Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3436, No Way Out


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The void crumbled and cracked, but Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi shuttled about freely still.


Suddenly, they rushed into a crack one after the other and vanished. Followed by their disappearance, the countless Void Cracks were automatically sealed by the World Principles of the Star Boundary.


Wen Zi Shan and the others exchanged looks solemnly.


Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi had obviously entered the Void Crack and there was now no way for them to intervene. They did not care too much about Yu Ru Meng, who had escaped. Yang Kai definitely could not escape from Li Wu Yi anyway. As for Yu Ru Meng, she was a matter for Flower Shadow Great Emperor to handle.


It was quiet on the top of the mountain. The newly-built wooden house collapsed into ruins, the farmland opened up by Yang Kai was even messier. Although Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi had fought for just a short time, they had thoroughly destroyed this place.


Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi appeared together in the Void Crack, looked at each other, and spoke in unison, “Search separately!” 


After that, they split into two different directions and shuttled through the Void Turbulence.


Not long after, Yang Kai found Xiao Yu Yang who had been propelled into the Void by him. Xiao Yu Yang did not look good at this moment as half of his body had been pulled under by a certain Void Turbulence.


If Yang Kai arrived a little later, perhaps he would be lost in the Void Crack forever. By that time, even Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi would not be able to find him again.


Yang Kai quickly made great efforts to pull him out.


Xiao Yu Yang looked at him suspiciously, “What is going on?”


Yang Kai grinned, “Elder Xiao, you better ask Senior Li. He will give you an explanation.”


Xiao Yu Yang frowned. Although he had many doubts, he had no choice but to follow Yang Kai to see Li Wu Yi since he was not telling him anything.


After a short walk, they saw Li Wu Yi coming toward them. As soon as the two parties met and confirmed that Xiao Yu Yang was out of danger, only then did Li Wu Yi nod gently.


Yang Kai immediately complained, “Senior, what took you all so long to get here? I sent you a message eight days ago, why did you only come today?”


Hearing his words, Xiao Yu Yang widened his eyes and questioned, “You let slip your own location?” Before, he already found it weird that Li Wu Yi found Yang Kai’s hiding place and led them to the location so accurately. Only now did he realize that Yang Kai was the one who disclosed this information.


[What the Hell is this?] Xiao Yu Yang was completely bewildered.


Li Wu Yi replied, “I had no choice. I couldn’t leave. I was finally able to cause some damage to the Demon Race Army, and only then gained the spare time to come here. Did I delay your schedule?”


Yang Kai answered, “Not really. I was just worried I’d be exposed if it took you too long.”


Xiao Yu Yang interjected, “Wait a moment. Can one of you please tell me what is going on?”


Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi looked at each other and laughed.


Li Wu Yi replied, “Don’t ask too many questions, and especially don’t tell anyone about today. In short, this is the idea of the Great Emperors.”


Knowing it was a matter related to the Great Emperors, Xiao Yu Yang immediately shut up. Although he did not know what Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi were up to, he could see that this was all some kind of elaborate act, but what he did not understand was who they were putting on this show for? Was it Zhou Ye Wang and the other Emperors?


Li Wu Yi’s face turned solemn, “What are the chances of success after this time?”


Yang Kai answered, “Fairly high.”


Li Wu Yi sighed, “It’s painful to see you bear such disgrace unjustly. By the way, Senior Iron Blood asked me to tell you that he has ordered High Heaven Palace to close its gates, and all High Heaven Palace disciples have been ordered to return.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Please thank Senior Iron Blood for his kindness on my behalf.” 


Yang Kai was not a fool and naturally understood that Iron Blood’s move was actually a disguised form of protection rather than a punishment for High Heaven Palace. Since Yang Kai himself had become a great sinner, it was really inconvenient for High Heaven Palace disciples to be showing themselves outside right now.


“Also, the Dragon Girl you brought with you left. She probably returned to Dragon Island.” Li Wu Yi added.


