Feeling that her clothes were being stripped layer by layer, Yu Ru Meng immediately panicked and twisted her head aside, “Stop! You’re hurting me!”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to her cries as the expression on his face only became more ferocious and horrifying. Hot steam puffed out of his nostrils. It was as if the person he was pressed against was not Yu Ru Meng but the greatest enemy of his life and he could not wait to devour her bones, drink her blood, and feast on her flesh.


How could Yu Ru Meng allow him to continue to do so though? It was normal for men and women to be intimate in bed when they were deeply in love and had mutual consent, but how would Yu Ru Meng willingly hand over her body in this situation?


Failing to shake him off, Yu Ru Meng raised her hand and slapped Yang Kai.


With a crisp snap, Yang Kai’s head was turned to the side, and his violent and wanton actions came to a sudden halt.


Yu Ru Meng gasped and looked at Yang Kai coldly, “You forced me to do this!”


Yang Kai did not move, as if he was struck by a Binding Secret Technique.


Yu Ru Meng frowned, and reached out to touch Yang Kai’s slapped cheek, and tried her best to speak in a gentle tone, “I didn’t want to slap you, but please wake up. Do you know what you’re doing?”


Yang Kai did not seem to be interested in answering, or maybe he was too lazy to reply to her. He completely ignored her, slowly crawled away from her, wrapped himself with a blanket, and then sat at the table. He picked up a half-finished bottle of wine on the table and poured it into his mouth with his head lifted high.


Behind him, Yu Ru Meng quickly put on a new set of clothes. Once she was dressed, she approached Yang Kai who had already downed several bottles.


Yu Ru Meng sat down quietly, looked at him and whispered, “Stop.”


As expected, Yang Kai still did not respond. After persuading several times in succession, Yu Ru Meng grabbed the bottle from Yang Kai’s hand and retorted with her teeth gritted, “I told you to stop drinking.”


“Give it to me!” Yang Kai turned around and looked at her with a darkened face, his eyes filled with clear murderous intent.


Yu Ru Meng raised her chin, “What? Do you want to kill me? Do it if you want to!”


While saying so, she stretched out her neck to Yang Kai, looking as if she would not resist any actions from him at all.


A hint of struggle could be seen in Yang Kai’s eyes, but in the end, he did not do it. He hugged his head in pain and remarked in an astringent voice, “I just want to get drunk. Why are you trying to stop me?”


“I know you are not willing to continue like this,” Yu Ru Meng smiled. She had no idea what she was delighted about, but she felt a little glad.


“Leave. Don’t get close to me. I don’t know when I will turn back into a Demon.” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Yu Ru Meng did not leave, however, and instead came even closer and snuggled up beside him, pressing her towering chest onto his arm as she whispered, “I won’t leave, you’re my man. I’ll go wherever you go.”


Yang Kai pushed her away and bitterly declared, “You saw what happened in Tiger Roar City. Stop getting close to me. Live well in the future and find someone else good to marry.”


Yu Ru Meng tilted her head and asked with a grin, “What kind of person do you want me to marry?”


“Someone who is not like me,” Yang Kai sneered at himself.


Yu Ru Meng tilted her head, “But the only one I love is you. What should I do?”


Yang Kai looked at her blankly and stated, “You must be blind then.”


Yu Ru Meng was stunned for a moment, then covered her mouth and smiled, trembling in joy for a while.


Suddenly, she got up, took Yang Kai’s hand and pulled him up.


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai questioned weakly, moving just like a walking corpse.


“Didn’t you want to drink? I’ll accompany you.” Yu Ru Meng pushed her Emperor Qi and at the same time, embraced Yang Kai and dashed out.


The hall on the first floor was still lively at that time, but in a flash, Yu Ru Meng and Yang Kai appeared in the centre of the hall. Yu Ru Meng looked around for a moment before she walked straight to the largest table in the centre. When she reached the side of the table, she shouted at the people around the table, “Get out!”


There were seven guests and seven girls at this table, all of them drinking and having fun, so they were stunned when they were suddenly yelled at.


However, when they looked up, the seven guests immediately widened their eyes and gasped at Yu Ru Meng covetously. An He City was just a small place in a remote region. Even though Springbreeze Drizzle House was the largest brothel, the quality and beauty of the girls here were mediocre at best. How could these girls ever be compared to an outstanding beauty like Yu Ru Meng? Whether it was her body shape, face, or temperament, few women in the entire Star Boundary could be compared to Yu Ru Meng.


In comparison, the girls in their arms felt like country hicks while the woman in front of them was a majestic goddess. If they could spend a single evening with her, death would be a small price to pay.


A big-bellied man squinted at Yu Ru Meng in lust and guffawed, “Why didn’t I know that you have such a beautiful girl here?” After saying so, he got up to grab Yu Ru Meng.


By how he behaved, it seemed that he wanted to replace the woman who was accompanying him.


But before he could even half lift his hand, his whole arm abruptly exploded into blood mist.


The man was confused for a moment, but soon the pain reached him and he started to scream shrilly.


Suddenly, his cry stopped, and his entire body exploded.


The faces of the other people at the table changed drastically. They immediately woke up from their drunken state, got up together, and glared at Yu Ru Meng. The few girls screamed, their beautiful faces turned pale in fright.


“How dare you kill someone here!?” A man yelled angrily. Although he did not see how his companion died, it was obviously due to this exceptionally beautiful woman before them. As he shouted, he summoned a sword and raised his hand in an attempt to slash her.


Yu Ru Meng just coldly stared at him as a quaint divine light flashed across her eyes.


The man instantly froze, seemingly in a daze, before the next moment he stabbed the longsword in his hand into his own chest.




Blood splashed everywhere and the man limply fell to the ground; however, even as he lay there dead, a satisfied smile filled his face.


Such an unbelievable scene was truly terrifying.


The whole hall went silent and the remaining men gulped. It was only then that they realized the woman in front of them had an extremely high cultivation; otherwise, she would not have been able to kill someone without them even realizing how she did it.


“Scram!” Yu Ru Meng gently moved her red lips, but the words she spat out were as cold as ice.


It was as though everyone had been released from their bindings suddenly and quickly turned around to run. Not only did the people at the table run, but even those in the hall had turned to flee. The scene turned into a mess.


Yu Ru Meng continued, “Bring all the wine you have.”


After giving her command, she waved her hand to clean the table and sat down with Yang Kai.


Spring Breeze Drizzle House was now empty of all guests except Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng who were now sitting opposite to each other. The large table was filled with wine bottles as several men working for Springbreeze Drizzle House had obediently and respectfully emptied the wine cellar for them.


Yang Kai grabbed one bottle after another and kept filling his mouth with wine. It was as though his stomach was a bottomless hole that could hold an unlimited amount of it.


Yu Ru Meng sat opposite to him and watched him quietly. After he emptied a bottle, she would hand him another without saying a word.


Ten bottles, fifty bottles, one hundred, two hundred … 


After some time, Yang Kai suddenly let out a long roar and threw the wine bottle out of his hand.


His roar sounded like thunder, making the whole An He City tremble.


The roar only fell silent after a long time while Yang Kai looked at Yu Ru Meng, his lips twitching. With a miserable look on his face, he shouted, “I can’t get drunk!”


Silavin: Yeah. Technically, you should not be able to since you are a Half-Dragon. At least, not with something those below the Dao Source Realm would take…




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