Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3437, Demon Realm


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The desert of Western Territory had thoroughly turned into a Demon land. Demon Qi lingered and evil spread as tens of millions of Demon troops gathered here and constantly set out towards the depths of the Star Boundary to attack cities and plunder the land. Death and slaughter happened everywhere one went.


Even the sky above the Demon land had turned grey and dull, as if the world had lost its vitality.


Two streams of light glided through the air one after the other, passing through the sky, attracting the attention of countless Demons who bared their fangs and growled lowly.


Yang Kai did not think too much about this though. After being chased and injured by Li Wu Yi again, he immediately decided to set off for the Demon Realm in anger.


He no longer had a place in the Star Boundary.


To enter the Demon Realm, one needed to pass through the passage between the two worlds in the desert of the Western Territory, which was also the only channel that connected the two Great Worlds.


Along the way, Yang Kai’s expression was constantly changing back and forth from worry to anxiety, but Yu Ru Meng simply chattered and laughed as usual without the slightest fear for the Demon Realm, even looking quite eager to reach their destination.


They were travelling at an incredible speed, but they still attracted the pursuit of many Demon Masters along the way. Initially, there were only a few of them, but by the end of the journey, there were hundreds of Demon Kings following behind them, each of them exuding intense and terrifying Demon Qi.


Yang Kai was feeling frustrated.


Fortunately, they were almost at the entrance to the passage between the two worlds. Yang Kai held Yu Ru Meng’s hand tightly and whispered, “Hold tight to me, I’ll see if we can pass through directly. If it doesn’t work… let’s think of another way.”


Yu Ru Meng held Yang Kai’s big hand and smiled at him, “Don’t worry, just leave the rest to me.”


“Leave the rest to you?” Yang Kai turned around and frowned at her.


Yu Ru Meng insisted, “Trust me!”


Yang Kai pondered for a while, then gritted his teeth, “Good, I’ll leave it to you.”


Yu Ru Meng giggled and took a step forward in front of Yang Kai, pulling him with her as she flew ahead, arriving before the passage in the blink of an eye.


The entrance to the passage was of great importance, and was heavily guarded by Demons. There were several dozen Demon Kings posted around the entrance alone, with several Half-Saints guarding the area against any Masters from the Star Boundary who might come to destroy this corridor.


The Demon Kings and Half-Saints guarding this place looked up when they noticed Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng’s auras, and many of them immediately revealed hideous smiles.


However, Yu Ru Meng continued leading Yang Kai and descended, landing right in front of the entrance of the passage, looking right and left with a pair of beautiful gleaming eyes.


Yang Kai stood beside her at the peak of vigilance, keeping his eyes sharp and his Emperor Qi flowing, preparing himself for a battle at any moment.


The hundreds of Demon Kings who were pursuing them finally arrived and landed one after another, surrounding them tightly. Lustful gazes lingered on Yu Ru Meng’s graceful body.


Opposite them, a huge Demon King carrying a giant axe walked forward. Every step caused the ground to tremble before he stopped just ten paces away. He pointed the axe that was larger than an average human forward and grinned sinisterly, “Humans, are you courting death?”


The aura of this Demon King was extremely powerful and although his movements were a little clumsy, he was definitely a powerful Master, probably among the strongest Demon Kings present. The other Demon Kings around sniggered at his words.


Ever since the opening of the passage between two worlds and the beginning of the invasion, no Human had ever come here; therefore, the arrival of Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng caused the group of Demon Masters to wonder if these two people were mentally ill.


Yu Ru Meng, however, just smiled, raised her hand, and sent a stream of light toward the Demon King.


The Demon King stretched out his hand and caught whatever it was she tossed and glanced at Yu Ru Meng with a frown before looking at the object.


With a single glance, the expression on the Demon King’s face immediately changed to disbelief. He then looked up at Yu Ru Meng with his jaw hanging open.


Yu Ru Meng remained calm and smiled.


The attitude of the Demon King standing opposite them changed completely. He even became a little frightened and a lot more friendly. He nodded and bowed in a soft tone, “Please wait for a moment, let me consult Sir Half-Saint for instructions.”


Yu Ru Meng waved her hand to indicate her agreement.


Then the Demon King hurriedly turned around and headed in a certain direction. It seemed that he really went to consult with the Demon Half-Saints who were guarding this place.


This weird scene confused the Demon Kings and all of them looked around, seeing the doubt in each other’s eyes.


Yang Kai too, was confused, and quietly approached Yu Ru Meng, “Ru Meng, what did you show him? Why did he suddenly become like a dog?”


Yu Ru Meng giggled, “He has always been a dog!”


Yang Kai could not help rolling his eyes. If such a powerful Demon King was a dog, what would she be?


Yu Ru Meng interrupted his doubts, “Alright, stop asking, you’ll get your answers shortly.”


Yang Kai nodded and tilted his head, “It seems you’ve been hiding a big secret.”


Yu Ru Meng winked at him playfully, “Beautiful women all have secrets. Do you want to know what this one is?”


Yang Kai replied, “I will listen if you want to tell me.”