“Fu Ling returned to Dragon Island?” Yang Kai frowned, “That might complicate things.”


After pondering for a while, Yang Kai continued, “Someone from Dragon Island will certainly come to investigate. If Zhu Qing comes, please send her back to High Heaven Palace for me and ask Su Yan and the others to explain things to her. If it is Great Elder or Second Elder though… just ask the Great Emperors to explain things to them.”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “Don’t worry, the Seniors all have their own arrangements. They won’t let any resentment develop with Dragon Island.”


After chatting for a while, Yang Kai sighed, “It’s almost time. I should go now.”


Li Wu Yi urged solemnly, “Be careful!”


“I will.” Yang Kai grinned before he suddenly raised his hand, condensed his Emperor Qi, and struck his chest a few times. He opened his mouth next and coughed up a mouthful of blood, dyeing half of his body golden.


Xiao Yu Yang was taken aback as he never expected Yang Kai to be so cruel to himself!


Yang Kai turned around and tore space, escaping from the Void.


As soon as he showed himself, he was locked onto by a number of powerful Divine Senses. It was Wen Zi Shan and the others who had been guarding the area.


Turning around, Yang Kai looked ferocious as he shouted, “Many thanks for the courtesy you have shown today! This Yang will remember and surely return the favour in the future!”


And with those words, Space Principles flared and Yang Kai vanished from the spot with a flicker.


“Where’s Senior Li?” Zhou Ye Wang’s face turned ugly. Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi both entered the Void Crack together, but Yang Kai came out while Li Wu Yi disappeared. It was natural for him to have a bad premonition.


Just after he asked though, a white-robed figure emerged.


Zhou Ye Wang turned around and was relieved to see Li Wu Yi.


However, Li Wu Yi did not appear alone, but together with Xiao Yu Yang, whose face was genuinely pale.


Lei Hong was overjoyed and asked, “Old Xiao, are you okay?”


Terrified, Xiao Yu Yang answered, “Thanks to Senior Li for finding me in time, otherwise…” Before he finished, he shivered. He was not even putting on an act as he was truly traumatized from almost being devoured by the Void Turbulence in the Void Crack.


Ma Qing pointed to a direction and mentioned, “That boy ran that way. Sir, what should we do now?”


Li Wu Yi’s face darkened, “Follow him. We must bring him back, dead or alive!” After saying so, he took the lead to pursue Yang Kai while the others dared not hesitate either. Whether they were willing or not, they all followed closely behind.


Yang Kai ran for his life and half a day later, a stream of light approached him. It slowly revealed itself as it came close. It was Yu Ru Meng who had left first. She had the Heart Seal Secret Technique, so she could naturally locate Yang Kai’s position.


At the sight of Yang Kai’s bloody body and weak aura, Yu Ru Meng’s beautiful face turned pale, “You’re hurt!”


Yang Kai laughed miserably, “I’m lucky to be still alive. Hurry up before they catch up.”


Hearing what he said, Yu Ru Meng dared not to delay and hurriedly followed after Yang Kai.




A month later, on top of a huge mountain, Yang Kai stood on the crown of a big tree, facing the rising sun with a pair of blank eyes.


“What are you thinking?” Yu Ru Meng leaned over wrapped in fragrance.


Yang Kai coughed a few times, and replied with a weak voice, “Ru Meng, this world is truly vast, but it seems there’s no place for me in it anymore.”


He and Yu Ru Meng had been running and escaping for the past month. Li Wu Yi had been pursuing them with a few Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters like maggots on rotting bones, and Yang Kai could not shake them off. He was forced to fight several times, and each time he did, he would be injured and only narrowly escape.


According to his current situation, his statement was not an exaggeration. Although the world was large, there was no place for him to stay as Li Wu Yi was chasing after him without rest.


Yang Kai turned around and continued, “I’m sorry. I wanted to take you to live in seclusion, but now it seems that I must break my promise. Don’t follow me, let’s go our separate ways.”


