Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3438, I’m A Demon Saint


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Demon Realm was actually such a barren land! By the look of it, this place was worse than even the Western Territory which was famed for its harsh environment. How could such a world give birth to so many powerful Demons?


The World Energy here was satisfactory, but it was only suitable for the Demon Race. The living beings of the Star Boundary couldn’t use the World Energy here for cultivation because it was filled with Demon Qi. If one really absorbed the World Energy here into their body, perhaps they would turn into a Demon within a short time.


Yang Kai looked down again after an hour of flying and could not help but be stunned, muttering, “Is the Demon Realm… really this small?”


He did not notice it before, but when he looked down from a notably high place, he found that below him was just an irregularly shaped continent, and he could see the border of the land at a glance. If the vast starry sky was described as a sea, the continent below was just a lone island in that sea.


This island was probably only several tens of thousands of kilometres across, surrounded by endless void. Strictly speaking, several tens of thousands of kilometres was not small, but the Demon Realm was supposed to be a Great World.


How could this be called a Great World? It was simply incomparable to the Star Boundary!


But if so, how could there be so many people in the Demon Realm? It even gave rise to powerful existences like Demon Saints!


As if noticing Yang Kai’s doubts, Yu Ru Meng explained, “This is just a corner of the Demon Realm. The entire Demon Realm is like a broken mirror. What you see now is just a fragment of it.”


“Broken mirror?” Yang Kai looked at her in amazement, but her description was quite vivid and Yang Kai was able to form a rudimentary picture of the Demon Realm in his mind.


Yu Ru Meng nodded, “Each and every fragment you see in front of you form the entire Demon Realm. These fragments come in various sizes and each piece is both a continent and a Small World. They are independent yet closely connected with each other. Isn’t it strange?”


Yang Kai replied solemnly, “I’ve never heard of anything like it.” This was truly an eye-opener for him.


Yu Ru Meng giggled, “This is the Demon Realm! You can’t experience how incredible it is without taking a look at it yourself.”


“Why is it like this?” Yang Kai asked with a frown. No wonder he felt that the World Energy here was a little chaotic. The entire world was composed of fragments and each fragment was equivalent to an independent Small World. It would be strange if the World Energy and Principles here weren’t in a mess.


Yu Ru Meng answered, “I’m afraid it’s sick.”


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “Can a world get sick?”


Yu Ru Meng turned to him, “Even a world can die, and the Demon Realm… is reaching its end.”


Yang Kai nodded and asked, “How do you connect these fragmented lands?” The armies of the Demon Race must not be from the current continent. They were definitely drawn from countless small fragmented lands. Since they could gather in one place, there must be a way for the fragmented lands to connect with each other.


“Through the Territory Gates!” Yu Ru Meng explained. At the same time, she stretched out her hand and pointed up, “Look over there, that’s a Territory Gate!”


Yang Kai looked in the direction she pointed and found a dark, oval corridor laid horizontally like a black hole in the void, leading to the unknown.


“Each fragment of land has one or more Territory Gates, which connect it to the nearby continents. Through the Territory Gates, we can go back and forth to meet with each other.”


“I see!” Yang Kai was enlightened, then he asked further in surprise, “Are there also people who are proficient in the Dao of Space in the Demon Realm?”


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “Nope. These Territory Gates weren’t created by anyone, but were naturally generated.”


“The workings of nature are profound!” Yang Kai exclaimed, suddenly thinking of a question, “But won’t such Territory Gates disappear eventually?”


“They would!” Yu Ru Meng blinked her eyes, “If all the Territory Gates of a continent disappear, it completely loses contact with the Demon Realm, and there will be one less Small World to inhabit.”


“Has this happened before?” Yang frowned.


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “It’s happened many times.”


While talking, the pair arrived before the Territory Gate. From a distance, the Territory Gate did not seem to be large, but when they came closer, it was clearly incredibly huge, easily able to accommodate a thousand people entering at once.


Before they could get close, a strong attraction came out from the Territory Gate. It was so strong that Yang Kai felt that his body was being drawn towards it involuntarily.


Yu Ru Meng shouted, “Protect yourself and don’t get hurt.”


When Yang Kai heard her, he immediately pushed his Emperor Qi. The next moment, he and Yu Ru Meng were sucked into the Territory Gate, away from the fragmented continent and into another fragmented continent.


The surroundings were quiet, and the sun was dazzlingly bright. Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and looked behind him, revealing a look of surprise, “Why is there no Territory Gate here?”


Yu Ru Meng explained, “Most of the Territory Gates are not two-way. After you enter a Territory Gate, it will randomly send you to a place in the fragmented continent it is connected to, so it’s normal for you to not see the Territory Gate here.”


Yang Kai nodded gently and remained silent for a while. Then, he looked up at Yu Ru Meng and questioned in a deep voice, “Ru Meng, who are you?”


Yu Ru Meng pressed her lips together into a smile, “Finally can’t help asking?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “You know so much about the Demon Realm, so obviously you’re not someone from the Star Boundary. Even the Great Emperors don’t know much about the Demon Realm, let alone others. If I’m right, you’re a member of the Demon Race, right?”


“Indeed!” Yu Ru Meng looked at him playfully, “You seem to have a deep understanding of the Demon Race. Try guessing again. Which Clan do I come from?”


Yang Kai laughed, “You’re making things difficult for me. Although I know a bit about the Demon Race, I’m not a member of it. How would I know?” He paused a while before he continued, “There are a hundred Clans in the Demon Realm, each with their own Innate Divine Abilities. If I had to guess, I would say that you’re from the Charm Demon Clan!”


Yu Ru Meng covered her chest and jumped in joy, “You really know the Demon Race well.”


