Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3434, Let’s Live In Seclusion


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“Then just continue drinking. Drink until you get drunk.” Yu Ru Meng threw another bottle of wine at him, but Yang Kai did not catch it, and the wine bottle fell to the ground and broke into pieces.


Yu Ru Meng pondered for a moment and continued, “Wait here.”


After that, she turned around and flew out of the room. Yang Kai did not know what she was going to do.


But soon, a commotion arose in the city, obviously due to Yu Ru Meng.


An hour later, Yu Ru Meng returned to the hall and gave Yang Kai a small smile. She turned around to face the door of the hall and clapped her hands, “Come in.”


Yang Kai looked up and was stunned.


A group of women walked in slowly from the outside. They had various styles of beauty, all of them were quite alluring. They were different from those makeup-clad girls in Springbreeze Drizzle House and it could be seen that they were all women from respectable families.


Fear was etched on each of these women’s faces, and some even had tears streaming down their faces; however, under Yu Ru Meng’s despotic power, they had to be obedient.


Among the thirty to forty women, the youngest looked only about thirteen years old, while the oldest looked about twenty-five or twenty-six. Under the instructions of Yu Ru Meng, they lined up and stood timidly in front of Yang Kai. Some occasionally looked up at him before quickly lowering their heads.


[What the Hell?] Yang Kai was puzzled, but he did not reveal any unusual expressions on his face, keeping his depressed look as though he could not wait for his life to end for good.


Yu Ru Meng smiled at Yang Kai and explained, “These are the most beautiful women in the city. Don’t worry, they are all virgins, innocent and pure. Which one do you like?”


Yang Kai just stood still, like a wooden statue.


Yu Ru Meng walked up to a teenage girl and brought her to Yang Kai, “How about this one? She’s still in early puberty but is already such a beauty at such a young age. Men should like this type very much. If I was a man, I would be tempted. The night would be wonderful when spent with her.”


The girl, who was already frightened after being caught by Yu Ru Meng, was even more terrified and was almost in tears after hearing Yu Ru Meng’s remark.


Seeing that Yang Kai was still not responding, Yu Ru Meng waved her hand to the girl, and let her hurry back to her position. Then, she brought a seventeen-year-old girl closer and promoted her eagerly to Yang Kai.


After several attempts with different girls, Yang Kai still remained silent.


Yu Ru Meng dragged another woman over, this one about twenty-four to twenty-five years old. She was one of the most gorgeous among them and her figure was curvy and enchanting. Her eyes trembled as she was introduced by Yu Ru Meng, “This one is good too. Although she is married, her husband seems to have died from sickness on the wedding day, so she is now a widow, yet still a virgin. Are you interested?”


“Enough!” Yang Kai coldly glared at Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng continued, “You can take all of them if you want.”


“I said enough!”


Yu Ru Meng sighed, “You just want to vent your anger by getting drunk, but how can you get drunk with these ordinary drinks? Right now, women should be the same as wine to you. Since you can’t get drunk by drinking, then you should try it through women.”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head ruefully, grabbed a wine bottle on the table, and stumbled out.


Yu Ru Meng turned around and looked at his back. After a moment, she quickly followed him.


In the hall, the several dozen women waited with fright for a long time and only after making sure that the strange man and woman would not come back, they hurriedly ran out. After surviving this disaster, the young women could not bear it anymore and burst into tears.


This night was a nightmare for them. Fortunately, the man did not seem interested in them at all; otherwise, all of them may have been violated.




“Why are you following me?” Yang Kai coldly glanced back at Yu Ru Meng, “You won’t get any benefit from following me.”


Yu Ru Meng gently smiled, “I already said, you are my man. I will naturally go wherever you go. You can’t get rid of me.”


“Do you know what my situation is now?”


Yu Ru Meng answered, “You were demonized in that battle at Tiger Roar City. I’m afraid that news of you falling to the Demon path has already spread all over the Star Boundary. Right now, everyone should be hunting you down. You’re a rat scurrying through the streets.”


“Since you already know, why are you still so stubborn? Just remove the Heart Seal Secret Technique and leave. From now on, you and I have no relations, don’t get involved with me.”


“I won’t leave!” Yu Ru Meng came forward and hooked her arms around Yang Kai’s.


“Why?” Yang Kai shook his head.


Yu Ru Meng answered, “A woman follows her man no matter what his lot is. Even if you will need to face immense dangers and difficulties, I will face them with you.”


Yang Kai’s cold eyes instantly softened, as if his mind had been greatly impacted. He looked at her affectionately and stroked her cheek, “Are you sure you won’t regret it?”


Yu Ru Meng firmly shook her head, “I won’t turn back!”


Yang Kai licked his dry lips and pulled Yu Ru Meng into his arms. He hugged so hard as if he was trying to melt her entire body into his own.