Yu Ru Meng asked, “Are you going to cast me away again?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “This is not the same as the last time. You’ve witnessed it already. Li Wu Yi is determined to kill me, and I’m not his match. It is pure luck that I have been able to hold on until now, but I won’t last much longer. Maybe it will be the next time, or the time after that, but my end is certain now.”


Yu Ru Meng’s beautiful eyes flashed as she suggested, “I’ve heard someone say that there is always a place at the table if one looks hard enough, and the Star Boundary is not the only world!”


Yang Kai frowned, “The Demon Realm?”


Yu Ru Meng said, “What do you think? If you want to go to the Demon Realm, I will go with you!”


“No!” Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no way for me to go to the Demon Realm. I fell into such a situation because I got myself involved with Demons. How can I simply abandon myself now and go to the Demon Realm?


Yu Ru Meng replied, “It’s exactly because you are related to the Demons that you can enter the Demon Realm and let the Demon Race accept you!”


“Enough!” Yang Kai spat in annoyance.


Yu Ru Meng flickered in front of him and looked at him with her scorching beautiful eyes, a strange light shining in her pupils as she spoke in a soft voice, “You have made great contributions to the Star Boundary. Most of the Cross-Territory Space Arrays were built by you. You guarded Tiger Roar City and killed millions of Demons, but they still oppressed you and wanted to kill you. Now they are chasing you and not letting you go. Why do you have to remain loyal to such a place?”


Yang Kai listened with a frown, but his breathing became a little heavy. Obviously, her words had triggered him.


Yu Ru Meng continued to persuade him, her voice was like a whisper in his ear, “Don’t you want revenge? Don’t you want to wash away your grievances? Let the people who embarrass you know your strength, and make them regret forcing you like this!”


“Shut your mouth!” Yang Kai roared, veins surfacing on his forehead.


Yu Ru Meng turned a deaf ear, however, and pressed on, “Go to the Demon Realm and seek stronger power. One day, you will be able to return here, and let them know their mistake. Make them kneel in front of you and beg for mercy!”


“Go to the Demon Realm?” Yang Kai turned to Yu Ru Meng with a ferocious look, obviously moved by her proposal.


Yu Ru Meng nodded slowly, “Yes, go to the Demon Realm!”


“Will you come with me?” Yang Kai asked again.


Yu Ru Meng smiled and saluted Yang Kai, “This Mistress will!”


“This matter is very important. Let me think it over.”


Yu Ru Meng pursed her lips, “I can wait for you, but I don’t know how much time Li Wu Yi will give you to think.”




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  1. Read more on another site. The translation is slightly worse, but quite readable. Unfortunately, you can’t leave comments under the chapters there, and I’m too lazy to register there, so I came here to express my indignation. Sorry.
    Now, no specific spoilers, but Yang Kai acts like a fucking doormat in this Demon World! Besides the fact that he suddenly became weaker (feels like) and dumber, he is a fucking doormat, revealing all his main secrets and doing everything he is told!
    Once again, I apologize for the negativity. It’s just that my brain exploded from indignation at the author. The top one was a novella.

  2. This is the great emperors plan(it’s not they’re just going along with it) so they must all know yu ru meng is some type of demon royalty. How does the female great emperor feel about this? Is she part of the plan? Is she excluded? Does she not know her disciple is a demon? Has she always known? Is SHE A FRIGGIN DEMON TOO? Like wtf man

    1. I think Flower Shadow knows that Ru Yu Meng was a fake when they first met but she wanted to see how things would develop. There’s no way that she couldn’t know what her disciple’s personality is like and this was how they came up with this plan.

  3. The plan has been fulfilled completely ! Yang Kai can go to the Demon Realm with Yu Ru Ming support and begin the next part of gaining confidence with the Demons and search for the Bright Moon Great Emperor .

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