Yang Kai looked at her astonishingly, “So, are you really a Charm Demon?” Nevertheless, Yang Kai had known about it deep down in his heart a long time ago. Only Charm Demons would be so seductive.


Yu Ru Meng took a deep breath and looked at him with her head tilted, “You suspected me a long time ago, didn’t you?” Otherwise, Yang Kai would not keep asking her sensitive questions at odd times.


Yang Kai answered calmly, “I only suspected, but I had no proof. However, I wonder how a Charm Demon can disguise herself as Li Shi Qing so flawlessly that even Flower Shadow Great Emperor could not tell you apart?”


“Because…” Yu Ru Meng smiled faintly, and her aura suddenly exploded. A terrifying power fluctuated in her tender body and the surrounding Demon Qi gushed over and poured into her figure. She, who had been a Second-Order Emperor, saw her cultivation rise in the blink of an eye.


Third-Order Emperor Realm, Peak of the Third-Order Emperor Realm, Pseudo-Great Emperor, Great Emperor!


“I’m a Demon Saint!” Demon Qi silhouetted Yu Ru Meng’s body and her face became blurred, to the point where Yang Kai was unable to see her clearly. However, this haziness released a strong sense of seduction that could plant in anyone a desire to remove the fog that covered her appearance and see her true face.


Her aura alone seemed like it was about to collapse the surrounding space at any time.


Yang Kai’s jaw dropped! He was completely dumbfounded.


He had guessed that Yu Ru Meng was a Demon a long time ago; after all, he had been with her for so long and it was natural for her to let slip her identity. It was precisely because he guessed that Yu Ru Meng was a Demon that Yang Kai put on such a show with Iron Blood Great Emperor. He even asked Li Wu Yi to chase him down, cornering him to the point where he could no longer stay in the Star Boundary, thus tempting Yu Ru Meng to bring him to the Demon Realm.


Yu Ru Meng had other plans for him, which she had mentioned when she first met him.


After much effort, he finally achieved his wish and entered the Demon Realm.


But Yang Kai never imagined that Yu Ru Meng was a Demon Saint!


A Demon Saint! That was an existence comparable to a Great Emperor.


Everything made sense now. No wonder in front of Tiger Roar City, the Half-Saint Bai Zhuo retreated without a fight. Thinking about it now, Bai Zhuo must have recognized Yu Ru Meng’s identity when he saw her at that time. That was why he retreated, resulting in hundreds of thousands of casualties in the Demon Race Army.


No wonder in front of the two worlds passage, that bulky Demon King abruptly changed his attitude after receiving the scarlet token and let them pass through the entrance without any obstruction.


The token of a Demon Saint was equal to the presence of a Demon Saint. How would a mere Demon King dare to disobey?


With a Demon Saint escorting Yang Kai into the Demon Realm, no one would stop him.


Yu Ru Meng was a genuine Demon Saint!


Yang Kai almost thought he was dreaming. He could not regain his senses for a long time. He had calculated everything, yet he did not expect this.


Just when he was lost in his shock, Yu Ru Meng suddenly bellowed, “Human ant, how dare you not kneel before this Saint!?”


The pressure of a Demon Saint filled the air, causing Yang Kai’s bones to creak. His body seemed to be crushed by several mountains, and his knees bent involuntarily.


Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked at Yu Ru Meng with a scorching gaze. Followed by the sound of a Dragon Roar, Yang Kai covered his whole body in golden light and stood against the oppressive aura of a Demon Saint with his Dragon Pressure. He gritted his teeth as he shouted, “Kneel down my ass! Believe it or not, I’ll beat you if you dare to shame me again!”


Yu Ru Meng smiled and looked at him quietly. After a while, the great pressure dissipated without a trace.


The tremendous pressure vanished all of a sudden, but Yang Kai’s face turned red and almost spewed out a mouthful of blood.


Yu Ru Meng poked her head towards him and asked with a cute smile, “Is it fun?”


“Go away!” Yang Kai’s face darkened and he pushed her face aside. So what if she was a Demon Saint? He had groped her, kissed her, and even spanked her more than once. Yu Ru Meng already did not have any dignity in front of him. However, the aura of a Demon Saint that was released by her was indeed real. If she fully released her power, Yang Kai would have a hard time bearing it.


“It was just a little joke…” Yu Ru Meng was reluctant to let go and leaned her head towards him again.


Yang Kai replied with a face as cold as ice, “It wasn’t funny at all.”




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  1. Our boy Yang has tamed a demon saint, Su Yan position as first wife is in danger now …. Even Zhu Qing need to bow beggore a true demon saint

    1. The seniority won’t be affected at all.. all the wives look up to Su Yan. Seniority =/= favor… He doesn’t seem to particularly favor one girl over another, and Yu Meng definitely won’t shoot to the top.

  2. Our boy Yang has tamed a demon saint, Su Yan position as first wife is in danger now …. Even Zhu Qing need to bow before a true demon saint

  3. YK still being dumb. Hhurrrr is a demon with a strong enough soul to mark me so deeply I can barely find it even with the lotus.

    Why didn’t you consider what that meant for her true level?

    You know your soul is at a pseudo emperor level for someone to overcome it as easily as she did they have to be a full emperor.

    I swear cultivating melts people’s brains. Baby YK would never have missed something that obvious

    1. I mean, Xue Yue also had an artifact, that had an even stronger effect than the heart seal, so Yu Ru Meng could have also just used an artifact from a demon saint or an emperor authority bead or so to create the heart seal

  4. So she is the most powerful level of Demon thst Yang Kai has ever met, but he has some dominance over her before entering the Demon realm . If I were him, I would get rid of her before returning to the Star Boundary .

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