“Then I have no regrets in my life!” He deeply sighed.


Yu Ru Meng slightly lifted her head. The corners of her eyes were curved into crescent moons that shone with a proud light. She knew that this was the best timing to win one’s heart, and facts had proven it to be true.


Although she was already inseparable from Yang Kai due to the Heart Seal Secret Technique, it was still just a Secret Technique in the end, how could it be compared to true feelings? With both hands around Yang Kai’s neck, she whispered in his ear, “I already said, even if the whole world abandons you, you still have me!”


Yang Kai suddenly released her from his hug and put both his hands on her shoulders, his eyes beaming in excitement, “Yu Ru Meng, let’s live in seclusion.”


Yu Ru Meng’s brow twitched at Yang Kai’s sudden drastic change in topic, but she asked calmly, “Seclusion?”


Yang Kai gave a deep nod, “Let’s live in seclusion in the mountains somewhere. We don’t have to care about anything in the world; it will just be the two of us. I, as the man, will farm and you as the woman, will weave. We can have a few children and live a carefree life. All the matters of the Star Boundary and Demon Realm have nothing to do with us!”


[Have… a few children?] Yu Ru Meng was stunned as she secretly wailed in her heart. She did not expect that her tenderness did not just move Yang Kai’s heart, but also gave birth to such an idea in his mind. If he really wanted to do so, where would the fun be?


Yu Ru Meng questioned, “What about your other wives?”


Yang Kai’s face darkened as he replied in a deep voice, “I only know that at this moment, you are with me, not them.”


He seemed to not even care about his other wives. It seemed that the incident in Tiger Roar City had caused him an impact so great that it had changed his mentality. Perhaps it could also have something to do with his temporary demonification, which made his thoughts become so extreme.


While she was pondering this, Yang Kai described what their beautiful life would be like after living in seclusion, even the appearance of their residence. He even started to name their future children… 


[Aren’t you thinking too far ahead!?] Yu Ru Meng wanted to spit on his face, but she knew that if she refused him at this time, it would only make the situation worse, and all her previous efforts would be wasted.


Finally, Yang Kai clutched her shoulders and concluded passionately, “So, let’s live in seclusion!”


Yu Ru Meng was at her wits’ end, so she could only brace herself and answer, “Good, we will live in seclusion!”


After receiving confirmation, Yang Kai wasted no time, as if his motivation to live had been rekindled. With Yu Ru Meng in his arms, he began to look for a suitable place.


Within a few days, the two settled down in the depths of an unnamed mountain. A brand-new wooden house was built on a flat ground near the peak, and outside the house, Yang Kai opened up a few plots for farming, planted some unknown seeds, and started working happily there with a hoe.


Yu Ru Meng stood at the door of the wooden house, dressed in coarse clothes with a scarf wrapped around her head, looking exactly like a peasant woman.


Such attire did not deduct any of Yu Ru Meng’s beauty and instead added a different kind of charm to her.


It was just that… Yu Ru Meng did not look at a mirror for several days, for fear of being disgusted with herself.


During his work, Yang Kai would look up at her from time to time, and Yu Ru Meng would return his gaze with a forced smile every time. Occasionally, she would send Yang Kai some water and wipe the sweat off his face. She had turned into a demure young woman who was beautiful inside and out, which made Yang Kai feel blessed to the point where he kept praising her constantly.


At night, they would hug each other to sleep, but there was nothing other than that. Yang Kai attempted to cross the line several times, but Yu Ru Meng knew that his current state was unstable, so she did not agree to give herself to him under the circumstances.


Their lives were simple and plain for more than ten days, but Yang Kai enjoyed himself. It seemed that he really loved this life and was willing to continue it until he died.


Yu Ru Meng seemed to be notably cooperative and did not show any unusual reaction, but she actually felt dreadfully helpless in her heart.


One day, Yang Kai was sitting at the door, weaving a basket from bamboo. Yu Ru Meng was keeping him company by chatting and laughing with him when suddenly, Yang Kai stopped his movements and looked up in a certain direction.


Yu Ru Meng asked, “What happened?”


“Shh!” Yang Kai put a finger to his lips with a vigilant look, and quietly spread his Divine Sense.


His actions secretly elated Yu Ru Meng. She did not expect her salvation would arrive just when she was worried that she could not break free from this boring life. She secretly prayed that things would happen as she wished.


A moment later, Yang Kai sighed and put down the semi-finished basket in his hand, clapped his hands together, and stood up with lowered eyes, “Since you’re already here, come out and show yourself.”


Yu Ru Meng was surprised that she did not notice someone’s arrival. In this situation, either Yang Kai’s was wrong, or the other person’s cultivation was higher than her own; otherwise, she would never have been caught unaware.


But Yang Kai couldn’t have sensed wrongly, so the only explanation was that someone had really come.




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