Yu Ru Meng patted Yang Kai’s hand, “You’ll know later.”


While the two were talking, the Demon King who had left earlier returned with a solemn expression. He quickly approached Yu Ru Meng, bowed, and held up something in both hands respectfully to her.


Yang Kai glanced at it and found that the Demon King was holding a token as big as a palm that was made from some unknown material. It was bright scarlet, as if fresh blood was just poured over it, and a twisted phantom-like pattern resembling a tortured soul howling in pain was engraved on it.


It had a soul-capturing effect at first glance, and a burst of dreary cries and screams echoed in his mind when he observed it closely.


This should be the object Yu Ru Meng passed to the Demon King before. It was a token!


Yu Ru Meng lifted her hand and took the token back, asking plainly, “Can we pass through?”


The Demon King nodded repeatedly, “Yes, of course.” After speaking, he turned sideways and beckoned, “Please, please!”


Yu Ru Meng kept her eyes straight and walked past the Demon King without sparing him a second glance while Yang Kai was at a complete loss and just followed behind her closely, his eyes darting between Yu Ru Meng to the Demon King in utter confusion.


However, when their eyes met, the Demon King had a look of admiration on his face and even gave Yang Kai a thumbs up.


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched at the mere sight. 


Soon, Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng entered the two worlds’ passage and disappeared.


At that moment, the hulking Demon King let out a long breath of relief as if he had just narrowly escaped death, wiping the sweat on his forehead as his face scrunched up in agony for a long while after they left.


However, the hundreds of Demon Kings who chased the pair all the way here were confused about the situation, and opened their mouths to ask how the passageway, which was such an important place, could have been opened to two humans?


The hulking Demon King, however, just snorted coldly, “This is an order from the Lord Half-Saints, do you have an opinion?”


This sentence silenced the hundreds of Demon Kings. Since it was the order of the Half-Saints, they naturally did not dare to have any objections, but this matter was extremely weird and became quite a mystery.


In the Void Corridor, Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng flew forward, their hands intertwined.


From a distance, a twinkle of light seemed to be serving as a guide for the two of them. The light seemed to be quite close, but the actual distance was unknown. It was the passage between two worlds after all, and it was definitely not a journey that could be completed in just a few breaths.


Suddenly, a powerful Divine Sense swept across Yang Kai, causing him to tense up, instinctively sensing the coming of a crisis.


The strength of this Divine Sense definitely exceeded the Divine Sense of an ordinary Demon King, or even a Half-Saint.


Demon Saint!


No, it felt like a Demon Saint, but it was actually more like the Divine Sense of a Great Emperor.


After a moment of pondering, Yang Kai suddenly figured out whose Divine Sense it was.


Night Shadow Great Emperor!


Yang Kai had long heard that this mysterious figure had been guarding the two worlds’ passage, but he did not expect the Great Emperor to still be here. Martial Beast Great Emperor once mentioned that Night Shadow Great Emperor was a descendant of the Demon Race, and the two worlds’ passage was opened because of him, plunging all beings in the Star Boundary into misery and suffering.


In addition to the fact that he was once targeted for assassination by someone from Shadow Killer Palace, Yang Kai naturally did not have a good impression of Night Shadow Great Emperor.


Yang Kai swept his eyes across the deep darkness, but could not sense the whereabouts of Night Shadow Great Emperor. The Great Emperor’s Divine Sense was retracted a moment later, and there were no traces left behind.


Yu Ru Meng obviously also noticed this Divine Sense, but she paid no attention to it, and just continued to fly forward.


The light up ahead was getting closer and closer, and after some time, a suction force came from the front, and Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng were involuntarily drawn forward. It was evidently the pull of a Great World.


Their visions blurred for a moment, and they had suddenly appeared in another space.


Before Yang Kai could even take a breath though, a variety of powerful and unmatched Divine Senses swept over them from all directions, including the Divine Senses of Demon Kings, Half-Saints, and even Demon Saints!


Yang Kai looked stern, his entire body extremely tense as his vigilance had never been higher. When he swept his gaze around, his face only grew more solemn.


What he saw was the assembling of countless Demon troops with dark, inky heads, preparing to travel through the passage, delivering support to the war in the Star Boundary. Further away, there were even more Demons constantly heading towards the entrance.


The Divine Senses that enveloped the two quickly dispersed as the Demon Masters did not seem to care about the arrival of the two, as if they had already expected it. Except for a few interested Demon Saints, whose Divine Senses lingered on Yang Kai for a tad longer, all were withdrawn immediately after they appeared.


“Let’s go!” Yu Ru Meng beckoned, and the two of them flew up into the sky side by side.


This was the moment when Yang Kai finally had the chance to investigate the situation in the Demon Realm.


This Great World was different from the Star Boundary. The World Principles here seemed to be a bit chaotic. A sun hung in the sky, but it was hazy and blurry, as if it was obscured by a layer of haze. The ground was barren with little vegetation and huge ravines ran across the ground in all directions, like the ugly, intricate patterns on the back of a tortoise.




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